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Would It Be Possible To Introduce A Practical and Workable Health Insurance System In India ?

Health and Mediclaim Insurance have come up in India in the recent years when the government of India opened up these businesses for private participation. Many so-called business leaders and professionals in the banking and related sectors joined hands to reap the big money and jumped into it by setting up so-many health insurance companies.

For getting the government licences and clearances they all collaborated with existing foreign companies who have been doing such businesses for the past many years in other parts of the globe.

They all thought of making money for them, but no one perhaps thought of giving some reasonable benefits to the poor Indian citizens on whose money they would be thriving.

They adopted the US system of health insurance (that too diluting it in the Indian way) instead of adopting the best system that are available in other countries like Canada, Australia, UK, etc.

Insurance in India is all about cheating. Whether it is life, general or health, the fundamental driving principle is cheating and making money by cheating.

Because Indians are all cheaters. That is what an insurance employee told me. That is how they are taught !

I remember reading a famous novel by a foreign author where the insurance business there was briefly described. The companies there go by trusting their patrons, though they well knew that there are a few cheaters here and there. But they would never make a trouble for a genuine customer, just because there are some fraud customers here and there.

But Indian way of business is quite different. In India, every one distrusts the other. The government and its servants are in the forefront who have the least respect and trust for the people !

There could be a larger percentage of citizens also who might do some cheating if they are provided with an opportunity to cheat.

But none of these are excuses for doing a business in the best possible manner, beneficial for the individual.

Let us now come to the basic principles of insurance.

Let us talk about health insurance or medical insurance. No one in his right mind would never like to get ill and spend his time in hospitals. But the possibility of such an event in any ones life at any time cannot be over ruled. If it happens a good fortune of money would be extracted by the hospitals for treatment. So, it is a good idea if there is some one who can provide the person a relief from his unexpected out of budget expenditure that comes quite unexpectedly some time in life. And health insurer comes to play in this scenario by making a win-win situation for both the insurance company and the individual who opt for such a facility.

If the insurance companies spend huge sums on advertisements it means that they are not for extending any real benefits to  the people, but to make profits for them from the ignorance and helplessness of the individual. If service is the main motto of the insurance company, they need not spend huge sums on advertisements. Neither they should spend large sums in establishing their head offices in posh buildings in the metro cities. Every act of theirs should be in such a way that they spend money judiciously considering that it is the money of the not so affluent citizens of the country.

Look at the scores of health insurance companies of India who ventured into this business. All of them are located with their offices in the metros. Why can't they think other than the metros ? Why can't they move out to the state capitals and the tier-2 cities where the establishment costs are much lower ? Just because some of their top executives whom they had hired happen to be from the metros, they want their offices in the metros even if that costs a good lot of money. When their establishment costs are very high, it is quite natural that they take years to turn around and be of any good to the people in the real sense.

Governments are also to be blamed for this kind of a situation in India. They are responsible for unequal development of the country. If they are responsible, they would consider giving incentives to companies to set up their offices in smaller cities ! But regrettably, they are not  or simply they do not think of such things !

Insurance business works on the laws of probability and statistics. But if such data are not reliable, every thing go wrong. Indian companies are yet to learn how to use the power of the internet to do business properly. They should also learn how to trust people, instead of moving with pre-conceived bias against the people.

None of the health or medical insurance companies have options for paying the premiums on small monthly instalments. All have annual payment options only. This, it seems is because of their distrust in the people. They have construed that Indian public are cheaters. That simply means that they think that the person who signs with them for the health insurance will not pay the instalments after availing the insured amounts from the insurance company ! Is it true for all Indians ? Had they had proper market surveys and data, they would have found that it is not correct. In reality, health insurance is something which is only in the agenda of well to do middle class or upper class Indians with a regular income. Such people are the least probable entities who think of cheating any one ! Of course, there could be a minuscule percentage of people who might default payments due to various reasons.

But such defaults are part of any business. Not any thing specific to the insurance business alone ! A good insurer would know how to safe guard and cover such problems.

Now let me explain some more details of this business with some examples from my own view points. Let me admit that this is pure common sense and not based on any high end business analysis by the so-called experts.

Let me explain my own requirements as regard to medical insurance. I am a salaried person. My employer provide me some health care facilities. But they have certain rules and limitations that I am not very comfortable with.

For day to day expenses in medicines and medical check ups, I don't feel going after a medical insurance company for reimbursements. That is simply ridiculous and not befitting my status ! I don't like spending time and efforts in paper works for some small amounts ! For such amounts of say, not exceeding Rs.2000/- per month, I don't mind paying from my pocket.

But that is not going to be the case if due to some misfortune I or some one in my family is admitted in hospital and I have to spend some money which is near or more than my monthly income to the hospital. That is exactly where the medical insurer has some relevance for me. For offsetting such an eventuality, I don't mind spending an insurance amount of say Rs.500/- per month per person in my family on a regular basis for covering a yearly hospitalization expense at actuals not exceeding Rs.100,000/- per person.

Now let us see, how this translate for the insurance provider. Suppose there are 1000 people like me who are willing to pay an average Rs.2000/- per month to the health insurance company for each of their  families with an average of 4 persons. That means the company gets Rs.2 million in a month as insurance premium. In an year, the amount becomes Rs.24 million.

Now assume that 5 % of the total persons are hospitalized in that period, each incurring an average actual hospitalization expenditure of Rs.75,000/- on the average. The insurance company has to bear that expense. How much it would be ? It is 4x1000x5%x75000= Rs.15 Million. Please note that in actual practice, this much hospitalization expense actually does not happen if the company take some minimum care while enrolling the people initially. So, the company is left with a clear margin of Rs.9 Million during the same period.

What would be the potential for the company in India where there are more than 34 Million income tax payers? Assuming that 5 % of this people are covered by the company in the above said manner instead of the 1000 people ? That is a clear profit potential of Rs.1530 Million per year.

Now comes the expenses of the company. It all depends on how many people it wants to employ and how many offices it wants to set up and at what costs. Suppose the company spends 50% of the cash margin for people and infrastructure. Out of this let us say 50 % is for salaries and 50 % is towards other costs such as building rentals, software costs, electricity, etc. The company can well employ more than 1500 employees with an average annual cost to the company of Rs.400,000/- It is all up to them how less they can manage. Similar, for the office costs too.

Now, dear reader, you should have understood the profit potential in this insurance field. That is exactly the reason why the government wants to keep their control over this hugely profit making business. In fact government also wants a cut !

When every body wants a cut and the motive is profit making, the only sufferer is the individual.

And that is exactly what is happening in India.

Had the peoples' representatives and their bureaucratic advisers think of the welfare of the people, just as in the case of welfare nations like Canada, things would have been much different. [I would advise those interested to read more about it in this wikipedia article . It would be interesting to know about health care system of the US also to understand the difference.]

