Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do You Have the Mind Capacity to Explore the Fifth Epochal Revelation to Mankind?

Those of my readers who are familiar with this blog site would perhaps know that the contents of this site are essentially written taking inspiration from the massive information that is contained in my favorite book of life guidance.

It is impossible for a blind person to comprehend knowledge presented through visual inputs.

It is impossible for an illiterate person to understand knowledge presented through literature.

It is impossible for a person who has not learnt science and mathematics to comprehend the advances of science or to understand scientific research papers authored by scientists.

It is impossible for a person who has not learnt the Chinese language to read and comprehend a passage written in that language.

We, human beings, however advanced we might be, have limitations in various degrees. Only a fool would say that he or she knows everything! 

The reality is that we all know something to some extent but not everything to the full. Our information, knowledge and mind capacities vary from person to person. None of us are perfect or infinitely knowledgeable. 

Those who are among us who have acquired a relatively higher level of knowledge as compared to the rest of others at some stage of their knowledge acquisition would come to a point when they begin to realize the extreme limitation of their capacities and knowledge. 

At that stage they tend to become humble and their egos begin to vaporize.

Perhaps that would be the stage when they intelligently and logically begin to realize the presence of the Infinite Intelligence that pervades our planet and the space.

It becomes amply clear to them that everything around us including we humans are created with extreme intelligence and planning. They would start realizing that we are not any random accidents of space and time.

At that point, perhaps, the intelligent man would  not disagree with his inferior cousins in accepting God Almighty as the Infinite Intelligence behind all creations of nature. 

Having agreed so, the intelligent mind of man keep wondering why the Almighty God has not come to the vision of human kind.

Is God hiding from the vision of man? 

Why does He not reveal Himself? Why does He not remove the confusion of man? Intelligent men and women perhaps might ask.

Many human authors, thinkers and writers have been exploring the mysteries about God for centuries. 

They postulated their theories, philosophies and theologies.

Modern science thought of doing it alone without God coming into picture at all. 

So, sometime in modern era, science got separated from God consciousness or spirituality. Science was something for searching and discovering the realities of the world and the universe and not for searching imaginary existences. Some of the scientists argued and the majority agreed.

The outcome was a permanent public divorce of science from the quest for God while many scientists kept their God consciousness intact in private.

That enhanced the great confusion of modern man in understanding the universe, their own origins and their relationship with their Invisible Creator.

In that great confusion, the human kind got divided over their Creator. The creatures begin to argue, fight and kill each other in the name of their Creator who remained as a mystery for them. 

It was like the quarrelsome children of the combined family when the head of the family went outstation!

They knew the existence of the father who built up the family and provided for their existence. But still they quarreled because they knew the father would not come to punish them!

But has God left His human children for ever? Is He hiding from them? Doesn't He love his creatures? Doesn't He want His children feel about His ever presence?

God is not hiding. God has only become incomprehensible for His finite children of time and space. Finite humans are incapable of comprehending their infinite creator!

Yet, God as a loving father, has been compassionate and loving all the time. He has been providing several ways to make His finite creations understand Him and reciprocate His love. 

God has provided a direct link to the minds of all humans to understand him. He had provided external links as well.

He has been making arrangements to make his finite children understand his plans about them.

God has been revealing Himself and His plans to human kind by several means.

Divine revelations are part and parcel of human history.

For the thoughtful intelligent humans of the present era too, God has arranged to reveal Himself and His plans in greater details.

And that is the content of the book which is introduced by its authors as the Fifth Epochal Revelation to human kind. 

Unfortunately, human mind is not so mature in general to distinguish between truths and truths mixed with clever untruths.

Human mind gets confused when exposed to truths and untruths and get shaky to pick the truths from the myriads of untruths.

The minds of all humans have not reached to the basic minimum capacity level to distinguish between truths and untruths.

So the Fifth Epochal Revelation would appear as untruths to a good majority of humans.

When they are forewarned of mysterious deceptions that might force them out of their existing spiritual concepts and beliefs, these innocent humans get all the more confused and scary.

They get too scary that they would not even dare to open the book which, in their innocent but biased opinion, might contain information that destroy their souls for ever! 

Yet they do not find it much of a problem to read and immerse themselves in a devilish fiction book containing texts depicting vulgarity and cruelty!

What a pity!

Did God create them to be foolish idiots not capable of using their pretty intelligent brains properly?

