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A New Malayalam Blogsite and Some Tips for Making Your PC Malayalam Enabled !

Though I had written a few blogs in Malayalam language in Malayalam font in this site ( You can see that list here - രാജന്‍ സി മാത്യുവിന്റെ മലയാളം ബ്ലോഗുകള്‍ ! ) I thought it a good idea to start a new site using blogger for dealing exclusively topics that could be of interest to those who can read Malayalam.

The blog site would appear in the name :

ഇലന്തൂര്‍ അച്ചായന്റെ അഭിപ്രായങ്ങള്‍ !

I would request all those who can read Malayalam to have a look in to these blogs dealing with contemporary issues that is of interest to Keralites, especially those from the central Travancore area.
For reading and writing malayalam font, you may have to install malayalam unicode software in your laptop or PC.

The best way of doing that is to install the Google language input tools for Windows ( if you use Windows as your operating system)

You can go to this site, select your option as Malayalam and agree to Google terms and conditions to visit the page that gives further directions to download and install the required language tool. Once you did that, you have to watch the language icon at the botton right corner of your task bar where you normally see the language tab as EN (for english) You can click this to change to MY (for Malayalam) . Once this is shown in MY form, whatever you type in english would get changed to equivalent Malayalam font. A little trial and work out, you would become an expert in typing in Malayalam.

But Google Malayalam that you have installed may not be very good as far as the style of the Malayalam displayed on your PC screen. In that case you may have to install a few Malayalam fonts (software program that enables your PC operating system to display and understand the alphabets of your Malayalam language). There are many such Malayalam font software packs designed by various developers and are in common use. This could be easily done by downloading these fonts and installing them in the font folder of your operating system. There are various websites that provide the links for such downloads.[For example try this or else try this Kerala government site or  do a Google search] As I understand it, getting the unicode enabled Malayalam font would make the usability universal. After you download the font file, in window xp, go to start > control panel > fonts > file > install new fonts and select the folder in which you had downloaded the font file. Locate the font file (remember the name such as Karthika, Raghu, etc) and click it to transfer or install it in the font folder of windows xp.

Once you do these you would be able to type and read Malayalam on your PC. Before you install these, check their compatibility for the operating system that you use and also do a scan for any viruses.

Income Tax e-Filing in India : Did Anyone Foresee These Problems Before Making it Mandatory ?

The finance minister of India and the central board of direct taxation authorities of India have very excellent plans for India at least in the area that is in their command- the direct taxation of the tax payers of India.              The Latest and Inexpensive Redmi 1S Mobile Launched by FlipCart

No one can perhaps find fault with their decision to force e-filing of income tax returns mandatory for those getting more than a few lakhs of rupees per annum as salaried income.

But the only problem is perhaps their ignorance about the poor quality of internet speed and coverage in this country which makes such ambitious plans not go the way they think.

In India, the majority of individual internet users use either old free versions of internet browsers such as Internet explorer version 6 or earlier or free limited versions for house hold use as downloaded from various sites or provided initially by their PC or laptop vendor. Of late, may individual house hold users use other browsers such as Google Chrome, Motzilla Firefox, etc.

In any case there would be only a minority of individual home users who are using genuine certified browser software that they had purchased by paying money. This is also true for many commercial users many of them, including government owned ones, use these browsers which are essentially unlicensed.
Of late, the software companies have come up with latest versions of these softwares with certain inbuilt mechanisms which could give them the idea about the user and know whether a particular user is using a licenced version or not.

For normal internet use they do not create any problem. But, when people use it for official or commercial purposes, these softwares start creating problems.

For example, very few people would be in a position to open the official e-filing site of the Income Tax department of India with their browsers.

If you would like to experience it yourself try opening this link by clicking it:

Many of you won't be able to do it. Some versions of the Internet Explorer (Microsoft) simply do not open it. The Google Chrome would display this message: 'Invalid Server Certification' Return back to safety.

