Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Some Unsolicited Suggestions to Capable Indians to Think and Initiate Improvements in the Indian Politics!

Indian democracy unfortunately has no system to receive feed backs from the individual citizens and to initiate some serious thinking about such individual suggestions. Perhaps, the privileged elites belonging to the media, connected NGOs and pampered institutes might poo-poo such ideas as non practical.

So for all those who want to be heard have to adopt some proven or novel techniques to come to the limelight to be heard by others. Unfortunately that is the prerequisite in any underdeveloped democracy.

I am fully aware of it and I know pretty well that my lone voices that I try to spread out through this platform would not make any effect any where!

So what I am writing here are obviously unsolicited suggestions only to sooth the hearts of a few others like me if ever they happen to read these!

So here are a few open suggestions that I want to tell our political parties today:

Firstly, let the Indian political parties make some changes for those elected to the parliament or the state assemblies using their party tickets. Let them allow these poor elected representatives of the people to vote and voice according to their inner consciousness and knowledge on various issues concerning the people to arrive at some true democratic decisions. Let the parties not use their whips on the MPs and MLAs to influence their voting decisions on common issues concerning the people. Let them use the whips only for those decisions that is concerning their support to the government to rule! Why I suggest this change is because the Indian political parties, none of them for that matter, truly follow any political ideologies any more. They are all the same having different individuals having different mindsets and egos sitting on their controlling positions! At least this way some of our MPs and MLAs who are sufficiently learned and sufficiently clean to be considered as good persons would be in a position to use their brains in a free and unbiased manner to think for the common good of the people!

Secondly, let all the political parties agree to make a law that enable the election commission to recognize only those political parties who get at least 5 % of the total assembly votes, parliament votes, assembly seats and parliament seats. Let the election expenses be made from an election fund controlled by an administrative authority under the supervision of the Election Commission of India . Let this authority refund the election expenses to those candidates of the recognized parties who have polled at least 5% of the total polled votes based on documentary evidences subject to a ceiling as fixed by the authority as per the availability of funds. Simultaneously, let there be a provision in the law describing the rules and regulations for setting up of political parties in India and their internal administration and finances. 

Thirdly, the law that governs setting up and administration of political parties in India should allow parties to have paid employees and managers to manage their political organization and such persons should not be allowed to contest elections so long as they are paid employees of the political organization. The political organization could be in the form of a registered society or non-profit company and the income of such political companies should not be subject to income tax. However, it should be mandatory for them to audit their accounts and publish their annual statements on properly maintained websites. Besides, the Election Commission of India shall be allowed to enhance their activities by having more man power and permanent offices in all Indian states. It should also be empowered to monitor the activities of the political companies! The political companies should have a governing board of elected or nominated directors to oversee its functions and policy making. The political companies should be allowed to set up their offices and political awareness centers across the country to propagate their ideas among the people and to train their party volunteers.

No political party should be allowed to field candidates to become future MPs or MLAs unless they have some desirable and specified educational qualifications and experience. This is because, they are the people who are required to frame and pass the legal frame work of the country. Unless they have the desired competency, they could lead the country to legal disaster. 

It is highly improbable that the existing political parties would favor such an idea. Because, they are mostly family fiefdoms. But it could be tried out by large business establishments who have the money and vision. They should think of making non profit societies and fund such societies to establish properly made political establishments who could make a difference in the future! Let them employ our youngsters with good intellectual capabilities to work for some years to make it a success. Indian public would come out of their prejudices when they are properly approached with some basic honesty and proven objectives. 

Let the business leaders of India think of it and pool their synergies to make it happen instead of funding the political parties in some clandestine manner.

If the Rajas and Ranis and their royal families could go forgotten from the minds of the people and pave the way to democracy in its infancy, it is possible for the same democracy to grow to its youthful vigor aspiring to experiment novelties!

After reading this much and if you agree with these ideas in principle, consider sharing it with your friends and followers as well. 

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