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I Feel Like A Helpless Alien with My Rh Negative Blood !

In my childhood days, most of the people around me, including a few in the family, considered me as very different from them.

What appeared right to me, was not right for most of them. It was a puzzle for me !

Most often my intuitions used to be right in the end. That caused others who did not agree with me initially to show a type of defeated face when finally I was proved right. Of course, that did not cause any favorable situation for me. Instead, I find my self in a difficult situation. For others, I was some one who just cannot be one among them. They did not explicitly told me that. But my intuitive senses told me so.

I had an IQ more than my contemporaries around me. I used to score more marks in school as compared to many of my classmates,  that too without devoting much time for my studies.

A feeble memory still exist in my mind wherein a relative of mine commented that I should be an adopted son and not one from the family. My nature perhaps caused that type of a comment.

I used to be a reserved type of child and never interested in the usual naughty behaviour of boys of my age. My only hobby during the childhood days used to be reading books. Seeing  places and nature was also very enjoyable to me.

During those early days those around me used to praise me for my neat and tidy handwriting. I was also very particular in keeping my books and notebooks neat, clean and in order always. I didn't like those who are untidy and careless.

One of my great weakness during my childhood was my inability to withstand injustice and my openness in telling the truth straight away.

My greatest fear during childhood was the sight of blood. Sight of blood caused me nausea and even caused me to faint. So I used to avoid such situations. Going to a hospital was one thing I was not comfortable with.

During the college days, I realized that my blood pressure is high and there was no reason for such a thing.

My body temperature used to be lower than others.

Exposure to sunlight for more than a few minutes triggers allegic reactions in me !

It was much later in my life that I learnt about my blood group. It was the rarest kind called AB Negative. But in those days I never suspected my blood group having some relation with my physical and mental nature.

Being a naturally curious person that I am, I became curious about my blood group. I became curious about the blood groups of others too.

I got the opportunity to understand an opposite blood group, a positive one, when I got married. My wife is positive and slowly we learnt that our ideas and outlooks are much different in many things.

If I am right,it was my wife who first called me an alien. She knows better in vouching that I am not a person of this earth ! The majority of people in this earth are like her and not like me. She does not hesitate telling me that repeatedly.

There was a reason for me now to do some research in to this.

After all why this Rh factor, which is common in the majority Rh positive people and the Rhesus monkeys, not found in my blood ?

Scientists say blood group is hereditary. If so, why are the majority of people of earth with the Rh factor ? Why are a small minority people without that factor ?

If all people originated from Adam and Eve, as the Bible teaches, there is no reason that people are with different blood groups. Since it is not like that, there has to be some flaw in the Bible story !
Of late, I found that there are many such curious Rh negative people in this world who are looking for an answer to their blood group mystery. For them too, the Adam and Eve story of the Bible is not making sense !

For example see, how this person has started this discussion topic : Rh negative blood type mystery !

He has rightfully characterized the nature of Rh negative people. Being a negative person my self, I agree with what he has summarised about the Rh negative people. He concludes that the Rh negative people are having a godly lineage ! But how, he does not have an answer.

He even goes to the extent to prove that Rh positive and Rh negative are two species of humans altogether. Just as we have the donkeys and the horses. Or like the lions and the tigers !

Donkeys and horses could be cross breeded to get mules; but mules do not breed at all.

Lions and tigers may be mated to get ligers; but ligers do not get any more ligers !

Rh negative man and Rh positive woman can have children without any problem. But Rh negative woman and Rh positive man cannot get children without complications. They might have just one child, that too with birth complications. Modern high tech treatments are required for them to have their children survive !

There is indeed an unsolved mystery in the blood types that we find in the people of this world and their varying distributions among various peoples.

There is a mystery behind their origins and distributions around the world. The Rh negative group system is important to be studied in detail some thing needed for me to understand more.

The internet is full of scientific and non-scientific theories on the origin of the blood groups among humans. People have propounded theories on alien invasion, reptilian connection, gene mutation, viral mutation, etc, etc.

Any theory should be convincing. Unfortunately they are not.

The Bible story  of Adam and Eve being the first human pair from whom all human beings of earth originated appears to be something non palatable with the distribution of blood groups in human population as we observe now.

Similar flaws can be found in all other theories.
In my pursuit to solve this mystery, I kept on investigating all possible explanations.

At last a I found an answer.

An answer which is quite convincing to my inquisitive mind. An answer from the most authentic source that I could ever had !

My answer to the puzzle came from the Urantia Book. The descriptions of the divinely controlled human evolution on earth and the later simultaneous appearance of the six evolutionary colored races of earth by gene mutation in a single parent all happening in a time span of nearly a million years together with their progress, intermixing and partial annihilation explained all those things which were hidden so far.

The divine authors of the book further explained the need for importing the biologically superior pair of Adam and Eve for the purpose of upgrading the genetics of the evolutionary people some 38000 years ago and the partial failure that happened in this endeavour.

As the imported Adam and Eve were not evolutionary beings from lower animal groups, they were altogether a different breed. Perhaps they did not have the Rh factor in their blood stream. They were both Rh -ve !

The biological upgradation of the evolutionary people were essential for getting rid of some of the animal nature that their genes contained. The Adamic blood infusion would have caused the people of earth to become more intelligent, peace loving and more inclined to true worship of God !

Some months ago, I wrote about it in one of my blogs : 

Negative Blood Group and the Adamic Connection !

Though I found the answer to the troublesome mystery about my blood group, my troubles on account of my rare nature as compared to the majority around me have not ceased at all.

I now know that such problems are going to be there for many centuries ahead.

The only solution, for me and those like me, is to adjust and adapt to the situation to the maximum.  

It is better to keep our mouths and minds shut unless some one is ready to listen !

What else an alien breed can do ?

That too when they are in such a minority position ?

But to those of my kind with the Rh negative factor flowing in their veins having not yet realized the reasons for their conflicts, I would say that they are a fortunate lot endowed with ample resources to explore and experience the unknowns !

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I hope you are now in a position to connect all the missing links to solve this mystery !

Had the biologic upgradation of the evolutionary races of earth proceeded as per the original divine plan, the majority of human beings as of now would have been Rh negative.

Perhaps by this time, we would have achieved a higher level of evolutionary progress much more than what we are now.

With the Rh negative or Adamic blood infused in the majority of the earth humans, our world would have been much different.

Perhaps we would not have been fighting over various misunderstandings !

Our religious understandings and knowledge of true God would have been more realistic !

We would have achieved the pinnacle of materialistic developement and devoted much of our time for intellectual and philosophic pursuits.

We would have been with higher resistance to diseases and with a higher life span !

Perhaps we would have achieved a world government, a common language and a world religion !

And many more !

It is indeed very convincing how the book explained it all !

As for me, I am convinced !

But those convictions carry no meaning. I have to live with the hard realities !

I do feel helpless !

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