Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's Time for Google's Blogger Service to Introduce Some More Features!

As a blog author using the Blogger service, I have felt that the Blogger software is one of the best, hassle free system that could be mastered even by novices like me. I had tried others like the WordPress earlier, but felt Blogger is somehow superior and easier to handle.

I have written earlier why I prefer Blogger

But somehow, this free blog publishing service provided by Google is almost static with regard to its features for quite some time now. At least that is what I feel. I could be wrong because I am no expert.

There are few things that I feel that Blogger administrators and coders should consider providing to its users. This would be of help to the authors and the blog readers.

The first thing I feel is the absence of a tool that could directly enable the author to create or embed a worksheet table within the text area. There are methods to do it now. That is what some experts say. But the method as existing is not so user friendly!

Another feature that people like me would like to have is some facility for embedding online calculators, scientific and arithmetic within the text area.

I do not know whether the programmers would be able to do it easily as I do not have much idea about computer coding that is prevalent now. Considering the complexity of computer coding and the extent of progress that has been achieved, I do not think that this is some thing difficult.

But the site administrators and strategists may have other reasons as well for not providing such a feature. I am not sure. 

The second inadequacy I find is with regard to the comment facility. I observe that it is not easy to embed a hyperlink within the comment facility as existing. There could be indirect methods because I see some of the readers of my blogs giving some comments that have some kind of hyperlinks embedded. I do not know how they do it.

I am also not sure whether the Blogger administrators would think it appropriate to address these.

I am also not sure how others feel about these.

Hope some of them would share their responses!

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