Monday, December 24, 2012

More Than the Heinous Crime It is the Insensitive Leadership that Makes Us Worried !

Just as the rest of the voiceless people of India, I too am pained to hear about heinous crimes that some fellows perpetuate on their fellow beings. India's capital Delhi is notorious for heinous crimes of all sorts for various reasons .

Delhi was looted and plundered many times in the past few centuries. There had been riots, wars, blood-sheds and repulsive acts of violence perpetuated by humans on humans witnessed by humans. If violent death makes the human soul converts to revengeful ghosts, as believed by most of the Indians, then Delhi's air space should be full of invisible ghosts perpetually executing their revengeful acts !

Could it be the reason for the ills of this otherwise charming city ?

Being experienced Delhi on a number of occasions, I have a feeling about the general culture of this city that is perhaps different from other cities of India. The deep rooted malice towards one and all without any apparent reason that is hidden in the nature of various sections of the Delhi society is perceivable by any outsider who happen to visit this city and observe it closely.

Gentle nature is viewed as a weakness in this city. For success and survival in this city, one has to be rude and arrogant. That seems to be the survival mantra of the Delhiites !

If you show off your power and affluence you are respected. Otherwise, it depends and no guarantees on what is in store for you. If you are sheepish and your power is not apparent, you might get cheated, attacked or brutalized. Even the boy who polished your shoes on the roadside could pounce on you and do such things that you never imagined ! That might even happen from a policeman on duty who was supposedly there to help you !

Delhiites are exploited and are exploiting all at the same time ! They are the oppressing and the oppressed at the same time !

How do you manage a metropolis of this kind ? In the normal way it takes the nuts out of those who are entrusted with the management of the law and order of a city like this !

But Delhi is not even normal ! It is unusually abnormal in that case too ! 

It is the national capital of India, a state and a metropolitan city all at the same time with three major executive authorities looking after its affairs in a complex manner.

Whatever that happens in this city happens in front of the top functionaries of the Indian government. 

But these functionaries appear to be so confused regarding their respective roles. And that irritates the Delhiite who is in his or her break even tolerance limit ! 

In other countries like the USA, the head of the state immediately acts and talks to the people and shares the government's concerns with the people immediately when some shocking incident happens in the country  and even assures the people in an assertive way to win of over their confidence in the governmental system. 

For quite some years, such a thing does not happen in India. When the people are agitated for whatever the reason, it is the prime responsibility of the top leadership to act and win over the confidence of the people. The democratic India seems to work like Hitler's Germany or the non-democratic countries with total lack of sensitiveness to the people's issues.

And that pinches the consciousness of every other citizen of this country, perhaps more than the heinous crimes that take place !

But assurance of confidence can only come from real leaders ! Unfortunately India lacks such leadership now.

I was just wondering. What a golden opportunity those at the helm of affairs in Delhi lost by not responding to the people, rising to the occasion ! 

Emerging India is waiting for some leadership to come forward energetically to tap their energies !

If history is any indication, wherever and whenever a nation failed in finding a good leader, it was the time for its eventual collapse to begin !

Is it the time for the first democratic India to move into that mode ?

Great nations like the USSR disintegrated in about eight decades ! The democratic republic of India too is nearing that age !

It is time to think to save the aging country from a collapse !

There is enough reason for us to be worried ! 

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Friday, December 21, 2012

India's Capital : Why is It Full of People With Malice Towards One and All ?

It was the veteran journalist of India, Khushwant Singh, who popularized this phrase, with malice towards one and all, through his featured column having this title. He was very daring indeed to openly write about controversial topics brazenly and fearlessly. Pseudo puritans could never agree with him and had it been any one else quite likely such a writer would have ended up languishing in the jail. But fortunately he had the right kind of connections and aristocratic links that gave him the required protective cover.

I have been a reader of his featured columns, though not a regular one. Through his witty, humorous writing, he used to present the various kinds of hypocrisy that an underdeveloped society like that of India can have.

One of the universal truth that he used to tell his readers is the dangers that can be in societies like India, Pakistan and such other countries where suppressive puritanical laws and rules are forced upon the citizens.

He was against all kinds of suppression, especially the freedom of expression. He was against those puritanical laws that made  people ( at least a good majority) more pre-occupied with those which the laws wanted to eradicate.

I think he had a point there. The more our state governments enforced prohibition laws and rules, the more was the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Same is the case with other such laws and rules.

Governments which try to control the basic instincts of people are making things worse by forcing at least some of the brazen types in the society to resort to illegal activities with a vengeance.

That does not mean that we should not have stricter laws.

There is a need for having practical and reasonable laws which are strictly implementable. Impractical laws would make the society move towards illegality.

Added to the impractical nature of the laws, if  the laws of the country also provide loopholes for some of the law breakers to go least affected, the lower sections of the society are likely to develop the mental nature that equates to what is known as the state of 'malice towards one and all' !

When you have so many of such people in the society who roam around unnoticed, but keeping a grudge to all around with no apparent reason, it is a dangerous situation. They are much worse than hungry wild beasts waiting to pounce upon their preys at the most opportunistic and safe moment !

The recent incident that took place in Delhi that made the normal citizens of India shocked and ashamed caused me to write this.

