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How Much Money Needed?

Suicidal Corporate Drivers


Big Homes

Corruption in Private Organizations



Transaction Tax

Price You Pay for Ignorance and Incompetence

Respecting Leaders with 4C's

Competency, Character, Courage and Compassion

Business and Politics of an Airport Making in Kerala

Halfhearted Privatization in India

Some Practical Rules for Management 

Two Litres of Milk in One-litre Jug!

News and Media Business

Pricing Strategy and Profiteering

Problems of Income Tax e-filing in India

Plastic Business and Business Ban

Greedy Businessmen and women of India

Limiting CEO Salaries 

Tragic Tale of a Retired Indian PSU Officer

Ethical Management of Wealth and Business

Practical Health Insurance for India

Better Ways of Land Acquisition for Indian Industry

Indian Hypocrisy

Indian Real Estate Business

Bench marking a City Management

Unethical Education Service Business of India

Internet Hobby Money Making

Some Ridiculous Income Tax Provisions of India

How Often Your Do Like This?

Getting the Best out of the People

Generating Employment for Indians

Time Wasting Quality Management Systems

Gold and Land

Air India-a Case of Public Mismanagement

Treasures, Talents and the PPM Process

The Lesson Learnt in Giving Advice

The Neo-Indian Bourgeoisie 

The Petroleum Business

Indian Employers and Employees

Why do Indian PSUs Underperform? 


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