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Being  Hindu and Being Christian in India: Listen to these Voices of Two Ladies!

My Opinions on the Frequent Rate Control Exercise of RBI

Something About the Meat Eating Divide of India

About those Big Businesses of India and the Rising Unemployment

About 10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs of India 

The Address Proof Crisis of India and About Good Governance

A Gas Leak Accident that Killed Seven

About Food, Lead and MSG

Burning Home for Fear of the Rats!

The Great Indian Noodle Game

Role of Chemical Engineers in Making India Progress

Make-in-India: What is Really Needed?

When the Earth Quakes, What Could We do?

The Politics and Strategy of Bans

About Improving the Corruption Perception Index of India

The Great Indian Education Exploitation

Developmental Issues of India: Should We Probe the Root Cause Or Pray?

The Accursed Country of Power Production: What is the Way Out?

Do Educated Middle Class Indians Face Problems to Cast Their Votes?

How Safe is Your Drinking Water in India?

A Suggestion for Population Control and Employment Generation!

Domestic LPG: Should We Opt Out of the Subsidy Price? 

Rent and Lease Laws Need Immediate Change!

Something About the First Railway Budget of Modi Govt

15 Critical Problems of India

Only 2 Employee Friendly PSUs?

The Campa Cola Eviction Case of Mumbai

Problems of the Loco Drivers of Indian Railways!

The Fatal Gas Poisoning Accident of Bhilai Steel Plant on 12 June 2014!

Why Should We Use Petrohol instead of Petrol?

Suggestions of Arthakranti Pratishthan!

Narendra Modi-the New PM and CEO (India)!

I-T Return Filing for Salaried Class: Should it be Abolished?

Why India is Slow in Development?

New HR Minister and Her EQ Declarations!

Career Opportunities and Salaries in Post Liberalized Era!

Land Reforms: Something Very Important

My Expectations from the 2014 Central Government of India 

The Traps Created by Improper Rules and Regulations

Why Narendra Modi is a Better Choice as the next Indian PM

Suggestions for Improving Indian Politics


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