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What was the Apple that Eve Ate and Adam Shared?

What was the prohibited fruit that Eve ate and shared with her male partner Adam to become the so-called first sinners of earth? Was it an apple or something else?

Many people who keep learning the Bible story are puzzled and sometimes even question the truthfulness of the Bible on account of this.

In this blog, I am trying to unveil the truths about the Adam and Eve story. But before that we should recapitulate and have some clarity of thought about the whole thing. 

Adam and Eve (or Adam and Hawwa' or ആദാമും ഹവ്വയും in Malayalam) are well known legendary characters whose story appear in the religious books of Jews, Christians, Muslims and even several other religious offshoots and belief systems that we have in the world today.

The Bible and the Koran introduce them as the first created humans. There are innumerable religious articles about Adam and Hawwa by Islamic scholars.  Similar articles on Adam and Eve by Christians are also in huge numbers.  

The eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism and their offshoots have other versions regarding human origin. The Hindu Puranas talk about Purusha and Manu. The Hindu scholars have their detailed interpretations based on the ancient Sanskrit scriptures. 

The rational scientists do not believe such stories and poo-poohs them as adaptations from imaginative folklore from the ancient past. Obviously, several scientists do get confused by religious beliefs. As a result of what they learnt in science which contradicts their religious learning, some of them are compelled to write their own interpretations and theories as could be seen in this article defending the evolution theory of creation.

So long as human knowledge remains limited and imperfect, these kinds of arguments for and against one's belief and convictions keep happening. The scientific and religious arguments keep escalating on such issues where human knowledge and comprehension face challenges in the egoistic human mind!

Now let us examine the Adam and Eve story with an open mind.

We have now scientific fossil evidences that suggest that humans have been in  existence on earth perhaps for a million years.

There are also gene mapping evidences which corroborates in the genetic origin research establishing more than one ancient parentage for the present day human population on earth.

The present day humans have different blood groups and the characteristic Rh-factor divides humans into two distinct classes as Rh positive and Rh negative. Here, Rh means the Rhesus factor. It is named after the human blood constituent that is also found in the blood of the present day Rhesus monkeys

The majority of human population today, to the order  of over 90%, are of Rh positive type. That means they have the blood constituent that is also found in the blood of the Rhesus monkeys. 

How did they get this monkey factor in their bloods?

Another minority of world population of less than 10% do not have this rhesus monkey blood constituent in their bloods. They are called the negative blood types. 

[See a typical blood group distribution as published by the Stanford Blood Center. Note the rarity of the negative blood groups!]

If all the humans on earth originated from the same Adam and Eve or the same parentage, the type of blood group variations should not have existed.

The two Rh blood groups really work as if they are different species altogether. 

For example, an Rh-negative woman impregnated by an Rh-positive man develops pregnancy related complications. She can give birth to Rh-negative children without much difficulty, but if her first baby is Rh-positive, she would face natural abortion and severe health problems in subsequent pregnancies. 

On the other hand, Rh-positive woman conceiving from an Rh-negative man does not pose any problems of this kind. Fortunately modern medical science has developed some cure for this problem. Read about it here!

But in the natural way, Rh-positive men are not compatible to Rh-negative woman as their husbands.  But Rh-negative men becoming husbands of either Rh-negative or Rh-positive women is not against the natural law of procreation that we find today in humans.

Research have found more interesting details about the Rh -ve blood type which you may read by searching the internet.

Why do we have this situation? Why does nature apparently try to enhance the number of Rh-negative population this way?

Modern day genetics have established that the Rh-positive factor has been in existence for a million years from now. Genetic research studies have now established that the Rh-negative factor got introduced in human blood only some 35000-40000 years ago. 

All these and some peculiar features of Rh-negative people have been a point of much discussion among the scientists and the common folks for quite some time now. Many people have even theorized that the Rh-negative people have alien or other mysterious origins. One such wild imaginative theory is called the reptilian theory. Such theories about the Rh-negative blood group now flood the world wide web of the internet. 

There are some scientists who postulate that Rh-negative occurred as a result of gene mutation. But they fail to explain the peculiar natural preference that is quite obviously established in propagating Rh-negative offspring in human population about which I wrote above. 

So what are the obvious facts?

First, humans are divided into two general classes according to their blood types as (+) ve and (-) ve. Over 90 % of the world population is with Rh (+) ve blood.

Secondly, Rh (-) ve blood types are a minority in the world population. However, there exists a natural tendency that tries to enhance the population of the Rh (-) ve types. Perhaps, the Rh -ve types are slowly increasing in world population.

What we can further deduce from this? Rh-positive blood type humans have been in existence for a million years on earth and they have some thing in common with the Rhesus monkeys. 