What I wanted to point out is only this:

Health insurance business is a highly profitable one even in India. If it is done with a bit responsibly and a bit commitment to the people, in a manner simple and practical, there is no need for luring people to it by big spending in advertisements, etc. People of India are not fools, they can very well understand what is good for them. The business can be done beneficial to both sides with more benefits passed on to the people.

Neither there is no need for these companies to work out so many so-called insurance products for fooling the people with much in fine prints. All this can be done online with minimal efforts, if they want to do it.

But for that, these companies need clear thinking minds at their top. People with clear thinking, but who think of the people more than how to make profits for the company.

Then they will not need all those people who are required for managing their ad campaigns and other things which drains their coffers. After all that money belongs to the people.

These companies also should think of moving out of the metros. They should also limit their top corporate pay packs at reasonable levels.

If such things do not happen, these health insurance companies of India are not going to survive longer !

Just as what happened to the public sector insurance companies who started health insurance in the past and went out of business due to their unfriendly business practices, the many insurance companies with foreign co-names are going to shut shops.

Let us hope that would not happen !

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How and When the Solar System and Earth Came into Existence ?

About 5 billion [500 Crore] years ago, our sun was a lonely star just completed its formation from evolving hot gases in an evolving nebular cluster of thousands of such stars. The formation of these stars in a specified region in our present Milky Way Galaxy have been happening for billions of years earlier.

The formation of visible matter and energy as extremely hot and nuclearly active gaseous spheres had taken place from an invisible non-material energy source which was pre-existent. This creation of visible matter followed certain universal laws of God and the initiation of the conversion of pre-existent energy to visible energy took place due to certain initiative actions of certain living agencies of God existing in the invisible realms.

Visible matter is made up of several structured and systematic arrangements of atoms following certain universal laws.

Atoms are again structured arrangement of sub atomic particles, the smallest being the electrons.

But electrons are made up of structured arrangement of the most fundamental particle called the ultimatons. 100 ultimatons make up the electron. Electrons that lose some of the ultimatons may exist as other sub-electronic particles.

The ultimaton is essentially a force concentration of invisible primordial force and ultimaton itself is so small and invisible. It perhaps has tremendous gravitational force that it attracts other ultimatons to form the ultimatonic cluster called the electron.

When matter is formed, the first to get created large whirlwinds of blazing gases, which break up to smaller globes or suns all moving in large circular or spiral orbits.

About 4.5 billion years ago, another larger star having a larger gravitational pull, happen to pass nearer to our sun. This caused some gaseous mass of from the sun to elongate and break away as smaller globes orbiting around it later.

In another about 50 million years our sun was with 12 planets, formed in this way, orbiting around it. Out of these the five outer ones and the five inner ones were smaller in size where as the middle ones, Saturn and Jupiter were much bigger. The smaller planets cooled down faster while the bigger ones kept radiating light and heat for a longer time and remained gaseous even after much cooling.

The masses of the planets over the next billions of years increased due to capture of smaller space wandering meteors.

About 1.5 billion years ago, earth became about 66% size of its present size and became a cooled mass of molten elements with the heavier molten metals sinking to its core. By this time it became highly volcanic due to the boiling molten mass of matter. The solidified crust was slowly forming.

Earths atmosphere was now a thick one full of hot vapours of carbon dioxide, water vapor and other gases.

About 1 billion years ago,earth attained nearly the size as it is now. Soon the water vapour began to condense and it rained heavily on the crust cooling it further. The water covered the whole of earth having an average thickness of one mile. This water was not salty, but mildly acidic. Molten lava from beneath the thin crust came out into the water and cooled. This process created larger depressions in the crust and the water moving to those and making the crust exposed at other places.

In another 5 million years, water body and land mass became separated and earth became one large body of water and one large body of solid crust without water above.

750 million years ago the first breaks in the continental land mass began as the great north- and-south cracking, which later admitted the ocean waters and prepared the way for the westward drift of the continents of North and South America, including Greenland. The long east-and-west cleavage separated Africa from Europe and severed the land masses of Australia, the Pacific Islands, and Antarctica from the Asiatic continent.

In another 100 million years time earth would become a planet ready to sustain preliminary forms of plant life.

[Condensed and adapted from Paper-57 of the Urantia Book]

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Inhuman Land Acquisition for POSCO STEEL in Odisha: Is There a Better Way ?

I felt very bad when I watched some TV news programs showing the flight and plight of the poor peasants of Odisha (formerly Orissa State) whose land the state government wants to forcefully occupy for leasing out to a Korean steel company POSCO for their proposed 12 Million Tonne Per Annum (MTPA) integrated steel plant (ISP).
I watched news clippings showing the brutal way the Odisha Police acted on the helpless villagers including the women and the children who have been resisting the state administration to forcefully occupy their only means of existence and survival-their small pieces of land. The policemen who were being used for this purpose looked no different from the villagers, except that they were wearing the uniforms and had the weapons of torture. In all possibility some of them might have been acting against their own mothers, brothers or relatives helplessly obeying the orders of their bosses.
Just as the villagers were helpless, the policemen (and women) too were helpless! Perhaps those bureaucrats and administrators through whom the eviction orders were passed too were helpless in their own individual capacities!

Again all these for a company who boasts of high human values boldly in their website [just open the Indian website of POSCO which displays their mission, vision and core values. Had they honestly stood for these, perhaps such things would never have happened ! ]
And what necessitated all these inhuman acts?
POSCO responded to the state government’s call, agreeing for investment in the state, rich in mineral resources, to set up a big ISP. Accordingly a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between the state government and the Korean steel company some time in 2005. The deal was going to be a boon for both sides.
Seven years passed and nothing happened. No steel plant so far came up.
The actual reason for this delay is said to be the dirty politics between the Central and the state governments. India is truly a federal country with various constitutional authorities fully free to work in the way think the best which usually end up contradictory to each other! Democracy here seems to be something which is directionless !

Now finally the Supreme Court came to the support of the state government by giving a verdict in favor of it to acquire land for the project the way they had planned for handing it over to the Koreans.
For setting up their steel plant, POSCO wanted about 4000 acres of land in one stretch and based on various considerations they have finally zeroed in to the land in some villages in the Lanjigarh Tehsil of Kalahandi District of Odisha State.
Out of which some 2500 acres of land belonged to the state government and the rest with the villagers. It may also be true that many landless or poor peasants might have been using some stretches of the government land for the past many years for seasonal cultivations of various crops as they find it lying vacant without any useful activity. Over the years these people might also have become wholly dependant on this land for their survival, though legally they have no right over those lands.
For acquiring the land- the villagers land-  the government has fixed a price of Rs.100,000/- approximately per acre of land [equivalent of about US$ 2000] as compensation for those who owned the small pieces of land.

Who owned the land and who possessed it illegally are all matters to be decided by the law.
India is a very peculiar country. There could be many countries like it in this world as far as peculiarities are concerned.

