Monday, March 30, 2015

Does Your Stray Dog Love Threatening Your Own Existence?

Stray dogs are becoming a big health hazard for the common people of India in the recent years. Their population is increasing geometrically as the time passes.

Dogs are the first among to get domesticated by the humans. Dogs as we encounter now are no more wild animals. They have the most desirable qualities among animals to be loved and cared by people. They are too loyal to their masters. Under normal circumstances they do no harm to the people who become friendly with them and take care of them.

Stray dogs are the breeds that have no specific human masters. Some irresponsible humans are the real cause for stray dogs. Domesticated dogs become stray when the human owners discard them and no more take care of them.

Some people do feed dogs and allow them to multiply. But they do not like to take the responsibility of keeping these animals well disciplined and trained under them. The neglected dogs escape to the streets to become stray dogs with no individual masters. When people feed them with waste food and other things, the population of these dogs increase. Since they do not have any human masters now, they slowly acquire their wild natures.

In almost all developed nations, there are rules and laws for people who keep animals like cats, dogs and the like in their residences and in their farms. The essential principle of these laws are to safeguard others from any possible threats from these animals.

So, if you are an animal keeper, you are primarily responsible for any damage or problem your pet might likely do to any other person or persons.

India too has such civic laws in place. But unfortunately, Indian laws and rules do not get implemented uniformly everywhere. It depends much on the whims and fancies of the enforcement authorities!

Some decades ago, there used to be a category of civic employees who are called 'dog catchers' whose job was to catch stray dogs within their jurisdictional areas. If there is an owner the owner used to be fined if a dog is caught wandering in public. If the dogs are found wandering as street animals, they used to be caught and destroyed by appropriate methods.

Of late, things have changed. As food security enhanced and living conditions improved among people, some intellectuals got more time to think about their animal cousins rather than their human cousins. They have become more and more compassionate to the former that they became social reformers whose efforts culminated in the enactment of laws that all of a sudden placed the animals above the humans! 

In the world today, there are more animal lovers than human lovers!

I am not implying that we should do injustice to the animals or even plants. But any law which is made without proper application of human wisdom would do more harm than good! Often our own lack of wisdom causes threats to our own lives!

How do you feel when the authority or authorities you approached for help and protection, while fully acknowledging your fears, express their inability to extent any help to you because of the existence of some idiotic rules and clauses that exist in a law that got passed by some ignorant law makers some decades ago? 

Not only you, any one in your position would feel as betrayed. Betrayed by a system that you have been thinking and hoping as one for the overall benefit of the human race that live in your part of the globe!

Some time ago I wrote a blog article in this forum titled: 

Stray Dog Menace in India-A Curse Inflicted Upon Indians By Meddling Bureaucracy, Insensitive Politicians and Pseudopetans!

Much of what I wanted to say on the growing menace of stray dogs in this country have been written in that.

I thought of writing about it again because of a breaking news item that I happen to view in one of the Malayalam News channels which reported the horror of stray dogs in some part of Kerala. The news reported groups of stray dogs killing domestic animals, attacking humans and the horror of rising rabies incidences in the recent years. A lady village panchayat president of one of the worst affected villages have been shown as expressing her inability to do any thing to kill these stray dogs because of the provisions of a national law. Yes, obviously she was referring to the infamous or famous Indian law: Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 as amended as Act 26 of 1982 and thereafter.

Anyone who kills or takes practical actions to eradicate the menace of stray dogs by killing them is likely to get arrested, punished and imprisoned by the application of certain provisions of this central law.

So, which state authority has the courage to violate such an act by taking actions to control stray dogs only to be accused as causing cruelty to animals? The law is after all above every thing and it has no eyes and ears (means it does not work on logical reasoning, but on mechanical interpretation of the statutes!)

To add to the complexities, there are growing numbers of shrewd fellows who are all willing to make any non-issue a big issue! The so-called animal lovers and human haters come in that group. I have called them the pseudo-petans. ( 'Peta' is the acronym for 'people for the ethical treatment of animals'). 

The illustrious media men and women who are compelled by their bosses to find sensational news items every day makes things worse. One day they lament the problem of stray dog menace while on the other day they shed tears for the same dogs getting starved or murdered!

In reality, there are always a group of  people who wish to come to the limelight using the modern media. They try to invoke human sentiments for various reasons including cheap publicity for achieving some larger vested interests. 

Will these Petans keep all the stray dogs in their homes? The law has caused the pet keepers to push their old, sick and unwanted animals to the streets or abandoning their pets when they are not in a position to keep and love them. If they kill their sick pets, they would be doing a serious offense. By abandoning their animals to the streets, they would be doing a lesser offense and would not be noticed. So many individual dog keepers adopt the latter method in India.

Then some other animal lovers feed these stray dogs with their waste food. Not because they love them, but because they do not have any civic authorities and facilities to dispose their wastes.

That causes the dogs to breed in the streets uncontrollably. Facing no natural threats, they keep breeding to become a nuisance to the public. When food become scarce, they attack other animals and even children. Lonely pedestrians and children become prey to these menacing canines.

The number of people bitten by stray dogs are increasing in India now. The city of Mumbai had over 82000 stray dog bite cases in 2012 and over 50% of the victims were children. The sterilization efforts of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation did not solve the stray dog menace, according to reports. Since the Maharashtra government has recently decided to  become tough with its anti cow slaughter and anti beef eating law, the Mumbai street dogs would likely feast on stray bovines in the coming days! Mumbai Petans can now rejoice and weep over this development, simultaneously!

Whether they rejoice or weep, all these things are good news for the pharmaceutical conglomerates that make the anti-rabies vaccines. The demand for these vaccines are on the rise. So also its costs. It is no longer affordable to the common people of India! One Delhi private hospital reportedly charged Rs.40,000/- for a dose of the anti-rabies vaccine!

The municipal corporation of the city where I live have recently arranged a team to catch some 20 dogs from the locality where I live. My locality in this state capital is a gated community having an area of about 0.5 square kilometers. We estimate the present population of stray dogs within this residential enclosure at about 150. 

The team performed the control measures as allowed as per the law and carefully transported those bleeding canines back and released them to the same area from where they were trapped, ensuring the so-called humane approach. Can any one be thought of so clever and efficient in trapping all the stray dogs and subject them to the legally admissible control measures? At least in this context, the stray dogs are cleverer than their human cousins!

You can well imagine the effectiveness of this legally admissible humane measure of canine control!

Some one asked me to give my suggestions also for the problems that I write in these blogs.

To them I tell this. My dear friend! I have no suggestions.

Everyone around has a better brain than me. They can find solutions if they think. I am writing these for  people to think.

Our real problem is when we refuse to think!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What Do You Really Understand By the Words Spirit, Spiritual and Spirituality? Who Is A Spiritual Personality?

For a majority of people the word spirit and its derivatives arise from various philosophical and religious concepts and give abstract meanings rather than indicating any thing real.

One dictionary gives the meaning of the word spirit as ' the vital principle or animating force within living things.

Another defines it as: a fundamental emotional and activating principle determining once's character. Alcoholic beverages are known as mild intoxication agents which cause changes in emotional and other character changes in people. For that reason, such beverages are called spirits. But these are not the only agents or principles that determine one's character and emotions!

