Friday, February 20, 2015

What Causes Humans to Become Sadistic Savages?

Every day I read and watch news items that keep reminding  me about the painful fact about the possibility in the existence of millions of  sadistic savages among the several billion of the humans that are present on earth as of now.

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Well, there is no end to such news. World over people engage in brutal assaults against fellow human beings, either taking law in to their own hands or in the name of  upholding  the law.

Terrorism in the name of economic, political, religious, linguistic or racial differences and terrorism in the name of official counter terrorism are both painful realities of our world today, just as it used to be in the past.

Individually and collectively humans engage in anti-human activities. At least a minority of the humans keep themselves as anti-socials and keep doing extreme brutality over other human beings.

But another larger group of humans, though not directly involved in any brutal acts against other humans themselves, nurture brutal secret sadistic pleasures within them and silently support sadistic savagely cruelty inflicted by some humans on other humans.

Their minds cannot get peace unless  'an eye for an eye' justice is brutally implemented!

Why do these apparently harmless looking species take sadistic pleasure in killing or inflicting pain on their own kind so savagely?

Given an opportunity, a good number of humans try to harm other humans. Why do they do so?

Arrogance in human beings are on the rise. As wealth, status and other facilitating opportunities empower men, they tend to lose empathy. And empathy is that quality that essentially makes a human different from a ferocious beast! While I was typing this blog a friend of mine forwarded this link which reports about Stephen Hawkins warnings against aggressive behavior which is in line with what I wanted to write. Incidentally, Hawkins is the scientist extra-ordinary of our times!

It is very easy to instigate a group of harmless humans to become brutally harmful. Violence and brutalities are part of human civilization and such unfortunate events are caused by instigated humans during communal riots or riots caused by other issues that instigate human senses. Some spiritual and political leaders take full advantage of this general weakness of ordinary people to get instigated to commit thoughtless inhuman acts! 

What would be in the mind of the police officer who sadistically tortured another tied up and helpless human being to death when he or she go back to his or her home? Does remorse come to their mind at any time later? Would such a person be loving his or her family members?

Perhaps yes, perhaps no. I do not know. I am not against the law enforcement personnel using some kind of physical force when needed and when it is fully justified rationally. Rationality is one of those qualities that make a human different from animals. That is why humans are humans! Animals in general are not rational!

Does it mean that the people who do not possess a rational mind are more beastly than human? It would not be even rational to designate them in the category of the beasts. That would be an injustice to the animals. Hence, some wise humans brand such savage humans as the 'evil wards of Devil'.

How to judge a person's devilish nature? It is impossible by observing their physical form. Physically, most devilish wards look like handsome or beautiful humans. The residue of evil nature resides invisibly within their minds!

That poses a great difficulty for the non-devilish people, the real humans. How to distinguish the devils among them? How to resist these evil people and escape from their acts?

Some ignorant humans are tempted to believe that evil can be fought only by evil. One needs to take the sword to fight the sword, they say. Gullible humans keep believing it and act accordingly only to find evil on the rise rather than subsiding!

In reality, evil men and women are cowards of the highest order. They do their brutal acts on others because they are fearful people who fear some thing or someone always. They have no courage to directly confront those who are powerful. Hence they show their beastly acts of brutality only on helpless victims!

Evil men and women lack wisdom and knowledge or possess only some knowledge which they believe as full and final. Such ignorance make them foolish and blind towards reality. That causes them to become victims of their own misdeeds. All of them normally perish forever unless some remnant human wisdom in their minds gets activated at least momentarily by some means that they get an opportunity to get out of the evil that enveloped their minds. 

Inherently, humans have physical natures that are required for their survival in a not so perfect world. That are the basic animal instincts of physical survival. The instincts of flight and fight. The instincts of food hunting and procreation. 

But humans are much more than animals. They have a mind that go beyond the instincts of their animal cousins. They have been provided with several mind features that aid them to overcome their basic animistic nature and become real humans.

And real humans possess the qualities of love and brotherhood. Real humans tend to adopt good rather than bad. They are provided with the mind qualities of distinguishing good and bad. And that quality is the divine quality in humans whether they realize it or not.

Like animals humans are also mortals in the normal sense. Both die and perish bodily after some time of existence on earth.

All beasts and beastly humans perish permanently for ever after some short time of existence on earth. No amount of wealth or power would save a beastly human from the reality of death and non-existence. They would never see their wealth again nor see their descendants prosper on the wealth and power they gained during their short lives of few decades on earth.

Whatever name or fame or ill-fame they gained would never ever satisfy their human egos after their death. Their body and mind would perish for ever. There is no second chance. Even if there is a re-birth as some of the humans try to believe, there is hardly any evidence so far that they would retain their personality or memories. All those big and powerful humans 'would return to dust' as they were 'made from the dust'.

Why then these insignificant dust-like humans bloat up themselves in arrogant pride and waste no opportunities to acquire the position of 'god of all things' and all others?

Incredible. Is n't it?

Yet, human beings in general are a divinely gifted species.  

The Supreme Intelligence of the Universe who caused them to get created as humans on earth by the controlled evolutionary process has a great purpose in creating these creatures, uniquely different from all other species of material life forms.

They are provided with certain superior abilities and guidance systems to live in goodness, recognizing their own brotherhood. There exists a universal bond of brotherhood among human species through the fatherly bond of their Supreme creator. All humans possess great potentials of progress and advancement inherited from their divine Creators.

The fundamental requirement for that potential to become a reality is acknowledging the brotherhood of man through the fatherhood of their sole divine creator. 

But they are also inherently created as free-willed personalities. They are at liberty to decide to live and inherit the goodness of their father or to destroy that inheritance with self destructive thoughts and acts.

Whatever be the good, some are suicidal and they would chose the path of destruction. While they proceed that way, they get sadistic pleasure in dragging others too with them to destruction.

Rationality and logic do not work for those who decided to destroy themselves by adopting evil!

If you are rational in mind, try to find out some humane approaches that could possibly correct these erroneous humans who find pleasures in existing as sadistic savages even after living in a modern civilized world!

But remember this. Evil can never stop evil. An eye-for-an-eye attitude is essentially evil and it only perpetuates evil.

Evil can only be subdued  by the divine strength of goodness!

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