Saturday, November 18, 2017

What Should be Done to Make My Country Good to Live?

When individuals start losing the fear and anxiety of living, they become more and more generous and considerate to their fellow beings. They become less and less greedy. Corruption in the society arising out of insecurity and greed begins to fade away. Real progress of individuals, society and the nation begins. That is what I have experienced as true.

Now the real issue here is the individuals getting out of the fear of living. Imagine a situation like this and think about it: 

Suppose that the government of your nation ensures the necessary income or money for all individuals to have a decent living, wouldn't your anxiety about the future reduced to a great extent? And when you have full confidence in your government's people oriented policies and their consistency, your anxiety of living would get further reduced.

Nevertheless, it is not possible for imperfect humans to overcome all their problems in a day or even in a couple of years. Human imperfections would take several generations to fade out significantly.

Yet it is possible for governmental systems to move towards overall societal benefit, provided these systems have good leaders with courage, character, competency and compassion. I have written about this earlier in this blog article. In this modern era, there is no dearth of good leaders in any society or nation. However, good people with leadership qualities are often sidelined by collective human cowardice augmented by unseen evil forces.

Do you consider your country good for a good living? If so, why? If not, why? If you are a person of reasonably developed mind, you should think of giving some thought about it and consider sharing your thoughts with others.

For example, I consider my country, India, good for a good living regardless of the many problems it has. No doubt, there are millions of people in this country who still prefer to migrate to other countries after gaining lot from it. The most interesting part of Indian migration to other nations is that it arises out of greed for some so-called better living! And the greed comes from fear of insecurity about the future!

The fear of insecurity in India is so great that almost all well-to-do Indians including those in power wants to secure a living place for their future generations in the so-called developed nations that encourage immigration. India presently has the best possible education facility comparable to that of the developed nations. Yet, well-to-do Indians want their children to study abroad and settle there!

Their greed for a perceived better living is arising out of fear of the future of their nation. They are not comfortable in India with their improvised brethren around them whom they fear to grab the comforts  of their future generations. But as they do not often do a self introspection, they may not have realized the reason for their insatiable greed for foreign pastures!

So, what should be done to remove this fear and the greed coupled with this fear of living and the uncertainty about the future?

Many people, I hear as saying: I do not trouble others, yet why this problem for me? Many of us think that being good means being impartial or indifferent or living independent of others. I have my space and I respect your space. This, many think, is good living. But humans just cannot live independent of each other. They are intrinsically social beings. That means, they have individual as well as collective or social responsibilities. Being indifferent to social causes is a grave error that could cause great harm to all.

Often we forget some of our essential responsibilities of collective living. In our attempt to live a comfortable peace loving life, often we tolerate injustices in the society. We are reluctant to voice our concerns about societal evil. We pretend to be helpless and we often take shelter in our cowardice.

This year, the world YMCA has chosen a theme for their weekly prayer fellowship titled: Stand up, Speak out and Be the voice of the voiceless! Obviously, it was a call to the so called good people to come out of their cocoons to raise voice against injustices happening around them!

It is not a call for any rebellion. Yet it is a reminder for every one to show some concern when societal injustices are observed. When we begin to compromise on errors consistently, sin and evil overcome us! When that happens, our good living gets doomed!

Because, sin and evil cannot ensure good for ever, though it might appear as advantageous to some for some time.

What makes a country good for living is not essentially its geographic advantage or geological wealth. I believe it is the nature of people that is of prime importance.

If material wealth and higher education makes one egoistic with a mindset to consider the not-so-privileged as slaves or the so-called 'cattle-class' he or she has a weak mind that is easily influenced by unseen evil forces. They become easy targets of evil.

Real human progress is characterized by more and more individuals in the society with a mind set to be in the humble service to fellow beings. They are essentially humble and hence oriented towards divinity.

If material progress results in the increase of more and more individuals with insatiable ambition to grab more and more to further their own selfish interests with least concern to fellow beings, then such a material progress is essentially evil. Such a progress will never make the nation good for living. More and more people, even after gaining much wealth and status might feel like migrating to other pastures because the gains have not provided them real peace or security. The rise of evil doers around them will hamper their happiness.

To defeat the growth of evil and to make a society or nation a better place to live, what is essential is to have more and more individuals who have the strength and courage to declare a spade a spade. In other words, people with essential traits to incline towards divinity should be careful not to allow those with evil inclination to come to predominance.

Good people should learn to develop their intrinsic character of knowing truths and to discern truth from untruths. They should learn the technique of suppressing hypocrisy.

Then, divine qualities in the society, such as humility, kindness, fellowship, courage and character begin to show in more and more individuals making the society a real good one to live without anxiety or greed.

It is very simple, only when you really want it to happen.

Else you might well think of migrating to better pastures in search of  some better place or keep lamenting over your fate!

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