Er Rajan C Mathew, B Sc Engg (ChE); ME (ChE),FIE (I)
Past Chairman (2006-08), The Institution of Engineers (India) Bhilai L/Centre
Engineering Consultant-Water, Environmental and Utility Systems-India
Independent Student and Propagator of the Urantia Book Truths

About the Author

For nearly three and a half decades, the author had been associated with the iron and steel industry of India being with Steel Authority of India Limited working in various functional levels and responsibility areas. About three decades of his career had been at Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Retired from this steel company at the age of 60 in May 2016 from its engineering project consultancy organization, the Centre for Engineering and Technology (CET) Ranchi, Jharkhand. Now stays at Elanthoor, Kerala.

The major part of the professional experience has been as an engineering project consultant in the field of utilities. Water and waste water engineering and water treatment technologies have been a special interest area. The author recognizes the various issues involved in environmental management and regulations in the area of water management, re-use, conservation, etc. The author had his education at St.Thomas College, Kozhencherry (1973), Government Engineering College Trichur (1978), IIT-Roorkee(1980). The author had been actively associated with engineering professional activities and was the Hon.Sectretary of the Institution of Engineers (India)Bhilai Centre (2004-06) and later its Chairman (2006-08). 

The author, grandchild, daughter and wife at Marina Beach, Jan2015

Professional Experience and Expertise Fields of the Author

Water and Waste Water Treatment, Thermal Power Station Chemical Control, Water and Waste Water Engineering, Pollution Control and Environmental Management, Industrial Water Management , Fire and Drinking Water Engineering, Utility System Engineering for Integrated Steel Plants, Design and Engineering Management for Industrial Projects, Industrial Project Engineering Consultancy Services, Coke and Coal Chemical Process Engineering Consultancy, Engineering Archive Management.

Interest Areas of the Author

Professional Development, Mentoring, Professional Ethics, Ethical Business Practices, Administration, Root Cause Analysis of Human Factors in Business Performance, Fundamentals of Management of Wealth and Resources, Politics and Democratic Institutions, Governance and Management, Industry and Business, Economic Development, Wealth Generation and Management, Evolution of Human Culture, Problems of Imperfect Laws, Employment Creation Methods, Human Motivational Factors, Teachings of the Urantia Book, Root Cause Analysis of Human Trials and Tribulations, Material and Spiritual Existence of Humans, Sustainability of Success, Human Evolutionary Progress, Philosophy of Life, Technology and Science, Human Aspirations and Maturity, Knowledge and Wisdom, Human Personality Traits and Racial Genetics, God-Human Relationship, Ultimate Human Destiny, Life after Death, Theism and Atheism, History of Religions, Science and Religion, Humans vs Animals, Origin and Purpose of Life, Teachings of Jesus, Human Imperfections, Fundamentals of Harmonious Living, Causes of Human Disappointments, Causes of Conflicts, Man and Woman Relations, Family, Evolution of Humans and Human Institutions, etc. 

These are some of the favorite websites of the author.  Some of the outlooks of the author are better reflected in the webpages below:

How to Interact With the Author

As of now, only a very few serious readers might feel the urge to give their responses to the author or interact with him about his writings. Rarely a few might also feel coming back to this site later for a deeper look. Still a few might either join the site or follow the author by using the facilities on the right panel just as a few friends have already done. The best facility for readers to interact with the author or with their fellow readers is by using the comment facility given in the bottom of the respective blog article. Those who wish to contact the author personally may do so by email. The e-mail id of the author is : rajan.c.mathew.ranchi [at] gmail.com

Purpose of the Site

The purpose of this blog site is essentially to share some of the limited life experiences and view points of the author with those who are interested in reading those. The author understands the human limitations and recognizes the fact all human beings are imperfect and their struggle towards perfection is a slow process that is likely to take thousands of years. It is also realized that human culture and civilization cannot tilt towards good unless the individuals turn towards good. For that to happen, it is important for humans to understand the purpose of life itself the way it really is rather than hypothesizing about it with errors and confusions. The blogs are written with the recognition that humans of earth are one of the lowest orders of intelligent beings created by the creative agencies of the First Source and Center that caused the creation of everything visible or invisible. The personality aspect of the First Source and Center is recognized as God the Father and humans of earth share a common ancestry due to God the Father. The blogs are meant for presenting some advanced knowledge about the Universal Love of God, the Father and about  living the God given life according to the Will of God. The ideas presented in many of the blogs may contain spiritual philosophies that the author realized as something important for human beings to explore.

The contents of this site are essentially meant for those who are interested in reading. Contents of several blog articles may have serious thoughts transcending common interests. 