I do not know whether this is a problem due to the browser or it is due to the problem of securtity certification of the server of the Income Tax Department of the government of India. Most likely it could be due to the latter. Because, it is the government departments in India that do not recognize the internet legal aspects and safety norms. There is a likelihood that they are using some software systems that are not with the necessary safety standards.

I and many of my friends could use the Motzilla Firefox to file the return a few weeks earlier. However, now when I try with the same browser for filing the e-return of some other, I find the above said site though opening up initially returns a message which tells that I am using an old version of the browser and I should use instead use some other latest versions ( it specifies the versions and the makes of the softwares) The site simply becomes non cooperative after that.

Another problem which came to my notice is the way the site is designed. If a person has to register for e-filing he or she should have a valid e-mail id. But the funny thing is that this government IT site would not allow any one to enter an e-mail id if it has certain special characters such as the hyphen (-). Ridiculous, is n't it.

While filing the numerous columns in the site for entering data, this site is highly user unfriendly.

It will not allow any one to copy - paste common data. You have to enter data every time with care. If you are not good in data entry into computers you are likely to make gross errors.

The governement of India and the IT department's software designers think that every one in India who get over 5 L salary are employed in the software development companies ! Perhaps, they are right ! That is the general perception in India.

Fortunately, the site provides some relief to the individual tax payers. They can take the help of certified tax filing service providers ! For the time being you may not find the breed of such people in India any where.

This e-filing system has started on an experimental basis last year for those getting over 10 Lakhs per year as salary. That time the system was downloading a predesigned form, filling it up, then coverting it to another form called the xml form (after conversion the individuals cannot see what the said software created as the xml file. There are umpteen examples where the xml so created was with gross errors of which the tax payers came to know only after an year when the Income Tax department started e-mailing them with orders for recovery and the like. Event the functioning of these softwares were not so reliable and were prone to error creation without the person ever knowing it)

Another problem the individuals faced was the total absence of help menu. What help menu being provided are where it is not so required. For serious helps like the meaning of the clauses of the IT rules, there is no help at all. Remember, this is not at all difficult to be provided in the IT site and if so, it would have been a gesture of transparency. But it seems the governement and the IT officials are not interested in transparency.

Last year, the individual after uploading the created xml file was required to print the acknowledgement file (called the IT-V form by the taxmen). But this file would not open if you do not know the in built pass word.

Unless you are very knowledgeable to read and understand the fine legal english language, you are not going to know what is the password required to open it. Incidentally, this password is your date of birth written in ddmmyyyy form without the usual slash (/) Had you accidentally entered a wrong number while entering your return form, your IT-V would never open for getting it printed.

Then, comes the next problem. You should have a high quality laser or inkjet printer for printing your IT-V. Dot matrix printers are a strict no-no. How many persons in India have these high quality printers in their homes and office ? But the government assumes that if you get over 10 L salary you should have these in your office or home ! Many employees of PSUs and government departments and even private employees do not have such facilities in their offices. The government should have done a survey initially or they should have made and order to make these mandatory facilities for all employees getting more than 10 Lakh annual salary !

You should not ask what would happen to those people who work in remote areas, mines and such other places where internet facility and computer peripherals and accessories do not exist for all practical purposes.

Then comes the next problem. Even if you had printed your IT-V as specified, you are required to sign it and post it to the IT departments central e-processing facility at Bangaluru. You should only post it by ordinary post. No courier business ! Whether, the Indian Postal department is efficient to deliver all these signed documents back to Bangaluru from all over India is another question. (We know what had happened with the aadhaar cards !)

Even for this year (AY 2013-14) e-filing for some can be direct online. There are problems and perhaps no one in this country could solve those. You are required to get IT-V printed and posted as was done last year. If your signed form do not reach the central processing people, your IT return would not be taken for processing. You may not get back your refunds.