Another meaning as defined tells like this: Any incorporeal (without material form) super natural being that can become visible or audible to human beings.

All these meanings have taken shape due to observations, experiences and analysis by intelligent and curious humans over the centuries. These conclusions are essentially assumptions because, these terms describe some conditions that humans can not directly prove as existing. They are beyond ordinary human comprehension!

Spiritual and spirituality are words commonly linked to human religions. In fact religions are more concerned with these words. There are also some men and women who are individually concerned with their spirituality and spiritual development without any religion coming into picture.

Many people do meditation, prayers and religious rituals for their spiritual growth and spiritual salvation.

Many believe that there is a spiritual part within every human which is called the 'soul' and the soul needs to be salvaged from either destruction or loitering around aimlessly after their bodies become dead and lifeless. 

Spirituality for them is the effort for salvaging the soul. The efforts could be meditation, yoga, prayers to God or gods, pooja, doing good deeds, offering to temples, churches and other places of worships and doing various other religious rituals and practices.

Some people believe in believing God essential for soul salvation. Atheists cannot salvage their souls, they claim. How can any one try to salvage some thing that they do not believe as existing?

For that matter, even God is presumed to exist in the spiritual realms, beyond the direct perception capacity of humans. Therefore, no one can prove or disprove the existence of God.

Same is with all things that are termed as spiritual.

But I have come to the conclusion that the word spirit is not merely arising out of any religious or philosophical hypothesis.

Spirit is some thing real. God is spirit and God is real.

So also is the case with all existences that are spiritual.

Modern science defines matter and energy and the possibility of their inter conversions. Matter can become material energies and material energies can transform to matter.

The sum total of matter and energy remains same while they happen to transform from one state to the other. Such inter conversions happen under certain specified conditions.

The famous Einstein's equation says that material energy equals the product of mass of material and the square of the velocity of light.

Yet we do not find all material or energies inter converting this way, except a few of the nuclear materials.

Anyway, matter and energy including all energy radiations are essentially forms of material energy. Matter is stored material energy while light, heat, electricity, etc are material energy in transit.

But what is this matter? Matter is nothing but a conglomerate of atoms arranged in various patterns.

But what are atoms?

Atoms are just dynamic groupings of just three fundamental particles, electrons, neutrons and protons, the smallest being the electrons.

But what happens when these electrons are further dissected? Though such a dissection is not very easy, our present day scientists have succeeded in doing that to some extent.

So, electrons also can be peeled off to a final naught. It is as if you peel the onion to come to a naught in the end.

In other words, electrons also unwind to some invisible energy. To put it differently, we can say that electrons are made up of minute energy concentrations comprising of energy that we are not familiar with. Let us call this energy concentrates as the 'God's particles' that build up the electrons.

Now these God's particles are the first form of matter or the most fundamental particle in the material energy realm. They are the ultimate result of our search for the most fundamental material particle. They are the 'ultimatons'!

Now, these ultimatons are to be made up of some thing. Some energy or force concentrate in some other precedent form that we are not familiar with.

And that energy is the spiritual energy. A real energy that is primordial to our material energy. You could have identified it with some other name as well. Perhaps our future scientists would call it in some other way suiting to their scientific method of nomenclature.

But this spiritual energy-or whatever you like to call it- is the original and most fundamental energy of the universe.

Since we are ignorant about it, some of our present day scientists call it the dark energy. I don't like that nomenclature. I prefer it to be called the spiritual energy. This energy is the predominant energy in the vast universe. It is more than 95% of all the energies of the universe. Our material energy is just about 5 % of the total universe energy.

Spiritual energy is the source of material energy and it existed even before material energy (both matter and its derivative energies) formed. The existence of spiritual energy cannot be directly perceived by those existing in a subordinate energy realm such as we humans.

Just as we, humans who exist in material energy realms are real, the spiritual energy realm is also real. Perhaps, more realistic because it is our source of existence and it is the major part of the universe.

Since our ultimate source of existence is derived from spiritual energy, we cannot perceive it with out physical sensory systems.

Material or physical senses are for matter and energy in the material realm. To sense, the spiritual energy we need some spiritual energy enabled tools or mechanisms.

In reality such tools or mechanisms exist within the human brain in a very limited manner. As brain ability is in varying degrees, the capacity to comprehend spiritual energy realms also exist in varying degrees in humans. Some have more ability while some have negligible.

God is the super personality and the living source that existed concurrently with the spiritual energy of the universe.

God is the super mind that kept acting over the spiritual energies. This supreme mind over spiritual energy caused the never ending creative processes of the universe.

Life is the dynamic feature that resulted and originally vested with God.

Life, personality , mind and the infinite spiritual energy that originally vested with God began to get distributed by the act of God resulting in the creation of innumerable spirit beings, spiritual energy abodes and later the material energy realms and the material beings.

It is an infinite act of an infinite power and hence cannot be comprehended by finite lower order creations fully.

Our inability to comprehend is not any logical reason for us to discard some thing very much in existence as non-existent.

That is simply foolish for any intelligent mind.

To conclude, spiritual energy realm is the source for the material energy realm. Material energy universe is a subset of the spiritual energy universe. 

Just as there are living beings in material energy realm, there are spirit beings in the spiritual energy realm.

Just as material energy and beings are real, spirit energy and spirit beings are also real. Perhaps the latter is more real than the former.

Intelligent living beings of numerous kinds  exist in the spiritual energy realm. Except God, all other spirit beings have an origin, but the majority of them do not necessarily have an end.

God is the Supreme Mind and Personality existing in the spiritual energy realm who does not have an origin or an end.

Only spirit beings can live everlastingly. They are essentially immortals so long as they do not violate the infallible laws of the Supreme Life Source.

Intelligent living beings also are numerous in the material energy realm as well. But all of them have an origin and an end. They are finite. Since they are finite, they are inherently not perfect in all matters.

Viewing in this manner, it could well be deduced that spiritual energy realm is superior to the material energy realm. Extending that logic further, we may deduce that spiritual living beings are superior to material living beings.

Matter and material energy are nothing but intelligent and complex, manipulative formations out of spiritual energy carried out by superior mind or minds that exist in the spiritual realms.

If matter is real, then spirit is also real. If there is no spiritual energy, there no material energy!

Formation and reversion of matter and material energies to and from spiritual energies could then be possible under universal techniques as framed by the Original Mind.

Transformation of lower personalities to higher levels and also from higher to lower could sometimes be possible!

The options and opportunities are tremendous!

And that is the beauty and the challenge that this vast universe poses before all intelligent personalities, superior or inferior, that happen to be in it!

[Did you read this: the mechanism of the mind?]

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

InFocus M2 Dual SIM 3G Mobile Phone: A Cute Handy Masterpiece Now in India!

A couple of days ago, I got the all new InFocus M2 Dual SIM 3G mobile phone delivered promptly at my residence by the courier. I got it in Ranchi by online purchase through SnapDeal.

I paid no money initially and I paid the courier by the Cash-On-Delivery (COD) mode. 

It costed me just Rs.5000/- ( in fact it was one rupee less!) and there was no packing, forwarding and delivery charges extra at my residence in Ranchi.

