Tuesday, September 15, 2015

10 Successful Indian Women Entrepreneurs Who Converted Challenges into Opportunities!

I honor entrepreneurs more than the politicians and the bureaucrats because they are the real managerial leaders who successfully mobilize men(women), material and money in a sustainable manner to enhance wealth of the nation. More importantly, they are the ones who create sustainable employment opportunities to those of their kind who are not so enterprising. 

It is very much possible that the entrepreneurs, industrialists and the businessmen have been generally identified as a kind of workaholics in the society who are mostly interested in making profits for themselves at the cost of others. The communists call them capitalist exploiters of the society. It is not that this definition is without any substance. 

It is a sad reality that a good majority of capitalists are domineering exploiters who in the process of achieving greater heights of business success become prey to their over ambitions and greed that they fail to recognize the genuine aspirations and needs of the working classes. 

In reality entrepreneurs are ambitious people who have a greater degree of enthusiasm to do some thing big and a greater desire to make money than the common people. They are driven by the passion to work and overcome challenges to achieve big. No doubt, these are good qualities. But the problem comes when their ambitions turn into over ambitions and their love for money and power get converted in to insatiable greed. And that is philargyria-the insatiable greed for money and material pleasures! I had written about it some time earlier also.

But greedy businessmen and women are becoming a thing of the past. Now more and more young entrepreneurs are arising in the society who are driven by the passion to do some thing good for the society instead of satiating their own selfish needs. And that is definitely a good sign!

When such good leaders arise in the society, it is our duty to honor them and appreciate their good deeds. We should also appreciate the fact that no business can survive unless it is sustainable. Sustainability requires that the business processes are reasonably profitable and are done in accordance with the laws of the land as far as feasible. A business is good when it provides employment and satisfies the needs of the society honestly with out adopting fraudulent practices.

But setting up a business and managing it successfully in an environment of conflicts, unfair competition and impractical laws and governmental systems is indeed a challenge that can make a normal leisure loving human to lose his or her cool. It is a stressful feat indeed that could make even a strong man to become weak both mentally and physically.

When that is the case, what should we say when we find successful first timers belonging to the so-called weaker sex from an underdeveloped nation like our India who had over come myriads of life challenges to become successful entrepreneurs? 

I simply say, salute them! They are real heroines of not reel life, but real life!

I have read about the achievements of a few of such ladies of India in some of the websites. I am sharing below the links that give some salient information about 10 of them with my readers:

The above are just illustrations. I have omitted the names of ladies who took the reins of family businesses.

While I honor and salute the success of such ladies, I also earnestly wish that they do their entrepreneurial responsibilities honestly without getting trapped in philargyria-the insatiable greed for money and power that keep trapping several of their male counter parts!


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