As far as refunds are concerned, it seems the IT department people had been instructed not to do so. Because now every person is going to get demand notices and not refunds. Demand notices with hefty penal interests and fines for no fault of theirs. Because, now the government has linked your bank accounts with your PAN and all the interest accrual information is known through what is now called the 26-AS form. The banks have taken the 10% from those 3.5 % to 8.5 % interest your balances have gained and have remitted it to the IT department. But that is not the end. Once you have got more than 10 L as salary, you owe another 23 % tax to be given on those peanut interests. If you have not paid it, then the IT is waiting for penalizing you later. The more the delay, the more the government of India is to gain by way of penalties and penal interests.

So, now comes the game plan. A faulty IT return system is in place. Even if you honestly want to pay your taxes and file you returns, you cannot perhaps do it properly. The system would not allow you to do it. And the government's system failure is not admissible as an excuse. Because, after all government is the one who wields the lathi, or the power. In a lathi wielding governmental system, citizens have no rights !

The government is not bothered if you do not have any job tomorrow and you no longer earns the 10 L. The government of India is not bothered whether you worked in a PSU or private sector where there is no pension for surviving your after job life. They would not even allow you to get even the simple 3.5 % interest from your bank account. They will tax it with out any sympathy ! Neither they would think of implementing any practical social security system as that is with the progressive nations of the world.

Because of all these, even those Indians who get more than 10 L a year as salary, much better than lakhs of their other fellow Indians, could not live happily in this country. That is why they are eagerly trying to send their children to become citizens of USA, Canada, Australia and such other progressive nations. Regrettably that is what most of the political leaders of India who are responsible for making ridiculous rules and laws are also doing !

It is like burning your home and running away to take shelter in your neighbour' home !

Is this country ever escape from these kind of ridiculous taxation rules and such other things which make life in India a horror for law abiding citizens ?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Heartfelt Sympathies to these Ignorant Men and Women of My Country Who Discard their Opportunities to Serve Others !

Post liberalization, India has seen some very positive changes in a few fields of public service, the notable being in the retail banking field. Some of these changes have eased the common problems faced by the small individual customers to a greater extent while some other changes have made the people to consider banks as officially patronized looters.

My intention is not to write about all of them. I am just trying to share some of my recent experiences. The banking authorities and the staff could may consider these as some feed backs from an individual customer and may think of taking some lessons for improving their acts, if ever they take these in that manner.

The first experience to share is as a customer of the largest public sector bank of India-the State Bank of India (SBI). I have been a customer of this bank for the last over three decades. In the earlier days the branches of SBI and all other nationalized banks appeared more or less the same manner. Shabby, humid, and crowded with a few caged counters behind which those counter clerks performed their acts as if they were doing some great favor to the customers. They treated the individual customers with contempt especially when the customer crowd was more. Even on those days when crowd was less, the time to get your task done used to be more or less the same. Because on such occasions the clerks did their work at leisure. Those were the days when all works used to be done manually and fat banking ledger books and the various paper instruments had to be moved from table to table by the most important functionary of the bank-the peon. 

Then came the early era of computerized banking. Nothing much got changed with regard to the customer friendliness. The time taken for some work to be done in the bank for an individual almost the same as before, because this time the bank staff got various kinds of excuses related to non functional computers and printers.

Banking experience for the individual customers dramatically changed when the government allowed a few private new wave banks to get in to the act of banking. The ICICI bank was the first among this group which made a drastic change in the way the Indian banks worked. All of a sudden, the Indian people saw air conditioned bank branches which treated customers much differently than the existing nationalized banks. Added to this comfort was the ease at which these new banks introduced much efficient and proven computer software as compared to their public sector counter parts. The new wave private banks also implemented recruitment policies in such a way that they almost eliminated the clerical staff and got fresh talents with better educational qualifications and essential training to man their retail banking branches as junior officers. This helped them to implement single window customer relations desks in their branches where each individual customer got some personalized attention. Banking was no more a dreaded experience in India !