Of course, not! Yet it is a reality of human existence.

The reasons are several and it would continue this way for some more ages till all humans develop to equitable mind capacities!

But for those who have reached to better comprehension levels, the fifth epochal revelation is something for a serious exploratory study.

It is a great facilitating revelation to read and contemplate to come out of human confusions. I feel honored and privileged that I got the opportunity to do that.

Did you read this much?

Did you get any clue to what this fifth epochal revelation be? 

If not and if curious, explore this site to find out more about the great book containing immense knowledge direct from divine sources now available to the intelligent and broad minded humans of modern times.

Read and contemplate to check whether it is really of value or not!

Put your mind to test to establish its truthfulness and probable origin.

When you do it, you would perhaps become a transcendent human being!

But it is purely up to you. You alone! I honor your free-will.

[Also Read : The Urantia Book-the Fifth Epochal Revelation - article by Behzad on the Iranian website - an interesting site worth exploring by those who seek goodness!]

Monday, February 23, 2015

Which is the Most Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan in India? How to Get it?

How much electrical energy you use in a month for your very justified needs? How much money you pay to the electricity utility company per month for your electricity? 

Many of us Indians do understand the importance of saving energy, but we really are very reluctant to do something about it.

Ceiling fans are one of the electrical appliances which have come almost an indispensable in Indian homes and offices. In many middle class Indian homes at least one ceiling fan keep running on an average 20 hours a day for almost 300 days in an year.

Ceiling fans are not normally considered as high energy consuming devices. At least that is the general public perception.

A couple of decades ago, it was common that a ceiling fan with its speed regulator used to consume about 80 to 100 watts of electricity an hour.

With more and more energy efficient designs and with the introduction of electronic speed regulators, the average electrical power consumption of a normal sized ceiling fan has come down in the recent years. The best energy efficient ceiling fans as manufactured by reputed ceiling fan manufacturers now come with a wattage in the range of 45 to 60 watts. Ceiling fans now come with Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) star ratings. A few reputed suppliers have now 5 star rated ceiling fans which is considered as the best with respect to energy efficiency. 

For example a five star rated 1200 mm sweep ceiling fan of a reputed make consumes about 45 watts combined with its electronic speed regulator and costs about Rs. 2000/- per set. Larger fans of higher sweep may consume a few more watts per hour and costs a few hundred rupees more.

I was wondering whether there could be any further improvement in this regard and found that one Indian manufacturer has begun manufacturing and marketing a remarkably super efficient ceiling fan in the Indian market. 

This fan is marketed in the brand name-Superfan. It is manufactured by an innovative technology company located in south India called Versa Drives Private Limited, Coimbatore.

click the images for more details and buying them online

They manufacture many models of their super energy efficient ceiling fans in the superfan brand. You may visit this webpage for the technical details and also buying  these models.

These  models have sweep sizes of 1200 mm and 1400 mm and are all with the highest BEE energy star rating of five.

All these models have a maximum energy consumption ranging from 35 to 38 watts much lower than the best efficient models of other Indian manufacturers. 

Unlike conventional ceiling fans superfan models come in attractive colors. These hi tech fans do not require the regulator and are operated using remote controls. They are provided with very interesting and useful features

Suppose that you are using a normal ceiling fan which consumes about 60 watts of electrical energy. Suppose that you use this fan for about just one hour in a day.

That means you will use 60/1000 KW x 1 hr x 30 d = 1.8 KWh or units of electricity per month on account of this one fan used for just one hour a day.

Now a good majority of middle class homes in India have 3 to 4 ceiling fans and their combined use could be anything in the range of 10-20 hour in a day or even higher. That means a monthly electric consumption of 18 to 36 units or more on account of the fans.

Now suppose that you replace these fans by these superfans which consume only about 35 watts instead of the 60 watts of your old fans.

The net saving per fan is 25 watts per hour or about 0.75 units in a month for every hour of daily use of the fan.

If on the average your total daily use is 10 hours, your save 7.5 units. If it is 20 hours, you save 15 units.

The electricity tariff in most Indian cities and states are based on slab system. For example, Kerala used to be a state with lower electricity charges of less than a rupee per unit in the past for the domestic consumers whose consumption was less than 50 units per month. But in the recent years this has become more than double and stands at Rs. 2.8 per unit. For a family which uses over 200 units, the rate of tariff is R.7 per unit. [See this news report

In some states and in some cities, the rates are higher and the electricity charges is on an increasing trend. In the national capital Delhi, the rates are much higher. The rising electricity charges have become one of the major political issues there.