The number of people , who are moving around with malice towards one and all, seems to be on the rise in India. Capital Delhi especially seems to harbour more such people.

Any one who have visited Delhi from outside without the watch and care of some others would have clearly sensed the deep rooted arrogance and malice that prevails in general in the Delhi atmosphere. I have a feeling that such a culture originates from the remnants of  centuries of violent history that this city has. 

Law enforcement is not an easy task in Delhi. Every other man or woman in Delhi is a VIP. And they all have lateral and vertical connections ! How do you expect the poor policeman to be impartial and effective ?

Some years ago, the family of one of my friends had a harrowing experience in Delhi and I was a witness to that. It happened in H.Nizamuddin railway station. The family was waiting on the platform to board the south bound train. From no where a thief came and snatched away the hand baggage that the lady of the group was holding and ran away to the other side. Everyone including the two policemen on duty on the platform witnessed it. Some ran after the thief, including the policemen. That's all. The bag and the thief became invisible in no time. The bag contained the reservation tickets and the money. More than the money, they were worried about the reservation. To make a duplicate reserved ticket the rule stated that you needed the copy of the police FIR. (First Information Report) We thought that the process would be easy as there was a police out post there on the platform and the policemen were themselves witness to the incident. To our horror, we found the in-charge officer rude and unwilling to help. He was not prepared to make an FIR. He was open to explain the reason to us. This police station was maintained as a crime-free one and they did not want to have a black spot on their reputation by recording a silly FIR ! It was amply clear to us that the policemen knew the thief. But that was not for helping the victim, any way ! 

A number of influential people in Delhi are so powerful that they do not need any policemen for their security. Some other Delhiites need the men and women in uniform to be with them always as a mark of display of their power and position. Then the police bosses want the remaining uniformed men and women at their disposal as their domestic and office helps ! India can never become developed like the developed nations as far as policing is concerned. Do we have any solution ?

In my humble opinion, we need to address the root causes of our maladies with regard to our laws , law enforcements and administration of justice. Instead of beating around the bush and making amendments over amendments over the century old British legacy, our law makers should rise to modern era realities to make simple, practical but effective laws, enforcement systems  and legal administrative systems that bring confidence to the law abiding citizens while being effective deterrence to law breakers.

At least the system should not make the fence sitters to develop malice in their minds and move around in the society as potential criminals of the highest order.

Like what we see in Delhi !

Let me earnestly hope the Indian law makers rise above party politics and hear the voices of the citizens to work out and implement effective law enforcement systems that are not draconian to generate general malice to one and all !  

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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Bread and Wine Ceremony of Christian Holy Communion and Its True Meaning !

The Urantia Book narrates the details of the incidents and the teaching of Jesus Christ with more clarity than that is given in the Bible.

Anyone who is familiar with the Bible, will find the Urantia Book narration much more refreshing and educative, provided he or she is not spiritually blind with false religious egos.

Holy Communion is a sacred ceremony of the Christians. They keep participating in the ceremony with mixed feelings. For some it is a meaningless ritual, for some it is a passport to heaven , for some it is something needed to maintain their community identity and for some it is the ritual that is essential for remission of their sins.

Just as the majority nominal christians in this world, I too have been participating in this church ritual occassionally. I had read about the origin of this ritual as the last supper of Jesus Christ the day before he was crucified. The Bible narration , however, was not sufficient to move my heart. I felt it as a lifeless narration !

But this lifeless narration of the Bible became meaningful and heartwarming when I read it in the Urantia Book.
Let me reproduce below the relevant passages from Paper-179 of the Urantia Book which had given me a better understanding about the Holy Communion that Christians all over the world keep practising:

As they brought Jesus the third cup of wine, the “cup of blessing,” he arose from the couch and, taking the cup in his hands, blessed it, saying: “Take this cup, all of you, and drink of it. This shall be the cup of my remembrance. This is the cup of the blessing of a new dispensation of grace and truth. This shall be to you the emblem of the bestowal and ministry of the divine Spirit of Truth. And I will not again drink this cup with you until I drink in new form with you in the Father’s eternal kingdom.”

The apostles all sensed that something out of the ordinary was transpiring as they drank of this cup of blessing in profound reverence and perfect silence. The old Passover commemorated the emergence of their fathers from a state of racial slavery into individual freedom; now the Master was instituting a new remembrance supper as a symbol of the new dispensation wherein the enslaved individual emerges from the bondage of ceremonialism and selfishness into the spiritual joy of the brotherhood and fellowship of the liberated faith sons of the living God.

When they had finished drinking this new cup of remembrance, the Master took up the bread and, after giving thanks, broke it in pieces and, directing them to pass it around, said: “Take this bread of remembrance and eat it. I have told you that I am the bread of life. And this bread of life is the united life of the Father and the Son in one gift. The word of the Father, as revealed in the Son, is indeed the bread of life.” When they had partaken of the bread of remembrance, the symbol of the living word of truth incarnated in the likeness of mortal flesh, they all sat down.