Almost all the nationalized banks thereafter have been spending  crores of rupees to implement face lifting acts for their branches. Now almost all banks branches in India, at least in the urban areas, regardless of they being in the public sector or private sector, are air conditioned and apparently have good aesthetic appearances. However, the cultural legacy of the public sector banks continue as they could not do much to improve the personal attitudes of their lower level employees. 

All these banks together must have installed thousands of ATMs across the country in the last one decade. However, it is a common experience now for the customers that many ATM kiosks are not maintained properly by the respective banks. Non performing ATM machines are a regular feature. Non availability of lower denomination currency notes and delivery of currency notes of shabby quality are all common.[ This blog gives some more insights about the ATM kiosks of India.]

The advent of internet banking in the recent years have made banking much easier and comfortable for people like me. Now-a-days, people like me have to seldom go to the bank branches for routine banking. But if you are required to go for some purposes, the experiences may not be always very pleasant. That is what my recent experiences teach me especially when it is banks like the SBI.

I have been a customer of the SBI in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh for about three decades where in one of its branches I had my savings bank account to which my salary used to be credited from my employer. Through the same branch, I took a housing loan and the loan account also was linked to the same account and the EMIs used to be deducted regularly as per standing instructions. Then my work place changed to Ranchi and the SBI branch in Ranchi duly got my account transferred  to their branch on my request. But, the the loan account was non-transferable due to some administrative problems and that account got remained at Bhilai. However, as an internet banking customer, my account showed all details at one place and I never felt any discomfort. A few months ago, my loan was fully paid back and was duly discharged. Now my problem was to take back my security documents from the bank. To be fair enough, this should be done by my branch at Ranchi. They should be in a position to get my documents from their counter parts at Bhilai and deliver the same to me at Ranchi.

But the SBI does not operate that way as I have been told. I had to go all the way to Bhilai and spend a few days to get me back the papers ! A spent customer is of no value to this bank ! Once their purpose is served, they would simply discard you without providing the final relief. Okay, I took the pains to travel to Bhilai and had to spend nearly two days to get a simple discharge memo issued from my original bank. Remember, it is just a matter of three minutes for the staff to get the same and give it to me. But they would not do it so easily, even when they knew that I had come all the way from a distant place for that purpose. The culture of this bank is to create problem to the customer if it is possible and get enjoyment from that small sadism. 

However, with the help of some helping friends, I got the discharge certificate issued from the concerned branch at Bhilai. Now, this bank has a centralized loan processing office in Bhilai which they call by some alphabets which is not so easy to remember. This is the place where they keep the security documents under lock and key under the custody of a document custody officer. Now I was required to go to this person with the certificate issued by one of their branch located a few kilometers away. It is worth noting here that some of my friends had to spend a day to find out the procedure of getting the documents returned back from this bank. They seldom give such information in their website ! 

When I reached the document officer, there were another two customers with him. He was an young man. Though he did not show the type of nasty face some of his older colleagues in similar situations would have done ( usually they ask the customer to come the next day even if the work involves just a few minutes !) he was also not very enthusiastic to give a quick service to any one. All the three of us, one an old lady, were waiting patiently for almost an hour for him to complete the tasks. By this time his assistant had located the document file and brought it to his desk and he had made us sign few forms as a preliminary to return the documents.

The events that happened in the same place a couple of year ago while was working in Bhilai at the same place flashed through my memory. That time I was required to take back the security documents related to my car loan. That time another man was there. There were at least five persons waiting. But I got the papers back within about 20 minutes. But this time, I had come all the way from a distant place and that fact I had already told this young man, who is perhaps of lesser age than my children. He was showing that he was working hard, but the time was running out  and the time was very precious for me that moment. I had other works also to do before I returned to Ranchi ! The time is already 6.00 pm and as scheduled the pick up car had come to the bank and the driver phoned me for me to come out to be dropped in my hotel. The young bank man told me that it is going to take some more time and informed me that I could go and return after an hour or so as his office would remained opened upto 8.00 pm in the night ! So, I decided to leave then and come back after an hour or so.