There are many other hidden charges as well. The commercial rates are much higher. Due to the slab system and the various hidden charges such as meter rent, installation cost, taxes, etc the actual cost varies from place to place.

Effectively, the average cost per unit (KWh) of electricity come out to be to the tune of 5 to 7 rupees as of now. It would keep rising year after year. 

India is becoming a power starved nation as the gross deficit in energy keep rising every year. Again, electricity production enhances various kinds of environmental hazards.

All these are ample reasons for India to find ways to curtail its energy consumption. Conservation of energy should be one of the prime policies for India.

Suppose you are able to save 15 units of electricity in a month by using super efficient ceiling fans. At Rs.5 per unit, you save Rs.75 in a month or Rs.900/- in an year. [You can calculate the savings and see the difference in this superfan webpage]

Due to superior technology, superfan models are costlier than other normally available ceiling fans in India. One may have to spend about Rs. 3000- 3500 for one superfan model while lesser efficient ceiling fans could be purchased at half the cost.

But these fans are worth that cost the additional cost is paid back within two or three years time. Besides these fans are aesthetically good looking and improves the decor of the home or office.

Suppose that about 5 million homes in Kerala state replace their fans with this new fan and save 15 units of electricity per month. With that kind of a saving, Kerala can immediately divert about 100 MW of electric power for industrial production! It amounts to about 16% of electricity production from the states biggest hydel electricity production facility at Idukki

I have just given an indicative energy saving potential by adopting a simple step. Energy saving by replacing the filament type electric bulbs with compact florescent lights (CFL) has given much saving in the past. Now, Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are revolutionizing it. A 100 W filament bulb is more or less equivalent to a 40 W florescent tube which in turn is equivalent to an 11 W CFL. But an LED bulb of 4-5 W has the potential to reduce even that to half or even lesser. But at the present costs, the capital costs involved in saving one watt of lighting power by replacing CFL with LED comes to about Rs.50 per watt. The difference in price of a 5 W LED bulb and an 11 W CFL is about Rs.250. The LED light is costlier by about Rs.250.

A superfan too would be costlier in the same way as compared to a normal 5star energy efficient fan of equivalent capacity. But the superfan saves 25 W of electricity more than any other 5 star rated ceiling fan in the Indian market now.

Some time ago, superfan models were not very much available with the Indian retailers. 

But now the manufacturers of this fan, it seems, have adopted better marketing actions. Superfans can now be procured online from reputed e-shopping sites such asAmazon!

It is indeed a good thing. 

This is indeed a good independent make-in-India initiative, though established before the present 'Make-in-India' campaign  and needs to be appreciated.

While individual citizens can contribute much for energy saving by taking care of those few watts or kilowatts of power they consume for domestic purposes for fans, lights and other domestic electrical appliances, the potential for energy saving by commercial establishments too is substantial.

Imagine the national and individual savings when our offices install energy efficient fans, lights and air-conditioners in place of the old less efficient electrical equipment!

What is needed is a bit more attention to the details of our energy consumption by doing some energy audit and taking corrective actions.

Remember! Every watt of power saved not only gives financial benefits, but also save our environment from becoming more and more polluted. By using energy efficient electrical appliances and using them judicially, you could even save enough to consider taking another bank loan for some other purpose as your monthly energy saving could be equivalent to another loan EMI!

Our industrial design engineers and entrepreneurs should be encouraged to design and produce energy efficient appliances. 

Government should consider giving incentives for such initiatives.  

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Know More About God-the First Source and Center of All Things and Beings! *

The Universal Father is the God of all creation, the First Source and Center of all things and beings. First think of God as a creator, then as a controller, and lastly as an infinite upholder.

The myriads of planetary systems were all made to be eventually inhabited by many different types of intelligent creatures, beings who could know God, receive the divine affection, and love him in return. The universe of universes is the work of God and the dwelling place of his diverse creatures.

The enlightened worlds all recognize and worship the Universal Father, the eternal maker and infinite upholder of all creation.

God-knowing creatures have only one supreme ambition, just one consuming desire, and that is to become, as they are in their spheres, like him as he is in his perfection of personality.