In instituting this remembrance supper, the Master, as was always his habit, resorted to parables and symbols. He employed symbols because he wanted to teach certain great spiritual truths in such a manner as to make it difficult for his successors to attach precise interpretations and definite meanings to his words. In this way he sought to prevent successive generations from crystallizing his teaching and binding down his spiritual meanings by the dead chains of tradition and dogma. In the establishment of the only ceremony or sacrament associated with his whole life mission, Jesus took great pains to suggest his meanings rather than to commit himself to precise definitions. He did not wish to destroy the individual’s concept of divine communion by establishing a precise form; neither did he desire to limit the believer’s spiritual imagination by formally cramping it. He rather sought to set man’s reborn soul free upon the joyous wings of a new and living spiritual liberty.

Notwithstanding the Master’s effort thus to establish this new sacrament of the remembrance, those who followed after him in the intervening centuries saw to it that his express desire was effectively thwarted in that his simple spiritual symbolism of that last night in the flesh has been reduced to precise interpretations and subjected to the almost mathematical precision of a set formula. Of all Jesus’ teachings none have become more tradition-standardized.

This supper of remembrance, when it is partaken of by those who are Son-believing and God-knowing, does not need to have associated with its symbolism any of man’s puerile misinterpretations regarding the meaning of the divine presence, for upon all such occasions the Master is really present. The remembrance supper is the believer’s symbolic rendezvous with Michael (of Nebadon). When you become thus spirit-conscious, the Son is actually present, and his spirit fraternizes with the indwelling fragment of his Father.

After they had engaged in meditation for a few moments, Jesus continued speaking: “When you do these things, recall the life I have lived on earth among you and rejoice that I am to continue to live on earth with you and to serve through you. As individuals, contend not among yourselves as to who shall be greatest. Be you all as brethren. And when the kingdom grows to embrace large groups of believers, likewise should you refrain from contending for greatness or seeking preferment between such groups.”

And this mighty occasion took place in the upper chamber of a friend. There was nothing of sacred form or of ceremonial consecration about either the supper or the building. The remembrance supper was established without ecclesiastical sanction.

When Jesus had thus established the supper of the remembrance, he said to the apostles: And as often as you do this, do it in remembrance of me. And when you do remember me, first look back upon my life in the flesh, recall that I was once with you, and then, by faith, discern that you shall all sometime sup with me in the Father’s eternal kingdom. This is the new Passover which I leave with you, even the memory of my bestowal life, the word of eternal truth; and of my love for you, the outpouring of my Spirit of Truth upon all flesh.”

And they ended this celebration of the old but bloodless Passover in connection with the inauguration of the new supper of the remembrance, by singing, all together, the one hundred and eighteenth Psalm.

Now that I have read it, I am realizing  more and more about Jesus, and his mission on earth.

What a marvellous reporting of the life and mission of Jesus on earth that the Urantia Book gives us !

You need to read it to appreciate that !

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Friday, December 14, 2012

How is the Urantia Book Different from Other Mysterious Books ?

Through these blogsite pages I have told my readers about my fascination with the Urantia Book and the reasons why I believe in it while a good majority of others do not.

This  earth  is really very vast for us human beings, even though we are all born and brought up in this globe and it is our home planet. Our home itself is beyond our comprehension !

Some of us may be very wealthy, very powerful to determine the fate of others, very intelligent or very talented or even be a super genius . But these qualities are not enough for us to know even a very small fraction of that our home planet has in store.

We are like the super computers our computer hardware companies keep producing now. We have tremendous memory capacity and processing power built up in our dual brains, but have been provided with  limited pre-loaded application software to take full advantage of our organic hardware ! Besides, the operating life of hardware is also not much, for reasons beyond our understanding.

Our modern cell phones are super computers with built in systems to communicate with the external communication waves that pervade our space. But some how such a facility seems to be dysfunctional with the bio circuitry of our brains. Most of us are incapable of communicating with external communication lines that are said to be pervading our space beyond the realm of the radio waves.

Some of those knowledgeable among us recognize this and call this as the spiritual lines of communication. A few of us also have reportedly the capacity to receive and respond  to these channels, at least to some extent.

A physical scientist or a mathematician among us may be in a position to demonstrate or prove some of their advanced knowledge to those who are conversant with these subjects. But those who do not have the essential background to differentiate such knowledge have to believe what those knowledgeable ones say in such things. Those ignorant about these topics cannot judge these things as true or false.

In a similar manner, those who do not have the essential background in spiritual communications may find any one talking about those things as meaningless things or even as some rubbish.

Would it be possible for a color blind person to have advanced knowledge on a stream of science or art that deal with colors ?

Would it be possible for a person without completing his or her high school education, to read and understand a PhD thesis ?

This much I have written because the topic that I want to deal with here in this blog, is some thing that needs to be appreciated against such a background.

Now let me ask you a question. Do you believe in God ? If you say, yes or no, how would you prove the basis of your conviction ? You can argue a lot on both on ways. But the fact remains that your arguments stand  neither proved or disproved. Because, both you and me have limited knowledge in this field. Even if you have a higher knowledge, my knowledge may not match with you to agree with you.

So, your belief in God or disbelief is a matter of your faith based on your level of understanding or mind development.

But that makes no difference to the facts !

Having considered all kinds of arguments on either side and giving my own thoughts on the subject, my conviction is to believe in a Supreme Intelligence and Prime Source of All in this Universe which I consider as My Universal Father God. This first source is Father to all because, everything came into existence due to Him. How it happened may be beyond anybody's comprehension !