When I ordered the phone at the SnapDeal site the confirmation message informed that it would be delivered in about 7 days time. Surprisingly, it was delivered on the next day! 

Incidentally, SnapDeal is the only place where this mobile phone is available as on date in India! The new mobile company has given the exclusive marketing rights to SnapDeal, it seems!

The phone is too smart and cute with a very affordable price that I wanted to order one more. Unfortunately, SnapDeal informs me that it is soldout for the time being! It is reported in the media that the company sold 15000 units in the first three days of its launch in India through SnapDeal.

Perhaps they might make it available once the new stock gets in.

Now let me tell you the features that I find very compelling and innovative. [The detailed specification can be seen here!]

First and foremost, this mobile set has two adequately powerful cameras for its front and back. Both these cameras are 8 megapixel ones having independent flash facility.

So you can easily make reasonably good photos, panoramas, videos (even in High Definition or HD) not only what you see outside, but also those so-called 'selfies' of you and your dear ones together! Your InFocus M2 mobile does it all in one go! Reports say that its cameras are quite good. I fully agree.

Most importantly, this is the smartest phone for the selfie enthusiasts because of its 8 Megapixel front camera with face recognition, auto focus and auto flash features. Additionally, it has a unique auto click facility- the camera automatically takes the best picture while you keep adjusting your posture! No need to attempt a clicking and shaking!

The text, image, picture and video quality of this phone is quite good.
The mobile is as long as any big screen mobile phone of the 5 in sizes, but it is a bit smaller in width making its screen diagonal size smaller at 4.2 in. I would say it is indeed very good because the phone is just fitting your palm and yet, it has a large screen to view your photos and videos in the landscape position!

The back side is a bit curvy and it makes the phone easy to be held. But no such odd curves are there in the front and that is too elegant! The silver monogram of the company at the rear gives a decent look.

The performance is quite alright. I did not feel any sluggishness in its responses so far by operating it with its capacitive type touch screen display.

Very important for any smart phone user is its battery life. This phone has sufficiently big battery with over 2000 mA capacity which can easily go for two to three days with average use. I have actually observed its battery consumption much lower than other smart phones which I have been using. 

It has two SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) compatibility and both support 3G GSM (Global System for Mobile communications). As with the practice in most of the new versions of the smart phones, this phone also uses the micro SIM. Because of this I had to punch and cut my old large sized SIMs to enable them to fit into the flip-in type SIM slots of my new InFocus M2. Incidentally, my local mobile shop fellow did this free for me.

InFocus is an american company. The inexpensive but sufficiently smart phone model M2 now launched in India for the first time, is manufactured in its facility in China. This phone gives hassle-free smart phone experience to the middle income Indian consumers. They have now one more smart phone model to try. 

This phone has pre-loaded help texts which are of reasonably good standard.

For the Indian middle class users in mind, this phone has an additional 'Hinglish' (English of Hindi speaking Indians) facility in addition to its multilingual facilities.

It works with android 4.3.2 version operating system and all of the 'apk' (android application software) files that I downloaded could be installed and operated without any problems. 

I am not a games enthusiast. But, yet I find many of the commonly used game software work fine with this phone.

The phone has 1Gb RAM (Random-Access-Memory) and a built in 8 GB phone memory. Additionally it can support a micro-SD card up to 64 GB, a facility that is only available with the higher end phones now. Additionally, one may also use the cloud storage facility this phone offers.

I have just pushed in an old spare 16 GB SD card to my phone for the time being and it is working just fine.

To sum up, if you ask me whether I recommend this phone to any of my friends or relatives, I would say, yes provided they are not unduly over conscious about brands and do not have any easy money to throw away for the so-called high end branded consumer products!

I hope this product review might be helpful to some of my readers.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Is There Only One God or Are There Many Gods?

We on earth are mostly outwardly god-conscious people. Now-a-days, the percentage of people who do not believe in the existence of God are a very small minority. At least that is what I perceive.

But, during my childhood and teenage days, apparently, the numbers of the so-called rationalists were on the rise as science was making inroads in to human thought processes. I do not know whether these rationalists were truly atheists or not. But they were surely were active against exposing the god-men the various religious superstitions. Prominent among them in those days was Late Prof.Dr.Abraham Kovoor, a Sri Lankan national with his family roots linked to my own maternal family in my home state, Kerala. I remember an occasion to interact with him in a rationalist meet organised in Trichur in the mid 1970's when I was an engineering student. 

However, as science advanced and organized religion became commercialized, the majority of people lost interest in atheism and rationalism. The media explosion in later years successfully out shadowed the rationalists and the so-called atheists. At least that is the situation that I find in India now. Perhaps this could be due to the inability of science to explain many spiritual phenomena convincingly or due to the increasing reluctance of the people not to get involved in things about which they are not so sure!

So, now we have a situation where more and more people are convinced about the existence of God. 

The only difference is the manner in which people comprehend or visualize God. 

For some, God is more or less like a saintly human with some ability to read mind and do miracles. For many, God is only one and for many others God has many forms. Many prefer to visualize God as an image or an idol with mysterious powers invoked.

Yet for some other humans, God is formless and invisible.

But most humans believe in God and in the existence of God. God is truly the creator of every thing and the provider of life.

Yet, people are too possessive about God. They want their god as their own personal possession. Treating one's god with disrespect is the highest crime called blasphemy! Everyone believes their own God is the only true god and all others' gods are false. 

Many are willing to fight, kill and get killed for their own god. Many are willing to share a good part of their earnings for their own god. They don't mind giving 10% to god when god gives 100%!

It is very interesting to watch people and their varying degrees of physical commitments to their own god or gods.

All believe that God is all powerful. At the same time they are willing to do anything to protect their own god or gods!

I believe in God. I truly believe that God is the source for my life. What I understood about God with my limited mind capacity, I have presented earlier in this blog site. 

But how many gods are there? Is God only one as some insist? Is God a three-in-one as some others say? Are there many gods as some others believe?

Let me ask you a counter question? Are you one or many? When you talk about you, where are you really? In your brains or in your heart? Or in your stomach or your eyes? Are you in your head or in your body? What about the numerous bacteria that live within you to make your digestive system work? What about the billions of living cells within you? If you visualize you as your head or body, you are one. If you visualize you in your brain, you are two. If you visualize you in the billions of cells, you are many. But really, where are you? How will you define yourself?

Your legs are parts of you. But can you say your legs are you? 

Getting confused?

What makes your cell phone? The hardware or the software or the various parts or the various codes? 

You believe that God created you. Then what was the role of your parents? God also created your neighbor and his or her parents. That way you, your parents, your neighbor, his or her parents are all children of God. That means you and your parents are siblings!

Again getting confused?

At some remotest eternity, only one God existed. At that eternal time, God was One and was not a Creator. He was perhaps father to none. 

But at some later eternity, God caused Himself to divide, making the existing One into Two. And later into Three. This initial three are the original three deities or the Trinity. This was the original creative act of Deity One. Later this Three began to function individually and jointly causing a series of creative acts which resulted in the existence of several divine personalities. 

All those creative acts that happened prior to the creation of the space and time that we understand now are the eternal creative acts. All those got into existence directly by the act of either Deity One or the Trinity are divine beings. 