Perhaps they have originated by evolution.

The Rh-negative blood got introduced in humans at a much later stage some 30,000-40,000 years ago and there after some new natural law works to enhance the population of the negative types.

Yes, that could be the truth. And this truth is fully endorsed by the revealed truth that is given in my favorite book authored by non-humans. (Explore this site for more information!) And this book also explains the truths about the reality of immortal non-humans and the reality of the divine administrative set up of the universes as well!

Now let me briefly tell you the story (the authors stress that it is not any imaginative story, but the truth. I have reasons to believe that assertion!)  of Adam and Eve that I learnt from this book:

Humans are intelligent beings with a short limited biologic life span and they exist in thousands of other planets in the universe where biologic life forms can nourish. They are created under a divine plan adopting an evolutionary path called controlled evolution.

Controlled evolution means generating life from complexly designed bio molecules and progressively push them forward under divine supervision to develop into various kinds of biologic life forms by making intermittent changes in their genetic codes in tune with the physical evolution of the planet concerned. 

But all the life forms follow certain design patterns with divine approvals. 

The divine control for gene mutations keeps on reducing till humans with advanced brain functions get evolved by this controlled evolutionary technique spanning millions of years. The genetic mutation caused by divine life creating agencies in the controlled evolutionary process stops fully after the first human life evolves.

Humans evolved in any evolutionary planet like earth share some common genetic features of their animal ancestors. A living being becomes human when it has acquired a desirable level of brain capacity and intelligence besides the ability to receive certain basic divine communication inputs. 

A human as evolved in any evolutionary world in the universe physically looks more or less similar, though there could be many bodily differences with regard to their physiology and anatomy depending upon the peculiar environment of their evolutionary planet where they are supposed to live. For example, there are humans elsewhere who can fly like birds. There are also humans who do not take their oxygen supplies by breathing like we earth humans do. Invariably all humans walk on two legs! Some humans are single brained, some are dual brained (like we earth humans) and some are three brained!

The initial biologic features of humans are their capability for surviving harsh living conditions of their evolving planet. They are provided with intelligence and wisdom for establishing their own civilization and culture independently. However, the superior divine administration oversees their progress and provides either direct or indirect guidance from time to time.

All intelligent beings, mortal or immortal, biologic or non-biologic, as created by God by any method are all beings with independent decision making powers! Whether they use that choice properly is also left to their choice!

Since humans are inherently not perfect beings, they are bound to make errors while making their choices and decisions. However, they are given the ability to learn corrections and enhance their knowledge by life experiences.

Adams are another kind of biologic living beings who are divinely designed and created by a non-evolutionary route. 

They exist in planets which are specially designed and created for them. They do not face death under normal circumstances and live for thousands of years. They are immortal biologic personalities. They appear similar to human beings of earth but with some difference. 

The following are some of their general features:

They are taller and stands on the average about 8-9 ft tall. They reproduce by sexual reproduction. While their males are adams, their females are eves. They do not die naturally like humans of earth. They live for thousands of years. But physical accidents can cause them physical death. They are blue-eyed and their skin color is violet. They have the least hair growth on their bodies as compared to earthly humans.

They get living energy by two methods. They can eat food for energy needs. But they can also live by absorbing energy radiations such as light just as the plants do. But they are strictly vegans. They do not eat meat or flesh. They only consume fruits of plants that are available in their home planets. Their planets also do have plants and animals for various purposes. Though they reproduce by sexual means, they do not enhance their population uncontrollably. They do it according to their developmental plans.

They have advanced brains with higher brain functions than earth humans. They are capable of seeing (visualizing) and communicating with certain higher order living beings who exist in non-material realms. Thus they are capable of understanding more about God and the divine administrative plans of the universes. By living for thousands of years they master and acquire much knowledge of the physical worlds. They are strictly monogamists and remain as one male-female pair always while they live in their own planet. They are the lowest order of intelligent creatures directly created by the divine beings unlike humans of evolutionary planets (such as earth) who are the lowest order of intelligent beings indirectly created by the controlled evolutionary technique.

Under the divine plan of things, at some time in the natural evolution of a planet with human life forms, an Adam and Eve pair who live in the nearest adamic planet would be brought to the human planet. Such a feat is fully in accordance with a universal plan and it keeps happening elsewhere in the vast universe of ours in other evolutionary planets where human-like beings establish life.

Remember, evolutionary human origin planets and planned non-evolutionary planets of the adams are not one or two in the vast universes. They are in millions! Of course, they are separated by cosmic distances of several light years. Hence it is impossible for any of these beings to visit even their nearest planet of life by any of the physical means that they might invent by their own intelligence. 