The Urantia Book provides me the opportunity to expand my conceptual knowledge many fold . To be very frank, I find nothing whatsoever in this marvellous book that puts a question mark of doubt or suspicion in my mind ! In simple words, all those things explained in the book are acceptable to me as I cannot find some reasonable logics to raise doubts on any of the explanations of this book. Neither I find any kind of contradictions in this vast volume of information revealed to man kind from non human authors of the book. And I cannot even doubt the existence of those authors because the book clarifies the details of the authors as well without any ambiguity.

Then comes the question of the origin of the book. I have considered it many times. Then that too is fully in line with the concepts and knowledge that is provided in this book. So no doubts on that front too so far.

But further curiosity of exploration has revealed that there are many such books that are having mysterious origins and content which deal with the origins of the earth, humans, angels, God, gods, spirits, universe, heaven and hell, soul, soul survival after death, etc., etc.

It was necessary for me now to have a detailed look on all these books.

Let me tell you, with an open heart I keep spending a  good lot of time in exploring the content of several of these books. It included the Bible, the Mormon Bible, the Padgett Messages, the Koran, the Oahspe Bible, Books of the Sanathan Dharma or Vedas, the Bhagavat Gita, the Sacred Texts of Buddhism,  Shree Guru Grandh Sahib and other many such sacred texts. Thanks to those talented people who have been  taking the pains in translating all these in English and making these available online.

My first realization is this: there are innumerable pieces of wisdom and spiritual knowledge in all these books interlaced with history, philosophy, myths and absurd human imaginations. Knowledge and information supposedly passed on from super human sources are also apparent in many of these. Because, it is difficult for even the best kind of human beings to write such enormous volumes in the manner they are presented. The background histories of these books also attribute the sources of such knowledge to mysteries that are just impossible for humans to decipher.
That compels me to conclude the existence of unseen intelligences and personalities beyond the level of our  material existence. I have to accept those as realities that exist beyond our comprehension level.

With that acceptance I reexamine the contents of all these books once again.

The Urantia Book now becomes more and more sensible and acceptable ! It explains the essential details of all those things in a matter of fact manner. No exaggerations, only the truths presented straight away to the extent I can comprehend ! The Urantia Book affirms that it is from a super human source. Some of the other books that I mentioned above are also from such sources.

While it is impossible to find discernible untruths in the Urantia Book, that is not the case with the other books.

That makes the Urantia Book different. Different altogether ! And unique too !

I am now in a position to accept the fact that untruths or misguidance can also come from super human sources ! How does that take place is also explained in the Urantia Book !

With the guidance of the Urantia Book, I am now in a position to comprehend all the other mysterious and sacred books as well ! Truths, untruths, good and bad are fully discernible to my mind  with that guidance !

With the Urantia Book to aid me, I am not at all scared to read and enjoy the writings of all those other books. It has given me the confidence and the ability to do that.

But when the latest guide book is available for mind refreshment , why to take the pains of reading through those old books for the hidden or latent truths ? Perhaps a cursory reading to satisfy my curiosity would be enough.
That is what my intelligent logic tells.

That is what my inner voice also tells !

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Monday, December 10, 2012

I Feel Like A Helpless Alien with My Rh Negative Blood !

In my childhood days, most of the people around me, including a few in the family, considered me as very different from them.

What appeared right to me, was not right for most of them. It was a puzzle for me !

Most often my intuitions used to be right in the end. That caused others who did not agree with me initially to show a type of defeated face when finally I was proved right. Of course, that did not cause any favorable situation for me. Instead, I find my self in a difficult situation. For others, I was some one who just cannot be one among them. They did not explicitly told me that. But my intuitive senses told me so.

I had an IQ more than my contemporaries around me. I used to score more marks in school as compared to many of my classmates,  that too without devoting much time for my studies.

A feeble memory still exist in my mind wherein a relative of mine commented that I should be an adopted son and not one from the family. My nature perhaps caused that type of a comment.

I used to be a reserved type of child and never interested in the usual naughty behaviour of boys of my age. My only hobby during the childhood days used to be reading books. Seeing  places and nature was also very enjoyable to me.

During those early days those around me used to praise me for my neat and tidy handwriting. I was also very particular in keeping my books and notebooks neat, clean and in order always. I didn't like those who are untidy and careless.

One of my great weakness during my childhood was my inability to withstand injustice and my openness in telling the truth straight away.

My greatest fear during childhood was the sight of blood. Sight of blood caused me nausea and even caused me to faint. So I used to avoid such situations. Going to a hospital was one thing I was not comfortable with.

During the college days, I realized that my blood pressure is high and there was no reason for such a thing.

My body temperature used to be lower than others.

Exposure to sunlight for more than a few minutes triggers allegic reactions in me !

It was much later in my life that I learnt about my blood group. It was the rarest kind called AB Negative. But in those days I never suspected my blood group having some relation with my physical and mental nature.

Being a naturally curious person that I am, I became curious about my blood group. I became curious about the blood groups of others too.

I got the opportunity to understand an opposite blood group, a positive one, when I got married. My wife is positive and slowly we learnt that our ideas and outlooks are much different in many things.

