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Do Not Read This Article From A So-Called Cultist Lest You Lose Your Religious Faiths!

The origin of man on earth is not by any accident. It is according to the universal plans of the Almighty God. But it happened neither by a magical act of creation by God, nor by any seeding of life by aliens visiting earth in the past and its subsequent development by the process of evolution.

In reality, origin of life and its subsequent development to intelligent human life on earth is both by the divinely controlled acts of creation and evolution. Divine controls from time to time do happen in these processes and are executed by invisible divine beings who are delegated with the necessary divine authority to act as per the divine laws of Almighty God.

Life cannot happen by an accidental interaction of complex chemical reactions. Life is something different from complex molecules and it is another unique kind of energy that has to be superimposed on properly designed and created chemical molecules to impart the latter with life. The life that is implanted within the smallest living organism needs to be nurtured and developed to higher plant and animal life by the acts of the divine beings who do those work for and on behalf of God.

From advanced animal life, primitive human life got in to existence. Humans are different from their predecessor animals in that their brains possess the capacity to feebly accommodate a universal power directly emanating from God. This power enables humans the capacity to recognize feebly the existence of Almighty God and also choose to worship the Creator.

Earth is not the only planet in the universe which is peopled with human like beings. There are trillions of such planets in the Universe separated by distances in the order of several light years that are beyond the capacity of any material life form to traverse.

Aliens similar to humans visiting earth from other planets are only human imaginations. Such stories are not real. But earth has been regularly visited by living beings that are of divine origin having a non-material existence. They have the capacity to traverse at speeds many times above the speed of light and they do not need any space vehicles for doing that! Moreover, they are beings that are essentially immortal. They may have been created long ago, but they do not meet with death as is experienced by humans of earth.

Almighty God does have a plan to create humans the way they are created. It is not because God does not know how to do creation in another manner! In fact, the techniques of divine creation are many fold. There are innumerable orders of non-material, immortal beings created by the act of God or his subordinate divine authorities!

The universe is administered by various orders of divine beings for and on behalf of Almighty God who is the only being who is without an origin. Almighty God existed eternally and is the source for all intelligence, all life and all power of the universes!

Beings directly created by Almighty God are perfect beings. They are perfect in all ways and they do think and act in the manner as if God Himself would have done! God Almighty has delegated many of his prerogatives to those beings which are created directly by Him. They are the Divine Sons of God. Divine Sons of God themselves have been instrumental in creating several other orders of divine sons for various functions. 

In this way, even human beings are sons of God. But sons of God like humans or the last grade divine beings who are far separated from God do not have the capacity to see God Almighty due to their lack of power to be in the presence of the Supreme Power of the Universe. Besides, these last grade sons of God are also not perfect and hence their thoughts and acts may not be same as that of God or the higher order divine sons.

All sons of God, whether divine or material, are provided with many divine gifts of life, such as intelligence, wisdom, power of choice, decision making powers, creativity, power to distinguish good from bad, etc.

Higher order divine sons though created perfect may lack certain experiences of life while the lower order sons of God have opportunities of gaining much experiences of life and make informed decisions in life. But the latter due to their imperfections may go wrong if they are not so careful. When they do such wrong decisions many times, they might be adjudged as worthless beings and may perish according to the universal laws of God.

But God does not leave primitive men and women of earth or such other planets without any guidance at all. By the authority of God, higher grade divine beings are deputed to help developing humans, without the latter directly knowing about it always.

While humans struggle to make their own societies and governments and slowly progress to more and more perfection levels, certain divine beings and their associates are deputed to assist human races in their progressive development. It is not necessary that all humans know about their presence on earth.

The first such divine being that comes to rule earth invisibly is called the Planetary Prince. From the time of man’s emergence from the animal level—when he can choose to worship the Creator—to the arrival of the Planetary Prince, human beings of earth may be called the primitive men. On earth, the society of primitive men (and women) struggled with nature, animals and also with their own kith and kin for nearly 500,000 years, before they got some direct external assistance for onward progress, in the form of the Planetary Prince and his associates. The primitive men were not able to see the Planetary Prince of divine origin, but they were able to see some of his lower grade assistants!