From the Universal Father who inhabits eternity there has gone forth the supreme mandate, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.” 

Mortal humans of earth can hardly hope to be perfect in the infinite sense, but it is entirely possible for human beings, starting out as they do on this planet, to attain the supernal and divine goal which the infinite God has set for mortal man.

This is the true meaning of that divine command, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect,” which ever urges mortal man onward and beckons him inward in that long and fascinating struggle for the attainment of higher and higher levels of spiritual values and true universe meanings. This sublime search for the God of universes is the supreme adventure of the inhabitants of all the worlds of time and space.

Of all the names by which God the Father is known throughout the universes, those which designate him as the First Source and the Universe Center are most often encountered. The First Father is known by various names in different universes and in different sectors of the same universe. The names which the creature assigns to the Creator are much dependent on the creature’s concept of the Creator. The First Source and Universe Center has never revealed himself by name, only by nature. If we believe that we are the children of this Creator, it is only natural that we should eventually call him Father. But this is the name of our own choosing, and it grows out of the recognition of our personal relationship with the First Source and Center.

The Universal Father never imposes any form of arbitrary recognition, formal worship, or slavish service upon the intelligent will creatures of the universes.

The evolutionary inhabitants of the worlds of time and space must of themselves — in their own hearts — recognize, love, and voluntarily worship him.

In God, man lives, moves, and has his being; there is nothing which man can give to God except this choosing to abide by the Father’s will, and such decisions, effected by the intelligent will creatures of the universes, constitute the reality of that true worship which is so satisfying to the love-dominated nature of the Creator Father.

Near the center of the universe of universes, the Universal Father is generally known by names which may be regarded as meaning the First Source.

Still farther out in the starry creation, he is known, as on the headquarters world of your local universe, as the First Creative Source and Divine Center. In one near-by constellation God is called the Father of Universes. In another, the Infinite Upholder and to another he is the Divine Controller. He has also been designated the Father of Lights, the Gift of Life, and the All-powerful One.

On a planet of sex creatures, in a world where the impulses of parental emotion are inherent in the hearts of its intelligent beings, the term Father becomes a very expressive and appropriate name for the eternal God. He is best known, most universally acknowledged, on your planet, earth, by the name God. 

The name he is given is of little importance; the significant thing is that you should know him and aspire to be like him. Your prophets of old truly called him “the everlasting God” and referred to him as the one who “inhabits eternity.”

God is primal reality in the spirit world; God is the source of truth in the mind spheres; God overshadows all throughout the material realms. To all created Intelligences God is a personality, and to the universe of universes he is the First Source and Center of eternal reality. God is neither manlike nor machine-like. The First Father is universal spirit, eternal truth, infinite reality, and father personality.

God is not simply the supreme desire of man, the mortal quest objectified. Neither is God merely a concept, the power-potential of righteousness. The Universal Father is not a synonym for nature, neither is he natural law personified. God is a transcendent reality, not merely man’s traditional concept of supreme values. God is not a psychological focalization of spiritual meanings, neither is he “the noblest work of man.” God may be any or all of these concepts in the minds of men, but he is more. He is a saving person and a loving Father to all who enjoy spiritual peace on earth, and who crave to experience personality survival in death.

The actuality of the existence of God is demonstrated in human experience by the indwelling of the divine presence, the spirit Monitor sent from God to live in the mortal mind of man to assist man in evolving his immortal soul of eternal survival.

The existence of God can never be proved by scientific experiment or by the pure reason of logical deduction. God can be realized only in the realms of human experience; nevertheless, the true concept of the reality of God is reasonable to logic, plausible to philosophy, essential to religion, and indispensable to any hope of personality survival.

Those who know God have experienced the fact of his presence; such God-knowing mortals hold in their personal experience the only positive proof of the existence of the living God which one human being can offer to another. The existence of God is utterly beyond all possibility of demonstration except for the contact between the God-consciousness of the human mind and the God-presence of the Thought Adjuster that indwells the mortal intellect and is bestowed upon man as the free gift of the Universal Father.

In theory you may think of God as the Creator, and he is the personal creator of the Center of the Master Universe (you may call it the Paradise) and the central universe of perfection, but the universes of time and space are all created and organized by the Divine Creator Sons of the Universal Father.