Several blog articles in this site provide insights to get to know about the purpose of life in such a manner that:

1.The reader is drawn towards realizing the beauty of  learning more about life
2.The reader understands more about good and evil
3.The reader learns about the beauty of good in contrast to the ugliness of bad
4.The reader slowly appreciates the benefits of discarding his or her negative qualities and attitudes
5.The reader slowly gets the desire to live in accordance with the guidance of the god-spirit that resides within.
6.The reader slowly gets the curiosity to learn more about human beings and about the goodness of human fellowship
7.The reader begins to comprehend larger meanings and truths about the purpose of life
8.The reader slowly abandons anxieties about living and gains confidence to enjoy a balanced life
9.The reader understands more about streamlining his or her passions and energies
10.The reader understands how to transform himself or herself as a son or daughter of God and feels the difference.

www.rajan-c-mathew.blogspot.in  has hundreds of pages which deal with a mix of topics in a random manner including several pages of spiritual or philosophic ideas of the author based on the knowledge and wisdom gained from the study of the Urantia Book.

Broadly the topics covered in this blog site include several pages pertaining to areas such as engineeringmanagement,governanceadministrationpoliticsauthor's opinions on contemporary issuestraveltourism, trade, useful productsbusinessindustrylawfamily,educationmedicineenvironmentreligion, and the like including stories and case studies  in addition to the several pages of blogs that could be considered as dealing with spirituality and the philosophy of life based on the Urantia Book revelations. For the convenience of the readers, clubbing the blogs under different categories has been done and the interested visitor can now easily jump to such index pages by clicking the relevant box buttons on the right panel.

In short, all those that concern human life in the view point of the author, are covered in a random manner. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the view points of the author have been greatly influenced by the great wisdom that the author gained by being a student of the Urantia Book.

The author acknowledges the fact that the ideas and viewpoints of this blog site may be of interest to only a few people of the world as of now. The world and its majority peoples are only in their nascent mind state to comprehend the beauty of the great truths as revealed in the Urantia Book!

Whether you agree or not, the primary concern of most of us even in this era of scientific and technological advancement, is our pursuits towards our own selfish goals! Most of us are not able to transcend our thoughts beyond our material interests in life! Even those who appear to be philosophical or spiritual or religious are not much different. While we may seem to be much involved with spiritual or religious thoughts and ideas, in reality we do not try to understand what they truly mean! It is much difficult for us to comprehend the purpose of life beyond our material existence!

Have your ever thought why our politics is linked to our religions? Have you ever thought why our scientific knowledge is not in line with our spiritual or religious concepts? Have you ever thought why we are divided racially, linguistically, religiously, politically and geographically even when some of us in our saner minds realize the futility of such divisions among humanity?

Have you ever seriously thought about God? Have you ever thought about the relationship of God with us, human beings? Why do we humans possess the instinct of worshiping God while we hardly comprehend God? Why don't our animal cousins devoid of the instinct for worshiping God? Why do we, regardless of our religious faiths, believe in the existence of some immortal essence that is within us, humans? If our religions are all true, why do they have so much differences? Can truth be different to different people?

Why do we suffer? What causes the chaos and the turmoil of our world? Why do we think that our problems are caused by God? Why do some of us prefer to reject the existence of God and cling to science for all answers even when the latter has no answers?

How did we come in to existence? Was it just an accident of time? Why do we debate over evolution and creation, endlessly?

Are there any other earths with peoples like us beyond our solar system? How do we know for sure? Will our scientific progress enable us to reach to those at some time later?

Why do we believe in the existence of angels, spirits and the like while many others reject those ideas as pure nonsense? Are they real or just an imagination of human minds?

These are all some of the questions that come in to the minds of thoughtful people. I have been thinking about such questions. It is time that we find answers to these! Would it be possible for us to find answers?

Let me tell you a secret. I have been fortunate enough to find convincing and logical answers to such questions. I would be glad to share those with those who are eager to know. The Urantia Book contains answers and that too in much detailed manner. For the probing mind, it contains the treasures of universe knowledge hitherto much hidden from mankind. When I read that book and found answers to all those previously unanswered questions that I had, I made this website called the Urantia-India Website where I had written many interesting things about this marvelous book.

The purpose of this site essentially is to instill an intelligent curiosity among those open minded among my readers to find the Urantia Book. I would feel happy if a few of them venture reading and studying it eventually, setting aside their apprehensions!

Perhaps some of you might tell this: What is so special about this book? The world is full of such books! Such books are there to mislead and divert us from our own sacred texts!

Yes, I am fully aware of the subtle deceptions that keep working in this world. But my dear friend! Unless you have the open minded curiosity to search for truths, you would perhaps never find the truths. You remain in your own self created darkness!

To make things a bit easier for you, I suggest you know at least the seven fundamental truths that the Urantia Book tells man kind. These seven are compiled by my learned Urantia Book Readers associated with TruthBook.com .

Have a look at it by clicking this link:  The 7 life Changing truths!

My dear friend, you might have reached this site just accidentally by browsing for something of your interest. But I suggest you use this opportunity to go further to learn more about the greatest divine gift man kind has ever got so far! Perhaps, it could transform you than never before!

In case you happened to be interested to know more about my childhood and family, you may also visit my personal website.

Bookmark this site for your future explorations. Best Wishes!

Languages used in this site

English (Indian), Malayalam (മലയാളം). Google translate facility is given at the right panel top which users might use for translating the English language articles of this site to their own language. However, the machine translation may not convey the meanings perfectly always!