It is a country where the laws are truly blind. Blind to understand the feelings of helpless individuals who get trapped pathetically when laws get applied blindly! Both the law makers and the law executors seem to be proud of this fact. They are often proud to declare the blind nature of the laws for which they are the custodians and the executors.
Once the authorities decide to acquire lands of the people for the purpose of something that they had decided for general public interest, the ordinances are promulgated blindly.
It is the duty of the affected ones to find whether such ordinances have been issued by the authorities or not. The authorities are not responsible for telling each and every one affected. Their responsibility is over by publishing the order in some newspapers or in the government gazettes.
The affected land owners and landless land users, whether they know reading or writing or not, have to approach the authorities in the towns or cities or in some unknown location or hideouts (because it is not easy for anyone to locate a government office easily !). They have to prove the ownership of their lands that they have been using for decades!  They have to accept the compensation or no compensation as decided by the authorities and quit their homes and lands on which they have been existing so far.
Most likely some of them, even those of them who are legal owners of the land, may not get the compensation so easily in the near future, unless they complete all formalities. It is a lengthy legal procedure. Again remember, the law has no eyes and ears! Those occupied the government lands, no doubt will not get anything, eventhough they are all Indian citizens having the minuscule fractional power to elect their democratic governments.
Where do the poor villagers go? Even if they get their compensation money, that will not be sufficient for them to get another house or to set up their livelihood. But that is not the problem of the government or its executors. Because they all work for and with the blind inhuman laws! Don't ask them how these laws came. Most of them are bound to put the responsibility of all the ills of the laws on those Britishers who all perished centuries ago !
If the villagers have no shelter from the next day and they are going to be starved to death, that is their problem. If they refuse to obey the laws on account of their problems, the laws will not act immediately to solve their problems. But the laws will ruthlessly and swifly act if the dictat of the laws are opposed ! Because laws are indeed without ears and eyes (to hear the cries and the tears of the helpless citizens)!
Indian laws may be slow to act to provide relief to any one, but they are indeed quick to act against those who do not obey certain kind of laws. If those fellows, who have been ordered to get out, do not obey, they will be kicked out using brutal force! If they get killed, that would not be seen by the laws!
Only those not connected with the laws could weep and sympathize for them. They can  see their plight and hear their cries. But they too can only weep with them, nothing else! Because interfering while the law is acting is a much more serious offence ! The majority Indians have learnt this by experience. It is better to be far away from the laws and the law enforcers if you want to live peacefully !

When the process of the law and justice proceed blindly, no one with some clear common sense can think otherwise !
But I was just thinking, a wishful thought, knowing well that it is not going to make any difference.

I was thinking about this land acquisition affair of Odisha for POSCO.
Can it not be done in a better way? Is it such a big problem to do it in a better way ?
After all, the POSCO people have estimated their plant to cost US$ 12 billion. That is nearly Rs.60,000 Crores.
If 10 % of that cost is towards land acquisition (which is normally the case in the case of any green field industrial project) Rs.6000 Crore should be available for land acquisition. That amounts to a neat Rs 150,00,000 per acre of land [6000,00,00,000 / 4000].

But here the compensation decided to be paid to the villagers is just Rs.100,000/-. That means the villagers are paid just not even pea nuts. I have no idea, how much was paid to the state government for its 2500 odd acres of land !

Anyway these are wild guess from  a common man ! I am not considering those deals that happen behind the curtains !
Now, let us assume that the government and M/s POSCO had thought to do it adopting a humane approach instead of going for the blind law approach.
Let us assume that the 1500 acres of land the villagers have to part with belong to about 2000 families and M/s POSCO  are willing to spend  a lump sum of about Rs 1000,000 per each of the family affected in addition to money at Rs.100,000/- per acre of land as compensation.
POSCO could have easily planned a sector in their proposed steel plant township for accommodating all these 2000 families. This rehabilitation work could have been started in the government owned land first. By earmarking about 2000 sq.ft of land per family this would have needed a maximum of about 90 acres of land or just 2.25 % of the total land requirement. It is yet another matter that they could have even reduced this further by considering multi storied dwelling units.
The maximum cost for rehabilitation of the affected villagers this way could have been just Rs 215 Crores or a mere 0.35 % of their estimated project cost which included the costs for a decent rehabilitation of the villagers by providing them decent accommodations and giving compensation to their lands as per present market rates.
The state government and the company also could have thought of providing jobs to each of the affected family members in their proposed steel plant or making some other provision for ensuring their livelihood on a long term basis.
None of these provisions would have any adverse economic impact on the techno-economics of their proposed steel plant.
After all, if the government and the company do not think about their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) why should anyone need a steel plant?
Once the steel plant is established and towns develop around it, the cost of the land around it would sky rocket. The company and the governments would be the biggest benefactors. Besides the many thousand people from other parts of the state and the country.
But that should not exclude the poor residents of the area. Their rights should be protected and honored.

For that you need to interact with the people of the area in a civilized and humanely manner. You have to convince them of the benefits and show honestly that you would not cheat them and backtrack from your promises. You should not scare the people with your beaconed lights and your offical weapons.
If the laws of the country do not allow such a thing, not even God can save this country ! The people want their elected representatives to serve them and not to exploit them !

That was why they rallied behind those leaders of yester years to oppose the British rule.

That time it was rather easy. To get rid of the foreigners.

But now what do they do ?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Summary of the Personal, Political, Social, Economic and Religious Teachings of Jesus !

Jesus well knew that his apostles were not fully assimilating his teachings. He decided to give some special instruction to Peter, James, and John, hoping they would be able to clarify the ideas of their associates. He saw that, while some features of the idea of a spiritual kingdom were being grasped by the twelve, they steadfastly persisted in attaching these new spiritual teachings directly onto their old and entrenched literal concepts of the kingdom of heaven as a restoration of David’s throne and the re-establishment of Israel as a temporal power on earth. Accordingly, on Thursday [16-JAN-0027] afternoon Jesus went out from the shore in a boat with Peter, James, and John to talk over the affairs of the kingdom [that Jesus wanted to establish in the hearts of the people of earth] . This was a four hours’ teaching conference, embracing scores of questions and answers, and may most profitably be put in this record by reorganizing the summary of this momentous afternoon as it was given by Simon Peter to his brother, Andrew, the following morning:

1. Personal Attitude - Doing the Father’s will.

Jesus’ teaching to trust in the overcare of the heavenly Father was not a blind and passive fatalism. He quoted with approval, on this afternoon, an old Hebrew saying: “He who will not work shall not eat.” He pointed to his own experience as sufficient commentary on his teachings. His precepts about trusting the Father must not be adjudged by the social or economic conditions of modern times or any other age. His instruction embraces the ideal principles of living near God in all ages and on all worlds.