Around seven I get a call from this SBI officer. Initially I thought thanking him for calling me to tell that my work is completed. But no ! He called me to tell me that it would not be possible for him to return my documents. Because, he found that my security documents that I had given in the bank as a security for my loan had the name of my son too as a co-owner of the property and hence my son too should come to the bank to receive the documents. A new strange demand indeed. Evidently displaying the sadism of the employees of the bank to harass unprepared customers to the maximum. Since I do not live in Bhilai and my son does not live with me, the harassment would have the highest effect ! Imagine, it is my document. I have settled all dues with the bank and a certificate to that effect is duly issued. They should have returned the documents to me through my branch at my place of residence. They have not. And now when I have traveled all the way spending much money and time just to take back my documents, this fellow is making a new excuse. Good customer care by the SBI ? Is n't it ? This is how this bank trains their junior officers !

Okay. There is no point in arguing with such morons. I returned back to the bank hurriedly. It was going to be 8.00 pm. If I did not reach by that time this fellow would go home and I would not get even the discharge papers that I had given him earlier ! That means additional number of stays in the hotel and missing my hard earned railway reservations to return home !

I reached to his desk in time. I tried to reason with him as a last effort. The fellow is not at all considerate. Finally, I asked him to keep my documents in his own custody for some more years ( I had no immediate use of those except that those are some the stamp papers of registration that shows my ownership of the residential property that I acquired with my hard earned savings and paying much of that to this bank as interests  !)

But I requested him to write down the reasons for not returning my documents back to me even after my loans are fully settled and discharged a few months ago.

Then I got the next shock. He, being an officer of the bank, refused to write that. He said that would be written by his boss, the head of his loan branch. Had he been a non-officer, I could have understood that. But here he is an officer ! What officer ? I asked my self ! Now, where is his boss sitting ? Already it is the closing time. The boss might have left and I ought to stay back in this place just for nothing !

But fortunately, the boss had not left. It was a lady of my age ! Just then I noticed her name. It sounded familiar. Then I remembered. We knew each other. Yes, she was very happy to meet me. We exchanged a few minutes of pleasantries and then I told her my problem. She was quick enough to write an instruction to her junior officer and was considerate enough to accompany me to his desk to give the personal instructions.

Yes, I was fortunate. I got my valuable documents without future troubles.

But then I was thinking ! What if I did not know some one there personally ? How these bank fellows create trouble to those customers who happened to be of that category !

This is just one such example that I faced from the bank where I have been a customer for thirty odd years. I had much worse experiences there, every time to be sorted out with the help of some known officer. Remember, none of these problems were due to any mistake from my side.

On the other hand, I am also a customer to the new era banks like the ICICI and the Axis bank. Rarely I was required to go to these banks. But whenever I had gone, desk officers were quite unknown faces. But that never caused them to behave strangely. They were comparatively much better in extending the services.

The banks in India are much better in giving out the services, if you compare them with some of the government offices. At the lower levels, the bank staff are not corrupt as well. They do not have a system of extracting money from the citizens in general, unlike some of the notorious  government departments where the staff create problems to extract favors.

But then that is life in India. The most corrupt nation on earth now, as per the latest report of Transparency International.

In my opinion this happens due to the subconscious attempt from the side of the staffers to gain attention and importance. If every thing goes smoothly, they feel that their services get  neglected and go unnoticed. Create a problem and gain importance. This is the mind set of many employees in India.

Unfortunately, they fail to understand the pleasure of giving and serving. They fail to recognize the importance of getting the long lasting good wishes their customers would bestow upon them silently when they do the work they are supposed to do honestly , earnestly and pleasingly.

To me, it is the greatest opportunity one can have. The opportunity of serving others ! The opportunity to be of some help to others. Even when it is part of your job and even when that is what you are paid for.  

My heartfelt sympathies to those ignorant men and women of my country who create such situations to make their beloved country  to stoop down in shame by some of their acts of discarding the god given opportunities to serve others in whatever small way they could !  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adam and Eve : Did they Really Live on Earth ? Were they the Original Human Couple on Earth ?