There are six basic types or races of primitive men, and these early peoples successively appear in the order of the spectrum colors, beginning with the red. The length of time consumed in this early life evolution varies greatly on the different worlds, ranging from one hundred and fifty thousand years to over one million years of earth time.

On earth, the evolutionary races of color, originated from a single family of primitive humans at a time when the Planetary Prince was deputed to reign earth as its invisible divine (spiritual) administrator. This was the time when humans begin to walk fully erect on two legs! This was also the time when humans begin to develop a simple language for communication. This was also the time when humans began to exercise their creative imaginations!

Primitive men had been mighty hunters and fierce fighters. The law of this primitive age had been 'survival of the fittest'. The primitive society also developed crude forms of tribal governance.

From the view point of the modern human society, the era of primitive human society was a long, dark and bloody chapter. Ethics and morals of the primitive society had been very different from that of the modern humans!

Primitive men used  caves, cliffs or large trees to build their crude huts or homes.

But primitive men had learnt how to make fire and use primitive tools by self experimentation.

This was also the era of the large animals including the large flying animals and birds. There had been some large birds on earth whom some of the primitive men domesticated and used for air travel to hundreds of kilometers. These flying birds of this time, now extinct, could carry two people easily and fly long distances. These birds also had some skills to communicate with the primitive humans. These passenger birds helped primitive humans to explore and migrate to distant places.

Primitive humans were physically much stronger than modern humans. But their mental abilities were pretty lower.  They had the instinct to worship some invisible power whom they feared, but only some had the vague ability to distinguish the divine channel of communication that had been now established as a receptive center within their brains. With this divine channel, they vaguely distinguished what is  good and bad in their own ways!

In fact some of the primitive men and women had been provided with a divine power within their receptive minds that enabled them to instinctively know good and bad to some extent. This also helped them to repent later when they did some thing that they realized as bad.

But during the long 500,000 years of of primitive era of humans on earth, their progress, both physical and mental had been very limited. That is because, they did not have any one to teach them or train them. They had to learn from first principles or first hand experiences only. Since  they lacked the skills to preserve knowledge and the skills of advanced communication, the progress was very slow.

The primitive human society achieved it highest self development potential by its long struggle of 500,000 years and no more self development was possible further, unless the humans get higher skills by external training and guidance.

The divine deputation of the Planetary Prince and his associates was for that purpose. It was their duty to provide some revelations of knowledge to the primitive human society. It was their duty to train and teach the primitive human society for making advances in both physical and spiritual fields. They had been vested with the task of teaching them new techniques that enabled their physical and spiritual progress.

So the next stage of human development on earth began some 500,000 years ago. The primitive humans were now getting knowledge and training directly from divine agencies under the administration of the Planetary Prince of earth.

During this time they learnt about medicine, metallurgy, industry, culture, education, arts, animal husbandry, agriculture, sanitation and hygiene, architecture and most importantly about the invisible spiritual world of the gods. For the first time humans were directly in contact with some lower orders of immortal personalities who lived and lived without death while their own kinds died. Slowly they were taught the purpose of life and the life after death in the heavenly worlds. However, they were slow to grasp all these knowledge due to their human limitations of mind. Their understandings differed from individual to individual.

But humans were progressing fast during this period of about 300,000 years under the direct supervision of lower order divine beings under the command of the invisible Planetary Prince. Some orders of the beings were visible to humans during this period because their brains were enabled to visualize and communicate with them during this period.

However, some misfortune happened on the earth people some 200,000 years ago. The lower order divine administrator of earth defaulted from the universal administration of Almighty God. Some of the lower order divine beings made the grave mistake of making a rebellion against their divine father, the Almighty, due to some of their uncontrolled desire for unjustified independence!