Jesus made clear to the three the difference between the requirements of apostleship and discipleship. And even then he did not forbid the exercise of prudence and foresight by the twelve (disciples). What he preached against was not forethought but anxiety, worry. He taught the active and alert submission to God’s will. In answer to many of their questions regarding frugality and thriftiness, he simply called attention to his life as carpenter, boatmaker, and fisherman, and to his careful organization of the twelve. He sought to make it clear that the world is not to be regarded as an enemy; that the circumstances of life constitute a divine dispensation working along with the children of God.

Jesus had great difficulty in getting them to understand his personal practice of nonresistance. He absolutely refused to defend himself, and it appeared to the apostles that he would be pleased if they would pursue the same policy. He taught them not to resist evil, not to combat injustice or injury, but he did not teach passive tolerance of wrongdoing. And he made it plain on this afternoon that he approved of the social punishment of evildoers and criminals, and that the civil government must sometimes employ force for the maintenance of social order and in the execution of justice.

He never ceased to warn his disciples against the evil practice of retaliation; he made no allowance for revenge, the idea of getting even. He deplored the holding of grudges. He disallowed the idea of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. He discountenanced the whole concept of private and personal revenge, assigning these matters to civil government, on the one hand, and to the judgment of God, on the other. He made it clear to the three that his teachings applied to the individual, not the state.

He summarized his instructions up to that time regarding these matters, as:
Love your enemies—remember the moral claims of human brotherhood.
The futility of evil: A wrong is not righted by vengeance. Do not make the mistake of fighting evil with its own weapons.
Have faith—confidence in the eventual triumph of divine justice and eternal goodness.
2. Political attitude.

He cautioned his apostles to be discreet in their remarks concerning the strained relations then existing between the Jewish people and the Roman government; he forbade them to become in any way embroiled in these difficulties. He was always careful to avoid the political snares of his enemies, ever making reply, “Render to Caesar the things which are Caesar’s and to God the things which are God's.” He refused to have his attention diverted from his mission of establishing a new way of salvation; he would not permit himself to be concerned about anything else.

In his personal life he was always duly observant of all civil laws and regulations; in all his public teachings he ignored the civic, social, and economic realms. He told the three apostles that he was concerned only with the principles of man’s inner and personal spiritual life. 

Jesus was not, therefore, a political reformer. He did not come to reorganize the world; even if he had done this, it would have been applicable only to that day and generation. Nevertheless, he did show man the best way of living, and no generation is exempt from the labor of discovering how best to adapt Jesus’ life to its own problems. But never make the mistake of identifying Jesus’ teachings with any political or economic theory, with any social or industrial system.

3. Social attitude.

The Jewish rabbis had long debated the question: Who is my neighbor? Jesus came presenting the idea of active and spontaneous kindness, a love of one’s fellow men so genuine that it expanded the neighborhood to include the whole world, thereby making all men one’s neighbors.

But with all this, Jesus was interested only in the individual, not the mass. Jesus was not a sociologist, but he did labor to break down all forms of selfish isolation. He taught pure sympathy, compassion. Michael of Nebadon [the divine position of Jesus as the Celestial Creator of the local universe identified as Nebadon which comprises of the regions of the Milky way galaxy consisting about 3.8 million worlds like earth]  is a mercy-dominated Son (of God) ; compassion is his very nature.

The Master did not say that men should never entertain their friends , but he did say that his followers should make feasts for the poor and the unfortunate. Jesus had a firm sense of justice, but it was always tempered with mercy. He did not teach his apostles that they were to be imposed upon by social parasites or professional alms-seekers. The nearest he came to making sociological pronouncements was to say, “Judge not, that you be not judged.”

He made it clear that indiscriminate kindness may be blamed for many social evils. The following day Jesus definitely instructed Judas that no apostolic funds were to be given out as alms except upon his request or upon the joint petition of two of the apostles. In all these matters it was the practice of Jesus always to say, “Be as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves.” It seemed to be his purpose in all social situations to teach patience, tolerance, and forgiveness.

The family occupied the very center of Jesus’ philosophy of life—here and hereafter. He based his teachings about God on the family, while he sought to correct the Jewish tendency to overhonor ancestors. He exalted family life as the highest human duty but made it plain that family relationships must not interfere with religious obligations.

He called attention to the fact that the family is a temporal institution; that it does not survive death.

In Jesus’ time divorce practices were lax in Palestine and throughout the Roman Empire. He repeatedly refused to lay down laws regarding marriage and divorce, but many of Jesus’ early followers had strong opinions on divorce and did not hesitate to attribute them to him. All of the New Testament writers held to these more stringent and advanced ideas about divorce except John Mark.

4. Economic attitude.

Jesus worked, lived, and traded in the world as he found it. He was not an economic reformer, although he did frequently call attention to the injustice of the unequal distribution of wealth. But he did not offer any suggestions by way of remedy. He made it plain to the three (disciples) that, while his apostles were not to hold property, he was not preaching against wealth and property, merely its unequal and unfair distribution. He recognized the need for social justice and industrial fairness, but he offered no rules for their attainment.

He never taught his followers to avoid earthly possessions, only his twelve apostles. Luke, the physician, was a strong believer in social equality, and he did much to interpret Jesus’ sayings in harmony with his personal beliefs. Jesus never personally directed his followers to adopt a communal mode of life; he made no pronouncement of any sort regarding such matters.

Jesus frequently warned his listeners against covetousness (possessiveness) , declaring that :

a man’s happiness consists not in the abundance of his material possessions.”

He constantly reiterated, “What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”

He made no direct attack on the possession of property, but he did insist that it is eternally essential that spiritual values come first.

In his later teachings he sought to correct many erroneous earthly views of life by narrating numerous parables which he presented in the course of his public ministry. Jesus never intended to formulate economic theories; he well knew that each age must evolve its own remedies for existing troubles. And if Jesus were on earth today, living his life in the flesh, he would be a great disappointment to the majority of good men and women for the simple reason that he would not take sides in present-day political, social, or economic disputes. He would remain grandly aloof while teaching you how to perfect your inner spiritual life so as to render you manyfold more competent to attack the solution of your purely human problems.

Jesus would make all men Godlike and then stand by sympathetically while these sons of God solve their own political, social, and economic problems.

It was not wealth that he denounced, but what wealth does to the majority of its devotees. On this Thursday afternoon Jesus first told his associates that “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

5. Religious attitude-Personal religion.

You, as did his apostles, should  better understand Jesus’ teachings by his life. He lived a perfected life on earth, and his unique teachings can only be understood when that life is visualized in its immediate background. It is his life, and not his lessons to the twelve or his sermons to the multitudes, that will assist most in revealing the Father’s (God's) divine character and loving personality.

Jesus did not attack the teachings of the Hebrew prophets or the Greek moralists. The Master (Jesus) recognized the many good things which these great teachers stood for, but he had come down to earth to teach something additional, “the voluntary conformity of man’s will to God’s will.”

