Friday, April 22, 2016

Our Erroneous Concepts About God!

Many of us, the modern day human beings, may boast of living in a world of science and may be proud of the achievements that we have made and have been making in the past few decades, as compared to our forefathers who lived in the past centuries.

When we examine this with regard to the physical environment and material comforts, we may be compelled to be proud of human achievement in many fields, even while we faintly acknowledge the problems of our modern day achievements.

While some of our fellows are making advances in sciences and technology, some of us are also compelled to believe in our own abilities while some others among us may become a bit scared of the future consequences.

Our scientific advancements have not yet resolved our faith or faithlessness in the unseen superior intelligence that subtly over control our world. That has caused our knowledge and intelligence to work in isolated compartments when it comes to our religious thoughts and scientific thoughts.

More importantly, our religious beliefs and spiritual ideas have not undergone much change as compared to our forefathers who lived in the past bygone centuries. In other words, we are as ignorant or confused when it comes to our understanding of the universe and the naturally visible management of our planet and its nature. While we may collect data and try to interpret those data with our mathematical tools, we really do not have any idea about the universe administration that are beyond our material comprehension.

That way, modern mankind is no different from its ancient ancestry! Our modern scientific minds too remain as those of our ancient forefathers when it comes to our concepts about God!

We have made remarkable success in removing so many erroneous concepts that carried forward from the past with regard to our material knowledge with the help of our scientific skills and tools. But unfortunately we have not made an equivalent progress of mind with regard to our knowledge and understanding of God.

So what are our erroneous concepts about God?

Let me pause here to quote from my book of life guidance which talks about it (the erroneous God concepts of human beings) from a superior third party view point:

Religious tradition is the imperfectly preserved record of the experiences of the God-knowing men of past ages, but such records are untrustworthy as guides for religious living or as the source of true information about the Universal Father (God). Such ancient beliefs have been invariably altered by the fact that primitive man was a myth maker.

One of the greatest sources of confusion on Urantia (Earth) concerning the nature of God grows out of the failure of your sacred books clearly to distinguish between the (divine) personalities of the Paradise Trinity and between Paradise Deity and the local universe creators and administrators. During the past dispensations of partial understanding, your priests and prophets failed clearly to differentiate between Planetary Princes, System Sovereigns, Constellation Fathers, Creator Sons, Super-universe Rulers, the Supreme Being, and the Universal Father. Many of the messages of subordinate personalities, such as Life Carriers and various orders of angels, have been, in your records, presented as coming from God himself. Urantian (Earthly) religious thought still confuses the associate personalities of Deity with the Universal Father himself, so that all are included under one appellation (identity).

The people of Urantia (earth) continue to suffer from the influence of primitive concepts of God. The gods who go on a rampage in the storm; who shake the earth in their wrath and strike down men in their anger; who inflict their judgments of displeasure in times of famine and flood -- these are the gods of primitive religion; they are not the Gods who live and rule the universes. Such concepts are a relic of the times when men supposed that the universe was under the guidance and domination of the whims of such imaginary gods. But mortal man is beginning to realize that he lives in a realm of comparative law and order as far as concerns the administrative policies and conduct of the Supreme Creators and the Supreme Controllers.

The barbarous idea of appeasing an angry God, of propitiating (appeasing) an offended Lord, of winning the favor of Deity through sacrifices and penance and even by the shedding of blood, represents a religion wholly puerile (childish) and primitive, a philosophy unworthy of an enlightened age of science and truth. Such beliefs are utterly repulsive to the celestial beings and the divine rulers who serve and reign in the universes. It is an affront to God to believe, hold, or teach that innocent blood must be shed in order to win his favor or to divert the fictitious divine wrath.

The Hebrews believed that "without the shedding of blood there could be no remission of sin." They had not found deliverance from the old and pagan idea that the Gods could not be appeased except by the sight of blood, though Moses did make a distinct advance when he forbade human sacrifices and substituted therefor, in the primitive minds of his childlike Bedouin followers, the ceremonial sacrifice of animals.

The bestowal of a Paradise Son (Jesus) on your world was inherent in the situation of closing a planetary age; it was inescapable, and it was not made necessary for the purpose of winning the favor of God. This bestowal also happened to be the final personal act of a Creator Son in the long adventure of earning the experiential sovereignty of his universe. What a travesty upon the infinite character of God this teaching that his fatherly heart in all its austere coldness and hardness was so untouched by the misfortunes and sorrows of his creatures that his tender mercies were not forthcoming until he saw his blameless Son bleeding and dying upon the cross of Calvary!

But the inhabitants of Urantia (earth) are to find deliverance from these ancient errors and pagan superstitions respecting the nature of the Universal Father (God). The revelation of the truth about God is appearing, and the human race is destined to know the Universal Father in all that beauty of character and loveliness of attributes so magnificently portrayed by the Creator Son who sojourned on Urantia (earth) as the Son of Man and the Son of God.

Did it touch your mind to think?