If I am right,it was my wife who first called me an alien. She knows better in vouching that I am not a person of this earth ! The majority of people in this earth are like her and not like me. She does not hesitate telling me that repeatedly.

There was a reason for me now to do some research in to this.

After all why this Rh factor, which is common in the majority Rh positive people and the Rhesus monkeys, not found in my blood ?

Scientists say blood group is hereditary. If so, why are the majority of people of earth with the Rh factor ? Why are a small minority people without that factor ?

If all people originated from Adam and Eve, as the Bible teaches, there is no reason that people are with different blood groups. Since it is not like that, there has to be some flaw in the Bible story !
Of late, I found that there are many such curious Rh negative people in this world who are looking for an answer to their blood group mystery. For them too, the Adam and Eve story of the Bible is not making sense !

For example see, how this person has started this discussion topic : Rh negative blood type mystery !

He has rightfully characterized the nature of Rh negative people. Being a negative person my self, I agree with what he has summarised about the Rh negative people. He concludes that the Rh negative people are having a godly lineage ! But how, he does not have an answer.

He even goes to the extent to prove that Rh positive and Rh negative are two species of humans altogether. Just as we have the donkeys and the horses. Or like the lions and the tigers !

Donkeys and horses could be cross breeded to get mules; but mules do not breed at all.

Lions and tigers may be mated to get ligers; but ligers do not get any more ligers !

Rh negative man and Rh positive woman can have children without any problem. But Rh negative woman and Rh positive man cannot get children without complications. They might have just one child, that too with birth complications. Modern high tech treatments are required for them to have their children survive !

There is indeed an unsolved mystery in the blood types that we find in the people of this world and their varying distributions among various peoples.

There is a mystery behind their origins and distributions around the world. The Rh negative group system is important to be studied in detail some thing needed for me to understand more.

The internet is full of scientific and non-scientific theories on the origin of the blood groups among humans. People have propounded theories on alien invasion, reptilian connection, gene mutation, viral mutation, etc, etc.

Any theory should be convincing. Unfortunately they are not.

The Bible story  of Adam and Eve being the first human pair from whom all human beings of earth originated appears to be something non palatable with the distribution of blood groups in human population as we observe now.

Similar flaws can be found in all other theories.
In my pursuit to solve this mystery, I kept on investigating all possible explanations.

At last a I found an answer.

An answer which is quite convincing to my inquisitive mind. An answer from the most authentic source that I could ever had !

My answer to the puzzle came from the Urantia Book. The descriptions of the divinely controlled human evolution on earth and the later simultaneous appearance of the six evolutionary colored races of earth by gene mutation in a single parent all happening in a time span of nearly a million years together with their progress, intermixing and partial annihilation explained all those things which were hidden so far.

The divine authors of the book further explained the need for importing the biologically superior pair of Adam and Eve for the purpose of upgrading the genetics of the evolutionary people some 38000 years ago and the partial failure that happened in this endeavour.

As the imported Adam and Eve were not evolutionary beings from lower animal groups, they were altogether a different breed. Perhaps they did not have the Rh factor in their blood stream. They were both Rh -ve !

The biological upgradation of the evolutionary people were essential for getting rid of some of the animal nature that their genes contained. The Adamic blood infusion would have caused the people of earth to become more intelligent, peace loving and more inclined to true worship of God !

Some months ago, I wrote about it in one of my blogs : 

Negative Blood Group and the Adamic Connection !

Though I found the answer to the troublesome mystery about my blood group, my troubles on account of my rare nature as compared to the majority around me have not ceased at all.

I now know that such problems are going to be there for many centuries ahead.

The only solution, for me and those like me, is to adjust and adapt to the situation to the maximum.  

It is better to keep our mouths and minds shut unless some one is ready to listen !

What else an alien breed can do ?

That too when they are in such a minority position ?

But to those of my kind with the Rh negative factor flowing in their veins having not yet realized the reasons for their conflicts, I would say that they are a fortunate lot endowed with ample resources to explore and experience the unknowns !

After reading this much you may also like to read my blog : 

Adam and Eve : Did God Create them for Making Us Sinners for Ever?

I hope you are now in a position to connect all the missing links to solve this mystery !

Had the biologic upgradation of the evolutionary races of earth proceeded as per the original divine plan, the majority of human beings as of now would have been Rh negative.

Perhaps by this time, we would have achieved a higher level of evolutionary progress much more than what we are now.

With the Rh negative or Adamic blood infused in the majority of the earth humans, our world would have been much different.

Perhaps we would not have been fighting over various misunderstandings !

Our religious understandings and knowledge of true God would have been more realistic !

We would have achieved the pinnacle of materialistic developement and devoted much of our time for intellectual and philosophic pursuits.

We would have been with higher resistance to diseases and with a higher life span !

Perhaps we would have achieved a world government, a common language and a world religion !

And many more !

It is indeed very convincing how the book explained it all !

As for me, I am convinced !

But those convictions carry no meaning. I have to live with the hard realities !

I do feel helpless !

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Phenomenon of Psychic Imprint and the Human Difficulty to Accept Better Things !

Imprint is a word came from the printing and publishing industry, which means making a permanent stamp about some thing (on the printed material or book).

