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How Did Jesus Resurrect After His Death On The Cross ?

This blog is my 200th one. It is the last one in the series that I devoted for covering the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ published during this lent season of 2013.

I have tried to introduce a much more detailed knowledge about about the Death and Resurrection of Jesus  than what human beings have been reading for the last two millenniums.

All what we knew so far have been based on the knowledge we obtained from the writings of the human writers of the gospels of the New Testament Bible.

As I have explained in my previous blogs, I am presenting those relevant portions describing the same part of the history about Jesus as written by a group of invisible celestial beings who are immortal beings far superior to humans in intelligence and memory.

[If you are reading my blogs the first time and if you have not heard of this earlier, you might laugh at me. That is quite natural. How can we believe in some thing which we have not sensed or felt directly ? But remember, you have the cell phone with you and the hardware in that is capable of coverting the invisible waves around you to clear understandable messages which you perhaps could never had imagined if you were living in the 19th century or earlier. We are in continuous evolutionary growth in knowledge. So what we didnot know now could become clear as we progress in mind and intellect !]

So this last blog in this series cover the relevant parts of the narrations made by the non-human authors of my favorite book about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

While reading the Bible, I was always puzzled by this : If Jesus resurrected with his human body, as St.Thomas felt him by touching him, how come the same body moved through the closed walls as written the Bible narratives ? But the Bible authors being humans could not give a satistactory explanation to this.

But now the celestial authors explain the things with more detailed knowledge and explanations. These are very interesting knowledge for those who are thrilled to know the unknown. And I reproduce this from the Urantia Book ( my favorite book of life guidance) for such people. I know that such persons would immediately be initiated in mind to know more about what is written in this wonderful book. I also know that such persons are a minuscule minority now in this world and their numbers would slowly increase as the ages advance !

Below are quoted what the authors-the Midwayer Commission [pl refer my previous blog to know about the authors and other such terms that you are not familiar with]- say about the Resurrection of Jesus:

Soon after the burial of Jesus on Friday afternoon, the chief of the archangels (an order of celestial personalities) of Nebadon, then present on Urantia, summoned his council of the resurrection of sleeping will creatures and entered upon the consideration of a possible technique for the restoration of Jesus.

These assembled sons of the local universe, the creatures (personalities who are created)  of Michael, (the Creator of the local universe, Nebadon, who incarnated on earth as Jesus) did this on their own responsibility; Gabriel (the Celestial Chief Executive of Michael) had not assembled them.

By midnight they had arrived at the conclusion that the creature could do nothing to facilitate the resurrection of the Creator.

They were disposed to accept the advice of Gabriel, who instructed them that, since Michael had “laid down his life of his own free will, he also had power to take it up again in accordance with his own determination.”

Shortly after the adjournment of this council of the archangels, the Life Carriers (another order of intelligent celestial beings mainly responsible for actual creation of material life forms on behalf of the Creator) , and their various associates in the work of creature rehabilitation and morontia creation, the Personalized Adjuster (a spirit fragment of God that is living embedded in all intelligent life forms such as human beings) of Jesus, being in personal command of the assembled celestial hosts then on Urantia (earth) , spoke these words to the anxious waiting watchers:

“Not one of you can do aught to assist your Creator-father in the return to life. As a mortal of the realm he has experienced mortal death; as the Sovereign of a universe he still lives. That which you observe is the mortal transit of Jesus of Nazareth from life in the flesh to life in the morontia. The spirit transit of this Jesus was completed at the time I separated myself from his personality and became your temporary director. Your Creator-father has elected to pass through the whole of the experience of his mortal creatures, from birth on the material worlds, on through natural death and the resurrection of the morontia, into the status of true spirit existence. A certain phase of this experience you are about to observe, but you may not participate in it. Those things which you ordinarily do for the creature, you may not do for the Creator. A Creator Son has within himself the power to bestow himself in the likeness of any of his created sons; he has within himself the power to lay down his observable life and to take it up again; and he has this power because of the direct command of the Paradise Father (God), (Paradise is the name given to identify the eternally existent  centre or nucleaus of  all the universes which is the abode of God and all his highest order divine associates)  and I know whereof I speak.”

When they heard the Personalized Adjuster so speak, they all assumed the attitude of anxious expectancy, from Gabriel down to the most humble cherubim (an invisible celestial being in the lower angelic order) . They saw the mortal body of Jesus in the tomb; they detected evidences of the universe activity of their beloved Sovereign; and not understanding such phenomena, they waited patiently for developments.

