Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just How Much Money I need for a Living ?

My country India is a rich nation of poor people. Some of the world's richest individuals are Indians. There could be millions of Indians who have multi-millions at their disposal.

But I do not know just what do they intend to do with this money and wealth that they have inherited or amassed. Money making for some people is some thing similar to an addictive game.

For some others money is some thing they cherish and love for its power to control others.

For some others money is for enjoying life the way the moneyed people are doing. Though they do not know for sure what these 'others' might be doing.

So those who have learnt the tricks of making money keep amassing wealth more and more and do any thing and everything for making more money.

Some years ago, I had an opportunity to meet a big business man who had amassed millions. He had a humble start as a lowly employee of a private firm years ago.

While he was explaining the greatness of the wealth and the company he had established, I just casually asked him whether he was happy with all these wealth he had amassed.

To my utter surprise, I found this old gentleman almost instantaneously burst into tears. Later he peevishly admitted that he was not happy with the money. Apparently there was no reason for him not being happy. But in reality that was not the case. He admitted that the life he had in earlier years as a lowly paid employee was better than the rich life he had created over the years.

But he was not able to explain the reasons.

I have met others also like that. A few others have also admitted that. Ofcourse I do not have access to all the moneyed people and I do not know for sure their mental state.

But if you ask me, I do not wish to be rich man. I do not want to sit in a position of power for the sake of that. Have you heard of the story of the Democlese sword ?

I try to imagine me in a situation like that. No, it is not for me. I do not have the capacity and ability to withstand the power of money and the power for making money.

You don't have to get burnt for yourself for knowing fire.

I see the remnants of richness of those rich and famous people from the past. What happened to them?

In my home state Kerala, recently a great treasure hidden in a temple has been discovered. The gold, gems and the like is valued perhaps in trillions. But no one knows who was that man who amassed these just to be locked for ever like this?

Again what is the use of these even now except to be kept in museums? People can enjoy seeing them later by spending a few rupees entry fee to the museum.

But then you can enjoy much greater treasures with out paying any thing. Look around you and above you to the skies.

Bill Gates and a few like him have realised that.

Money and Power do not really make you happy always. If you happen to be custodians of these it is a great responsibility. A responsibility to such an extent that you have to sacrifice your personal happiness and freedom !

So let those who are able to do that take these on to their heads.

For others like me it is better not to aspire to have it and become irrevocably unhappy later ! 

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