Inter planetary travel by physical beings are impossible with the use of physical means of transport! Obviously, there is no question of aliens visiting our planet travelling in their spacecrafts. Alien flying saucer stories that we commonly hear or read about are results of human imagination and cannot be true! We, humans have brilliant story making brains. We are capable of making a mountain out of a molehill!

However, divine orders of living beings who exist in higher realms of energy forms (non-material energy forms) do possess the means of interplanetary travel at speeds several times greater than light. Some of the divine beings also possess the ability to de-materialize physical beings and transport them to other planets. However, this happens only very rarely and it requires the approvals of the divine administration of the universes. Transportation of an Adam and Eve couple from an adamic planet to an evolutionary human planet happens by this method.

So, a pair of Adam and Eve volunteers to go to an evolving human planet at an appropriate time of human developmental progress. That way our earth got a pair of Adam and Eve from the nearest adamic planet some 38000 years ago. They were brought to earth by the de-materialization technique and materialized back to their original form by the coordinated work of a group of divine beings deputed for that task.

This Adam and Eve were supposed to give superior leadership to the evolving humans of earth and nurture them to higher civilization under their leadership. They were visible to the humans and since they did not die like the tribes of humans, the humans would have naturally become loyal to these superior beings (had they continued according to the original plans!) 

As a matter of fact, they would have remained as the supreme rulers of earth till earth reached its ultimate developmental plan. They would have taught the humans the superior science, art, philosophy and the knowledge about the divine administration of the universe. They would have taught the humans the purpose of their life according to the universal plans of God. They would have ignited the human curiosity and creativity and also nurtured their weak understanding of God to the ultimate true worship of God. 

They would have turned the whole of the evolutionary earth to the beauty and grandeur more or less similar to their own non-evolutionary planet from which they came within a few thousand years with the help of the millions of humans who got trained under their superior leadership and who remained as their loyal followers.

To grasp higher knowledge, higher intelligence and brain capacity is needed. The evolutionary humans of earth have certain physiological limitations with regard to their brain capacities due to their animal origin. In other words, all evolutionary humans had the 'mark of the beast' or the traits and weakness of their animal cousins in them in varying degrees. 

The evolutionary humans of earth would have needed a better brain to develop in their future generations so that they could grasp higher wisdom, truths and knowledge. 

The divine purpose of transporting these original pair of Adam and Eve to earth also encompassed a plan to achieve such a biological uplift among the future generations of earthly humans. 

According to this plan, the original Adam and eve were to multiply on earth and make their own racial community within a few thousand years time. Once they establish as a worshipful community for the rest of the evolving tribal humans of earth, there was to begin an era where earthly humans desired their daughters to get married to the superior males of the adamic community on earth. With that, there was to have a second phase of development to the humans of earth where the future generations of earthly humans becoming a mix of evolutionary humans and the adamic stock. At some later years after the arrival of the original adamic couple, the earth would have become wholly descendants of the original Adam and Eve. By that time the 'mark of the beast' that the earthly evolutionary humans had in their genetic structures would have been gainfully erased by the superior genetic factor that they got from the small adamic community that established on earth!

Such descendants would have some of the desirable physiological up-gradation especially with regard to their brain functions. They would have been in a position to understand and appreciate higher thoughts of wisdom and knowledge. That would have enabled a faster progress of human civilization on earth according to the divine plans. The conflicts among earthly humans on account of their widely varying understanding levels would have ceased!

Unfortunately, this biological up-gradation plan that is universal in the universe for all human origin planets, did not happen according to the divinely approved plans, for our earth. The Adam and Eve who came to earth were directly responsible for this failure. In reality they were cleverly misguided! (That is another part of the story!)

The adamic couple who volunteered to come to earth on the divine mission deviated from their divine mandate due to certain errors of judgement and decision making. This had happened even after they receiving clear instructions about the do's and don'ts in their voluntary mission well in advance.

What did they do, after all?

Adam and Eve had the ability to visualize and communicate with the lower order immortal beings who happened to be on earth for various purposes. Remember, the universe administration of God is effected through various means and immortal beings invisible to humans are also part of the said administrative system.

Due to some reason Eve got convinced that the so-called biologically enhanced human progeny could be brought into existence much quicker if they intermix with the evolutionary humans immediately rather than waiting for hundreds or thousands of years. 

Our anxieties and impatience cause us to violate the divine plans. We often forget the existence of God, and His superior wisdom and act on our own judgement to commit gross errors! This keep happening with most of us. Often we fail to seek the approval of God before implementing our own decisions. God does not demand that. But being the children of God, it is our duty. Moreover, there are lesser chances for us to commit error when we seek superior guidance!