Psychic imprint means making a permanent concept recorded deep inside the mind of a living being, animals, birds or human beings.

Zoologists have demonstrated that chicks of some birds imprint any moving thing that they see first after hatching out of the eggs as their mother. If they see a man, they are bound to be after him as if he is their parent !

Human beings do make certain imprints in their minds during the course of their life from birth to death.

Concepts of father, mother, siblings, relations, manners, cultures, language, religion, rituals and various other ideas and perceptions in the minds of human beings are based on imprinted information that resides deep in their subconscous memory region of the mind some where in their brains.

Unlike animals and birds, human beings have the capacity to change the imprinted concept using their intelligent logic systems that are also somewhere in the brains.

However, for many people having a lower brain capacity with regard to intelligent logic and reasoning, it is extremely difficult to erase an imprint that was recorded earlier in the memory bank.

That is why change is a painful experience for most of the human beings even when such changes are better for them.

More than ninety percent of the human populace come under this category.

So they may find it extremely difficult to change to a new house, new area of work, new method of work ,  a new food habit or a new religious concept.

Out of these the last one is the most difficult.

The imprinted concept of God and the religious rituals are the most difficult for people to change.

Organized religions maintain their hold in the society on account of this difficulty that the majority of people have.

Thinking differently is a difficult proposition for most people because their logical reasoning capacity is below a certain threshold. 

Yet they may be brought up to a different thought level by use of external stimulants such as lure, force or fear.

In that case their imprints get imprinted with a new imprint to remain in that state unless not changed again by similar techniques.

This technique is used by various cadre organizations such as the armed forces and the anti social organizations to maintain their cadres. Religious organizations may also employ this technique !

So long as the people have the biological deficiency in their brains to change their imprinted concepts by self analysis and reasoning this kind of a situation is bound to continue.

For making the society progressive, you need more and more people of the self actualizing types !

They are the ones capable of logical thinking and reasoning who can change their own mind imprints at will.

But brain capacities are birth determined.

Biological upgradation cannot happen overnight !

It took me months to culture out a special bacteria capable of consuming chemical pollutants from waste water from a sample of ordinary E-coli bacteria. Hundreds of bacterial generations passed away before the required ones with the ability of eating phenols developed.

I could see it happening before my eyes because bacteria has a life span of a few days only.

But in human beings that is not the case. Years or ages might be required for a major cultural change !

Though a few individuals might over come their difficulties for adapting and accepting good changes by their own determination and free will, it is not going to happen for the majority of people in any generation.

So those of the advanced types might feel frustrated.

But frustration is not the answer.

Anxiety must be abandoned.

The advanced types must also need to learn patience !

Because, impatience is a mind poison !

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

How Does Culture Develop Among Human Beings ?

First of all what do we mean by culture ? It is some thing that is a summation of the peculiar tastes of arts and manners of a human society or settlement.

In my childhood my father had told me a small humorous story about how the soldiers developed the mannerism of saluting the superiors.

Long ago, a group of youths from a village decided to meet their king. But they were all a little apprehensive. What are they supposed to do when they meed the king ?

Then the elder in the group confidently told them to imitate just what he would do when they reach the king's court.

At the king's court the elder went ahead and the others followed. Just when the king appeared, a mosquito bit the elder on his left thigh. Almost simultaneously a mischievous fly sat on his right forehead, both irritating the elder. Instinctively, he slapped his left thigh with his left hand and raised his right hand to his forehead to drove off the fly.

Instantly, all his followers imitated him the same way.

The king liked this new way of salutation by this village folks. He ordered his soldiers to adopt this salutation hence forth when his visit them.

This way the culture of saluting became part of the culture of the armed forces.

Let us forget the truthfulness of this story.

Though we all have a mind which is intelligent and analytical we are also having other fears and inhibitions, all in varying degrees. We are free to analyse and take decisions without influences from others, but we are reluctant to exercise that power.

So among us a few have leadership qualities while the majority are followers of leaders or the so-called 'hero worshippers'.

We want to imitate leaders. That quality is in built in our minds.

So imitation by the followers, who are in majority in any society, brings about the culture of that society.

Now let us consider some statements from a book written by some authors of superior intelligence than the human beings:

1. Some characteristics of primitive human beings : They were exceedingly imitative, but the play instinct was only slightly developed, and the sense of humor was almost entirely absent. Primitive man smiled occasionally, but he never indulged in hearty laughter. Humor was the legacy of the later races. These early human beings were not so sensitive to pain nor so reactive to unpleasant situations as were many of the later evolving mortals. Childbirth was not a painful or distressing ordeal to the early woman and her immediate progeny.

2. Development of language through imitation : Language evolved out of group associations, each local group developing its own system of word exchange. Language grew up through gestures, signs, cries, imitative sounds, intonation, and accent to the vocalization of subsequent alphabets. Language is man’s greatest and most serviceable thinking tool, but it never flourished until social groups acquired some leisure. The tendency to play with language develops new words — slang. If the majority adopt the slang, then usage constitutes it language. The origin of dialects is illustrated by the indulgence in “baby talk” in a family group.

