Monday, April 20, 2015

Would it be Possible for India to Improve its Corruption Perception Index!

To brush up your concepts of corruption, corruption perception index (CPI) and the score of India with regard to CPI, I would suggest that you read my earlier blog article titled: the root cause of corruption in India.

An Indian Newspaper Report about Corruption in  Aadhaar

In the above article I had concluded that the root cause of corruption is fear. Weaklings in mind and body are prone to problems arising out of their fear. These people are afraid of many things, though they might not agree to it so easily. They may even try to project themselves as courageous by trying to do many acts to prove their courage, though often in a foolish manner.

Fear about the uncertainties of the future causes people to become greedy. Their minds become engulfed in the thought of self survival even at the cost of others. They want to grab everything for them and do not wish to consider the necessities of others. 

This is greed arising out of fear psychosis. And this happens with all cowards. Brave men and women are not affected by fear and greed. For brave men and women, the lives of others around them are as important or perhaps more important as theirs!

But what happens when the people are genetically fearful? It is not easy for such people to remove their intrinsic fears about the unknown. 

Fear can make permanent imprints in animals and birds for generations. So is the case with people who have predominant animal like traits or those who are more concerned about their day to day living rather than thinking and analysing a situation with their god-given wisdom.

For example, many species of birds are scared of the scarecrow. Crows get agitated and scared if they happen to see some black cloth similar the feathers of a dead crow.

Some years ago, when I visited the Andaman Islands, I noticed a very peculiar thing. The buses that plied on the road across the island were having two gun shaped woods projecting on either side. Those were for scaring the aboriginals. The aboriginals of the island witnessed the deadly power of the guns of the civilized men some generations ago. Now their new generations are scared of any objects in the shape of the guns! When they see such objects, they would not dare to come near to attack. That was the logic behind the gun shaped scarecrows intented for the aboriginal humans of the island that I saw on the buses of this island. 

Cowards avoid fighting face to face. They avoid direct confrontation with the mighty ones, but adopt guerrilla warfare to destroy their enemies. Clever tactics to make selfish gains are usually adopted by cowards. When all people are courageous in mind and body, even wars among people would cease to happen!

Cowards are inherently suspicious about all others around them. They find it difficult to trust any one. The game of politics to grab power attains complex and unworthy levels when the people involved are intrinsically cowards. Those who are involved in this game say something, but act differently! The fears that are deep rooted in their minds do not allow them to be honest!

Fearful people cannot even have full trust in God. It is difficult for them to believe that God's providence is unconditional. As a result, they might even try to device their own gods and might even try to bribe such gods for doing them favors! It is difficult for them to differentiate between the characteristics of people and god. They assume their gods too with similar weaknesses as humans! For many humans, it is just difficult to comprehend God and the Universe and the power of God that is non-human like. But they fear God, just as they fear any power yielding human hero who takes pleasure in punishing all those commit errors or sins and rewards those who do good.

Fear arise out of cowardice which in turn prevents people to be honest, truthful, compassionate and generous. Cowardice arise out of many factors, some genetic, some demographic and some racial. To remove cowardice from mind, the first requisite is to have a sound body and mind. The second requisite is to train the body and mind to be strong. Unbiased education, knowledge and training do help people to become strong and generous in mind capacities. On the other hand, biased and improper education can make a sound mind to become apprehensive and fearsome.

A society or group of people cannot attain all round development, so long as there exist cowards who are weak in body and mind and who are not trained to remove their unjustified fears. 

Corruption of various kinds take roots in a society with weaklings in majority.

It is not possible for any current generation to eradicate corruption in their society if it exist in it. But, it can keep reducing it by willful determination in its future generations. The key is its future generation.

Children can be trained to develop to less fearsome adults as compared to their parents, provided they are not exposed to fear inducements by either parents or their teachers. A child who is exposed to imaginary ghost fear by parents can never fully eliminate that fear even during its adulthood under normal circumstances! So is the case with several such fears and prejudices that got developed during childhood! A boy or girl upon reaching adulthood might succeed in removing such fears, pride and prejudices only if his or her mind capacity is much superior with an inbuilt self desire for eliminating such negative qualities.

Now comes the moot question. Would it be possible for India to improve its corruption perception index? Could we possibly eliminate corruption in India?

It could be debated for generations. But fear is the key!

India or for that matter any nation or society where corruption is a serious problem for development, can possibly improve their corruption perception indices (CPI)  when the majority individuals learn to remove their hidden fears and prejudices deep rooted in their minds.

For it to happen, the individuals should have healthy bodies and sound minds capable of accepting and retaining good education and training.

Would it be happening in this generation or in the next?

Think about it!   

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