Monday, June 11, 2012

God ! Forgive Them As They Know Not What They Are Doing !

The title I have used in this blog is a famous quote from the gospels of the New Testament Bible attributed to Jesus Christ.

Jesus could have perhaps used his divine powers to set the erring people right by so many ways.

But that amounted to reversing some of the divine laws and he being part of that divinity would not do such a thing.

So he prayed to God for forgiving these people who are in error, sin and vanity because of their ignorance in using their God given faculties of wisdom that was available to them in their minds.

Such erroneous, sinful and egoistic people are in large numbers in all generations.

Those who do not come in that group are also many.

They keep witnessing the horrendous acts of the former in utter dismay.

Where divine Jesus apparently failed, what else they can do ?

Some of them might repeat the prayer of Jesus, silently.

'Forgive them, God, as they know not what they are doing'.

Have you ever prayed like this ?

In my life, I have been doing this many times !

When people act defying all logic and wisdom (common sense), what else can you do ?

Talking of common sense, let me end this blog by quoting two random passages from my favorite guide book (the Urantia Book):

"But the Master (Jesus) was so reasonable, so approachable. He was so practical in all his ministry, while all his plans were characterized by such sanctified common sense. He was so free from all freakish, erratic, and eccentric tendencies. He was never capricious, whimsical, or hysterical. In all his teaching and in everything he did there was always an exquisite discrimination associated with an extraordinary sense of propriety." 100:7.3

“But the greatest error of the teaching about the Scripture is the doctrine of their being sealed books of mystery and wisdom which only the wise minds of the nation dare to interpret. The revelations of divine truth are not sealed except by human ignorance, bigotry, and narrow-minded intolerance. The light of the Scriptures is only dimmed by prejudice and darkened by superstition. A false fear of sacredness has prevented religion from being safeguarded by common sense. The fear of the authority of the sacred writings of the past effectively prevents the honest souls of today from accepting the new light of the gospel, the light which these very God-knowing men of another generation so intensely longed to see.159:4.9

By the way did you get what I wanted to convey ?

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