The Universal Father is not the personal creator of the local universe of Nebadon- the administrative space region to which your earth belongs and the universe in which you live- is the creation of his Divine Creator Son whom you may identify as the Michael of Nebadon.  The space region of Nebadon is part of the starry realm which you now identify as the Milky Way galaxy.

Though the Father does not personally create the evolutionary universes, he does control them in many of their universal relationships and in certain of their manifestations of physical, mindal, and spiritual energies. God the Father is the personal creator of the Paradise universe and the first divine personality offshoot from him whom we call as the Second Source and Centre or the Eternal Son God.

As a physical controller in the material universe of universes, the First Source and Center functions in the patterns of the eternal Isle of Paradise, and through this absolute gravity center the eternal God exercises cosmic over control of the physical level equally in the central universe and throughout the universe of universes.

As mind, God functions in the Deity of the Infinite Spirit, the second divine personality offshoot and the third Source and Centre of the Master Universe.

As spirit, God is manifest in the person of the Eternal Son and in the persons of the divine children of the Eternal Son.

This interrelation of the First Source and Center with the co-ordinate Persons and Absolutes of Paradise does not in the least preclude the direct personal action of the Universal Father throughout all creation and on all levels thereof. Through the presence of his fragmentized spirit the Creator Father maintains immediate contact with his creature children and his created universes.

The Universal Father is an infinite spiritual (something pre-existent to material energy) reality; he is “the sovereign, eternal, immortal, invisible, and only true God.”

Even though you humans are “the offspring of God,” you ought not to think that the Father is like yourselves in form and physique because you are said to be created “in his image” or indwelt by Mystery Monitors dispatched from the central abode of his eternal presence.

Spirit beings are real, notwithstanding they are invisible to human eyes; even though they have not flesh and blood.

The glory and the spiritual brilliance of the divine personality presence is impossible of approach by the lower groups of spirit beings or by any order of material personalities. The spiritual luminosity of the Father’s personal presence is a “light which no mortal man can approach; which no material creature has seen or can see.” But it is not necessary to see God with the eyes of the flesh in order to discern him by the faith-vision of the spiritualized mind.

The infinity of the perfection of God is such that it eternally constitutes him mystery. And the greatest of all the unfathomable mysteries of God is the phenomenon of the divine indwelling of mortal minds. The manner in which the Universal Father sojourns with the creatures of time is the most profound of all universe mysteries; the divine presence in the mind of man is the mystery of mysteries.

To every spirit being and to every mortal creature in every sphere and on every world of the universe of universes, the Universal Father reveals all of his gracious and divine self that can be discerned or comprehended by such spirit beings and by such mortal creatures. God is no respecter of persons, either spiritual or material. The divine presence which any child of the universe enjoys at any given moment is limited only by the capacity of such a creature to receive and to discern the spirit actualities of the super-material world.

Without God and except for his great and central person, there would be no personality throughout all the vast universe of universes. God is personality.

Notwithstanding that God is an eternal power, a majestic presence, a transcendent ideal, and a glorious spirit, though he is all these and infinitely more, nonetheless, he is truly and everlastingly a perfect Creator personality, a person who can “know and be known,” who can “love and be loved,” and one who can befriend us; while you can be known, as other humans have been known, as the friend of God. He is a real spirit and a spiritual reality.

God is to science a cause, to philosophy an idea, to religion a person, even the loving heavenly Father.

God is to the scientist a primal force, to the philosopher a hypothesis of unity, to the religionist a living spiritual experience.

Man’s inadequate concept of the personality of the Universal Father can be improved only by man’s spiritual progress in the universe and will become truly adequate only when the pilgrims of time and space finally attain the divine embrace of the living God on Paradise.

God is spirit — spirit personality; man is also a spirit, but a potential spirit personality. 

[*As revealed to modern men and women of earth by the Urantia Book revelators; adapted / simplified for general  readership. For more information about the Book, click the links at the top of the right panel in this page.] 

Friday, February 20, 2015

What Causes Humans to Become Sadistic Savages?

Every day I read and watch news items that keep reminding  me about the painful fact about the possibility in the existence of millions of  sadistic savages among the several billion of the humans that are present on earth as of now.

Read these news yourself by clicking these links:

Well, there is no end to such news. World over people engage in brutal assaults against fellow human beings, either taking law in to their own hands or in the name of  upholding  the law.

Terrorism in the name of economic, political, religious, linguistic or racial differences and terrorism in the name of official counter terrorism are both painful realities of our world today, just as it used to be in the past.

