Monday, November 20, 2017

A Minor Incident That Boosted My Happiness!

I would have remained an atheist or a suspicious theist had I not got the precious opportunity to find my favorite book of life guidance* and to know its revealed truths about the origin and purpose of the universe, earth and human life, in a manner never told in the known history of mankind so far.

It was almost a decade ago at the peak of my professional career when I started feeling the pains of human struggles of existence inadvertently making wounds more in my mind rather than on the body. 

Fortunately for me, my finding was so great and overwhelming that it healed up my pains so soon and I got transformed to one that achieved inner peace and tranquility. Alas, I knew the reasons for human life struggles even at the cost of their fellow beings!

Some time ago I too was like them, fighting for existence even at the cost of my fellow beings with mind full of anxiety, ambition, ego, clever calculations to succeed in every day competition to gain the mantles of power to control others and the grief of various kinds of failures periodically nullified by occasional successes.

The new earned knowledge made an end to all those. I realized the futility of life struggles the way it had been earlier. New definitions of life and the way of life had been told to me that was fully acceptable to my rational mind.

The wealth of knowledge that the book revealed to me has been tremendous, mind boggling and above all satisfying.

Like all animals, including humans, I too was suspicious in the beginning. Animals and humans that got cheated earlier cannot trust anyone or anything even when it is genuinely good.

I explored hard to eliminate the chances of getting cheated by this new source of information and knowledge and fortunately for me, I could find no reason to suspect any fraud or piece of information that was nonsensical, illogical or inconsistent.

But the information that I have now challenged many common ideas and belief systems of my fellow men and women. But since many of them are similar or much better to me in understanding and assimilating new information and knowledge, I thought I should not keep the treasure of knowledge to me alone, but share it with them so that they too could find the peace that I gained.

I was too enthusiastic to share my new found knowledge with my fellow beings.

I started talking to almost all of my friends and family members about the treasure of knowledge that I had with all genuine enthusiasm and expected them to show a similar enthusiasm to know more.

But I was proved wrong.

I never found any such enthusiasm in any one.

Some showed lukewarm eagerness to please me for the time, some indifferent, some even shown signs of animosity for reasons I could not understand initially.

These responses were enough to down me with desperation. But my new found revealed knowledge had answers to eliminate my desperation. My desperation got changed to curiosity- curiosity to know more about the things unknown!

It was that curiosity that compelled me to share my knowledge pieces with the world of unknown fellow beings through this blog site. The articles in this blog site while sharing my thoughts help me to understand the level of egoistic ignorance that prevent my fellow being from not becoming broadminded or generous. The prevalence of mind hardened humans keep surprising me.

How can a real human be happy when his fellow beings do not taste that happiness and peace for whatever reason it could be? Evil is that power that find happiness when fellow beings suffer in unhappiness. Evil infested humans too could become like that. But that is not what humans are intended to be. 

I would like my fellow beings to come out of evil infestations and be happy. I would like my fellow beings use their intelligence and wisdom for that purpose. But I can see the cleverness by which humans are entrapped in the game of untruths.

At my home, I keep my favorite book of life guidance at the bottom deck of a glass topped center-table. This big blue book is very well visible to any one that comes to visit us. The book has been there for more than a year ever since I shifted to this house. The idea of keeping this fabulous volume there was my curious intention of seeing any one getting any remotest curiosity in knowing about the book.

I knew that it will not happen because I have been forewarned about the level of human mind level in the current times from the knowledge that the book revealed to me.

Yet I was curious to find at least one such being who could be similarly placed like me in my immediate surrounding.

And at last it happened that immediately boosted my happiness.

A childhood friend of mine came visiting me quite unexpectedly with his wife. We have been meeting after nearly five decades!

While we were talking, I saw his wife glancing the blue book often. Then I found her grabbing it from the bottom deck and reading the titles and the sub titles. 

I could see the hidden curiosity on her face. So I asked her whether she would like to know more about it. To my surprise and satisfaction she said in the affirmative.

She wanted to know more and I was happy to tell her.

My briefing no doubt exceeded more than an hour and she was not getting bored. Yet I found my childhood friend and her husband getting bored and yawning. So it was better for me to curtail the briefing.

I asked whether she would like to have that book and she enthusiastically said yes. So I presented her the book and I could see the happiness in her face.

I too was happy. It was the first time in ten years that some one asked for the book enthusiastically and showed curiosity to know about it.

I do not know whether she would keep her enthusiasm to read the book and to gain its treasures of revealed knowledge.

If so, it would be really nice. 

* Explore this site to know more.

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