Saturday, October 17, 2015

10 Old English Books that I Recommend for Downloading, Reading and Sharing from Cimmay-the Online Archive!

Cimmay is an online book archive that came into existence in 2001 by the efforts of a dedicated follower of the Urantia Book, like me. The fact that it still exists is an indication to the dedication and hard work the team cimmay (whoever they are!) have been doing all these years.

The site has a downloadable pdf copy of the Urantia Book in its online book archive among scores of other such books which got published way back in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The books in this archive is in the public domain now and are not under any copy right limitations. The main purpose of the website is to introduce the great wisdom of the Urantia Book to the intellectually ripe readers who are in a position to read and comprehend the revealed truths given to mankind.

There are many books that book lovers interested in reading books may find. These books, except the Urantia Book, mostly reflect the wisdom of learned men of the emerging modern world wanted to share with their readers. Incidentally, the Urantia Book, as I have explained elsewhere in this site, is the only book of non-human authorship!

The books in the cimmay archive are in pdf format. Most of these old books in this site are scanned pdf copies. But some books are also in text based pdf and some are in both versions.

Those of you who are eager to see all the book titles may right away visit the index pages:

Index page: 1- Books on Humanity 

Index Page-2- Books on God 

Index Page-3- Books on Life

As the purpose of the cimmay site is to introduce the Urantia Book, you may find it as the first book in all the three index pages.

In the titles that are in this site, I find some books apart from the Urantia Papers, to be of special interest and recommend them to the few enlightened book lovers among my readers:

Book No.1 : The Mind at Mischief  by Dr. W.Sadler

Book No.2 : Letters to My Daughter by Leslie J.Swabacker

Book No.3 : The Sin of Priests by Rev.J.Scott

Book No.5: Studies of Savages and Sex by Earnest Crawley

Book No.7: Our Wild Indians by Col.Irving Dodge

Book No.8: The Evolution of Modesty by H.Ellis

Book No.9: Know Thyself by Truitt (Part-1 / Part-2 / Part-3)

Book No.10 : Dante's Divine Comedy (prose) by Butler (ed.)

You may bookmark this page to return back at your convenience for exploring all the books / reading online / or even downloading these free e-books that were published several decades ago when our modern age was just at its nascent stage of material development.

And I earnestly hope you share this with your like minded friends and also share your comments.  


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