So, Eve made this miscalculation and committed a gross error which she was not supposed to do. She indulged in an adultery with a tribal youth. She did that with the good intention of producing her mixed earthly offspring much faster than the original plan!

Learning what Eve had done, Adam too acted by making an adulterous relation with a tribal girl. He too did not think it wise to seek a divine guidance before he acted. He also acted impulsively! 

The evolutionary tribals who used to respect these superior human couple like gods were caught unawares. 

They reacted. 

And of course, they reacted with full vengeance leading to the first ever upper caste-lower caste conflict on earth! The tibals of earth around the place Adam and Eve resided went berserk. The demi-godly couple of earth and their loyal associates had to run for their lives! 

The results were disastrous. 

The biologic enhancement plan of earth misfired. In the chaos that followed, many things happened including the Adam and Eve losing their respectful position of leadership to the earthly humans. They could not maintain their immortal status and they had to face death just as their earthly humans later.

The marvelous region where Adam and Eve originally settled on earth was the First Aden. Centuries after their eviction from this place by the earthly tribals, the First Aden got submerged in the sea. You can see this submerged land in the north of Cyprus, now lying deep in the ocean. After running away from the First Aden, Adam and Eve lived more or less like earthly humans. They established the Second Aden near Tigris-Euphrates region and helped the earthlings to advance in civilization, though in a limited way before they died. The later day Tigris-Euphrates civilization has gained much less from the original adamic culture.

Now let us imagine our present attitude for a moment. If a highly intelligent woman with adorable qualities develops an illicit relationship with one of our youths, will the community accept it? If a highly intelligent man with adorable qualities does that with one of our girls will the community accept that? Most likely not. Moreover, with our present mind status, we are likely to become enemies to those superior man or woman.

But would it be the same if a superior boy and his family approached for a marriage proposal for one of our girls? Most likely we would be glad and we would accept it.

The situation was nothing much different some 38000 years too. Adam and Eve committed a grave error and spoiled the divine plan for earth.

Yes, earth did get some adamic heirs. Perhaps the negative blood groups that we have today have some adamic genetic heredity. The alien theorists could be considered true in this context. Remember, adams though human like, are an entirely different and superior breed of biologic beings having their home planet entirely different from earth. Adams can intermix with humans to bring out their combined offspring having the genetic traits of both. 

Adamic males marrying non-adamic females are naturally acceptable while the opposite is not preferred. In other words, an adamic blooded (read Rh-negative) female can get her first born child from a non-adamic ( read Rh positive) male. But she will have serious complications of abortions in her later pregnancies (unless treated with modern techniques). But no such complications arise when the union is between adamic male and non-adamic female or adamic female. Similarly no such complication arises when a negative female gets married to a negative male.

Had the Adam and Eve who came to earth acted in accordance with the divine plans, the earth by this time would have a majority of its people with the adamic heritage factor. That means the majority of humans on earth would have inherited some superior brain qualities that provided them with superior understanding powers with regard to philosophy, spirituality and the art of peaceful co-existence as compared to the present day humans on the average. Obviously, the earth would have come to accept the good qualities of divinely acceptable living much more than what it exist today.

The adamic fault of earth has caused the earth handicapped with regard to its civilization and progress. Not only earth lost the chance of having a superior immortal leadership, but also lost some opportunities for biologic enhancement for the majority of its peoples. Such a situation rarely happens in the universe. 

We are truly in a handicapped planetary order which would have been better had our earthly Adam and Eve did not adopt the easy route of 'eating the easy apples'. But that is a thing of the past. It had happened and there is no use of crying about the spoilt milk.

But what has happened on earth had indirectly provided the humans some blessings in disguise as well.

Firstly they brave an environment that is much harsher due to the misdeeds of some of their own kinds. Secondly, they do not have any direct contact with any superior divine beings for guiding them. They are also exposed to truths, lies and half-truths from which they have to screen out the truths for themselves. But living in a world of extreme challenges is an adventure. 

When you undertake an adventure and come out successfully, your achievement is much more enjoyable and appreciable.

The divine administration has not forsaken our world. On the contrary, the divine beings are overjoyed by finding those successful earthlings who overcome their difficulties and emerge in flying colors.

Thank you for reading this much.

Did it instigate a thought process in you?

Did you get a feeling to know more?

If so, there is something for me to feel happy.

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  1. Very interesting..... I loved it more when I found that my husband is a monkey!!! Jokes apart.... It was indeed worth reading for everyone. Whether you take it has myth, fiction, science or history... I loved it..


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