Immortal beings also got created later after the creation of the material universes as well. All these beings have some delegated responsibilities and powers in the creation and management of the vast universes. All are divine and could be considered as gods by the lowly humans.

But even these gods do not want them to be worshiped as gods. They too worship the First Source, the Universal Father or Deity One as God. Those divine being who are of eternal origin and are directly created by the First Source or the Trinity are superior divine beings than those who came into existence later.

All divine beings are not equal. They are different and have various prerogatives, powers and responsibilities. Those divine beings directly originated from the First Source or the Trinity for superior creative or administrative functions are perfect beings whose thoughts and acts are perfectly in synchronization with their parents. Hence they too are equivalent to God or the Trinity God for all beings who came into existence later. The numbers and types of divine beings are enormous. They exist for various purposes.

There also exist various other subordinate celestial beings who were created in the past after the creation of the material universes.

Creation keeps happening. Material beings and celestial beings are getting created even now.

There are living beings whose origins are directly linked to God and there are also living beings whose origins are through indirect acts of God or His subordinate divine beings.

Even among the humans, there are superior and inferior ones. Some are with more power while some others are rulers of nations.

While they are all representatives of God, they cannot be considered as equals to God. They are to be given due respect. But they are not to be worshiped as God. Since all immortal invisible beings are superior to humans, humans are likely to view the deeds of all such beings (if at all they perceive it!) as originating from God!

But divinity exists in immortals and mortals, but in varying degrees. The farther the living being from God, the lower its divinity status.

Even you and me have some divine power within us. Hence we should respect and love each other. But that does not mean that we deserve to be worshiped. Only God, the supreme Deity One, is the source of everything. All beings ought to worship and love Him because of that.

All material what we see are created by God with the active assistance of myriads of divine beings. They all reflect the creative spirit of the gods. But they are not to be objects of worship, though they ought to be admired.

Incidentally, my favorite book of divine revelation is the only source which gives the detailed knowledge about the various orders of divine beings and the manner in which the universe is created, organized and administered. If you have the spiritual curiosity, you may perhaps venture to search this site to learn more about it.

So what is the conclusion? Is there only one God or many? How much you know about God or the gods? What are our relationship with the divine entities? 

What? Why? How? What difference such knowledge would make in my life or in your life? 

I leave it to your judgement. 

But let me quote an admonition to the humans of earth by the celestial authors of my favorite book of divine revelation:

"It is an incorrect reasoning for any group of religious adherents to consider their faith as the only true faith or belief. If they believe so, it only shows their religious arrogance. All earthly religions have some truths in them. It would be better if humans explore to find the best of their neighbors' religious faith rather than denouncing the worst in their superstitions and rituals!"

It is from page 1012 and I took the liberty to make the language a bit simpler.

Let the divine part in you enlighten you with the spiritual curiosity! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What is the Root Cause of Corruption in India?

Corruption is a global phenomena now in our world. But the degree of corruption as perceived varies from nation to nation. The following gives the graphic depiction of what the global corruption watchdog agency-Transparency International (TI)- has found out about the current status of the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for the various nations.

[You may place the cursor on the country map to read the CPI data as published by TI for 2014. You can move the map by pressing down the cursor and moving it!]

The lower the score, the better the country with regard to corruption. The yellow regions in the map show the nations with the least corruption.

Every individual could have their own interpretation and views regarding corruption. For some, it is not any grave issue. For some it is the gravest problem. And yet for many others, it is just an unavoidable part of human culture and civilization and perhaps there are no solutions.

After all what is corruption? When someone, delegated with some authority or responsibility to do a public service, does something associated with that public service for gaining any undue benefit for self or for someone of his or her preferred choice, then perhaps that act amounts to corruption.

Let us consider a few examples:

You go to a police station to register a first information report (FIR) on a police complaint. The officer on duty make excuses and demands some personal favor (money or something else) for doing the work he was supposed to do as a public servant. Here he or she is using the delegated power for making some personal benefit. It is an act of corruption.

You go to a railway ticket booking counter and find there are several people in the line. Obviously, you may have to wait for your turn and there is the possibility that you may not get your seat or berth booked at all. You try to influence the booking clerk through some one by offering some extra money and the clerk does that for you preferentially to oblige your extra payment. It is corruption.

The school teacher keeps on harassing your child in the school for some reason or the other always compelling you to personally meet her and make a friendship. She requests some help which you are in a position to do and obliges. Your child's problem in the school ends. Another form of corruption!

A public contract is notified. Your company sees the potential business opportunity and wants to participate and get the contract. A few among the decision makers hints about you shelling out some big commission money in an indirect manner if your company wins the contract. If you don't, you may perhaps be shunted out. If you oblige, you would be facilitated to get the award. Another kind of corruption.

You apply for some government permit or sanction under some law to operate your company. No decisions taken and you are asked for various kinds of clarifications from time to time. But when you shell out some money and some other personal gratification things to the benefit of the the concerned authorities, your work is done. 

The list is endless. In a highly corrupt country, almost all public services have some corruption link. All levels of decision making are perceptibly corrupt!

Now what happens when a country is highly corrupt this way? The cost of running any business goes up due to the unaccounted money that get in the system leading the black economy.

The cost of goods and services go higher. Public services like roads, schools, hospitals, railways etc become inadequate or poorly managed. The competency of people to undertake any work keeps deteriorating. A good majority of people become jobless or poorly paid.

Employment generation takes a beating due to the difficulty of setting up businesses and also due to the inadequate returns on investments. Risk involved in doing honest business increases. 

The normal life become very difficult unless you have some connections with the powerful people. Justice to individuals never truly happens! 

Trust among people deteriorates as more and more people try dishonest methods on the false assumption that it is essential for survival. People becomes divided and democracy causes incompetent and dishonest persons to rise up in leadership positions to worsen the situation year after year.

Now what is the root cause of all this?

Is it over population as some people say?

Is it the greed of the people?

Is it the lack of proper education?

Perhaps all these may be true.

I would say it is the fear of the people. The fear of the unknown.

Corruption perpetuates when people becomes fearsome.

So fear causes the minds of individual to become corrupt. Fear of the fellow being causes a man or woman to become selfish and selfishness results in the adoption of corrupt acts. Selfish people do want to live even at the cost of others generating greed. They seldom realize that they too perish after some time!

And lack of that realization is ignorance and ignorance causes corruption.

Whatever be the fear, t is essential to find the causes of that fear.

How to remove it?

Fear is the characteristic feature of cowards. Brave men and women are not fearful and courage comes from true knowledge.

When the society has more cowards, it tends to become corrupt. A society with courageous people cannot be perpetually corrupt!

Courage develops through true education both formal and informal. True education can only be possible when individuals, families and the society understand its true meaning and purpose!

And to understand it well, the individuals need to have sound bodies and sound minds. Partially developed individuals with imperfect bodies and minds cannot understand the true meaning of education and its true purpose!

A fully developed mind is capable of discerning the divine guidance that differentiate between good and bad.

So the root cause of corruption is due to imperfect bodies and minds of individuals making them fearful cowards.

Eradicate poverty, able bodied men and women would emerge.

Educate the able bodied men and women, their minds would become strong and fear would disappear.

Once the fear goes, they no longer be selfish, suspicious or greedy.

They no longer need to be corrupt!