At two forty-five Sunday morning, the Paradise incarnation commission, consisting of seven unidentified Paradise personalities, arrived on the scene and immediately deployed themselves about the tomb. At ten minutes before three, intense vibrations of commingled material and morontia (a different form of material composed of elements of different configuration normally found in non-evolutionary worlds) activities began to issue from Joseph’s new tomb, and at two minutes past three o’clock, this Sunday morning, April 9, A.D. 30, the resurrected morontia form and personality of Jesus of Nazareth came forth from the tomb.

After the resurrected Jesus emerged from his burial tomb, the body of flesh in which he had lived and wrought on earth for almost thirty-six years was still lying there in the sepulchre niche, undisturbed and wrapped in the linen sheet, just as it had been laid to rest by Joseph and his associates on Friday afternoon.

Neither was the stone before the entrance of the tomb in any way disturbed; the seal of Pilate was still unbroken; the soldiers were still on guard. The temple guards had been on continuous duty; the Roman guard had been changed at midnight. None of these watchers suspected that the object of their vigil had risen to a new and higher form of existence, and that the body which they were guarding was now a discarded outer covering which had no further connection with the delivered and resurrected morontia personality of Jesus.

Mankind is slow to perceive that, in all that is personal, matter is the skeleton of morontia, and that both are the reflected shadow of enduring spirit reality. How long before you will regard time as the moving image of eternity and space as the fleeting shadow of Paradise realities?

As far as we can judge, no creature of this universe nor any personality from another universe had anything to do with this morontia resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

On Friday he laid down his life as a mortal of the realm; on Sunday morning he took it up again as a morontia being of the system of Satania[the administrative group of worlds in which earth is a part] in Norlatiadek [the administrative group of systems-called a Constellation- in which Satania system is a part]. There is much about the resurrection of Jesus which we do not understand. But we know that it occurred as we have stated and at about the time indicated. We can also record that all known phenomena associated with this mortal transit, or morontia resurrection, occurred right there in Joseph’s new tomb, where the mortal material remains of Jesus lay wrapped in burial cloths.

We know that no creature of the local universe (called Nebadon, which is the domain of creation and administration of the Michael of Nebadon- the High Son of God, who incarnated as a human being on earth as Jesus Christ)  participated in this morontia awakening.

We perceived the seven personalities of Paradise surround the tomb, but we did not see them do anything in connection with the Master’s awakening. Just as soon as Jesus appeared beside Gabriel, just above the tomb, the seven personalities from Paradise signalized their intention of immediate departure for Uversa (the group of several marvellous non-evolutionary worlds which form the capital of the super universe called Orvonton of which Nebadon is a part).

Let us forever clarify the concept of the resurrection of Jesus by making the following statements:

1. His material or physical body was not a part of the resurrected personality. When Jesus came forth from the tomb, his body of flesh remained undisturbed in the sepulchre. He emerged from the burial tomb without moving the stones before the entrance and without disturbing the seals of Pilate.
2. He did not emerge from the tomb as a spirit nor as Michael of Nebadon; he did not appear in the form of the Creator Sovereign, such as he had had before his incarnation in the likeness of mortal flesh on Urantia (earth).
3. He did come forth from this tomb of Joseph in the very likeness of the morontia personalities of those who, as resurrected morontia ascendant beings, emerge from the resurrection halls of the first mansion world (the non-evolutionary world in the system capital in which dead human beings who are adjudged to be saved comes to life again) of this local system of Satania. And the presence of the Michael memorial in the center of the vast court of the resurrection halls of mansonia number one (mansion world-1) leads us to conjecture that the Master’s resurrection on Urantia was in some way fostered on this, the first of the system mansion worlds.
The first act of Jesus on arising from the tomb was to greet Gabriel and instruct him to continue in executive charge of universe affairs under Immanuel ( the High Son of God in whose charge Michael of Nebadon enstrusted the charge of his Universe when he left it to become an incarnated man on earth), and then he directed the chief of the Melchizedeks ( a high angelic order beings)  to convey his brotherly greetings to Immanuel.

He thereupon asked the Most High (the subordinate rulers of a Constellation)  of Edentia (the Capital of the Constellation of Norlatiadek)  for the certification of the Ancients of Days (the three High Divine Judge Rulers of the Super Universe of Orvonton) as to his mortal transit; and turning to the assembled morontia groups of the seven mansion worlds, here gathered together to greet and welcome their Creator as a creature of their order, Jesus spoke the first words of the postmortal career.

Said the morontia Jesus:

“Having finished my life in the flesh, I would tarry here for a short time in transition form that I may more fully know the life of my ascendant creatures and further reveal the will of my Father in Paradise.”

After Jesus had spoken, he signaled to the Personalized Adjuster (the spirit entity which was part of his personality while he was a human being) , and all universe intelligences who had been assembled on Urantia (earth) to witness the resurrection were immediately dispatched to their respective universe assignments.

