Tuesday, March 17, 2015

InFocus M2 Dual SIM 3G Mobile Phone: A Cute Handy Masterpiece Now in India!

A couple of days ago, I got the all new InFocus M2 Dual SIM 3G mobile phone delivered promptly at my residence by the courier. I got it in Ranchi by online purchase through SnapDeal.

I paid no money initially and I paid the courier by the Cash-On-Delivery (COD) mode. 

It costed me just Rs.5000/- ( in fact it was one rupee less!) and there was no packing, forwarding and delivery charges extra at my residence in Ranchi.

When I ordered the phone at the SnapDeal site the confirmation message informed that it would be delivered in about 7 days time. Surprisingly, it was delivered on the next day! 

Incidentally, SnapDeal is the only place where this mobile phone is available as on date in India! The new mobile company has given the exclusive marketing rights to SnapDeal, it seems!

The phone is too smart and cute with a very affordable price that I wanted to order one more. Unfortunately, SnapDeal informs me that it is soldout for the time being! It is reported in the media that the company sold 15000 units in the first three days of its launch in India through SnapDeal.

Perhaps they might make it available once the new stock gets in.

Now let me tell you the features that I find very compelling and innovative. [The detailed specification can be seen here!]

First and foremost, this mobile set has two adequately powerful cameras for its front and back. Both these cameras are 8 megapixel ones having independent flash facility.

So you can easily make reasonably good photos, panoramas, videos (even in High Definition or HD) not only what you see outside, but also those so-called 'selfies' of you and your dear ones together! Your InFocus M2 mobile does it all in one go! Reports say that its cameras are quite good. I fully agree.

Most importantly, this is the smartest phone for the selfie enthusiasts because of its 8 Megapixel front camera with face recognition, auto focus and auto flash features. Additionally, it has a unique auto click facility- the camera automatically takes the best picture while you keep adjusting your posture! No need to attempt a clicking and shaking!

The text, image, picture and video quality of this phone is quite good.
The mobile is as long as any big screen mobile phone of the 5 in sizes, but it is a bit smaller in width making its screen diagonal size smaller at 4.2 in. I would say it is indeed very good because the phone is just fitting your palm and yet, it has a large screen to view your photos and videos in the landscape position!

The back side is a bit curvy and it makes the phone easy to be held. But no such odd curves are there in the front and that is too elegant! The silver monogram of the company at the rear gives a decent look.

The performance is quite alright. I did not feel any sluggishness in its responses so far by operating it with its capacitive type touch screen display.

Very important for any smart phone user is its battery life. This phone has sufficiently big battery with over 2000 mA capacity which can easily go for two to three days with average use. I have actually observed its battery consumption much lower than other smart phones which I have been using. 

It has two SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) compatibility and both support 3G GSM (Global System for Mobile communications). As with the practice in most of the new versions of the smart phones, this phone also uses the micro SIM. Because of this I had to punch and cut my old large sized SIMs to enable them to fit into the flip-in type SIM slots of my new InFocus M2. Incidentally, my local mobile shop fellow did this free for me.

InFocus is an american company. The inexpensive but sufficiently smart phone model M2 now launched in India for the first time, is manufactured in its facility in China. This phone gives hassle-free smart phone experience to the middle income Indian consumers. They have now one more smart phone model to try. 

This phone has pre-loaded help texts which are of reasonably good standard.

For the Indian middle class users in mind, this phone has an additional 'Hinglish' (English of Hindi speaking Indians) facility in addition to its multilingual facilities.

It works with android 4.3.2 version operating system and all of the 'apk' (android application software) files that I downloaded could be installed and operated without any problems. 

I am not a games enthusiast. But, yet I find many of the commonly used game software work fine with this phone.

The phone has 1Gb RAM (Random-Access-Memory) and a built in 8 GB phone memory. Additionally it can support a micro-SD card up to 64 GB, a facility that is only available with the higher end phones now. Additionally, one may also use the cloud storage facility this phone offers.

I have just pushed in an old spare 16 GB SD card to my phone for the time being and it is working just fine.

To sum up, if you ask me whether I recommend this phone to any of my friends or relatives, I would say, yes provided they are not unduly over conscious about brands and do not have any easy money to throw away for the so-called high end branded consumer products!

I hope this product review might be helpful to some of my readers.


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