The answer to the first question is, yes. Answer to the second question is, no ! It is not difficult to come to that conclusion even when you are a believer of the Bible. 

Am I suggesting something contrary to the common religious beliefs based on the holy books of the Semitic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam ? Not at all. In reality, the stories and references given in the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran and many other books and folklore about Adam and Eve are based on real history that man kind has failed to keep under authentic records. So we do not have any historical evidence about Adam and Eve. But fortunately, we now have a detailed history written and published which gives us more insight into the first godly created couple on earth.

Yes, I told: the first godly created couple on earth and not the first human couple on earth ! Now let me explain that in some more detail. A few of you might have read my earlier blog titled:

In this blog, I had written about the history of the first human couple who came in to existence on earth some 993000 years ago. Their descendants later on multiplied on earth and filled earth. These human beings formed the evolutionary colored races of earth. From them originated all the tribal people on earth. They too were created by a feat of God which involved the process of 'controlled evolution'. That is natural evolution taking place for ages only to be modified by the agencies of God at long intervals of time.

So this long evolutionary development of humans took place for almost for another 955000 years when a group of  evolutionary  tribal people all of a sudden found a marvelous looking human couple in their midst in a beautiful natural garden some where in the middle east region. They looked like them in physical features. But their skin color was some what glowing violet and they were 2-3 feet taller than them. To the tribal people, they appeared suddenly as if rising from the soil just like that. 

Yes, they were the Adam and Eve, about whom we read in the holy books. To the existing tribal humans of earth, these godly humans rose from the mud as if created by God from the soil. To the tribal people, that was the reality. But the actual story was some thing different. 

The bodies of this created couple were made by the agencies of God on earth by a different process of creation using the material elements of earth. But their personalities were brought down to earth from a very distant world where they originally lived as a different class of living beings. The agencies of God played a vital role in to effect that personality transportation. It was some thing like transporting information and data by wireless means that the modern human beings of 20th century have discovered.   

Adams and Eves are a slightly different species of intelligent living beings similar to men and women of earth. Now, let us examine some of the basic similarities and differences.

1. The common name of Adams and Eves as a species is Adams while that for men and women of earth is Humans. Both have similar body features with  material bodies and reproduce sexually. Adams are original inhabitants of distant non-evolutionary spheres or planets (non-evolutionary here  means that they are specially planned and created by agencies of God) while humans are inhabitants of evolutionary planets such as earth (evolutionary here means the processes of creation of God where most of the developmental processes take place in a natural way most of the time obeying certain universal rules while critical changes are planned and effected only intermittently at long intervals of time). Thus Adams are non-evolutionary created beings of God while humans are evolutionary created beings of God both having material bodies and similar appearances. 

2. Normally, Adams have no death while they live in their native planets and hence they are non-mortals while humans live for some time in their material bodies in their evolutionary planets like earth and their material bodies die and decay after some years of time. So humans are mortals. But humans are provided with a unique God given power within their minds including free will decision making powers that many of them are capable of surviving death and continue to progress enjoying endless lives while keeping their personality essence intact, provided they fulfill certain essential conditions of using their free will wisely while living as mortals. Such humans who continue to live even after death would get suitable bodies and forms that make their continued living possible. During this period, they get opportunities to know about other living beings of various kinds (both material and non material kinds) that exist in other evolutionary and non evolutionary worlds of  the vast universes and would also get opportunities to live in the worlds of the Adams during the initial stages of their post mortal lives. During their post mortal lives, some of the progressing humans may also get various kind of responsibilities and training as part of the universal administrative system of God and would finally acquire such qualities to be in the presence of God. 

3. Both Adams and humans are intelligent beings with superior mind capacities to know about the existence of their creator God. This unique capacity makes them different from animals and plants which also have lives but no minds to know about God. So, animals and plants have only one existence in their native worlds and they neither possess the capacity to survive material death nor they possess the unique quality of individualized personality with survival values beyond death. But remember, the material bodies of animals and plants undergo the process of recycling. That means, the matter in them might again find a place in the bodies of their subsequent generations. But their memory and intellectual capacities constituting personality features are lost when they die.