Jesus now began the contacts of the morontia level, being introduced, as a creature, to the requirements of the life he had chosen to live for a short time on Urantia. This initiation into the morontia world required more than an hour of earth time and was twice interrupted by his desire to communicate with his former associates in the flesh as they came out from Jerusalem wonderingly to peer into the empty tomb to discover what they considered evidence of his resurrection.

Now is the mortal transit of Jesus—the morontia resurrection of the Son of Man—completed. The transitory experience of the Master as a personality midway between the material and the spiritual has begun.

And he has done all this through power inherent within himself; no personality has rendered him any assistance.

He now lives as Jesus of morontia, and as he begins this morontia life, the material body of his flesh lies there undisturbed in the tomb. The soldiers are still on guard, and the seal of the governor about the rocks has not yet been broken.

At ten minutes past three o’clock, as the resurrected Jesus fraternized with the assembled morontia personalities from the seven mansion worlds of Satania, the chief of archangels—the angels of the resurrection—approached Gabriel and asked for the mortal body of Jesus.

Said the chief of the archangels:

“We may not participate in the morontia resurrection of the bestowal experience of Michael our sovereign, but we would have his mortal remains put in our custody for immediate dissolution. We do not propose to employ our technique of dematerialization; we merely wish to invoke the process of accelerated time. It is enough that we have seen the Sovereign live and die on Urantia; the hosts of heaven would be spared the memory of enduring the sight of the slow decay of the human form of the Creator and Upholder of a universe. In the name of the celestial intelligences of all Nebadon, I ask for a mandate giving me the custody of the mortal body of Jesus of Nazareth and empowering us to proceed with its immediate dissolution.”

And when Gabriel had conferred with the senior Most High of Edentia, the archangel spokesman for the celestial hosts was given permission to make such disposition of the physical remains of Jesus as he might determine.

After the chief of archangels had been granted this request, he summoned to his assistance many of his fellows, together with a numerous host of the representatives of all orders of celestial personalities, and then, with the aid of the Urantia midwayers, proceeded to take possession of Jesus’ physical body.

This body of death was a purely material creation; it was physical and literal; it could not be removed from the tomb as the morontia form of the resurrection had been able to escape the sealed sepulchre.

By the aid of certain morontia auxiliary personalities, the morontia form can be made at one time as of the spirit so that it can become indifferent to ordinary matter, while at another time it can become discernible and contactable to material beings, such as the mortals of the realm.

As they made ready to remove the body of Jesus from the tomb preparatory to according it the dignified and reverent disposal of near-instantaneous dissolution, it was assigned the secondary Urantia midwayers (the normally invisible beings resident on earth) to roll away the stones from the entrance of the tomb. The larger of these two stones was a huge circular affair, much like a millstone, and it moved in a groove chiseled out of the rock, so that it could be rolled back and forth to open or close the tomb.

When the watching Jewish guards and the Roman soldiers, in the dim light of the morning, saw this huge stone begin to roll away from the entrance of the tomb, apparently of its own accord—without any visible means to account for such motion—they were seized with fear and panic, and they fled in haste from the scene.

The Jews fled to their homes, afterward going back to report these doings to their captain at the temple. The Romans fled to the fortress of Antonia and reported what they had seen to the centurion as soon as he arrived on duty.

The Jewish leaders began the sordid business of supposedly getting rid of Jesus by offering bribes to the traitorous Judas, and now, when confronted with this embarrassing situation, instead of thinking of punishing the guards who deserted their post, they resorted to bribing these guards and the Roman soldiers.

They paid each of these twenty men a sum of money and instructed them to say to all:

“While we slept during the nighttime, his disciples came upon us and took away the body.”

And the Jewish leaders made solemn promises to the soldiers to defend them before Pilate in case it should ever come to the governor’s knowledge that they had accepted a bribe.

The Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus has been based on the fact of the “empty tomb.”

It was indeed a fact that the tomb was empty, but this is not the truth of the resurrection. The tomb was truly empty when the first believers arrived, and this fact, associated with that of the undoubted resurrection of the Master, led to the formulation of a belief which was not true: the teaching that the material and mortal body of Jesus was raised from the grave.

Truth having to do with spiritual realities and eternal values cannot always be built up by a combination of apparent facts. Although individual facts may be materially true, it does not follow that the association of a group of facts must necessarily lead to truthful spiritual conclusions.

The tomb of Joseph was empty, not because the body of Jesus had been rehabilitated or resurrected, but because the celestial hosts had been granted their request to afford it a special and unique dissolution, a return of the “dust to dust,” without the intervention of the delays of time and without the operation of the ordinary and visible processes of mortal decay and material corruption.