 Jesus did not want simply to produce a religious man, a mortal wholly occupied with religious feelings and actuated only by spiritual impulses. Could you have had but one look at him, you would have known that Jesus was a real man of great experience in the things of this world.

The teachings of Jesus in this respect have been grossly perverted and much misrepresented all down through the centuries of the Christian era; you have also held perverted ideas about the Master’s meekness and humility. What he aimed at in his life appears to have been a superb self-respect.

He only advised man to humble himself that he might become truly exalted; what he really aimed at was true humility toward God.

He placed great value upon sincerity—a pure heart. Fidelity (faithfulness) was a cardinal virtue in his estimate of character, while courage was the very heart of his teachings.

“Fear not” was his watchword, and patient endurance his ideal of strength of character. The teachings of Jesus constitute a religion of valor, courage, and heroism. And this is just why he chose as his personal representatives twelve commonplace men, the majority of whom were rugged, virile, and manly fishermen.

Jesus had little to say about the social vices of his day; seldom did he make reference to moral delinquency. He was a positive teacher of true virtue. He studiously avoided the negative method of imparting instruction; he refused to advertise evil. He was not even a moral reformer.

He well knew, and so taught his apostles, that the sensual urges of mankind are not suppressed by either religious rebuke or legal prohibitions.

His few denunciations were largely directed against pride, cruelty, oppression, and hypocrisy.

Jesus knew men were different, and he so taught his apostles.

He constantly exhorted them to refrain from trying to mold the disciples and believers according to some set pattern.

He sought to allow each soul to develop in its own way, a perfecting and separate individual before God.

In answer to one of Peter’s many questions, the Master said: “I want to set men free so that they can start out afresh as little children upon the new and better life.”

Jesus always insisted that true goodness must be unconscious, in bestowing charity not allowing the left hand to know what the right hand does.

The teaching of Jesus is a religion for everybody, not alone for weaklings and slaves.

His religion never became crystallized (during his day) into creeds and theological laws; he left not a line of writing behind him.

His life and teachings were bequeathed the universe as an inspirational and idealistic inheritance suitable for the spiritual guidance and moral instruction of all ages on all worlds. And even today, Jesus’ teaching stands apart from all religions, as such, albeit it is the living hope of every one of them.

Jesus did not teach his apostles that religion is man’s only earthly pursuit; that was the Jewish idea of serving God.

But he did insist that religion was the exclusive business of the twelve. Jesus taught nothing to deter his believers from the pursuit of genuine culture; he only detracted from the tradition-bound religious schools of Jerusalem.

He was liberal, bighearted, learned, and tolerant. Self-conscious piety (righteousness) had no place in his philosophy of righteous living.

The Master offered no solutions for the nonreligious problems of his own age nor for any subsequent age.

Jesus wished to develop spiritual insight into eternal realities and to stimulate initiative in the originality of living; he concerned himself exclusively with the underlying and permanent spiritual needs of the human race. He revealed a goodness equal to God. He exalted love— truth, beauty, and goodness— as the divine ideal and the eternal reality.

The Master came to create in man a new spirit, a new willto impart a new capacity for knowing the truth, experiencing compassion, and choosing goodness—the will to be in harmony with God's will, coupled with the eternal urge to become perfect, even as the Father in heaven (God) is perfect.

[As told by the invisible non-human authors in Part-IV of my favorite book covering the detailed life and teachings of Jesus Christ on earth and quoted from paper-140 titled 'the Ordination of the Twelve'. To know more about this wonderful book of knowledge and life guidance visit my wesite dedicated to it by clicking here !]

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Hypocrisy Is In My Indian Genes; I Can't Get Rid of It!

A few months back, a few of my country men from Kerala proceeded to fish in the Arabian Sea as usual in their motor boat named after their venerated Christian saint Antony. In their hard toils in the sea, their small vessel crossed over to the international waters beyond the water line borders of our country.

In the recent years, this same international maritime zone to which our friends have entered has become a dreaded one for all kinds of marine vessels that ply through it, due to the sea-pirates from the African coast who feared or obeyed no authority in this world. And this pirates moved in small motor boats similar to the harmless fishing boat my country men used for their livelihood.

Many of my country men who worked as sailing crews in large merchant vessels from various countries have been the victims to the cruelty of these ruthless pirates. This situation has prompted the affected countries in the world to work out some ways to check the menace of these pirates in the seas.

My country, India too, have been very active in deploying its full fledged naval forces in the region to checkmate the pirates. but not with full success always.

Deploying frigates and other warships accompanying each and every merchant ship plying in this route was not going to be a practical approach for those affected nations.

So they decided to send armed sea-marshals in the merchant vessels to take the pirates head on, just as they changed the laws to send sky marshals in the aeroplanes to checkmate the hijackers.

Of course, this development was a new one. It has not become a wide spread or well known practice. Earlier, our sea going fishing vessels used to go near the big ships merrily without any problem. Big and small never used to make any difference in the vastness of the seas !

But now the possibility of the sea-marshals armed with sophisticated guns with long distance fire power suddenly became a reality. 

There is no reason to believe that such a development is without the knowledge of the  countries who have waterline borders just as my own India.

Some how the authorities were not quick in notifying this to all sea going people and have not ensured that all the subordinate authorities know about this new development. They should have also notified the safeguards to be adopted in such a situation just as we had changed the rules of security checks in the airports when such exigencies arose.

In a similar way the sea marshals of those countries who deployed them in their merchant vessels were also new to the situation. They were doing this kind of a duty for the first time. Many of them were with out any formal training for their new job. They were drafted from their respective naval forces where they had a different kind of responsibility. What they were trained for was to trigger their guns in the event of a suspicion.

So a stage was somehow set for committing a serious error of judgement by all concerned.

The error test case arose when our Kerala fishing boat St.Antony came in the visibility range of a large Italian oil tanker named Enrica Lexie on 15th February 2012 moving in the high seas about 20.5 nautical miles from the Kerala coast.

Our fisher folks inadvertently happened to move some hundred meters away from the Italian oil tanker ship passing through the waters near to India's coastline border, but technically in the international waters. The ship had its sophisticated navigational aids to prove its location while the small fishing boat had nothing of that sort to know exactly where it was.

The big ship had the marines who were there to eliminate the small speed boats of the pirates who came in quick maneuvers to its hull side to get their armed men climb up the ship through ropes.

The bare bodied Kerala fisher men looked no different than the pirates to the marines  that they had perhaps seen in only in videos earlier .

On the other hand, the innocent Kerala men had never thought that this time the foreign merchant vessel could be armed like the warships or the vessels of the armed coast guards of their own country.

The marines of the ship were scared of the pirates and the boat fellows thought of no impending danger.

