Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Alibaba: A Global Business to Business (B2B) Facilitator!

I am an admirer of Jack Ma and his Chinese company Alibaba-the Alibaba Group Holding Limited, to be precise. If you have not known about this man and his company, you missed some thing. Better click the hyperlinks to read and know more!

From what I have known, in just about two decades, Jack Ma a relatively unsuccessful ordinary man in China played the role in building up this global giant of a company making the company and himself both successful and world renowned.

What is remarkable is that this business model was initiated by some one in China and the founder of the company used the name of a legendary hero of an Arabian folklore as his company name!

Alibaba surely have been opening up the gates of fortune for thousands of business men and traders across the globe ever since its inception. It has made global sourcing and procurement very easy. The company uses the potential of internet and e-commerce to its full advantage making it a win-win situation for itself and its clients!

All kinds of machinery, raw materials and bulk products can be searched, sourced and procured internationally using Alibaba's internet platform in a competitive manner. This is much beneficial for retailers, business men and industries in every nook and corner of the world today. Alibaba has made the world looks smaller, taking advantage of the internet to it maximum. This company has been helping the products of Chinese mainland to reach the nook and corners of the rest of the world with comparative easiness!

Alibaba is perhaps the pioneering company in the world that utilized the new world order of opened up international trade to its highest potential.

Business men and local traders around the world should explore the international online market place as provided by Alibaba for their growth and success!