Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Why Democracy Evolve To Stupid Governance?

No doubt, democratic form of governance is the best that we humans can have. Nevertheless, democracy can lead to stupid governance or government when the majority people have not attained the desired levels of mind development.

When the majority people are not in a position to correctly assess the quality of their would be leaders and exercise their democratic voting rights judiciously, democracy often leads to the choice of evil leaders. Often, this would hamper the development of good governance and pull the nation's progress backwards.

In this context, I would prefer to share with my readers the caution that my favorite book of divine guidance has to say about democracy. Let me quote:

Democracy, while an ideal, is a product of civilization, not of evolution. Go slowly! select carefully! for the dangers of democracy are:
Glorification of mediocrity.
Choice of base and ignorant rulers.
Failure to recognize the basic facts of social evolution.
Danger of universal suffrage in the hands of uneducated and indolent majorities.
Slavery to public opinion; the majority is not always right.

Let us examine the dangers of democracy when adopted carelessly:
Glorification of mediocrity
What we inherently understand as the basic quality of leadership is merit. Only meritorious leaders with good leadership qualities such as competency, character, courage and compassion can ensure overall good of the society or for that matter any group. Though, this is a well accepted fact, when democratic choice of selection is vested with the people without any safeguarding regulations, the majority people are often observed as glorifying mediocre people as leaders.
This happens when the majority people have not attained proper levels of human development index. In such a situation, the majority people would be with a mind development below the mean level. When majority choice is the democratic form of selection, the majority often try to select a leader who is equal or similar to one among them rather than going for the wise choice of selecting one with the desired qualities of leadership.
The result is most always the selection of mediocre leaders. Eventually, the society is forced to glorify mediocrity and the meritorious ones in the society are pulled down.
Choice of base and ignorant rulers
Democracy is essentially majority rule. When the majority are ignorant or below average in knowledge and other good qualities of human civilization, their choice for leadership would often be for the selection of characterless and ignorant rulers. Once that happens, continuous degradation sets in.
Failure to recognize the basic facts of civilization
A democratic government with glorified mediocre rulers with below average leadership qualities then leads to a governance that will ignore the basic facts of civilization. This will lead to reverse civilization or anti-progress or the development of non-homogeneous civilization. The gap between the rich and the poor and the haves and have-nots widens. The quality of education widely differs from place to place. The quality of commercial, judicial, law enforcement, media and other establishments begins to deteriorate.
Universal suffrage lands in the hands of ignorant and lazy majority
The democratic right of selection of government slowly get in to the hands of a majority who is essentially lazy and ignorant making it difficult for any one to do any positive changes in governance. The result is permanent or long term disaster of the nation from poor governance.
Slavery to public opinion
The democratic governmental system adopted for a nation with underdeveloped people soon evolves a government which is essentially enslaved to ignorant public opinion. It is not very difficult to see that the majority is not always right when the majority is not comprising of cultured and well educated individuals.
In this kind of a government, good people often suffer the most. Evil start enveloping the whole of the nation.
It is not difficult to visualize this problem. Any one with a reasonably good mind can easily realize this problem of democracy for any nation with majority underdeveloped people.
Democracy though the best, it is the best for the best kind of people and not for any tom-dick-and-harry! For the latter, democracy needs to be implemented with caution and restraint or due care.
If not, democracy could pull a nation backwards in progress. It could lead to stupid governance. Or even the so-called demon-cracy!
How many of my readers agree with this?
What could be the solutions?
I leave it to your wise thinking.
Share your views if you feel it important.

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