Every one in the society needs to introspect, if they feel corruption is really a menace of their society.

You know what is to be done now!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Why Schools in Indian Cities take Cash Donation for Pre-Primary Admissions?

Is it really so? You may ask if you do not have a child to be admitted to the schools and if you do not happen to live in any big Indian city.

But ask the young parents who live in the Indian metros. In private conversations they curse the Indian government and the city school managements and complain about the blackmailing and the exploitation that the big city Indian schools keep on perpetuating. Education is not allowed to be run a any business in India. Education is reserved for the so-called societies and trusts to be carried out on a non-profit basis. The schools of India in the private domain have to be run only by non-profit societies and trusts set up in the guise of charity , religion or social empowerment!

School fees in the past in India, both in the private and in the government run institutions used to be very negligible and no one made any profit by running these institutions. In the private, it used to be almost a social service and a philanthropic service.

But the situation changed in the past two decades. Governments pulled away from urban education and created situations for the private schools to charge heavy fees. The private schools which have been in existence for many decades having all the necessary infrastructure became the immediate beneficiaries as large sums began to flow to their coffers as fees.

The convents and all those minority cash starved educational institutions of India soon became cash rich, attracting the clever ones in their lot to get in to the managements of these institutions. The priests, the bishops and such others from other religions who have educational institutions all became more and more influential and powerful. They set the example to clever individuals to set up charitable educational societies and educational institutions under their respective banners.

Education soon have turned out to be a big profit business without any one any time to pay any taxes or to be accountable to any one! To their merriment, India soon was having a growing population of young parents whose average incomes stood several times higher than the average incomes of the rest-of-India. These higher income neo-middle class gained from the digital economy and the dollars that flowed from the West.

The digital economy parents are fortunate people in the eyes of the rest-of-India.

Many of them are the new-age employees of shining India. Several of them have been employed fortunately by the so-called multi-national companies whose managements do not exploit them to the extent that their India only company managements do with regard to their salaries and perks. Obviously their salaries and perks do make them objects of envy by the rest-of-India.

They are considered to be better educated as they are comfortable in communicating in English- the language of the Indian 'elitists' and they have all the reasons to believe that their prosperity is due to English. So, naturally they are not prepared to forgo English at any cost. They want their children too to be well versed in English and maintain their enviable status in the society.

Unfortunately for them, they are a minority and they are not the vote bank for the Indian politicians. They may be good communicators in the social media of Facebook, Twitter and the like. But the Indian politicians have been shrewd enough to realize the insignificance of these digital economy middle class as far as the election and the vote bank politics are concerned.

So whether they like it or not, the Indian politicians and the Indian socio-religious outfits keep on exploiting them well. 

The elite schools and the elite home builders of the metros began to extract a good part of the money the digital employees have been making. Education and housing have become the two things through which this clandestine extraction worked!

The tri-corner clandestine nexus between the Indian administration, the Indian education barons and the Indian housing barons drains the fortunes of the highly paid Indian neo middle class MNC employees. But the best part about this was the ignorance of the inflicted to realize about it!

It is like the leach sucking the blood painlessly! 

So, how much money you paid for getting your only child to the Indian city school which bears the name of a saint of the past? (many of these so-called well- to- do' s of India have only one child because they are too conscious of the expenses involved!)

Oh, the fees are not very much, it is affordable. Many of them might say in public as they are also too conscious of the status damage their irresponsible complaints could cause!

It is only about Rs.10000/- per month, they might explain. You see, these schools do not allow the child to speak other than in English and they take so much attention to erase the child's mother tongue that had gone in to its brains by mistake! This is a very difficult task indeed and a big service that the school is doing for such a small fee! There are many more expenses for these schools and that is why they are expensive. Some of them might even become staunch supporters of these school managements!

But what happens to the huge sums they collect? What happens if you do not have the money? Indirectly, these schools are allowed to become bench markers for school education costs in India. Let us do a simple arithmetic:

The school is collecting Rs.10000/-x 50 = Rs.0.5 million per month from the parents of fifty odd pre-primary children who have not yet begun their formal class-I learning! 

How many divisions of classes one such school has? How much money such a school would be collecting for a month for all the classes up to senior secondary level? 

If on the average, there are five sections of 50 students for each class, the school would be having (2+10+2)x5x50=3500 students. That is the average strength of any such school. But many of the city schools run in two shifts and have more than double that strength of students. So what is the money they collect in an year as fees? Even if you take the lower fee of Rs. 2500/- an Indian city school with 3500 children collects about 10 million rupees as annual fees. Imagine those who collect more fees and with more children!

How much would be their expenditure? Most of the schools that exist for a few decades have got the land and the infrastructure almost free because of their religious charity status. No doubt they keep improving their infrastructure just to woo the gullible status- over-conscious parents! But the teachers they have are not any extra ordinary souls of extreme caliber! Most of these schools have just ordinary Indian folks as teachers who are paid a monthly salary which could be equivalent to the fee paid by just 5-10 children! Many such schools also do not pay a salary at par with the government run schools in the Indian villages!

But they do have a high profile principal and a few other high status displaying lady teachers who talk English in some artificial style. They are trained to treat the parents according to the latter's social and monetary standing. And that works perfect for the status over-conscious parents that they easily fell to the trap laid by the schools!

Invariably all these schools adopt more or less the same methodology to fool the gullible parents. Remember, they are not hapless parents, but gullible ones! They are party to make the traps to which they jump!

When they go to the school to meet the principal, they are stopped at the gate by a security guard in uniform only to be told that the principal does not meet parents. The first thing these parents have to do therefore is to try some influence to get an appointment to meet such a principal who is projected as more than the Chief Minister of the state! The more the difficulty, the more is the status of the school! The status conscious Indian parent should not have any complaints in this context.

Once the parent gets to meet the principal, he or she would be told about the the government rules that make it difficult for the child to get to this school. This is to assess the parents' eagerness to get the child admitted to this school. 

The clever school principal and his team are professionals who know pretty well how to tackle the parents. The artificial majesty of their office and the sharp care-least attitude make all the difference! 

To the gullible parent who fell in their trap would be told about the method of procuring the admission forms at high costs (usually in the thousands), the type of tests, interviews and the various kinds of fees that are collected with receipts. The child is going to be trained in all trades and tricks to be a winner in this competitive world! And all such trades and tricks are pretty expensive to be taught!

Then they inform about the most important fee- the lump sum one time donation that they should shell out for maintaining the great school in its grandeur!  And of course, the latter money has to be paid in cash and there would not be any cash receipt! After all faith is all that you need in this kind of a business! 

And how much is this faith fee? Nothing much for the affluent Indian parent who draws a take home salary of more than Rs.100000/- per month! It is just peanuts ranging from Rs. 150,000 to Rs. 500,000/- only! This is the current applicable rate in the various metro, semi metro cities of India as in 2015 as I have learnt about it! If the parent has approached through any influential person, then usually a rebate up to 50% might be offered!

Will they accept a banker's cheque or a demand draft? No, no! Only cash here! But how to get cash when the government says not to do any transactions above Rs.20,000/- in cash? Will not amount to an illegal activity? 

The school authorities are least bothered and they do not seem to accept the government restrictions regarding cash transactions! And why should they? What happens to the huge cash (unaccounted black money) they collect this way? 