That caused the Italian catholics to fire at the Kerala catholics killing two of the latter. The former did their duty of saving their ship and their ship moved on safely ahead.

Very unfortunate thing indeed !

But  more disgraceful is the way the things happened later to the extent of sparking of an international controversy and near break up of the ties of two friendly nations.

Just because some people goofed up the entire episode ! (Read that story here: Marine case: Is Italy's decision a well-crafted strategy to beat Indian legal system?)

I am remembering what Jesus advised the fellows who brought the lady to him accusing her of wrongs and requesting him to judge her.

He told them that they could stone her if they had not done such crimes themselves earlier ! But the Jews of that time were honest to some extent. They simply vanished from the scene as none of them were not so perfect. They knew they were all uncaught criminals or sinners ! Therefore they were not perfect to punish someone like them, just because she happened to be caught ! At least their inner consciousness did not allow them to face the perfect man that Jesus was !

Now coming to the story of the Italian marines. True, they did a man slaughter. But that was what their government deputed them for. They were trained to kill with their guns. Kill any one who trespass their domain. Then how do they make their judgements is another thing.

But then that is what all security personnel all over the world do. They would act ruthlessly if any one violates what is adjudged by them as a violation. Their judgements and acts go wrong here and there occasionally. Innocents have been at the receiving end several times on several occasions. This is a universal trend and governments that depute these security men keep justifying them in almost all times.

The Indian security forces are no exception. And the Indian governments are no exception.

It is not that the Indian authorities do not know all these things.

But some where some one wanted to make things go differently. Why did the Indian authorities at Mumbai called the tanker that had already reached the Srilankan waters for reporting and then decided to detain it at Kochi without taking a diplomatic recourse ? Who leaked the information to the media and was that with the concurrence of the Indian government ?

There are so many ifs and buts.

I was just thinking. What would I have done if I were in any of the decision making positions ?
What would have been the same case if the marines were the  Chinese or the Russians instead of the Italians ?

I know it would have been very different.

Because I am an Indian. I will raise my voice only if I find the situation safe for me !

If it is safe and no one is going to catch me, there is no problem for me if I can fish in the troubled waters ! No problem for me if it causes some problem for others as long as I am safe !

I show respect and obedience to those with power and those who do not hesitate to use their power ! Not because I respect them from my soul, but because I am fearful. I know that I am a coward even though I try to pretend that I am not !

I know there are many way of sorting out this issue amicably instead of blowing it up, even though it had caused an irreparable injustice to some innocent persons.

But I cannot do it as per my inner consciousness.

Because I am fearful. I fear everyone around me. I do not have the courage to face the truths and take proper decisions ultimately good for all in the appropriate time.

I am very sensitive to public opinion, even when I know that my own country men like me manipulate the public opinion for their own vested interests.

Oh ! Why is it like this with me ? Why can't I proceed according to my inner convictions ?

I remember reading the book written by our first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. The intelligent statesman and writer he was, he had found out that we Indians are intrinsically cowards.

Cowardice leads to hypocrisy ?

I know it is in me. I want to get rid of it, honestly. But I can't. It is in my genes !

No, neither me nor our system won't be any different for the time being !

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How Did Jesus Resurrect After His Death On The Cross ?

This blog is my 200th one. It is the last one in the series that I devoted for covering the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ published during this lent season of 2013.

I have tried to introduce a much more detailed knowledge about about the Death and Resurrection of Jesus  than what human beings have been reading for the last two millenniums.

All what we knew so far have been based on the knowledge we obtained from the writings of the human writers of the gospels of the New Testament Bible.

As I have explained in my previous blogs, I am presenting those relevant portions describing the same part of the history about Jesus as written by a group of invisible celestial beings who are immortal beings far superior to humans in intelligence and memory.

[If you are reading my blogs the first time and if you have not heard of this earlier, you might laugh at me. That is quite natural. How can we believe in some thing which we have not sensed or felt directly ? But remember, you have the cell phone with you and the hardware in that is capable of coverting the invisible waves around you to clear understandable messages which you perhaps could never had imagined if you were living in the 19th century or earlier. We are in continuous evolutionary growth in knowledge. So what we didnot know now could become clear as we progress in mind and intellect !]

So this last blog in this series cover the relevant parts of the narrations made by the non-human authors of my favorite book about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

While reading the Bible, I was always puzzled by this : If Jesus resurrected with his human body, as St.Thomas felt him by touching him, how come the same body moved through the closed walls as written the Bible narratives ? But the Bible authors being humans could not give a satistactory explanation to this.

But now the celestial authors explain the things with more detailed knowledge and explanations. These are very interesting knowledge for those who are thrilled to know the unknown. And I reproduce this from the Urantia Book ( my favorite book of life guidance) for such people. I know that such persons would immediately be initiated in mind to know more about what is written in this wonderful book. I also know that such persons are a minuscule minority now in this world and their numbers would slowly increase as the ages advance !

Below are quoted what the authors-the Midwayer Commission [pl refer my previous blog to know about the authors and other such terms that you are not familiar with]- say about the Resurrection of Jesus:

Soon after the burial of Jesus on Friday afternoon, the chief of the archangels (an order of celestial personalities) of Nebadon, then present on Urantia, summoned his council of the resurrection of sleeping will creatures and entered upon the consideration of a possible technique for the restoration of Jesus.

These assembled sons of the local universe, the creatures (personalities who are created)  of Michael, (the Creator of the local universe, Nebadon, who incarnated on earth as Jesus) did this on their own responsibility; Gabriel (the Celestial Chief Executive of Michael) had not assembled them.

By midnight they had arrived at the conclusion that the creature could do nothing to facilitate the resurrection of the Creator.

They were disposed to accept the advice of Gabriel, who instructed them that, since Michael had “laid down his life of his own free will, he also had power to take it up again in accordance with his own determination.”

Shortly after the adjournment of this council of the archangels, the Life Carriers (another order of intelligent celestial beings mainly responsible for actual creation of material life forms on behalf of the Creator) , and their various associates in the work of creature rehabilitation and morontia creation, the Personalized Adjuster (a spirit fragment of God that is living embedded in all intelligent life forms such as human beings) of Jesus, being in personal command of the assembled celestial hosts then on Urantia (earth) , spoke these words to the anxious waiting watchers:

“Not one of you can do aught to assist your Creator-father in the return to life. As a mortal of the realm he has experienced mortal death; as the Sovereign of a universe he still lives. That which you observe is the mortal transit of Jesus of Nazareth from life in the flesh to life in the morontia. The spirit transit of this Jesus was completed at the time I separated myself from his personality and became your temporary director. Your Creator-father has elected to pass through the whole of the experience of his mortal creatures, from birth on the material worlds, on through natural death and the resurrection of the morontia, into the status of true spirit existence. A certain phase of this experience you are about to observe, but you may not participate in it. Those things which you ordinarily do for the creature, you may not do for the Creator. A Creator Son has within himself the power to bestow himself in the likeness of any of his created sons; he has within himself the power to lay down his observable life and to take it up again; and he has this power because of the direct command of the Paradise Father (God), (Paradise is the name given to identify the eternally existent  centre or nucleaus of  all the universes which is the abode of God and all his highest order divine associates)  and I know whereof I speak.”

