Thursday, May 16, 2019

Reasons for the Problems of Our World: How Much You Agree to these Findings?

There is absolutely no reason why our world, this earth, is not a wholesomely desirable heavenly place for peaceful co-existence for all human beings.

From what I have learnt from my favorite divinely revealed book, the Urantia book, this earth has been created by a process of divinely controlled evolution. Of course, there are several other processes for creation and I do not wish to discuss those in this blog.
Being a divine creation, our earth has been planned to be a material sphere floating in the vast universe space, with precisely balanced dynamics with the help of gravitational forces and several such amazing features. And all those amazing features that our earth has are for us human beings.

Everything that we got in this world including our lives, intelligence, environment reflect infinite wisdom and supreme intelligence behind the creation and sustenance of our world if ever we spare our intelligence to think about those.

Some of us may call that supreme intelligence that transcends our abilities to fathom as God while some others among us might call it as mother nature. Whatever it be, I prefer to conclude that our life here on earth so thoughtfully created by that unseen supreme intelligence is not without a purpose.

There is a purpose for our life here on earth. But what is it?

When we spare some time to think about all those, we are posed with endless questions with seemingly no answers.

Is it not paradoxical? With supreme work of intelligence quite obvious in our lives, we are posed with questions with no answers!

I do not know how many around us have these questions in their minds. But such questions do come to my mind quite often.

For example, why can't we human beings live in peace with each other?

Why do we hate others like us? Why do we try to find differences to hate, instead of similarities for fellowship and cooperation?

Why can't we respect the opinions of others, even when those might happen to be erroneous or stupid? Why do we try to force out opinions on others instead of quietly laughing at those that we find as stupid or in non conformity with out thoughts. 

Why are we so impatient with others?

Why do we want to establish our superiority over our fellow beings?

Why are we so greedy and selfish when all those we have are not essentially ours, but belong to the unseen super intelligence that caused us to live with that mind to think good and bad.

Why do we consider as very important in this world when we are not sure of our life tomorrow? Why do we want to capture the space and surroundings around us when we can very well deduce that our lives do not go more than 70 or 100 years in any case?

Are we part of the problems that we keep discussing?

Have you ever thought about it?

Can you share your thoughts on this?