Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beware of Modern Era Frauds !

In this world of ours, there will always be present a group of cunning and clever fraudsters who keep planning and executing their techniques of cheating innocent and gullible people in several ways.

A good number of people are aware of such nefarious schemes of twisted fellows, but more and more people keep falling preys to them even now.

So, it is necessary that those who are users of the Internet should know about such things in order to safeguard them from getting themselves victimized by such groups.

Let me tell you about my own personal experience in this, which happened to me a few years ago when such things were not very common.

In the first incident, I got a genuinely looking and neatly printed letter in the letter head of an organization introducing them as a very reputed Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

A person introducing himself as the Secretary General of the organization had written the letter.

They had my name and address obviously collected from some source !

The letter stated that I had been selected for a prestigious award for the contributions that I did in my professional field. The selected awardees are to be honoured in a function to be held later in the year in the capital where top dignitaries of the nation would all be attending.

The letter had other documents as attachments. One leaflet described in detail about the activities of the NGO with a few photographs of events held in the past. Another one described the details of some awardees from the previous years.

But the awardees were all known who is who of the country. That made me suspicious as I was no such a great person to be included in such an elite list.

At the same time, I was thrilled. Who knows, I could indeed be a 'great' person to be 'spotted' by this NGO !

The introductory letter just wanted me to reply back with my willingness to accept their invitation and a brief write up and photograph to be included in a Souvenir that would be published during the award distribution ceremony.

That was not difficult. So I decided to comply with the requirements. I replied back.

Shortly I got another beautiful envelope from the said NGO by post.

Again a very decently phrased letter. This time the letter politely informed me to sent them a substantial amount as part of the costs towards printing , publishing and organizing the event. For such a grand event and such a great honour, the amount was just peanuts. They reminded me.

Then this innocent and decent looking fraud scheme got clear to me. I refused to be their game any more ! Later I had seen news coverage of  some people receiving the same awards from the same NGO. 

After all they are awarding people who are willing to bear the costs ! What is the degree of this fraud ?

I leave it for your own assessment.

Some time later, I got a decently worded e-mail. It said that my e-mail was included in an international level lottery and I had won a few million British Pounds as the prize money !

To claim the prize money in foreign exchange I should sent my details including bank account to the organization.

The letter looked so genuine with names, addresses, telephone numbers, organizational logos, website addresses and the like. For an ordinary person, there was nothing to be suspicious.

Now this fraud is very common. But at that time it was not. Yet I decided to find out the truth. I forwarded the letter to a fraud investigating wing of the FBI.

They replied me with the details of the modus-operandi of this international fraudsters who operate from Nigeria.

The Internet is the arena of clever and intelligent fraud masters of modern era.

More and more clever ways of fooling the gullible people are devised every now and then.

I earnestly advice my readers to use their God given wisdom and intelligence to ward off such deceitful human minds taking them for a ride.

There is a website called hoax-slayer which is a good effort of one Mr Brett M.Christensen for providing information about frauds and hoaxes that pervade the world wide web. Those interested more on this may consider improving their knowledge by going through the information that this site provides. 

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