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Is There Only One God or Are There Many Gods?

We on earth are mostly outwardly god-conscious people. Now-a-days, the percentage of people who do not believe in the existence of God are a very small minority. At least that is what I perceive.

But, during my childhood and teenage days, apparently, the numbers of the so-called rationalists were on the rise as science was making inroads in to human thought processes. I do not know whether these rationalists were truly atheists or not. But they were surely were active against exposing the god-men the various religious superstitions. Prominent among them in those days was Late Prof.Dr.Abraham Kovoor, a Sri Lankan national with his family roots linked to my own maternal family in my home state, Kerala. I remember an occasion to interact with him in a rationalist meet organised in Trichur in the mid 1970's when I was an engineering student. 

However, as science advanced and organized religion became commercialized, the majority of people lost interest in atheism and rationalism. The media explosion in later years successfully out shadowed the rationalists and the so-called atheists. At least that is the situation that I find in India now. Perhaps this could be due to the inability of science to explain many spiritual phenomena convincingly or due to the increasing reluctance of the people not to get involved in things about which they are not so sure!

So, now we have a situation where more and more people are convinced about the existence of God. 

The only difference is the manner in which people comprehend or visualize God. 

For some, God is more or less like a saintly human with some ability to read mind and do miracles. For many, God is only one and for many others God has many forms. Many prefer to visualize God as an image or an idol with mysterious powers invoked.

Yet for some other humans, God is formless and invisible.

But most humans believe in God and in the existence of God. God is truly the creator of every thing and the provider of life.

Yet, people are too possessive about God. They want their god as their own personal possession. Treating one's god with disrespect is the highest crime called blasphemy! Everyone believes their own God is the only true god and all others' gods are false. 

Many are willing to fight, kill and get killed for their own god. Many are willing to share a good part of their earnings for their own god. They don't mind giving 10% to god when god gives 100%!

It is very interesting to watch people and their varying degrees of physical commitments to their own god or gods.

All believe that God is all powerful. At the same time they are willing to do anything to protect their own god or gods!

I believe in God. I truly believe that God is the source for my life. What I understood about God with my limited mind capacity, I have presented earlier in this blog site. 

But how many gods are there? Is God only one as some insist? Is God a three-in-one as some others say? Are there many gods as some others believe?

Let me ask you a counter question? Are you one or many? When you talk about you, where are you really? In your brains or in your heart? Or in your stomach or your eyes? Are you in your head or in your body? What about the numerous bacteria that live within you to make your digestive system work? What about the billions of living cells within you? If you visualize you as your head or body, you are one. If you visualize you in your brain, you are two. If you visualize you in the billions of cells, you are many. But really, where are you? How will you define yourself?

Your legs are parts of you. But can you say your legs are you? 

Getting confused?

What makes your cell phone? The hardware or the software or the various parts or the various codes? 

You believe that God created you. Then what was the role of your parents? God also created your neighbor and his or her parents. That way you, your parents, your neighbor, his or her parents are all children of God. That means you and your parents are siblings!

Again getting confused?

At some remotest eternity, only one God existed. At that eternal time, God was One and was not a Creator. He was perhaps father to none. 

But at some later eternity, God caused Himself to divide, making the existing One into Two. And later into Three. This initial three are the original three deities or the Trinity. This was the original creative act of Deity One. Later this Three began to function individually and jointly causing a series of creative acts which resulted in the existence of several divine personalities. 

All those creative acts that happened prior to the creation of the space and time that we understand now are the eternal creative acts. All those got into existence directly by the act of either Deity One or the Trinity are divine beings. 

Immortal beings also got created later after the creation of the material universes as well. All these beings have some delegated responsibilities and powers in the creation and management of the vast universes. All are divine and could be considered as gods by the lowly humans.

But even these gods do not want them to be worshiped as gods. They too worship the First Source, the Universal Father or Deity One as God. Those divine being who are of eternal origin and are directly created by the First Source or the Trinity are superior divine beings than those who came into existence later.

All divine beings are not equal. They are different and have various prerogatives, powers and responsibilities. Those divine beings directly originated from the First Source or the Trinity for superior creative or administrative functions are perfect beings whose thoughts and acts are perfectly in synchronization with their parents. Hence they too are equivalent to God or the Trinity God for all beings who came into existence later. The numbers and types of divine beings are enormous. They exist for various purposes.

There also exist various other subordinate celestial beings who were created in the past after the creation of the material universes.

Creation keeps happening. Material beings and celestial beings are getting created even now.

There are living beings whose origins are directly linked to God and there are also living beings whose origins are through indirect acts of God or His subordinate divine beings.

Even among the humans, there are superior and inferior ones. Some are with more power while some others are rulers of nations.

While they are all representatives of God, they cannot be considered as equals to God. They are to be given due respect. But they are not to be worshiped as God. Since all immortal invisible beings are superior to humans, humans are likely to view the deeds of all such beings (if at all they perceive it!) as originating from God!

But divinity exists in immortals and mortals, but in varying degrees. The farther the living being from God, the lower its divinity status.

Even you and me have some divine power within us. Hence we should respect and love each other. But that does not mean that we deserve to be worshiped. Only God, the supreme Deity One, is the source of everything. All beings ought to worship and love Him because of that.

All material what we see are created by God with the active assistance of myriads of divine beings. They all reflect the creative spirit of the gods. But they are not to be objects of worship, though they ought to be admired.

Incidentally, my favorite book of divine revelation is the only source which gives the detailed knowledge about the various orders of divine beings and the manner in which the universe is created, organized and administered. If you have the spiritual curiosity, you may perhaps venture to search this site to learn more about it.

So what is the conclusion? Is there only one God or many? How much you know about God or the gods? What are our relationship with the divine entities? 

What? Why? How? What difference such knowledge would make in my life or in your life? 

I leave it to your judgement. 

But let me quote an admonition to the humans of earth by the celestial authors of my favorite book of divine revelation:

"It is an incorrect reasoning for any group of religious adherents to consider their faith as the only true faith or belief. If they believe so, it only shows their religious arrogance. All earthly religions have some truths in them. It would be better if humans explore to find the best of their neighbors' religious faith rather than denouncing the worst in their superstitions and rituals!"

It is from page 1012 and I took the liberty to make the language a bit simpler.

Let the divine part in you enlighten you with the spiritual curiosity! 

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  1. I am of the opinion and belief that there is only one GOD but I never disrespect the fact that many people do believe that many GOD exists and I have no issue with their mentality.


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