3. Imitation causing development of religion: A philosophy of religion evolves out of a basic growth of ideas plus experimental living as both are modified by the tendency to imitate associates. The soundness of philosophic conclusions depends on keen, honest, and discriminating thinking in connection with sensitivity to meanings and accuracy of evaluation. Moral cowards never achieve high planes of philosophic thinking; it requires courage to invade new levels of experience and to attempt the exploration of unknown realms of intellectual living.

4. Clue to achieve perfection: The imitation of God is the key to perfection; the doing of his will is the secret of survival (after mortal death) and of perfection in survival (after mortal death).

5. How to imitate Jesus :  It should not be the aim of  believers of Jesus to literally  imitate the outward life of Jesus in the flesh but rather to share his faith; to trust God as he trusted God and to believe in men as he believed in men. Jesus never argued about either the fatherhood of God or the brotherhood of men; he was a living illustration of the one and a profound demonstration of the other.

So, imitation is the key to develop culture.

But if you want perfection, your role model for imitation should be God.

And God has given a living replica of him living within your mind for you to imitate. That is the God within you, within me and within them !

But to imitate the God that is within us, we need to use our God given guidance which is overshadowed by our evolutionary intellect of animal origin.

The more we imitate the animal intellect, the more we degrade our culture to that of the primitive men.

The more we are able to imitate the God within us, we advance to that of a spiritualistic culture.

Some thing of a replica of the culture that exists in the so called heavens out there !

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Do My Blogs Have Any Impact on My Readers ? An Analysis !

A bit humorously I had told my readers this : Why do I write Blogs ?

I started writing blogs in sites like the SiliconIndia and the Wordpress. Then Google came up with Blogger and the Blogspot. Then I shifted blog writing to Blogger.

The reason for that I told my readers : Why I prefer Blogging with Blogger ?

But then to tell you frankly, there was a bit of another motivation for me to start blogging with Blogger. Let me admit it without hesitation.

That was the possibility of making money through Google AdSense.

But fortunately ( yes, fortunately !) the AdSense administrators rejected me as they find me of no value for them.

Had I been accepted, perhaps I would have got hooked up to a system where in my only interest would have been to write such things that most people like to read.

I would have been trying to write those kind of writings that tickle the soft senses of the immature readers for more and more publicity for enabling more and more ads on my blogs.

But AdSense rejection brought good sense to prevail !

The feeble voice in me became clearly audible to me now.

My purpose of writing has to be different.

Even if it is not any thing appealing to most people.

How much money I need for a living ?  

I already have sufficient money for a living. Then why should I need that extra from the AdSense ?

After all,  what is money ? I asked myself !

And I do not have much use with those extras beyond that I normally require for my needs.

But I do not have any heavy needs and unusual desires. Neither do I have the desire to show off !

Then I asked this thing to my self . Will I do some thing if it is not going to give me any tangible benefits ?

Can I do some thing for the simple satisfaction of the self ?

Perhaps, yes.

My knowledge and experience I got freely. Why not share it freely ?

It may not be useful for many. But definitely a few might be here and there whose minds get stirred up to think positively from the lines what I share with every one through my blogs.

Knowing about such happenings is the greatest pleasure that I can have.

Much more than the money and the fame !

So I write the blogs, share it through twitter or facebook or google+ once or twice  and the rest will be done automatically.

Those interested might find my writings and may read it.

For a few of them it might appear sensible ! Many might have a cursory glance and click away !

One or two may think of saying a 'hi' to me. One or two might express their feelings using the comment facility at the bottom of the page.

And many may look those tools at the bottom to find out who all are reading these blogs.

I too am interested to know about that.

It gives me a satisfaction to know that at least about 14500 page views have happened for my blogs which are not on any matters that can be considered as sensational.

People from more than 60 countries have glanced through what I am sharing with them.

Though I write for all who are intellectually mature, my target audience is mainly those of that category who are of Indian origin living any where in the world.

I am happy that it is taking place.

Let me thank all my readers who have the patience and mind presence to read my blogs.

Special thanks to those who take some time to express their views in the comments and to those who visit accidentally and re-visit for exploring more.

For your information, the ABC analysis of readership of this site so far is some thing as below:

5000 (35 %)
United States
4000 (27 %)
1000 (7 %)

And in the last about 4 months 2750 unique visitors from 69 nations visited this site. On the average they have glanced or read about 6-7 blogs out of the 156 blogs already published.

Thank you, for your patience !

Would it be of any use if I keep sharing my thoughts ?

I think I should honour your views !

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Generating Employment for Indians- A Layman's Suggestions !

I am not an economist nor an expert in finding solutions to the complex problems of a complex nation like my own !

But like many others like me, I do keep a watch on developed nations such as the United States of America or China or Japan, that have been making visible material progress. Their Gross Domestic Product (GDP), per capita income ,  human development indices (HDI), etc., amply correlated by visible physical features vindicate their superiority!

For example, my country India has been with a shamefully low per capita GDP of about $ 3700 . The actual purchasing power of the citizens of India are much lower than this figure. Regrettably, it appears that the Indian policy makers no longer feel the shame ! [See the GDP per capita income list of the world's nations here !]