The most prominent effect was isolation of earth from the universal divine channels of communication. The privilege of humans to directly interact with their immediate divine superiors ceased! The ability of lower order divine beings to directly interact with humans without higher order authorization was suspended.

Earth is still continuing with this divine moratorium. This is not the case with billions and billions of worlds elsewhere in the universe where human like beings are progressing.

The defaulted divine beings that are present on earth have been adopting a suicidal policy since then. They understand the consequence of their acts, but are not willing to repent and correct themselves and seek the mercy of the Almighty God. Their hardened egos do not allow them to do it. They are taking advantage of the compassion and love of God to full advantage and are challenging God to destroy them for ever! Now doubt, they are trying to test the patience and love of their divine father!

Have you not seen men and women of that sort? This trait is common among all imperfect intelligent beings, whether they are mortals or immortals!

When these low rung immortals have willfully adopted the path of self destruction, they also want the humans of earth also to be with them to face the eventual total destruction, by being away from the path of the Almighty God. Ever since they try all sorts of tricks to confuse the gullible humans so that they fall in to their traps!

The effect is total confusion on earth!

Humans are deprived from directly visualizing any divine beings due to their universal communication isolation, though they still have divine facilities to use their wisdom to pick truths from untruths. Unfortunately, a good majority of humans ever since the fault of their divine supervisors have been in utter confusion and have been adopting a stance that is similar to their defaulted divine supervisors!

Let us see how these humans behave now in this situation:

They see the marvelous designs of the universe and the life forms and realize the need for the super intelligence behind all these; yet they declare and challenge God. 'If you are real, come down and be visible to us; otherwise we will not believe', they declare.

' If you are powerful enough, why don't you destroy all those who commit evil things? What is the use of power, if it is not used?' Why don't you adopt this simple logic?' they ask the invisible God.

' For us, God is who give us money, wealth and prosperity and recognize our good works immediately. Even one like us who does that is God for us!' they don't hesitate to say.

' If you are real and powerful, why are you allowing us to face wars, famines, floods, earthquakes, diseases, terror attacks and the like?' They murmur.

'We do not want to live for ever. What we want is to enjoy now here on earth. What is the use of afterlife if there is no life like on earth?' they keep telling.

' Our god should be like what we think. We do not want to have any god that is not according to our concepts. Our god is different from their god and we are prepared to die for our god but not for their god', they keep telling.

'Enemies are enemies. We can't love enemies. Pardoning is weakness and we are not any weaklings', they boast.

' Science is ultimate and with science we will conquer all the universe one day. There is nothing our science can't explain. But science is different from religion!' they say.

' The fellow who wrote this bullshit is a cultist. Don't believe or read what he and the ones like his say or write. These kind of fellows are agents of Satan who try to teach us differently from our holy texts and religious teachings. Beware of them!' they keep warning their lots.

So, the humans of earth as of now is fully confused that the defaulted beings now on earth need not do any thing for enhancing their confusions. 

They now preach and teach spiritualism and religion without ever bothering to understand the purpose of their lives as planned by the Almighty God.

And the majority humans, though have attained much material progress are still in self imposed mental blockade.

But this is not going to be a permanent feature. This is only a passing phase.

Some time in the future, the earthly humans would be privileged to see the end of the present moratorium about which I mentioned.

The divine supervision and and guidance would be restored back and human civilization on earth would progress faster.

A glorious period in the history of earth would then begin. In those days, the majority humans would reach the peaks of their physical and mental growth potentials.

In those days it would not be difficult for humans to understand the divine purpose of life.

In those days, life translation process would replace material death.

Humans would no longer fear death, because they by then would be knowing its meaning.

They would have understood the divine purpose of life well.

After all, earth or any such planets in the universe for that matter, have not been designed by Almighty God for eventual destruction!

Will any designer take pains to create some beautiful creations for destroying it eventually?

The designer knows well how to rectify the defects, if at all he happen to notice some!

Did you read this all? 

I should admire your courage! Didn't I warn you?

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