Friday, March 2, 2012

Sin : As I Understand It !

All religions and religionists talk about sin.

But then, what is sin ?

As I have understood it, let me try to explain it like this.

First, sin is some thing that is applicable to only living beings like human beings who are provided with an intelligent mind capable of distinguishing between right and wrong.

For example, animals and plants have life but they are not provided with a mind of that sort. They cannot differentiate between right and wrong of their own.

So sin is not applicable to them !

A free willed living being like a human being with a sane mind inherently knows what is wrong and what is right.

If the person keeps acting against what is right or keep doing what is  wrong will fully, then a situation of error or mistake is created which can eventually matures as sin if repeatedly done will fully.

A person in sinful situation degenerates to the status of a living being without a free will mind, such as a plant or animal.

Such a person's life ends when death occurs.

But those who have not embraced a sinful life, there is the possibility of life even after death !

A life much more real and fruitful than what was experienced before death !

Are you in a mindless state or tending towards sin or in a position to safeguard yourself from slipping to sinful state ?

Just think about it !


  1. Firstly, may I disagree with you a bit about animals and plants. How do you know that that plants and animals are not capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. They do. But we do not have the capability to understand them. If you mingle with plants and animals you will realise. I am not an animal lover. But I love plants. My own observations are that plants do have intelligence and can exhibit their love. At least rose plant.

    Coming of sins. Humans have a conscience or inner voice.If you keep it clean, pure and receptive, it will forewarn you when you are about to commit a sin for concept of sin varie from person to person. From the way one is brought up something appears to be a sinful act to you may not be sin at all to me. My mind and body is tuned to that.

  2. You have rightly pointed out about the presence of the 'inner voice'. My favorite book describes much about this presence which is defined as a 'pre-personality' gift of God named in modern language as the 'Thought Adjuster'. Those who live according to the guidance of this 'pilot' within their minds are assured of finding God without losing their own personality!


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