Thursday, November 16, 2017

Globalization- Was it a Good Concept Implemented at a Wrong Time and in the Wrong Manner?

Even the best cooks might  cook up a gastronomic disaster even with the best ingredients when they adopt wrong methods  for their cooking. Even the best cooks with the best cookery practices with the best ingredients may not be in a position to make food that is in good taste and liking to all when the food habits of the people are different.

This is something well known. You don't need to be a scientist to understand this.

I consider globalization that several of our nations too enthusiastically adopted,  something similar to unpalatable food.

The idea was no doubt good. But it was implemented at a wrong time with wrong procedures by too many enthusiastic political leaders knowingly or unknowingly  influenced by the ideas  of brilliant economists with the least understanding of human civilization and mind development.

It is now time to look back and analyze the effects of globalization in the world economy as a whole and on various nations.

What way it has affected the individuals, the small and large communities and the business environment?

But what is your personal experience?

Are you in a position to gauge the effect of globalization on you or your country?

If you are a brilliant and highly skilled person who was fortunate to grab global opportunities, you might well be a proponent of globalization.

But what about the marginalized sections of the society?

What about those who are not so privileged?

How is the global economy getting perverted by the skillful manipulations of intelligent and privileged individuals who are too clever with the least concern for those who lack such qualities?

Globalization has caused the creation of new pockets of wealth concentration. A neo rich global society is getting created at the cost of a vast majority.

I am not against the concept of globalization.

But when globalization proceeds with the skillful manipulations of clever and intelligent people without human love and empathy, evil gets predominance in the world.

And that is not good for the world.

My personal opinion is that globalization should not be left without control or regulation till such time human society is equally developed every where.

Otherwise, inequality and problems of inequality would pull human civilization back at periodical intervals as it had happened in the past.

Overall human progress may not proceed in a proper pace!

Human achievements will be negated by periodical trials and tribulations!

Please share your opinions in case you have understood what I said.

Speak up. Share this idea if you agree. 

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