Indians keep justifying the low per capita GDP on account of the huge population. But then they forget about China whose population as well as the per capita GDP are much higher ! This clearly shows that the Indian situation is on account of poor governance , administrative policies and gross mismanagement of public affairs! Perhaps all these happen due to the defective democratic governance system that the country has adopted ever since it had become a modern republic. 

Indians are too keen to watch the politics and policies of America rather than their own. I too am no exception. What makes me salute the American system is the importance that they give in generating employment to the citizens of the country. A US president is evaluated as good if he could implement policies which generate employment to the US nationals.

But unfortunately no Indian politician talks about employment generation. Neither is employment a factor for evaluating the Indian government!

There are thousand an one ways by which the Indian government can generate employment for millions of its unemployed so that they can at least have a decent living and surely elevate them much above the poverty line.

" Give me a fish, I eat for day; teach me to fish, I eat for a life time!"

This famous quote, supposed to be the favorite of Mahatma Gandhi is not unknown to those in the higher ruler ship of India. Regrettably they keep thinking of the ways in which such a teaching can be imparted to the millions only to conclude that such a thing is not practical in a country populated so heavily!

When thousands of Indians could make a decent living by the so called medical transcription work, I couldn't help saluting the US policy makers who could force their medical practitioners to shell out some of their incomes to others down the line who are only skilled for some lower level clerical jobs!

The westerners are advanced because they have realized the overall advantage of distributing the abnormal wealth at some hands to those who are not so privileged or fortunate. They too were having the mindset of the present day Indians before they faced the 'great economic depression after the world war-I'. But that had made them learn a lesson. And that lesson was about the importance of sharing the profits of business and industry to the larger populace for sustaining economic activities. 

The great depression forced economists to analyze the reasons for such a failure of economy when industrial production was at its peak! They found that all productions are useless unless there is a market that absorb the products and services. And such a sustainable market is possible only when business and industry willingly share their profits with their employees and the workers thereby enhancing the purchasing power of the people as a whole!

They learnt that the profits held up by large Corporate entities are not going to make the country or the economy progress. If they keep producing and accumulating profits for some time without enough sharing, there would not be any markets for their products and services and eventually their businesses would come to a grinding halt.

So, for longer sustainability of business, business tycoons and business leaders have to find ways to distribute their huge cash surplus held up by a few of them to a larger group of people, so that the latter could get some decent  income margins to be spent for more goods and services.  

Again at every such transaction, the government is going to earn from the taxes.

Indian corporates and government  are going to repeat the mistake that the westerners did early in the 20th century which triggered the Great Depression of the 1929.

Why I say this ?

Had they distributed even 10 % of this cash, which in any case they have amassed by paying less to their employees in comparison to the world standards, the Indian markets would boom. The Indian government would gain substantially in taxes, both income tax and other taxes.

The cash surplus of the Indian corporates are because of their reluctance to pay dividends to their share holders and their reluctance to pay better wages to their lower rung workers and employees.

The cash surplus with them cause them to show a higher book value for their shares. This in turn causes poor investors to shell out their hard earned cash to purchase shares of these companies at higher margins. The investors do not get any return from the company as such. The investors seem to make profits by selling their high margin shares to other gullible investors. The corporates have nothing to lose !

Why such a situation which actually do not help the majority of the Indian public to enhance their incomes so that they have some better  incomes for acquiring better goods and services ?

Whatever the low income, the government tax them heavily. What is the logic in taxing an individual who makes Rs 150,000/- ( ~ $ 3000) per month and the corporate which makes Rs 150 million at the same rate ?

The individual is left with Rs. 100,000 /- where as the corporate is left with Rs.100 million. Since both are individual entities, the money deprivation shock to the individual is much more. The excess money accumulated by the corporate does not do any good for the country ordinarily. Because it it blocked so long as they find some means of spending it. The individual on the other hand has many unfulfilled needs. He could have released that 50,000 immediately to the market had it not been cut by the government as tax. The government would have got an equivalent amount or much more had this money were used by the individual for meeting his unfulfilled needs.

This kind of illogical mind sets in the policy planning levels actually make India a poor nation. They do such things which causes the money generation points dry before they mature.

Killing the goose ?

India can become the richest nation in the world, had the negative growth policies made out by egoistic know-all mindset of those concerned decide to ease out a bit by relaxing their muscles and minds.

Instead of distributing money for various labour generating schemes  here and there, if the government allows all higher income group salaried people who pay more than say Rs.300,000 per year as income tax to have a regular personal assistant for jobs like driver, gardener, security, etc and the payments made to such people to the extent of say Rs.200,000 as fully exempted from tax, can you imagine the number of regular employment generated in India overnight ?

Of course, some people might always do some manipulations. That should not be the reason for not trying out some innovative methods.

That kind of an initiative can make the government popular overnight . Not only they become popular, the economy would boom. It is a kind of action that can force the higher income of the upper strata of society to percolate downwards immediately.

In reality the government's income is not going to get reduced. It will also boom !

There could be many such moves. But for that the government should be ready to take suggestions from all, even from laymen like me. If the suggestions are good for the country they should be broadminded to implement it.

How long they keep themselves isolated in self made chambers of petty politics ?

The country needs people of a different mindset  for thinking and implementing such radical thoughts !

Let us hope we get such thinking people by 2020 !

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