Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beastly Behaviour of Man : What the Urantia Book Taught Me !

I have known people who are very pious and gentle when they are like most others. But the moment they get some more wealth or some important position, they change. Their behaviour changes totally which markedly shows that they are no more the pious or gentle ones they used to be.

It happens with most people. That is why we generally accept the saying : ' Power corrupts man!'

The more the power, the more the man becomes a terror to his fellow beings.

The power can be anything.

It could be simply his superior muscles that he feels stronger than others.

It could be money or wealth that he now feels much more than many others around !

It could be a promotion in his organization where he (or she) is given by which his (or her) colleaques till yesterday have become his (or her) subordinates and he (or she) has some organisational powers delegated which could be used as stick or carrot to terrorize or pamper those subordinates as he (or she) pleases !

It could be a elected position in an organization meant to serve others. That includes political posts as well.

Less the power, we are all friendly, loving and caring.

The moment we are with powers such as what I described above, we become beastly, cruel, disrespectful, cunning, grave or unfriendly ! We talk about punishing others. We talk about teaching others a befitting lesson. We no longer can tolerate any one not giving us the due importance ! If we were given enough power we would not even hesitate to kill them. It is all a matter of how much power !

I have seen ferocious people (ferocious like dogs !) coming to normalcy when the power is withdrawn. Just as a case when he or she retires from a powerful position. The manner in which they talk or behave changes too abruptly.

Does that mean that we are all actors and actresses ? Acting out our lives according to the situation ?

If we are perpetual actors, how can we trust each other ? Perhaps we are not trusting any one any time !

We are acting, they too are acting !

Any way one thing is very clear. All of us have some genetic make up in our brains that is common to wild animals.

Though we possess the humanly nature well characterised by the word humane, we also have remnants of beastly genes within us.

That is because we all have evolved from animals.

Scientifically analysing we all have genes common to animals. The theory of evolution seems to be correct to that extent.

In reality it is correct, but with a difference. Quite contrary to what Charles Darwin had thought, it was not magical or automatic evolution.

But it was an evolution under the supervision and direction of agencies of God !

Now if you are interested in the origin of the first evolved human beings of earth a million years ago, you may read this narration which I had adapted for you from my favorite book, called the Urantia Book. This book, for your information, is the only book in this world which is not authored by human beings !

So being evolved from animals we all have some animal genes and characteristics.

The more animal genes in us, the more animal like we are.

What are those animal characteristics that we all have in varying degrees ?

We are greedy for those things needed for our material survival. That includes food, shelter and other things like that.

We all would behave like animals if these things are not easily available. We will not consider others when it is a question of survival. That is the animal instict that we have ! Ofcourse, our humane genetic additions can make us behave like humans. But it all depends on how much of our original beastly genetics have been removed from our brains over the generations !

Just as animals we all fear some one more powerful. Without some kind of fear, wild animals will not behave properly always. With the animal genes in us, it is true for us too !

Those with more of the animal genetics, can never function humane always without fear of some one more powerful. The moment such people know that there is no one to be really afraid of, they do not hesitate to be like beasts !

The Urantia Book authors tell us that next stages of controlled evolution of human beings to cleanse out the remnants of the beastly genes from the humans of earth could not be carried out flawlessly later.

That was due to some errors made by the lower level agencies of God who were responsible for that work.

An error that has caused the humans of earth continue with some beastly genes for a longer duration.

Had that error not happened, our earth at this juncture of time, would have been with a greater percentage of people who were more humanized.

There would have been more number of people who are courageous, fearless, honest, considerate, unselfish and compassionate. They would have been more intelligent and industrious. They would not have thought of setting scores or to control others for their selfish motives.

In a nutshell, this earth would have been a very nice place to live !

Above all, most of the human beings would have known for sure who is God and how they are related to God ! They would have known how to show love and reverence to God or live their lives the way God desired .

And such a realization would have meant much more to them than the present pleasantly life in this planet !

As it stands today, we all have beastly genes in varying levels and we are all handicapped like the animals , to varying degrees.

As gene purification and cleansing are not taking place to remove the remnants of our beastly genes by the agencies of God any more, we the earth ones have to take some extra efforts to use our own available intelligence to get rid of our remaining beastly natures.

That is possible, but only if we take conscious efforts to get rid of it!

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  1. Hi all, Reading Urantia will help us to clear the doubts we had about various discontinuities we experience in going through the old scriptures in various faith order including the old testament of Holy Bible.
    Nevertheless one need to read Urantia with an open mind by both Theists and Atheists without any bias towards any religion or community that follow different forms of faith order and also those do not have any such belief or faith. Naturally it is too complex for many of us will find it difficult if we try to relate with our faith but then the mystery of whole universe is much too complex for any of us to comprehend. Best is to understand what you can and ignore what you can't. Happy reading to all.
    Abraham Paul

    1. Thank you Mr Paul for that commentary. And also for joining this site.

      This earth is proceeding towards an era of light and life. Ofcourse, it is not going to be today or tomorrow. Nor in the next few centuries, perhaps.

      But definitely, a time has come now for us to make continuous improvements and that is God's plan. The invisible divine administration has not foresaken earth !

      That is the assurance given by the Urantia Book !

      That is why this book is given to mankind in the most miraculous manner, though it was not a miracle for those who gave it to us !

      Nice to know that you have begun to read it !

      It is true that the presence of our animal genes make us lazy to undertake a reading of such books even when it is told that it holds the key for our well being and even while we have the capacity to read much more voluminous fictions that are appealing to our mixed intellects.

      But in the future this book is going to make more and more human beings to think in the right direction.

      And that for sure, would pave the way for a better advancement of this world in the right direction.


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