Individually and collectively humans engage in anti-human activities. At least a minority of the humans keep themselves as anti-socials and keep doing extreme brutality over other human beings.

But another larger group of humans, though not directly involved in any brutal acts against other humans themselves, nurture brutal secret sadistic pleasures within them and silently support sadistic savagely cruelty inflicted by some humans on other humans.

Their minds cannot get peace unless  'an eye for an eye' justice is brutally implemented!

Why do these apparently harmless looking species take sadistic pleasure in killing or inflicting pain on their own kind so savagely?

Given an opportunity, a good number of humans try to harm other humans. Why do they do so?

Arrogance in human beings are on the rise. As wealth, status and other facilitating opportunities empower men, they tend to lose empathy. And empathy is that quality that essentially makes a human different from a ferocious beast! While I was typing this blog a friend of mine forwarded this link which reports about Stephen Hawkins warnings against aggressive behavior which is in line with what I wanted to write. Incidentally, Hawkins is the scientist extra-ordinary of our times!

It is very easy to instigate a group of harmless humans to become brutally harmful. Violence and brutalities are part of human civilization and such unfortunate events are caused by instigated humans during communal riots or riots caused by other issues that instigate human senses. Some spiritual and political leaders take full advantage of this general weakness of ordinary people to get instigated to commit thoughtless inhuman acts! 

What would be in the mind of the police officer who sadistically tortured another tied up and helpless human being to death when he or she go back to his or her home? Does remorse come to their mind at any time later? Would such a person be loving his or her family members?

Perhaps yes, perhaps no. I do not know. I am not against the law enforcement personnel using some kind of physical force when needed and when it is fully justified rationally. Rationality is one of those qualities that make a human different from animals. That is why humans are humans! Animals in general are not rational!

Does it mean that the people who do not possess a rational mind are more beastly than human? It would not be even rational to designate them in the category of the beasts. That would be an injustice to the animals. Hence, some wise humans brand such savage humans as the 'evil wards of Devil'.

How to judge a person's devilish nature? It is impossible by observing their physical form. Physically, most devilish wards look like handsome or beautiful humans. The residue of evil nature resides invisibly within their minds!

That poses a great difficulty for the non-devilish people, the real humans. How to distinguish the devils among them? How to resist these evil people and escape from their acts?

Some ignorant humans are tempted to believe that evil can be fought only by evil. One needs to take the sword to fight the sword, they say. Gullible humans keep believing it and act accordingly only to find evil on the rise rather than subsiding!

In reality, evil men and women are cowards of the highest order. They do their brutal acts on others because they are fearful people who fear some thing or someone always. They have no courage to directly confront those who are powerful. Hence they show their beastly acts of brutality only on helpless victims!

Evil men and women lack wisdom and knowledge or possess only some knowledge which they believe as full and final. Such ignorance make them foolish and blind towards reality. That causes them to become victims of their own misdeeds. All of them normally perish forever unless some remnant human wisdom in their minds gets activated at least momentarily by some means that they get an opportunity to get out of the evil that enveloped their minds. 

Inherently, humans have physical natures that are required for their survival in a not so perfect world. That are the basic animal instincts of physical survival. The instincts of flight and fight. The instincts of food hunting and procreation. 

But humans are much more than animals. They have a mind that go beyond the instincts of their animal cousins. They have been provided with several mind features that aid them to overcome their basic animistic nature and become real humans.

And real humans possess the qualities of love and brotherhood. Real humans tend to adopt good rather than bad. They are provided with the mind qualities of distinguishing good and bad. And that quality is the divine quality in humans whether they realize it or not.

Like animals humans are also mortals in the normal sense. Both die and perish bodily after some time of existence on earth.

All beasts and beastly humans perish permanently for ever after some short time of existence on earth. No amount of wealth or power would save a beastly human from the reality of death and non-existence. They would never see their wealth again nor see their descendants prosper on the wealth and power they gained during their short lives of few decades on earth.

Whatever name or fame or ill-fame they gained would never ever satisfy their human egos after their death. Their body and mind would perish for ever. There is no second chance. Even if there is a re-birth as some of the humans try to believe, there is hardly any evidence so far that they would retain their personality or memories. All those big and powerful humans 'would return to dust' as they were 'made from the dust'.