The mortal remains of Jesus underwent the same natural process of elemental disintegration as characterizes all human bodies on earth except that, in point of time, this natural mode of dissolution was greatly accelerated, hastened to that point where it became well-nigh instantaneous.

The true evidences of the resurrection of Michael are spiritual in nature, albeit this teaching is corroborated by the testimony of many mortals of the realm who met, recognized, and communed with the resurrected morontia Master.

He became a part of the personal experience of almost one thousand human beings before he finally took leave of Urantia (earth).

A little after half past four o’clock this Sunday morning, Gabriel summoned the archangels to his side and made ready to inaugurate the general resurrection of the termination of the Adamic dispensation on Urantia.

When the vast host of the seraphim and the cherubim concerned in this great event had been marshaled in proper formation, the morontia Michael appeared before Gabriel, saying:

“As my Father has life in himself, so has he given it to the Son to have life in himself. Although I have not yet fully resumed the exercise of universe jurisdiction, this self-imposed limitation does not in any manner restrict the bestowal of life upon my sleeping sons; let the roll call of the planetary resurrection begin.”

The circuit of the archangels then operated for the first time from Urantia.

Gabriel and the archangel hosts moved to the place of the spiritual polarity of the planet; and when Gabriel gave the signal, there flashed to the first of the system mansion worlds the voice of Gabriel, saying:

“By the mandate of Michael, let the dead of a Urantia dispensation rise!”

Then all the survivors of the human races of Urantia (earth)  who had fallen asleep since the days of Adam, and who had not already gone on to judgment, appeared in the resurrection halls of mansonia in readiness for morontia investiture. And in an instant of time the seraphim and their associates made ready to depart for the mansion worlds.

Ordinarily these seraphic guardians, onetime assigned to the group custody of these surviving mortals, would have been present at the moment of their awaking in the resurrection halls of mansonia, but they were on this world itself at this time because of the necessity of Gabriel’s presence here in connection with the morontia resurrection of Jesus.

Notwithstanding that countless individuals having personal seraphic guardians and those achieving the requisite attainment of spiritual personality progress had gone on to mansonia during the ages subsequent to the times of Adam and Eve, and though there had been many special and millennial resurrections of Urantia sons, this was the third of the planetary roll calls, or complete dispensational resurrections. The first occurred at the time of the arrival of the Planetary Prince (now known as Caligastia-the invisible celestial ruler of earth who later became a rebel to the universe administration of God), the second during the time of Adam, and this, the third, signalized the morontia resurrection, the mortal transit, of Jesus of Nazareth.

When the signal of the planetary resurrection had been received by the chief of archangels, the Personalized Adjuster of the Son of Man relinquished his authority over the celestial hosts assembled on Urantia, turning all these sons of the local universe back to the jurisdiction of their respective commanders. And when he had done this, he departed for Salvington (HQ worlds of Nebadon) to register with Immanuel the completion of the mortal transit of Michael. And he was immediately followed by all the celestial host not required for duty on Urantia. But Gabriel remained on Urantia with the morontia Jesus.

And this is the recital of the events of the resurrection of Jesus as viewed by those who saw them as they really occurred, free from the limitations of partial and restricted human vision.

[Passages in black font are directly quoted from the Urantia Book  while those in blue are my explanations and notes. To know more about this wonderful book of non human origin, visit my  urantia-India website. Reproduced with explanations for those interested in knowing more about the resurrection of Jesus Christ as Christians world over observe the lent season of fasting and prayers in this year, 2013 in commemoration of his death on the cross and subsequent resurrection.

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  1. Wonderfully written, I too travel the path of bringing light into the world via TUB knowledge.

    One of my recent blogs suggest TUB's account of Jesus' resurrection, absent the material body, is answer to the Shroud of Turin's existence.

    As a scientist, what are your thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Kathyrn,
      Thanks for responding and sharing your thoughts. I have glanced your writings at 'irrefutable truths' and has provided a link of that in my latest blog :I Feel the Urge to Become a Missionary of the Urantia Book !
      Now coming to your question about the Turin Shroud. I find the TUB account fully compatible with my logics. Moreover I do appreciate the essence of what TUB says at(187:2.9) "It was well that the Roman soldiers took possession of the Master’s clothing. Otherwise, if his followers had gained possession of these garments, they would have been tempted to resort to superstitious relic worship. The Master desired that his followers should have nothing material to associate with his life on earth. He wanted to leave mankind only the memory of a human life dedicated to the high spiritual ideal of being consecrated to doing the Father’s will."
      Hope it clarifies the issue pretty well.


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