No Indian politician so far has got the courage to change this! They simply do not see this happening right in front of their noses. And why should they when the parties involved in these transactions have no grievance at all! 

Is it my imagination? Read this article which appeared in the Hindu a couple of years ago. The situation keeps worsening year after year!

When business minded people grab the opportunity to make money through education exploiting the peoples' sentiments, it is understandable. At least, they have to create the infrastructure for the school by spending money from their pockets or by taking loans from the banks.

Many Christians do contribute money for their churches and missionary organizations to set up and run schools, educational institutions and hospitals for the benefit of the society. Sharing some thing good that they have with others is considered as a life mission of a Christian, regardless of what good is shared-material good or spiritual good! They are supposed to do both. For various reasons, this missionary zeal is often misunderstood!

An elite Christian School in Jharkhand spends their surplus 
to provide educational facilities to the poor tribal children.
A march past of the tribal children in the campus of the elite school!

But it really makes me sad when people tell about the acts of some Christian priests and nuns who resort to illegal money making in the guise of education in this nation.

Now how can they be any different when the whole society is immersed in corruption? One may ask!

What could we do? What can be done?

I do not say that we do not need good quality schools. Education is very important and every child in this country needs to get quality education. But at the same time we should not attempt dividing our society and our children into elites and non-elites, the same mistake some of our forefathers have done.

We should not expose our children to the dirty face of corruption in the same place where they are going to mold their characters. What are we going to tell our children about morality when the principal of their school is the one who takes illegal money for getting them admissions?

Why do we have principals' offices in pomp when the teachers of the same school share the same room and the same furniture with little luxury? Why some principals are paid exorbitant salaries and perks while several of their counterparts in other schools are not?

Why can't the schools publish their audited accounts to all those who are concerned with the schools, the parents and the public at large. Why can't they be accountable?

The government of India recently has proposed to bring private companies in the purview of the anti-corruption laws. Will they do it for the private educational institutions? 

Will the government dare to raid some schools to find unaccounted money in cash kept in the schools just as they do for the business houses? 

It is not so easy. The schools have great influential power because they are dealing with the children of influential people. By shrewd manipulation they have learnt the tricks of satisfying the powers that be. The more shrewd their management, the more influential the school!

It is getting too close to what is called crony capitalism. At least some in India are getting too happy about it!

Fortunately this crony capitalism is not the invention of India. Indians are just imitating those whom they now consider as successful in achieving material prosperity. With time all of them would realize their follies!

I am compelled to quote an optimistic warning that the authors of my favorite book of life guidance give:

"Humans should get a vision of a new and higher cultural society. Education would jump to new levels of value with the passing of the purely profit motivated system of economics. Education on earth has long been localistic, militaristic, ego-exalting and success-seeking. It must eventually become world-wide, idealistic, self-realizing and cosmic grasping. The control of education is being passed from the hands of the clergy to the hands of businessmen now. Eventually it must shift into the hands of philosophers and scientists. Teachers would eventually become free beings and  real leaders. Search for wisdom would eventually become the chief motive behind all educational pursuits".

Hopefully, the present age problems of education is temporary in nature and it would refine to good in the years to come!

Note Added on 16th March 2015

At last the government of India seems initiating some actions in this context. In today's Hindustan Times Online there is this news titled: Special team probing black money set to crack down on unaccounted funds in education sector.  The news reports: 'A private study by the Mumbai-based Centre for Research and Prevention of Computer Crimes in 2014 said the business of education generates Rs 48,400 crore of black money annually' (in India!). 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

What was the Apple that Eve Ate and Adam Shared?

What was the prohibited fruit that Eve ate and shared with her male partner Adam to become the so-called first sinners of earth? Was it an apple or something else?

Many people who keep learning the Bible story are puzzled and sometimes even question the truthfulness of the Bible on account of this.

In this blog, I am trying to unveil the truths about the Adam and Eve story. But before that we should recapitulate and have some clarity of thought about the whole thing. 

Adam and Eve (or Adam and Hawwa' or ആദാമും ഹവ്വയും in Malayalam) are well known legendary characters whose story appear in the religious books of Jews, Christians, Muslims and even several other religious offshoots and belief systems that we have in the world today.

The Bible and the Koran introduce them as the first created humans. There are innumerable religious articles about Adam and Hawwa by Islamic scholars.  Similar articles on Adam and Eve by Christians are also in huge numbers.  

The eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism and their offshoots have other versions regarding human origin. The Hindu Puranas talk about Purusha and Manu. The Hindu scholars have their detailed interpretations based on the ancient Sanskrit scriptures. 

The rational scientists do not believe such stories and poo-poohs them as adaptations from imaginative folklore from the ancient past. Obviously, several scientists do get confused by religious beliefs. As a result of what they learnt in science which contradicts their religious learning, some of them are compelled to write their own interpretations and theories as could be seen in this article defending the evolution theory of creation.

So long as human knowledge remains limited and imperfect, these kinds of arguments for and against one's belief and convictions keep happening. The scientific and religious arguments keep escalating on such issues where human knowledge and comprehension face challenges in the egoistic human mind!

Now let us examine the Adam and Eve story with an open mind.

We have now scientific fossil evidences that suggest that humans have been in  existence on earth perhaps for a million years.

There are also gene mapping evidences which corroborates in the genetic origin research establishing more than one ancient parentage for the present day human population on earth.

The present day humans have different blood groups and the characteristic Rh-factor divides humans into two distinct classes as Rh positive and Rh negative. Here, Rh means the Rhesus factor. It is named after the human blood constituent that is also found in the blood of the present day Rhesus monkeys

The majority of human population today, to the order  of over 90%, are of Rh positive type. That means they have the blood constituent that is also found in the blood of the Rhesus monkeys. 

How did they get this monkey factor in their bloods?

Another minority of world population of less than 10% do not have this rhesus monkey blood constituent in their bloods. They are called the negative blood types. 

[See a typical blood group distribution as published by the Stanford Blood Center. Note the rarity of the negative blood groups!]

If all the humans on earth originated from the same Adam and Eve or the same parentage, the type of blood group variations should not have existed.

The two Rh blood groups really work as if they are different species altogether. 

For example, an Rh-negative woman impregnated by an Rh-positive man develops pregnancy related complications. She can give birth to Rh-negative children without much difficulty, but if her first baby is Rh-positive, she would face natural abortion and severe health problems in subsequent pregnancies. 

On the other hand, Rh-positive woman conceiving from an Rh-negative man does not pose any problems of this kind. Fortunately modern medical science has developed some cure for this problem. Read about it here!

But in the natural way, Rh-positive men are not compatible to Rh-negative woman as their husbands.  But Rh-negative men becoming husbands of either Rh-negative or Rh-positive women is not against the natural law of procreation that we find today in humans.

Research have found more interesting details about the Rh -ve blood type which you may read by searching the internet.

Why do we have this situation? Why does nature apparently try to enhance the number of Rh-negative population this way?

Modern day genetics have established that the Rh-positive factor has been in existence for a million years from now. Genetic research studies have now established that the Rh-negative factor got introduced in human blood only some 35000-40000 years ago. 