When they heard the Personalized Adjuster so speak, they all assumed the attitude of anxious expectancy, from Gabriel down to the most humble cherubim (an invisible celestial being in the lower angelic order) . They saw the mortal body of Jesus in the tomb; they detected evidences of the universe activity of their beloved Sovereign; and not understanding such phenomena, they waited patiently for developments.

At two forty-five Sunday morning, the Paradise incarnation commission, consisting of seven unidentified Paradise personalities, arrived on the scene and immediately deployed themselves about the tomb. At ten minutes before three, intense vibrations of commingled material and morontia (a different form of material composed of elements of different configuration normally found in non-evolutionary worlds) activities began to issue from Joseph’s new tomb, and at two minutes past three o’clock, this Sunday morning, April 9, A.D. 30, the resurrected morontia form and personality of Jesus of Nazareth came forth from the tomb.

After the resurrected Jesus emerged from his burial tomb, the body of flesh in which he had lived and wrought on earth for almost thirty-six years was still lying there in the sepulchre niche, undisturbed and wrapped in the linen sheet, just as it had been laid to rest by Joseph and his associates on Friday afternoon.

Neither was the stone before the entrance of the tomb in any way disturbed; the seal of Pilate was still unbroken; the soldiers were still on guard. The temple guards had been on continuous duty; the Roman guard had been changed at midnight. None of these watchers suspected that the object of their vigil had risen to a new and higher form of existence, and that the body which they were guarding was now a discarded outer covering which had no further connection with the delivered and resurrected morontia personality of Jesus.

Mankind is slow to perceive that, in all that is personal, matter is the skeleton of morontia, and that both are the reflected shadow of enduring spirit reality. How long before you will regard time as the moving image of eternity and space as the fleeting shadow of Paradise realities?

As far as we can judge, no creature of this universe nor any personality from another universe had anything to do with this morontia resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

On Friday he laid down his life as a mortal of the realm; on Sunday morning he took it up again as a morontia being of the system of Satania[the administrative group of worlds in which earth is a part] in Norlatiadek [the administrative group of systems-called a Constellation- in which Satania system is a part]. There is much about the resurrection of Jesus which we do not understand. But we know that it occurred as we have stated and at about the time indicated. We can also record that all known phenomena associated with this mortal transit, or morontia resurrection, occurred right there in Joseph’s new tomb, where the mortal material remains of Jesus lay wrapped in burial cloths.

We know that no creature of the local universe (called Nebadon, which is the domain of creation and administration of the Michael of Nebadon- the High Son of God, who incarnated as a human being on earth as Jesus Christ)  participated in this morontia awakening.

We perceived the seven personalities of Paradise surround the tomb, but we did not see them do anything in connection with the Master’s awakening. Just as soon as Jesus appeared beside Gabriel, just above the tomb, the seven personalities from Paradise signalized their intention of immediate departure for Uversa (the group of several marvellous non-evolutionary worlds which form the capital of the super universe called Orvonton of which Nebadon is a part).

Let us forever clarify the concept of the resurrection of Jesus by making the following statements:

1. His material or physical body was not a part of the resurrected personality. When Jesus came forth from the tomb, his body of flesh remained undisturbed in the sepulchre. He emerged from the burial tomb without moving the stones before the entrance and without disturbing the seals of Pilate.
2. He did not emerge from the tomb as a spirit nor as Michael of Nebadon; he did not appear in the form of the Creator Sovereign, such as he had had before his incarnation in the likeness of mortal flesh on Urantia (earth).
3. He did come forth from this tomb of Joseph in the very likeness of the morontia personalities of those who, as resurrected morontia ascendant beings, emerge from the resurrection halls of the first mansion world (the non-evolutionary world in the system capital in which dead human beings who are adjudged to be saved comes to life again) of this local system of Satania. And the presence of the Michael memorial in the center of the vast court of the resurrection halls of mansonia number one (mansion world-1) leads us to conjecture that the Master’s resurrection on Urantia was in some way fostered on this, the first of the system mansion worlds.
The first act of Jesus on arising from the tomb was to greet Gabriel and instruct him to continue in executive charge of universe affairs under Immanuel ( the High Son of God in whose charge Michael of Nebadon enstrusted the charge of his Universe when he left it to become an incarnated man on earth), and then he directed the chief of the Melchizedeks ( a high angelic order beings)  to convey his brotherly greetings to Immanuel.

He thereupon asked the Most High (the subordinate rulers of a Constellation)  of Edentia (the Capital of the Constellation of Norlatiadek)  for the certification of the Ancients of Days (the three High Divine Judge Rulers of the Super Universe of Orvonton) as to his mortal transit; and turning to the assembled morontia groups of the seven mansion worlds, here gathered together to greet and welcome their Creator as a creature of their order, Jesus spoke the first words of the postmortal career.

Said the morontia Jesus:

“Having finished my life in the flesh, I would tarry here for a short time in transition form that I may more fully know the life of my ascendant creatures and further reveal the will of my Father in Paradise.”

After Jesus had spoken, he signaled to the Personalized Adjuster (the spirit entity which was part of his personality while he was a human being) , and all universe intelligences who had been assembled on Urantia (earth) to witness the resurrection were immediately dispatched to their respective universe assignments.

Jesus now began the contacts of the morontia level, being introduced, as a creature, to the requirements of the life he had chosen to live for a short time on Urantia. This initiation into the morontia world required more than an hour of earth time and was twice interrupted by his desire to communicate with his former associates in the flesh as they came out from Jerusalem wonderingly to peer into the empty tomb to discover what they considered evidence of his resurrection.

Now is the mortal transit of Jesus—the morontia resurrection of the Son of Man—completed. The transitory experience of the Master as a personality midway between the material and the spiritual has begun.

And he has done all this through power inherent within himself; no personality has rendered him any assistance.

He now lives as Jesus of morontia, and as he begins this morontia life, the material body of his flesh lies there undisturbed in the tomb. The soldiers are still on guard, and the seal of the governor about the rocks has not yet been broken.

At ten minutes past three o’clock, as the resurrected Jesus fraternized with the assembled morontia personalities from the seven mansion worlds of Satania, the chief of archangels—the angels of the resurrection—approached Gabriel and asked for the mortal body of Jesus.