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Blog pages containing a particular topic may be searched in a couple of ways. All blog pages contain the key word list at the bottom. The number in parenthesis against each key word shows the number of blogs where that key word is discussed or referred. Clicking the key word opens the page containing all those blogs. Another way is to use any word that the reader might wish to search as the key word. For this, type the word in the box below 'search other blogs' on the right panel and click 'Search'. One may also click the Blog Archive to find other blogs.

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Readers are welcome to communicate their comments, suggestions or even criticisms about any blog using the comment facility, but are advised not to use vulgar or hate language. Comments not relevant to the topic would be deleted when noticed. Readers are requested to get any of the valid online IDs and avoid anonymous comments as far as possible.

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Publishing Platform and Software

Free publishing tools and software templates provided by Blogger are used for building and publishing this site. No paid services are used. This site is best viewed using Google chrome web browser.


This site is not meant for people who are with biased beliefs and mind sets and are not open to receive expanded truths which might appear to them as contradictory to their own beliefs. The author respects the free will choice of all humans and therefore no ideas or view points given in the blogs of this site are meant for the purpose of forcing any one to change their beliefs or viewpoints. People who are inherently fearsome to face expanded truths or ideas are advised not to read these blogs. The blogs are not intended to offend or insult any one but to present various aspects of human achievements, failures and struggle towards achieving individual maturity and collective progress towards advanced civilization.

Some pages in this blog site may contain unintentional typographic or grammatical errors here and there as the author normally types directly to compose the pages during his free time. The English language used is essentially a mix of UK-US-Indian English as written by a non-English speaking person. Some readers might find some sentences or phrases a bit complex to comprehend. Some blog articles have direct quotes from the Urantia Book-the author's favorite book of life guidance. 

Advertisements in this Site

Advertisements from one or two online sellers of generally useful products or services may be placed occassionally on the pages of this site. Since this site does not deal with popular topics generating high traffic, the advertisements are essentially not for any commercial gains but for gathering certain traffic related information that the author is curious about.

Thank you for reading my essays! 
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 എന്റെ രചനകള്‍ വായിക്കുന്നതിനു  നിങ്ങള്‍ക്ക് നന്ദി! 


  1. Hi Er Rajan C Mathew,

    your blog site was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear Mr. Rajan,
    Please visit equip.org to learn more about true christianity.
    Also rzim.org will be helpful for you.
    Best Wishes,

  3. Mr. Rajan, visit truthforlife.org to hear encouraging and truthful messages. Good wishes. George.

  4. Mr. Rajan,
    I was wondering why you call the "Uranita Book" the truth book when Jesus Christ says, "I am the way and the TRUTH and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (It's written in John 14:6). Mr. Rajan, remember that Jesus Christ is the only person who has ever lived that claimed to be God, said He will die and rise up on the third day and fulfilled that promise. Best Wishes.

    1. I understand your concern. But think about this. Had you written a book about Jesus Christ from your understanding of the gospels and suppose I say that your book is all true would it be okay to denounce it on the same logic what you have told above? Now to know what the Urantia Book reveals, you need to read and understand it. Once you do it with an open mind, perhaps, you may think of agreeing with me. Regards.

    2. Mr. Rajan,
      If I write a book and claim it to be true, it's alright for you to test the contents of my book in light of Scripture (Acts 17:11) and you should rightly denounce it if what I say do not align with God's Word. Me and many others may have some half truths, but half truths are a whole lie in the end. The Holy Spirit superseded the human beings who penned the bible (2 Peter 1:20,21). Today God is speaking to us mainly through His Word (Hebrews 1:1). Remember Jesus is the Word (John 1:1 ; John 1:14 ).The following may be helpful.
      Best Wishes and blessings!!!
      PS: Jesus main theme was "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near" (Mathew 4:17). So, if any human being do not reach heaven, it's a total loss for him/her (read Mark 8: 36 - 38). Regardless of any humans background, he/she can repent if their sins and receive the free offer of forgiveness from God and reach heaven and no man/woman or beast can stop this human from entering Heaven. Mr. Rajan, this is the good news!!! Varkey

    3. Just a naughty question to you, my dear friend!
      Will you recognize Jesus, if returns now as promised?
      What are the chances and conditions for you to make the right choice? Just think about it. And ask your inner self. Do you need the Holy Spirit to guide you? And how will you know for sure?

    4. Mr. Rajan, ask questions, that's how you will know the truth. Jesus, the good shepherd knows the true sheep (John 10: 14-15 and John 10:3) and it's my masters responsibility to take my spirit into heaven when I die and a new body later (1 Corinthians 15:35-54). The Holy Spirit is present in all true believers (1 Corinthians 12:13 and 2 Timothy 1:14). Every computer made by the different manufacturers come with a chip inside. In the same way all true believers have the Holy Spirit inside. The only problem is that there are very few true believers, that's why Jesus said that few will enter heaven (Mathew 7: 13-14). Mr. Rajan, when you fly from New Delhi to Mumbai, do you personally know the pilot and the maintenance records of the airplane? You do this in faith. In the same way, by faith you trust in the finished work of Jesus (Hebrews 11:6). Blessings to you and family!!! Varkey


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