All these and some peculiar features of Rh-negative people have been a point of much discussion among the scientists and the common folks for quite some time now. Many people have even theorized that the Rh-negative people have alien or other mysterious origins. One such wild imaginative theory is called the reptilian theory. Such theories about the Rh-negative blood group now flood the world wide web of the internet. 

There are some scientists who postulate that Rh-negative occurred as a result of gene mutation. But they fail to explain the peculiar natural preference that is quite obviously established in propagating Rh-negative offspring in human population about which I wrote above. 

So what are the obvious facts?

First, humans are divided into two general classes according to their blood types as (+) ve and (-) ve. Over 90 % of the world population is with Rh (+) ve blood.

Secondly, Rh (-) ve blood types are a minority in the world population. However, there exists a natural tendency that tries to enhance the population of the Rh (-) ve types. Perhaps, the Rh -ve types are slowly increasing in world population.

What we can further deduce from this? Rh-positive blood type humans have been in existence for a million years on earth and they have some thing in common with the Rhesus monkeys. 

Perhaps they have originated by evolution.

The Rh-negative blood got introduced in humans at a much later stage some 30,000-40,000 years ago and there after some new natural law works to enhance the population of the negative types.

Yes, that could be the truth. And this truth is fully endorsed by the revealed truth that is given in my favorite book authored by non-humans. (Explore this site for more information!) And this book also explains the truths about the reality of immortal non-humans and the reality of the divine administrative set up of the universes as well!

Now let me briefly tell you the story (the authors stress that it is not any imaginative story, but the truth. I have reasons to believe that assertion!)  of Adam and Eve that I learnt from this book:

Humans are intelligent beings with a short limited biologic life span and they exist in thousands of other planets in the universe where biologic life forms can nourish. They are created under a divine plan adopting an evolutionary path called controlled evolution.

Controlled evolution means generating life from complexly designed bio molecules and progressively push them forward under divine supervision to develop into various kinds of biologic life forms by making intermittent changes in their genetic codes in tune with the physical evolution of the planet concerned. 

But all the life forms follow certain design patterns with divine approvals. 

The divine control for gene mutations keeps on reducing till humans with advanced brain functions get evolved by this controlled evolutionary technique spanning millions of years. The genetic mutation caused by divine life creating agencies in the controlled evolutionary process stops fully after the first human life evolves.

Humans evolved in any evolutionary planet like earth share some common genetic features of their animal ancestors. A living being becomes human when it has acquired a desirable level of brain capacity and intelligence besides the ability to receive certain basic divine communication inputs. 

A human as evolved in any evolutionary world in the universe physically looks more or less similar, though there could be many bodily differences with regard to their physiology and anatomy depending upon the peculiar environment of their evolutionary planet where they are supposed to live. For example, there are humans elsewhere who can fly like birds. There are also humans who do not take their oxygen supplies by breathing like we earth humans do. Invariably all humans walk on two legs! Some humans are single brained, some are dual brained (like we earth humans) and some are three brained!

The initial biologic features of humans are their capability for surviving harsh living conditions of their evolving planet. They are provided with intelligence and wisdom for establishing their own civilization and culture independently. However, the superior divine administration oversees their progress and provides either direct or indirect guidance from time to time.

All intelligent beings, mortal or immortal, biologic or non-biologic, as created by God by any method are all beings with independent decision making powers! Whether they use that choice properly is also left to their choice!

Since humans are inherently not perfect beings, they are bound to make errors while making their choices and decisions. However, they are given the ability to learn corrections and enhance their knowledge by life experiences.

Adams are another kind of biologic living beings who are divinely designed and created by a non-evolutionary route. 

They exist in planets which are specially designed and created for them. They do not face death under normal circumstances and live for thousands of years. They are immortal biologic personalities. They appear similar to human beings of earth but with some difference. 

The following are some of their general features:

They are taller and stands on the average about 8-9 ft tall. They reproduce by sexual reproduction. While their males are adams, their females are eves. They do not die naturally like humans of earth. They live for thousands of years. But physical accidents can cause them physical death. They are blue-eyed and their skin color is violet. They have the least hair growth on their bodies as compared to earthly humans.

They get living energy by two methods. They can eat food for energy needs. But they can also live by absorbing energy radiations such as light just as the plants do. But they are strictly vegans. They do not eat meat or flesh. They only consume fruits of plants that are available in their home planets. Their planets also do have plants and animals for various purposes. Though they reproduce by sexual means, they do not enhance their population uncontrollably. They do it according to their developmental plans.

They have advanced brains with higher brain functions than earth humans. They are capable of seeing (visualizing) and communicating with certain higher order living beings who exist in non-material realms. Thus they are capable of understanding more about God and the divine administrative plans of the universes. By living for thousands of years they master and acquire much knowledge of the physical worlds. They are strictly monogamists and remain as one male-female pair always while they live in their own planet. They are the lowest order of intelligent creatures directly created by the divine beings unlike humans of evolutionary planets (such as earth) who are the lowest order of intelligent beings indirectly created by the controlled evolutionary technique.

Under the divine plan of things, at some time in the natural evolution of a planet with human life forms, an Adam and Eve pair who live in the nearest adamic planet would be brought to the human planet. Such a feat is fully in accordance with a universal plan and it keeps happening elsewhere in the vast universe of ours in other evolutionary planets where human-like beings establish life.

Remember, evolutionary human origin planets and planned non-evolutionary planets of the adams are not one or two in the vast universes. They are in millions! Of course, they are separated by cosmic distances of several light years. Hence it is impossible for any of these beings to visit even their nearest planet of life by any of the physical means that they might invent by their own intelligence. 

Inter planetary travel by physical beings are impossible with the use of physical means of transport! Obviously, there is no question of aliens visiting our planet travelling in their spacecrafts. Alien flying saucer stories that we commonly hear or read about are results of human imagination and cannot be true! We, humans have brilliant story making brains. We are capable of making a mountain out of a molehill!

However, divine orders of living beings who exist in higher realms of energy forms (non-material energy forms) do possess the means of interplanetary travel at speeds several times greater than light. Some of the divine beings also possess the ability to de-materialize physical beings and transport them to other planets. However, this happens only very rarely and it requires the approvals of the divine administration of the universes. Transportation of an Adam and Eve couple from an adamic planet to an evolutionary human planet happens by this method.

So, a pair of Adam and Eve volunteers to go to an evolving human planet at an appropriate time of human developmental progress. That way our earth got a pair of Adam and Eve from the nearest adamic planet some 38000 years ago. They were brought to earth by the de-materialization technique and materialized back to their original form by the coordinated work of a group of divine beings deputed for that task.

This Adam and Eve were supposed to give superior leadership to the evolving humans of earth and nurture them to higher civilization under their leadership. They were visible to the humans and since they did not die like the tribes of humans, the humans would have naturally become loyal to these superior beings (had they continued according to the original plans!) 

As a matter of fact, they would have remained as the supreme rulers of earth till earth reached its ultimate developmental plan. They would have taught the humans the superior science, art, philosophy and the knowledge about the divine administration of the universe. They would have taught the humans the purpose of their life according to the universal plans of God. They would have ignited the human curiosity and creativity and also nurtured their weak understanding of God to the ultimate true worship of God. 