Said the chief of the archangels:

“We may not participate in the morontia resurrection of the bestowal experience of Michael our sovereign, but we would have his mortal remains put in our custody for immediate dissolution. We do not propose to employ our technique of dematerialization; we merely wish to invoke the process of accelerated time. It is enough that we have seen the Sovereign live and die on Urantia; the hosts of heaven would be spared the memory of enduring the sight of the slow decay of the human form of the Creator and Upholder of a universe. In the name of the celestial intelligences of all Nebadon, I ask for a mandate giving me the custody of the mortal body of Jesus of Nazareth and empowering us to proceed with its immediate dissolution.”

And when Gabriel had conferred with the senior Most High of Edentia, the archangel spokesman for the celestial hosts was given permission to make such disposition of the physical remains of Jesus as he might determine.

After the chief of archangels had been granted this request, he summoned to his assistance many of his fellows, together with a numerous host of the representatives of all orders of celestial personalities, and then, with the aid of the Urantia midwayers, proceeded to take possession of Jesus’ physical body.

This body of death was a purely material creation; it was physical and literal; it could not be removed from the tomb as the morontia form of the resurrection had been able to escape the sealed sepulchre.

By the aid of certain morontia auxiliary personalities, the morontia form can be made at one time as of the spirit so that it can become indifferent to ordinary matter, while at another time it can become discernible and contactable to material beings, such as the mortals of the realm.

As they made ready to remove the body of Jesus from the tomb preparatory to according it the dignified and reverent disposal of near-instantaneous dissolution, it was assigned the secondary Urantia midwayers (the normally invisible beings resident on earth) to roll away the stones from the entrance of the tomb. The larger of these two stones was a huge circular affair, much like a millstone, and it moved in a groove chiseled out of the rock, so that it could be rolled back and forth to open or close the tomb.

When the watching Jewish guards and the Roman soldiers, in the dim light of the morning, saw this huge stone begin to roll away from the entrance of the tomb, apparently of its own accord—without any visible means to account for such motion—they were seized with fear and panic, and they fled in haste from the scene.

The Jews fled to their homes, afterward going back to report these doings to their captain at the temple. The Romans fled to the fortress of Antonia and reported what they had seen to the centurion as soon as he arrived on duty.

The Jewish leaders began the sordid business of supposedly getting rid of Jesus by offering bribes to the traitorous Judas, and now, when confronted with this embarrassing situation, instead of thinking of punishing the guards who deserted their post, they resorted to bribing these guards and the Roman soldiers.

They paid each of these twenty men a sum of money and instructed them to say to all:

“While we slept during the nighttime, his disciples came upon us and took away the body.”

And the Jewish leaders made solemn promises to the soldiers to defend them before Pilate in case it should ever come to the governor’s knowledge that they had accepted a bribe.

The Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus has been based on the fact of the “empty tomb.”

It was indeed a fact that the tomb was empty, but this is not the truth of the resurrection. The tomb was truly empty when the first believers arrived, and this fact, associated with that of the undoubted resurrection of the Master, led to the formulation of a belief which was not true: the teaching that the material and mortal body of Jesus was raised from the grave.

Truth having to do with spiritual realities and eternal values cannot always be built up by a combination of apparent facts. Although individual facts may be materially true, it does not follow that the association of a group of facts must necessarily lead to truthful spiritual conclusions.

The tomb of Joseph was empty, not because the body of Jesus had been rehabilitated or resurrected, but because the celestial hosts had been granted their request to afford it a special and unique dissolution, a return of the “dust to dust,” without the intervention of the delays of time and without the operation of the ordinary and visible processes of mortal decay and material corruption.

The mortal remains of Jesus underwent the same natural process of elemental disintegration as characterizes all human bodies on earth except that, in point of time, this natural mode of dissolution was greatly accelerated, hastened to that point where it became well-nigh instantaneous.

The true evidences of the resurrection of Michael are spiritual in nature, albeit this teaching is corroborated by the testimony of many mortals of the realm who met, recognized, and communed with the resurrected morontia Master.

He became a part of the personal experience of almost one thousand human beings before he finally took leave of Urantia (earth).

A little after half past four o’clock this Sunday morning, Gabriel summoned the archangels to his side and made ready to inaugurate the general resurrection of the termination of the Adamic dispensation on Urantia.

When the vast host of the seraphim and the cherubim concerned in this great event had been marshaled in proper formation, the morontia Michael appeared before Gabriel, saying:

“As my Father has life in himself, so has he given it to the Son to have life in himself. Although I have not yet fully resumed the exercise of universe jurisdiction, this self-imposed limitation does not in any manner restrict the bestowal of life upon my sleeping sons; let the roll call of the planetary resurrection begin.”

The circuit of the archangels then operated for the first time from Urantia.

Gabriel and the archangel hosts moved to the place of the spiritual polarity of the planet; and when Gabriel gave the signal, there flashed to the first of the system mansion worlds the voice of Gabriel, saying:

“By the mandate of Michael, let the dead of a Urantia dispensation rise!”

Then all the survivors of the human races of Urantia (earth)  who had fallen asleep since the days of Adam, and who had not already gone on to judgment, appeared in the resurrection halls of mansonia in readiness for morontia investiture. And in an instant of time the seraphim and their associates made ready to depart for the mansion worlds.

Ordinarily these seraphic guardians, onetime assigned to the group custody of these surviving mortals, would have been present at the moment of their awaking in the resurrection halls of mansonia, but they were on this world itself at this time because of the necessity of Gabriel’s presence here in connection with the morontia resurrection of Jesus.

Notwithstanding that countless individuals having personal seraphic guardians and those achieving the requisite attainment of spiritual personality progress had gone on to mansonia during the ages subsequent to the times of Adam and Eve, and though there had been many special and millennial resurrections of Urantia sons, this was the third of the planetary roll calls, or complete dispensational resurrections. The first occurred at the time of the arrival of the Planetary Prince (now known as Caligastia-the invisible celestial ruler of earth who later became a rebel to the universe administration of God), the second during the time of Adam, and this, the third, signalized the morontia resurrection, the mortal transit, of Jesus of Nazareth.

When the signal of the planetary resurrection had been received by the chief of archangels, the Personalized Adjuster of the Son of Man relinquished his authority over the celestial hosts assembled on Urantia, turning all these sons of the local universe back to the jurisdiction of their respective commanders. And when he had done this, he departed for Salvington (HQ worlds of Nebadon) to register with Immanuel the completion of the mortal transit of Michael. And he was immediately followed by all the celestial host not required for duty on Urantia. But Gabriel remained on Urantia with the morontia Jesus.

And this is the recital of the events of the resurrection of Jesus as viewed by those who saw them as they really occurred, free from the limitations of partial and restricted human vision.

[Passages in black font are directly quoted from the Urantia Book  while those in blue are my explanations and notes. To know more about this wonderful book of non human origin, visit my  urantia-India website. Reproduced with explanations for those interested in knowing more about the resurrection of Jesus Christ as Christians world over observe the lent season of fasting and prayers in this year, 2013 in commemoration of his death on the cross and subsequent resurrection.

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