Friday, June 15, 2012

Can You Come Out Of Your Suspicions and Anger ?

To doubt or view something suspiciously is quite natural for human beings. But animals are more suspicious than human beings. That is my observation. In other words, people with a higher IQ may not be as suspicious as those of a lower IQ.

People with higher intelligence seem to have certain higher perception levels that make it easier for them to discern falsehoods and realities much faster than others who are not so fortunate in this kind of brain function. So, in ordinary situations they are quicker to overcome fear arising out of unreasonable suspicions.

But to doubt and view strange things suspiciously is a natural behavioural trait found both in animals and humans. But this trait of having suspicion and distrust that is a remnant of human nature which he got from his animal origin should decrease as he evolves into a civilized personality.

The less developed people are more suspicious and fearful than advanced and civilized people. The former kind cannot accept something new or strange or trust others so easily. On the other hand, civilized people do not find much difficulty in this.

My favorite guide book states like this: suspicion is the inherent reaction of primitive men; the survival struggles of the early ages do not naturally breed trust.[Source: Click  here !] 

This book of knowledge from superior sources also informs us that unseen spiritual influences originating from God is responsible for training the underdeveloped human mind to discard unfounded suspicion and to replace it with love and trust which are characteristics of God.

If you had the curiosity to know, you should have clicked the links above to find out more about my favorite book. But if you are of a suspicious nature, you are likely to quit this page as early as possible.

If I further state that the knowledge book that I referred above is not authored by human beings, but by superior celestial beings, you are bound to become more suspicious and quit if not done already.

But if you have maintained reading this much, I should say that you are having a higher degree of curiosity and a lower level of suspicion, both desirable characteristics of progressive human mind.

After coming to know about this superior book of knowledge, which helped me to forgo my fears and anxieties arising out of my ignorance, I learnt to trust and love people, even when they do not reciprocate the same. I realize that their distrust and suspicion are due to their ignorance, just as what I had earlier.

Writing blogs like this is part of my effort to make those, however few their numbers might be, to achieve what I have received. And some of them would be able to achieve more and perpetuate the qualities of trust and love in more and more people. 

That means more and more people would realize the qualities of God, the Supreme Intelligent Creator of everything in the universe who is father of everything or our Universal Father. Trustworthiness and love are those qualities that He wants his children to develop willingly and wholeheartedly.

I feel extremely happy when I see my fellow human beings, men and women, who keep nurturing their desirable qualities of trustworthiness and love to higher levels and do whatever they could to perpetuate that to others.

There are many such lovely human beings in this world who work tirelessly for elevating their ignorant brethren to their levels or even higher. They, perhaps work with their unseen brethren from the celestial realms who support them in tandem.

When the majority of ignorant people waste their brains under the influence of factors of social mobilization such as hunger, pride, conditional love, hate, fear and suspicion that lead to insecurity, bloodshed, war and wealth hoarding, those few individuals try to propagate the values of unconditional love, trust and brotherhood and the futility of the hard efforts they have been ignorantly doing under those animal like behaviours.

Earlier today, I was going through the works done by a group of  intelligent and lovely individuals  who work hard to remove the doubts and suspicions in the minds of those who summarily reject the contents of my favorite book as a fraudulent fiction. Their efforts to educate those at ignorant levels are given in this document which is part of their website called UBtheNews. For those of the scientifically and spiritually curious nature reading their findings in their web site is highly rewarding.

The other day, a net friend from the other side of the globe gave me the link of a website that contains the enthusiastic feelings of a young lady from South India who began to realize the meanings of God's love through some contents of the Urantia Book, which is my guide book that I referred above. This young Indian lady prefers to be known as Angel and I am moved by her biography. Some of you might feel the same way. This one what she said is that I also experienced: " I learned how to control anger, how to forgive my brother and sister, how to be quiet when I heard something that compelled me to explode"

Thanks for reading this much.

If you did, I am sure, you are going to be a different person.

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