4. Originally Adams are superior to humans in mind capacities and certain physical capacities. However, post mortal humans might progress to higher levels of mind capacities as they continue to live.

5. Adams and Eves are capable of procreation with men and women: Progeny of a male adam and a female human would acquire some of the better biological features while the progeny of a male human and an eve may not always produce such racial improvements in humans and hence the latter process would encounter various problems and difficulties due to in built genetic design characteristics. 

6. Evolutionary human beings have certain coloring substances within their skin cells that respond to the the main colors of the visible spectrum of light. Thus during the process of evolution, human beings differentiate naturally to become six different colored races such as Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Indigo with varying physical and mind capacities. Red, Yellow and Blue races are superior with Blue race having the highest intellectual qualities and the Red race the lowest. Orange, Green and Indigo races are inferior with Indigo race having the highest physical abilities. On the other hand the skin color of Adams is Violet. On earth the first six races existed and intermingled before the first Adam and Eve couple were brought to earth some 38000 years ago. The present human races that exist on earth are a mixture of all these colored races. Humans with genetic features originating from adams are the least in the human population on earth as of now. These racial mix up can be observed in the blood groups of the present day humans. Those with negative blood groups are perhaps the ones who got some genetic inputs from the adamic genes while the positive blood group factor in humans originating from the ancestral animal genes during their evolutionary progress. [ You may read this blog: Negative Blood Group and the Adamic Connection !  to have some more information on this. ] 

8. The only additional quality that humans could have obtained from the infusion of adamic genes in them is a biologic uplift  that would enable humans to get certain higher capacities of learning mostly concerned with higher principles of philosophy and spiritual knowledge if they ever are inclined to learn such things. In other words, a higher percentage of adamic blood in the human race would have enabled human race to learn the benefits of discarding violence, enmity, brutality, hatred, selfishness and other such animal or evil nature and the benefits of adopting love, mercy, goodness and similar other godly attitudes.

Bringing an Adamic couple to earth was in accordance with a universal development plan of God. The purpose was to bring about some genetic improvements in the bodies of the naturally evolving tribal peoples of earth who had attained highest levels of material development possible by the controlled natural evolution. This would have been possible when the descendants of the original adamic couple increased in number to about one million on earth in later years and a desired intermarriage between the adamic progeny and the tribal people took place in large numbers.

Had this happened in that manner, the later generations of human beings on earth would have been increasing  in population with the adamic genes to such an extent that at some time all people of earth would have been with the adamic genes. This would have created a situation where all people on earth having both efficient physical capacities ( gained from their natural evolution) and efficient mental capacities (gained from the adamic genes). The modern human population on earth, while having the abilities to overcome the hardships of nature would also have the capacities to understand higher spiritual meanings of life and to make their planet a better place to live, by their own efforts and actions. The majority of them would have been in a position to understand and appreciate the plans of God in a better manner. They would have been in a position to live in a material world with a love and appreciation of the spiritual worlds.

But unfortunately, that did not happen on earth in that manner, because of an error committed by the adamic couple who had come to earth for achieving the biologic upliftment of the evolutionary people of earth.

This error later became known on earth as the 'original sin' in the later day stories and religious books of the earth's people. Had this sin not taken place, perhaps earth would have been a better place to live. The earth humans would not have fought among themselves for petty issues arising out of greed, ego, selfishness, ignorance, envy, anger, atheism, theism, in-compassion, laziness, antagonism, and the like.

What was this error ? The original adamic couple who were sent to earth with a mission, instead of waiting patiently for their progeny to grow in number as advised by their superior godly personalities in accordance with the universal laws of God, acted in an undignified manner. Original Eve did an adulterous act. She conceived a child from a tribal earthly man and gave birth to Cain, her first born son from an earthly association. Knowing about this, the original Adam in a kind of retaliatory act, proceeded to take a tribal woman as his second wife who bore him a girl child. From this originated the story of Eve eating the forbidden fruit (apple) first and Adam eating it later. Their acts of first sin !