They would have turned the whole of the evolutionary earth to the beauty and grandeur more or less similar to their own non-evolutionary planet from which they came within a few thousand years with the help of the millions of humans who got trained under their superior leadership and who remained as their loyal followers.

To grasp higher knowledge, higher intelligence and brain capacity is needed. The evolutionary humans of earth have certain physiological limitations with regard to their brain capacities due to their animal origin. In other words, all evolutionary humans had the 'mark of the beast' or the traits and weakness of their animal cousins in them in varying degrees. 

The evolutionary humans of earth would have needed a better brain to develop in their future generations so that they could grasp higher wisdom, truths and knowledge. 

The divine purpose of transporting these original pair of Adam and Eve to earth also encompassed a plan to achieve such a biological uplift among the future generations of earthly humans. 

According to this plan, the original Adam and eve were to multiply on earth and make their own racial community within a few thousand years time. Once they establish as a worshipful community for the rest of the evolving tribal humans of earth, there was to begin an era where earthly humans desired their daughters to get married to the superior males of the adamic community on earth. With that, there was to have a second phase of development to the humans of earth where the future generations of earthly humans becoming a mix of evolutionary humans and the adamic stock. At some later years after the arrival of the original adamic couple, the earth would have become wholly descendants of the original Adam and Eve. By that time the 'mark of the beast' that the earthly evolutionary humans had in their genetic structures would have been gainfully erased by the superior genetic factor that they got from the small adamic community that established on earth!

Such descendants would have some of the desirable physiological up-gradation especially with regard to their brain functions. They would have been in a position to understand and appreciate higher thoughts of wisdom and knowledge. That would have enabled a faster progress of human civilization on earth according to the divine plans. The conflicts among earthly humans on account of their widely varying understanding levels would have ceased!

Unfortunately, this biological up-gradation plan that is universal in the universe for all human origin planets, did not happen according to the divinely approved plans, for our earth. The Adam and Eve who came to earth were directly responsible for this failure. In reality they were cleverly misguided! (That is another part of the story!)

The adamic couple who volunteered to come to earth on the divine mission deviated from their divine mandate due to certain errors of judgement and decision making. This had happened even after they receiving clear instructions about the do's and don'ts in their voluntary mission well in advance.

What did they do, after all?

Adam and Eve had the ability to visualize and communicate with the lower order immortal beings who happened to be on earth for various purposes. Remember, the universe administration of God is effected through various means and immortal beings invisible to humans are also part of the said administrative system.

Due to some reason Eve got convinced that the so-called biologically enhanced human progeny could be brought into existence much quicker if they intermix with the evolutionary humans immediately rather than waiting for hundreds or thousands of years. 

Our anxieties and impatience cause us to violate the divine plans. We often forget the existence of God, and His superior wisdom and act on our own judgement to commit gross errors! This keep happening with most of us. Often we fail to seek the approval of God before implementing our own decisions. God does not demand that. But being the children of God, it is our duty. Moreover, there are lesser chances for us to commit error when we seek superior guidance!

So, Eve made this miscalculation and committed a gross error which she was not supposed to do. She indulged in an adultery with a tribal youth. She did that with the good intention of producing her mixed earthly offspring much faster than the original plan!

Learning what Eve had done, Adam too acted by making an adulterous relation with a tribal girl. He too did not think it wise to seek a divine guidance before he acted. He also acted impulsively! 

The evolutionary tribals who used to respect these superior human couple like gods were caught unawares. 

They reacted. 

And of course, they reacted with full vengeance leading to the first ever upper caste-lower caste conflict on earth! The tibals of earth around the place Adam and Eve resided went berserk. The demi-godly couple of earth and their loyal associates had to run for their lives! 

The results were disastrous. 

The biologic enhancement plan of earth misfired. In the chaos that followed, many things happened including the Adam and Eve losing their respectful position of leadership to the earthly humans. They could not maintain their immortal status and they had to face death just as their earthly humans later.

The marvelous region where Adam and Eve originally settled on earth was the First Aden. Centuries after their eviction from this place by the earthly tribals, the First Aden got submerged in the sea. You can see this submerged land in the north of Cyprus, now lying deep in the ocean. After running away from the First Aden, Adam and Eve lived more or less like earthly humans. They established the Second Aden near Tigris-Euphrates region and helped the earthlings to advance in civilization, though in a limited way before they died. The later day Tigris-Euphrates civilization has gained much less from the original adamic culture.

Now let us imagine our present attitude for a moment. If a highly intelligent woman with adorable qualities develops an illicit relationship with one of our youths, will the community accept it? If a highly intelligent man with adorable qualities does that with one of our girls will the community accept that? Most likely not. Moreover, with our present mind status, we are likely to become enemies to those superior man or woman.

But would it be the same if a superior boy and his family approached for a marriage proposal for one of our girls? Most likely we would be glad and we would accept it.

The situation was nothing much different some 38000 years too. Adam and Eve committed a grave error and spoiled the divine plan for earth.

Yes, earth did get some adamic heirs. Perhaps the negative blood groups that we have today have some adamic genetic heredity. The alien theorists could be considered true in this context. Remember, adams though human like, are an entirely different and superior breed of biologic beings having their home planet entirely different from earth. Adams can intermix with humans to bring out their combined offspring having the genetic traits of both. 

Adamic males marrying non-adamic females are naturally acceptable while the opposite is not preferred. In other words, an adamic blooded (read Rh-negative) female can get her first born child from a non-adamic ( read Rh positive) male. But she will have serious complications of abortions in her later pregnancies (unless treated with modern techniques). But no such complications arise when the union is between adamic male and non-adamic female or adamic female. Similarly no such complication arises when a negative female gets married to a negative male.

Had the Adam and Eve who came to earth acted in accordance with the divine plans, the earth by this time would have a majority of its people with the adamic heritage factor. That means the majority of humans on earth would have inherited some superior brain qualities that provided them with superior understanding powers with regard to philosophy, spirituality and the art of peaceful co-existence as compared to the present day humans on the average. Obviously, the earth would have come to accept the good qualities of divinely acceptable living much more than what it exist today.

The adamic fault of earth has caused the earth handicapped with regard to its civilization and progress. Not only earth lost the chance of having a superior immortal leadership, but also lost some opportunities for biologic enhancement for the majority of its peoples. Such a situation rarely happens in the universe. 

We are truly in a handicapped planetary order which would have been better had our earthly Adam and Eve did not adopt the easy route of 'eating the easy apples'. But that is a thing of the past. It had happened and there is no use of crying about the spoilt milk.

But what has happened on earth had indirectly provided the humans some blessings in disguise as well.

Firstly they brave an environment that is much harsher due to the misdeeds of some of their own kinds. Secondly, they do not have any direct contact with any superior divine beings for guiding them. They are also exposed to truths, lies and half-truths from which they have to screen out the truths for themselves. But living in a world of extreme challenges is an adventure. 

When you undertake an adventure and come out successfully, your achievement is much more enjoyable and appreciable.

The divine administration has not forsaken our world. On the contrary, the divine beings are overjoyed by finding those successful earthlings who overcome their difficulties and emerge in flying colors.

Thank you for reading this much.

Did it instigate a thought process in you?

Did you get a feeling to know more?

If so, there is something for me to feel happy.