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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Some Blog Articles that You Would Never Like or Share Because they are Bitterly True!

There are some contemporary topics about which the author of this site has given some deep thinking resulting in some articles that have already been published in this site.

These thoughts or ideas may not be very much palatable to people who are inclined towards day to day living only.

People who are biased with their own religious beliefs or political inclinations may not like these.

Those who think they are well informed and well connected may not like these thoughts from an ordinary fellow with no patronage from big personalities or celebrities of the society.

People who are averse to reading may not have the patience to read these.

Now those minuscule numbers of individuals who happen to read these may not agree to these ideas or thoughts.

People keep opposing ideas or thoughts of others. Click here to know why?

Why do we have conflicts too often? Click here to know more!

For example what possible errors we as individuals, societies or as nations keep doing that cause pandemics such as Covid-19. Click here to know what this author think about it!

Does our democratic systems of governance has any thing to do with out problems? Click here to know!

Are there any method by which we can improve our societies or nations? Click here to read the thoughts of the author!

I find most people do have some enthusiasm in life with several passions that keep them going. But what happens when your enthusiasms overtake your wisdom? Read this thought!

How do you feel about these thoughts?

Would you share this or any of these articles with any of your friends or family?

If not would you mind expressing your views in the comments below?

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Electronic Voting Machines: Can They Be Fully Reliable?

Electronic Voting Machine is a programmable electronic gadget that can be used for casting votes in any democratic process of electing representatives by majority votes.

Now the question is whether the use of this machine is fully reliable without any risk of manipulations by vested interests?

The straight forward answer is a simple 'No'.

That is because of the inherent design feature of any electronic gadget that is essentially programmable.

Conducting elections for democratically deciding the elected representatives who would eventually form the government is not a simple process for any nation. 

The process becomes very complex and expensive for countries like India with large population and several other constraints. India, like most other nations, had been using the paper ballot system for almost all elections prior to 2014. But as an experiment, it had used the electronic voting system for the first time in 1982. 

Interested readers may click this hyperlink to read the Wikipedia article on the Electronic Voting in India.

A few other nations too tried using electronic voting system. But most of them have either abandoned the system or limited its use because of the serious unreliability issues observed.

Now only very few countries use EVMs fully for their general elections. Some countries use them selectively while many have totally withdrawn or even banned electronic voting. 

You may use this link to see the Wikipedia article on the status of electronic voting in various countries! 

In India, however, the EVMs have been now used for all general elections even when there are rising apprehensions about its reliability and potential for manipulations by independent assessors! 

Interested readers may visit this page for one such study report.

The machines used in India are manufactured by central public sector companies such as Indian Telephone Industries Limited and the Electronic Corporation of India Limited. They are reportedly fully designed indigenously without any foreign technology back up. The Election Commission of India and the Government of India, maintain that these machines are highly reliable.

But at least a section of the people of India and several political parties have been  expressing their apprehensions. 

There are several opinions for and against the electronic voting system as being adopted in India now.

Here is one that tells about the apprehensions. (Click the hyperlink to read)

This is another newspaper report some time ago.

And there are several in support as well that one can search and find in the internet like this one.

But as an individual voter in India, I feel that a system that is felt as non reliable by at least a minor section of the people, should not be used, as elections to elect peoples' representatives to form governments in a democratic system should be above doubts.

Some may argue that all governmental actions are debatable and get support as well as opposition. That may be right. But the Election Commission is constitutionally maintained outside the purview of government as a constitutionally safeguarded independent authority because it needs to be above doubts!

The basic question to be answered is why most of the advanced nations are not using electronic voting system for general elections even now. Why several nations have banned it? Why several nations have reverted back to paper ballots? Is India so superior in electronic information technology to device electronic voting machines that are independent of human interventions in between the voting process?

No convincing answers from any source other than assertions! 

There is something behind it. Isn't it?


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Why Do People Keep Opposing Opinions Of Others?

Whether you tell a truth or an untruth, chances are that you find a majority of your colleagues, family members, relatives, peers and even good friends around you might disagree with you. If you have a majority who agree with your opinions, you need to consider yourself as a lucky guy or gal.

In this regard I consider myself not so lucky!

Now when someone disagrees with you for no reason that you can logically think of, you get dejected and unhappy. And an inner happiness does set in when someone likes your opinion!

And that happiness is the driving force that is making social media giants such as Facebook to mint millions!

When someone disagrees with you, you might either try to reason with that person with more of your logics in an effort to make that opposition to go off or withdraw unhappily just to avoid a collision of opposing ideas.

If you and your fellows around are non compromising on your opinions, then collisions of ideas progress forward to conflicts. 

Severe conflicts can further develop to destructive enmity!

This situation is encountered by every individual in some manner when they have to interact with others.

Differences in opinions then create conflicts, both minor and major.

There are husband-wife differences and conflicts.