In getting Eve in to this adulterous liaison with the tribal man, another tribal man played the role of a friendly facilitator. He played the role of a cunning serpent and came to be known as the serpent of the garden of Eden in the later folklore. In all these acts, some super human personalities invisible to human eyes, too played certain facilitating roles. They, though mighty godly beings who were part of the invisible universal administration of God earlier, had erred to foil the universal plans of God in a bid to isolate earth from the the same universal administration of God. And that is yet another story.

The earthly tribal people had been considering Adam and Eve as respectful godly beings superior to them before this incidents happened. But when Eve and Adam acted in this manner, the respect of the tribal people turned to hatred and enmity. Remember, this can happen even today. Certain acts of superior people can hurt the feelings of inferior peoples seriously to the extent that the inferior groups can move in a frenzy to kill the superior ones. In fact, this was the reason for the Godly restrictions for Adam and Eve to show restraints and patience for implementing their mission.

Thus a general kind of enmity and suspicion developed between the existing tribal peoples and the progeny of Adam and Eve in the later years. The intermixing of these races of peoples did not happen the way it should have been.

Our present day scientists and biologists are wondering why the human population have this characteristic difference in their bloods with regard to the Rh factor. Almost 95 % of the human population have the rhesus monkey blood factor (Rh +ve factor) in their blood while the minority fraction has this factor absent in their bloods (the Rh -ve people) Recent genetic mapping studies have proved that the Rh negative factor got in to humans some 35000 years ago. You can see and read reports of this by doing an internet search. Thus, the story I have narrated above should be correct even with the presently available scientific evidences.

If you are a bit logical with a superior mind capacity, it is not difficult for you to understand that the stories of the religious books are not  false, after all. But they are written from hearsay folklore that existed thousands of years ago, by people having some superior abilities than their contemporaries. These have gone through many re-writings and re-telling by many over the next few millenniums and many centuries. They constitute our traditional knowledge and our evolutionary knowledge and beliefs.

Since the majority of us do not have gained from the superior genetic factors of the adamic blood, it may pose difficulties for most of us to comprehend certain advanced knowledge that apparently appear as contradictory to our belief systems. That is why our scientists find it difficult to assimilate the spiritual knowledge of our religions and vice versa. That is why we find the general antagonism every where in our present day living that cause much difficulties and hardships to each and every one of us. In reality, our problems are our own creation, either knowingly or unknowingly. If unknowingly, our genetic shortcomings are to be blamed to some extent.

But our world is on a progressive path. The error of the original Adam and Eve had caused a slowdown of our development pace. But yet we are progressing. Had the fault did not take place, our progress would have been the way God had planned for us. The 21st century humans would have been much different than what they are at present. And that difference would have been mainly in our attitudes and outlooks and not in our material progress.

Just imagine what could have been this earth with we possessing all the scientific knowledge and technological abilities while we equally possessed the qualities of love, compassion, love and reverence to God, passion for service, humility, selflessness and such other positive qualities a bit better than we presently have ?

That does not mean that the evolutionary peoples are incapable of acquiring such qualities without the said biologic uplift. It might  still be possible if we willfully decide to go in the right path. Had we been biologically upgraded with the adamic genes, perhaps we could have attained a higher civilization on earth much earlier ! A civilization advanced both in material and spiritual prosperity !

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After reading all these what do you think ?

Could you comprehend the details of the truths about the biblical story of Adam and Eve and the error that they committed while on their mission to earth that is being regarded as the original sin ?

Could you understand the problems that this error created on earth and its inhabitants subsequently ? 

If it ignites your curiosity, there are chances that you get into more such knowledge in future.

Knowledge that might transform your life in this earth and thereafter !

Best wishes !