Monday, September 21, 2015

What Happens When Your Enthusiasm Overtakes Your Wisdom?

It is very important for human beings to be balanced in mind. Mind balance is what is called maturity of mind. Some may call it a sane mind. Only a human being with a sane mind can have wisdom or the capacity to listen to the feeble life guidance that originate from a source that transcends the inbuilt intelligence of the brain.

It is not necessary for me to ascertain the fact that an imbalanced mind akin to insanity. And insanity takes away the human qualities in various ways. While insanity is mostly a curable brain disorder in these days, various forms of insanity are non distinguishable often. That makes it impossible for a good majority of people to seek ways and means to rectify the mind disorder they might possess in some degree or the other!

In this article, I wish to discuss about some subtle forms of mind imbalances that many of the modern day individuals or groups of people may have in varying degrees that are not usually distinguished or recognized as insanity always.

The fundamental principle of to judge any imbalance is deviation from the normal. Mind is no exception to this rule. Applying this logic, we may safely conclude that any thing in excess from normal is a kind of insanity.

A good human being should have compassion to fellow beings and other life forms.But when this compassion becomes irrationally imbalanced it becomes insanity causing loss of wisdom.

Imagine the case of such an irrational human being. The good trait of compassion in this human being could be too much in this individual making him or her soon becoming filled with too much enthusiasm to safeguard other life forms. This over enthusiasm soon envelopes the mind of this individual to such an extent that he or she would soon transforms to become a fanatic ideologist in the guise of a life protector. He or she may become a fanatic environmentalist who cannot withstand the idea of any kind of a damage to a green plant or a tree for any purpose whatsoever!

Another version of such a fanatic life protector may assume the guise of an animal protector that he or she would make the lives of fellow human beings a misery by making a hue and cry about some other sane fellow beings killing some street dogs that have become a danger to the society or some other human beings slaughtering animals for eating their meat or for other purposes. 

Their compassion to other life forms soon turn to a kind of sadism that they take insane pleasure in troubling other human beings who do not agree their line of thoughts. When their insanity goes to higher levels, these fellows would not even mind the destruction of other human beings who are not agreeing to them, simply forgetting their original compassion to life fully! 

Some other kinds become obsessed with their spirituality or religion fully forgetting the fundamental that their spiritual or religious teachings do not really encourage them to be with animosity to other human beings. Teaching god's love, they become insane proponents of evil! They make war cries to kill other innocent human beings who do not agree with their view points of spirituality or religion. They call those of the kinds that not like them as satanic and venture out to destroy all those for and on behalf of god, fully forgetting that it is the satanic mind in them that makes them to behave ungodly. Here too the problem essentially lies with the subtle insanity that they have! They do not realize that it is their insane mind in them that is causing wisdom to vanish from them!

Then there is another kind of insane fellows. These are the types who instigate insanity among their fellow beings and find sadistic pleasure when such others become more and more insane to cause troubles in the society.

Yet another kind of insane fellows keep praying to their gods instead of doing anything to stop insanity among their fellow beings keep rising. They keep thinking that it is the gods who play with the minds of people. A person known to me recently told me that God is really a sadist who keep turning the people against each other and enjoying them fighting and killing each other! I failed to convince him that it is not God, but we ourselves are the problem creators because of our imperfections and our varying types and degrees of insanity!

Subtle insanity is very difficult to detect and treat. Wise counselling by more balanced individuals could be beneficial to bring an individual to normalcy when the kind of feeble mind imbalance on any count is at its nascent state of development. But when more and more of the modern humans are victims of some forms of subtle insanity and when modern humans are abandoning their habits of talking to each other, the number of persons with imbalanced minds are on the rise!

Wise men from the old had theorized that the idle minds are devil's workshop. In reality when humans have lesser challenges to live, their minds become more and more idle. For many, this period poses another great challenge in life. Material comforts are no more the challenge and they fail to transcend their minds beyond materialism. Human beings are expected to use their minds for seeking advanced truths of life when material challenges are overcome. Unfortunately, a good majority of humans fail to do so. They try to get themselves immersed in materialistic thoughts even after material life challenges are no more any real challenges to them. In that process, they slip back to thought processes of degradation that causes subtle insanity to set in. Without they ever realizing, their minds have become the devil's workshops! 

I do not know if the real devil is actually playing any role in this or not. There are some possibilities for that for some people. But on the whole, it is the individuals themselves who are responsible for this degradation of mind.

To come out of it, it is essential for humans to know the purpose of their lives. Yes, I am talking about the purpose of human life and not about the purpose of life in plants and animals. While there is some purpose in the latter, the purpose of life in humans is much more important. To learn about that, subtle insanity has to be taken out from the mind first. And that is possible only when the individual concerned recognizes his or her immaturity of mind in order to set it right!


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