There are parent-child differences and conflicts.

There are brother-sister differences and conflicts.

There are family-family differences and conflicts.

There are group-group differences and conflicts.

There are religion-religion differences and conflicts.

There are nation-nation differences and conflicts.

And all conflicts are causes for destruction of peace!

And we all say we are peace loving!

Humans are not like animals, we keep saying.

We all love to live in peace and harmony!

But we are unable to do it. Conflicts keep taking place both internally and externally, destroying our peace!

Have you noticed this? Within our mind itself, there are differing opinions and conflicts.

Have you ever thought of the reasons for this to happen?

Whether you ever thought about it or not, the reasons are very simple and I can list those here. But you may not agree with me and most likely differ in your opinion for the same reasons!

Yet I am listing those below:

Reason No.1: Differing Mind Capacities

All human beings are unique, intelligent creatures. They are not created equal by their creators. Yet they are with abilities by which they can enhance their inherent shortcomings to a considerable extent, though not fully. So long as their mind capacities differ from one another, their mutual understandings can differ. So they can agree to each other in those aspects where their understandings are same or similar. In other areas even while one may be fully right, the other can differ.

Some mind capacities are simple while some are not so simple. For example, mind capacities required for day to day living may not be very difficult for most people to understand in the same manner. In this too, understanding can be different when there exist some physical short comings among people.

But higher truths that require extensive learning and experience can only be appreciated in more or less same manner only when all the persons concerned have acquired that kind of a mind capacity by learning and experiencing. This is the area where most differences occur that get enhanced to conflicts and enmities. Science, history, religion, politics and the like come under this category. That is because most people have undergone some learning and experience in these but most have not acquired it well but only partially. Partial knowledge and experience can lead to much problems and conflicts!

Truths involving philosophy or spirituality  are still more difficult and all persons may not possess the physiological brain capacity to understand those equally. Hence, in this area differences can be more. But such differences may not always escalate to larger conflicts because most with the biologic shortcomings do not venture often to express their disagreements!

Reason No.2: Human Desire to Boss over Others

Most of us have an inherent desire to be the king or ruler or boss over others. While no human is perfect with all skills, knowledge or abilities we are supposed to be of some service to others always. We need to help others where we have better abilities and in turn get help from others for those things where our abilities are limited. Leadership or administration is just another skill like doing a mason's job or a carpenter's job. That is the way in which our creators have made us. In other words, a leader is just another of our fellow with some leadership qualities while he cannot be a mason or a carpenter for which he does not have any skill or ability. Both are required for our society to progress and none should feel bigger or smaller. Unfortunately there exist a tendency in us by which we consider another one's job superior in which we lack ability. In this process it is quite natural that we all start considering the work of a leader or administrator most simple and desirable than all other. In turn by our ignorance we make the leader's position more and more enviable and lucrative that we all tend to do any thing to get a leader's position even when we lack the ability to do it well. In turn we develop a tendency to boss over others whenever we get the slightest opportunity. Disagreeing to the opinions of those when we have nothing to fear can develop out of this complex suppressed desire to become a boss!

Reason No.3: Projecting Self or Ego

The desire to boss over others can make those with inadequate mind capacities to go out of way to project self importance! Such persons become too egoistic and cannot tolerate any one who do not agree with them or give them due importance. Normally ego develops in inferior people or those with some kind of mind shortcomings. Since they are the ones who do anything for satisfying their self importance, in an under developed society of majority people with such shortcomings, many times we find such people getting their way to leadership positions. Once they get in to such positions, their egoistic nature becomes devilish and they often do much harm to the society. Egoistic leaders and people hardly give any importance to good advice or opinions from others. They always tend to consider themselves as right. They consider opinions of others like them who are trying to please them for some hidden agenda with opinions falsely made just to please them. This process is called sycophancy!

Reason No.4: Fear of the Unknown

Lack of adequate knowledge, skill and experience leads to fear. Most often people who live in a society where egoistic, devilish rulers have been in governance can become starved of adequate knowledge, experience and unreasonably fearsome. They lose their ability to judge whether their fear is reasonable or not! They fear telling the truths where they know fully well that it is true! They also fear supporting good things and facts that often lead to the development of a society of falsehoods! All this happen because the fearful people do not have the courage to confront falsehoods! They often like to become sycophants or supporters of other people who are egoistic with much desire to become the boss!

Differing opinions leading to conflicts in the society is not a desirable situation and it can hamper progress and development to a considerable extent. A society with much differences is good soil for evil to develop that ultimately harm individuals and the society itself.

Since most individuals are with some mind characteristics that lead to differences that cannot be  sorted out by logic or facts, such a society and its individuals are bound to suffer. Often, generations would be required for such a society to eliminate its differences! That's because every new generation of individuals is in some way better than their immediate ancestors. And that is a mandate of the creators of humanity! Yet, no miracle normally happens in just one generation!