Why then these insignificant dust-like humans bloat up themselves in arrogant pride and waste no opportunities to acquire the position of 'god of all things' and all others?

Incredible. Is n't it?

Yet, human beings in general are a divinely gifted species.  

The Supreme Intelligence of the Universe who caused them to get created as humans on earth by the controlled evolutionary process has a great purpose in creating these creatures, uniquely different from all other species of material life forms.

They are provided with certain superior abilities and guidance systems to live in goodness, recognizing their own brotherhood. There exists a universal bond of brotherhood among human species through the fatherly bond of their Supreme creator. All humans possess great potentials of progress and advancement inherited from their divine Creators.

The fundamental requirement for that potential to become a reality is acknowledging the brotherhood of man through the fatherhood of their sole divine creator. 

But they are also inherently created as free-willed personalities. They are at liberty to decide to live and inherit the goodness of their father or to destroy that inheritance with self destructive thoughts and acts.

Whatever be the good, some are suicidal and they would chose the path of destruction. While they proceed that way, they get sadistic pleasure in dragging others too with them to destruction.

Rationality and logic do not work for those who decided to destroy themselves by adopting evil!

If you are rational in mind, try to find out some humane approaches that could possibly correct these erroneous humans who find pleasures in existing as sadistic savages even after living in a modern civilized world!

But remember this. Evil can never stop evil. An eye-for-an-eye attitude is essentially evil and it only perpetuates evil.

Evil can only be subdued  by the divine strength of goodness!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Understand the Enormousness of Your Universe ; Discard the Futile Human Egos!

 The universe as created and under creation by the First Source and Centre of all things and beings (or what we prefer to call as the Universal Father God) is so immense and vast that it would be difficult for finite beings such as you, the mortals of this small planet earth, to comprehend.

The Outline of the Structure of the Master Universe

Not only for you, but it is difficult for even several orders of us too, the superior immortal beings who exist in non material energy realms of the Universe. The enormousness of the master universe staggers the concept of even me who has ventured to reveal some truths about it to you, the lowly mortals of earth. No doubt, some of your intelligent scientists with their advanced space exploration devices have already finding more and more evidences to prove the incomprehensive vastness of the created universe of time and space.

But the mortal mind can be taught much about the plan and arrangement of the universes; you can know something of their physical organization and marvelous administration; you may learn much about the various groups of intelligent beings who inhabit the seven super universes of time and the central universe of eternity.

In principle, we conceive of material creation as being infinite because the Universal Father is actually infinite, but as we study and observe the total material creation, we know that at any given moment in time it is limited, although to your finite minds it is comparatively limitless, virtually boundless.

To created beings the master universe might appear to be almost infinite, but it is far from finished; there are still physical limits to the material creation!

The universe of universes is not an infinite plane, a boundless cube, nor a limitless circle; it certainly has dimensions.

The laws of physical organization and administration prove conclusively that the whole vast aggregation of force-energy and matter-power functions ultimately as a space unit, as an organized and co-ordinated whole.

The observable behavior of the material creation constitutes evidence of a physical universe of definite limits. 

The successive space levels of the master universe constitute the major divisions of pervaded space of total creation, organized and partially inhabited or yet to be organized and inhabited.

The centre of the whole of the universe is the stationary universe island of enormous size which existed right from eternity as is the case of the Universal Father God. This is the matter-energy-gravity concentration of the entire universe and it is the nucleus of the master universe. Let us call this nucleus as the Paradise- because it is the unique material existence of the universe which is the residence of the Universal Father God. Remember, some of you have been calling the residence of God as Paradise for many centuries!

And Paradise is not an imagination, but it is real. It is the first existential non-living reality of the universe! It is also the only non-moving and non-spherical living space for the immortal beings of the highest orders.

Proceeding outward from Paradise through the horizontal extension of pervaded space, the master universe is existent in six concentric ellipses, the space levels encircling the central Isle:

1. The Central Universe — called the Havona
2. The Seven Super-universes- The Seven Sectors of the Grand Universe
3. The First Outer Space Level.
4. The Second Outer Space Level.
5. The Third Outer Space Level.
6. The Fourth and Outermost Space Level.
Havona, the central universe, is not a time creation; it is an eternal existence. This never-beginning, never-ending universe consists of one billion spheres of sublime perfection and is surrounded by the enormous dark gravity bodies.

