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What Do You Really Understand By the Words Spirit, Spiritual and Spirituality? Who Is A Spiritual Personality?

For a majority of people the word spirit and its derivatives arise from various philosophical and religious concepts and give abstract meanings rather than indicating any thing real.

One dictionary gives the meaning of the word spirit as ' the vital principle or animating force within living things.

Another defines it as: a fundamental emotional and activating principle determining once's character. Alcoholic beverages are known as mild intoxication agents which cause changes in emotional and other character changes in people. For that reason, such beverages are called spirits. But these are not the only agents or principles that determine one's character and emotions!

Another meaning as defined tells like this: Any incorporeal (without material form) super natural being that can become visible or audible to human beings.

All these meanings have taken shape due to observations, experiences and analysis by intelligent and curious humans over the centuries. These conclusions are essentially assumptions because, these terms describe some conditions that humans can not directly prove as existing. They are beyond ordinary human comprehension!

Spiritual and spirituality are words commonly linked to human religions. In fact religions are more concerned with these words. There are also some men and women who are individually concerned with their spirituality and spiritual development without any religion coming into picture.

Many people do meditation, prayers and religious rituals for their spiritual growth and spiritual salvation.

Many believe that there is a spiritual part within every human which is called the 'soul' and the soul needs to be salvaged from either destruction or loitering around aimlessly after their bodies become dead and lifeless. 

Spirituality for them is the effort for salvaging the soul. The efforts could be meditation, yoga, prayers to God or gods, pooja, doing good deeds, offering to temples, churches and other places of worships and doing various other religious rituals and practices.

Some people believe in believing God essential for soul salvation. Atheists cannot salvage their souls, they claim. How can any one try to salvage some thing that they do not believe as existing?

For that matter, even God is presumed to exist in the spiritual realms, beyond the direct perception capacity of humans. Therefore, no one can prove or disprove the existence of God.

Same is with all things that are termed as spiritual.

But I have come to the conclusion that the word spirit is not merely arising out of any religious or philosophical hypothesis.

Spirit is some thing real. God is spirit and God is real.

So also is the case with all existences that are spiritual.

Modern science defines matter and energy and the possibility of their inter conversions. Matter can become material energies and material energies can transform to matter.

The sum total of matter and energy remains same while they happen to transform from one state to the other. Such inter conversions happen under certain specified conditions.

The famous Einstein's equation says that material energy equals the product of mass of material and the square of the velocity of light.

Yet we do not find all material or energies inter converting this way, except a few of the nuclear materials.

Anyway, matter and energy including all energy radiations are essentially forms of material energy. Matter is stored material energy while light, heat, electricity, etc are material energy in transit.

But what is this matter? Matter is nothing but a conglomerate of atoms arranged in various patterns.

But what are atoms?

Atoms are just dynamic groupings of just three fundamental particles, electrons, neutrons and protons, the smallest being the electrons.

But what happens when these electrons are further dissected? Though such a dissection is not very easy, our present day scientists have succeeded in doing that to some extent.

So, electrons also can be peeled off to a final naught. It is as if you peel the onion to come to a naught in the end.

In other words, electrons also unwind to some invisible energy. To put it differently, we can say that electrons are made up of minute energy concentrations comprising of energy that we are not familiar with. Let us call this energy concentrates as the 'God's particles' that build up the electrons.

Now these God's particles are the first form of matter or the most fundamental particle in the material energy realm. They are the ultimate result of our search for the most fundamental material particle. They are the 'ultimatons'!

Now, these ultimatons are to be made up of some thing. Some energy or force concentrate in some other precedent form that we are not familiar with.

And that energy is the spiritual energy. A real energy that is primordial to our material energy. You could have identified it with some other name as well. Perhaps our future scientists would call it in some other way suiting to their scientific method of nomenclature.

But this spiritual energy-or whatever you like to call it- is the original and most fundamental energy of the universe.

Since we are ignorant about it, some of our present day scientists call it the dark energy. I don't like that nomenclature. I prefer it to be called the spiritual energy. This energy is the predominant energy in the vast universe. It is more than 95% of all the energies of the universe. Our material energy is just about 5 % of the total universe energy.

Spiritual energy is the source of material energy and it existed even before material energy (both matter and its derivative energies) formed. The existence of spiritual energy cannot be directly perceived by those existing in a subordinate energy realm such as we humans.

Just as we, humans who exist in material energy realms are real, the spiritual energy realm is also real. Perhaps, more realistic because it is our source of existence and it is the major part of the universe.

Since our ultimate source of existence is derived from spiritual energy, we cannot perceive it with out physical sensory systems.

Material or physical senses are for matter and energy in the material realm. To sense, the spiritual energy we need some spiritual energy enabled tools or mechanisms.

In reality such tools or mechanisms exist within the human brain in a very limited manner. As brain ability is in varying degrees, the capacity to comprehend spiritual energy realms also exist in varying degrees in humans. Some have more ability while some have negligible.

God is the super personality and the living source that existed concurrently with the spiritual energy of the universe.

God is the super mind that kept acting over the spiritual energies. This supreme mind over spiritual energy caused the never ending creative processes of the universe.

Life is the dynamic feature that resulted and originally vested with God.

Life, personality , mind and the infinite spiritual energy that originally vested with God began to get distributed by the act of God resulting in the creation of innumerable spirit beings, spiritual energy abodes and later the material energy realms and the material beings.

It is an infinite act of an infinite power and hence cannot be comprehended by finite lower order creations fully.

Our inability to comprehend is not any logical reason for us to discard some thing very much in existence as non-existent.

That is simply foolish for any intelligent mind.

To conclude, spiritual energy realm is the source for the material energy realm. Material energy universe is a subset of the spiritual energy universe. 

Just as there are living beings in material energy realm, there are spirit beings in the spiritual energy realm.

Just as material energy and beings are real, spirit energy and spirit beings are also real. Perhaps the latter is more real than the former.

Intelligent living beings of numerous kinds  exist in the spiritual energy realm. Except God, all other spirit beings have an origin, but the majority of them do not necessarily have an end.

God is the Supreme Mind and Personality existing in the spiritual energy realm who does not have an origin or an end.

Only spirit beings can live everlastingly. They are essentially immortals so long as they do not violate the infallible laws of the Supreme Life Source.

Intelligent living beings also are numerous in the material energy realm as well. But all of them have an origin and an end. They are finite. Since they are finite, they are inherently not perfect in all matters.

Viewing in this manner, it could well be deduced that spiritual energy realm is superior to the material energy realm. Extending that logic further, we may deduce that spiritual living beings are superior to material living beings.

Matter and material energy are nothing but intelligent and complex, manipulative formations out of spiritual energy carried out by superior mind or minds that exist in the spiritual realms.

If matter is real, then spirit is also real. If there is no spiritual energy, there no material energy!

Formation and reversion of matter and material energies to and from spiritual energies could then be possible under universal techniques as framed by the Original Mind.

Transformation of lower personalities to higher levels and also from higher to lower could sometimes be possible!

The options and opportunities are tremendous!

And that is the beauty and the challenge that this vast universe poses before all intelligent personalities, superior or inferior, that happen to be in it!

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