At the center of Havona is the stationary and absolutely stabilized Isle of Paradise, surrounded by its twenty-one satellites. Owing to the enormous encircling masses of the dark gravity bodies about the fringe of the central universe, the mass content of this central creation is far in excess of the total known mass of all seven sectors of the grand universe. 

The Stationary Paradise together with the one billion perfected worlds of Havona that encircles Paradise constitute the perfect and eternal nucleus of the master universe.

The seven sectors of the grand universe (which we call as the seven super-universes) and all four regions of outer space revolve in established orbits around the gigantic central aggregation of the Paradise - Havona System.

The Seven Super-universes are not primary physical organizations; nowhere do their boundaries divide a nebular family, neither do they cross a local universe, a prime creative unit.

Each super-universe is simply a geographic space clustering of approximately one seventh of the organized and partially inhabited post-Havona creation, and each is about equal in the number of local universes that constitute them and in the space encompassed. 

Your earth is a life sustaining planet which is one among the 3.8 million such planetary worlds of your local universe which we prefer to introduce to you as Nebadon.

Nebadon is one of the local universes of the seventh super-universe which we would like you to identify as Orvonton.  Being the last in the evolutionary process, both Orvonton and Nebadon are still contituing with their creative processes and are not yet fully finished creations.

The Grand Universe is the present organized and inhabited creation. It consists of the seven super-universes, with an aggregate evolutionary potential of around seven trillion inhabited planets, not to mention the eternal spheres of the central creation.

But this tentative estimate takes no account of architectural administrative spheres, neither does it include the outlying groups of unorganized universes. The present irregular edge of the grand universe, its uneven and unfinished periphery, together with the tremendously unsettled condition of the whole astronomical space, is an indication that even the seven super-universes are not yet fully completed. All the seven super-universe sectors of the grand universe are in varying degrees of creation even now.

As we move from within, from the divine center outward in any one direction, we do, eventually, come to the outer limits of the organized and inhabited creation; we come to the outer limits of the grand universe. And it is near this outer border, in a far-off corner of such a magnificent creation, that your local universe, Nebadon, has its eventful existence.

Far out in space, at an enormous distance from the seven inhabited super-universes, there are assembling vast and unbelievably stupendous circuits of force and materializing energies.

Between the energy circuits of the seven super-universes and this gigantic outer belt of force activity, there is a space zone of comparative quiet, which varies in width but averages about four hundred thousand light-years. These space zones are free from star dust, the cosmic fog.

But about one-half million light-years beyond the periphery of the present grand universe we observe the beginnings of a zone of an unbelievable energy action which increases in volume and intensity for over twenty-five million light-years. These tremendous wheels of energizing forces are situated in the first outer space level, a continuous belt of cosmic activity encircling the whole of the known, organized, and inhabited creation.

Still greater activities are taking place beyond these regions. We have detected early evidence of force manifestations more than fifty million light-years beyond the outermost ranges of the phenomena in the first outer space level. These activities undoubtedly indicate the signs of the organization of the material creations of the second outer space level of the master universe.

The central universe is the creation of eternity; the seven super-universes are the creations of time; the four outer space levels are undoubtedly destined to eventuate-evolve the ultimacy of creation.

And there are those among us who maintain that the Infinite can never attain full expression short of infinity; and therefore they postulate an additional and unrevealed creation beyond the fourth and outermost space level, a possible ever-expanding, never-ending universe of infinity.

In theory we do not know how to limit either the infinity of the Creator or the potential infinity of creation, but as it exists and is administered, we regard the master universe as having limitations, as being definitely delimited and bounded on its outer margins by open space.

But remember this. You are not alone in this universe. You are one among the many orders of intelligent living beings that are created under definite plans of the Universal Father God. You may be mortals now in the physical sense. You may not be immortals like us as of now.

But I assure you, you are not destined to be mortals. There exists a definite plan for each and every one of you. If you live your short lives on your first world of experiential existence fulfilling the basic requirements of divine mandate, you would survive your physical death and progress to become mighty immortals like us or perhaps even greater ones! So try to live according to the divine plans when you struggle with your intelligence and wisdom on your evolutionary planet!

Think about the futility of living with your human egos, greed and other such progress inhibiting qualities which could alienate you from the divine plans . 

Think of the possibilities of the future immortality and an ever expanding life of immortal adventure!

[*As told by one of the immortal authors of the Urantia Book; language simplified/adapted for better understanding]