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Historical Dates Recorded in the Urantia Book: Now We Have Software To Confirm Those !

A historical narration of some events that happened in some dates, that are part of some pre-historic times recorded with a high degree of accuracy after an elapse of nearly 2000 years and at a time when there were no easy means to verify  the validity of those dates, is an impossible task for human authors to create.

My favorite book of life guidance- the Urantia Book- has many such dates dating back to times when Jesus Christ began his earth mission. 

Till the times of publication of the Urantia Book, the historical aspects of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ never existed except those given in the Bible or the Apocrypha Books. And there were nothing for the modern day historians to verify these biblical narrations, except that they are recorded in many books and some have originals which had been carbon dated for their probable period of creation. 

Moreover, no known books existed earlier which gave a date and day for an event that happened during the days of Jesus Christ. 

Under such circumstances, when an author narrates an incident with its day and date according to the Common Era calendar that we use today internationally, it is nothing but a miracle. 

But when this book got published in the year 1955, the few readers of the book could not have possibly verify those because there existed no known method commonly known to even the most learned people to cross check those dates easily by manual calculations. Moreover, the idea of computers and computer programs were just getting initiated in the minds of the scientists at the time when the Urantia Book got published for the first time.

Thus if the Urantia Book's authors wrote some thing like this:

 'On Sunday night, January 9, A.D. 7, his (Jesus Christ's) baby brother, Amos, was born', [The Urantia Book, Paper 124, 5.2]

we the readers had to just take that statement for granted. 

There was no way that we could spent days and days doing the calculations to find out whether January 9th of AD 7 was indeed a Sunday! 

But suppose that we could check that now and find that it was indeed a Sunday, we are bound to salute the super intelligence and meticulous accuracy that the authors of the Urantia Book had maintained. 

We would wonder how the author/s could be so meticulous and accurate when he/they wrote this book when it was impossible to back calculate and maintain that kind of an accuracy! 

We might even be forced to deduce that the author/s had some personal diary with them with the chronological events recorded accurately.

Personally speaking, I find this something extremely noteworthy and this aspect together with many such things, make the Urantia Book not a book of the other kinds to be discarded as a hoax or a huge work of rubbish. Many thinking intellectuals who are careful readers and students of this book have come to the same conclusion. 

That conclusion is that it is humanly impossible to create a literary work of knowledge and facts, as the Urantia Book. It is indeed a revelation from superhuman sources as the authors of the book repeatedly tell the readers. 

Now coming to the verification of the historical  dates and days, by people like us. 

I have come across the work that got created by a computer software specialist, named Mr Scott E. Lee. He had made a website for a calendar conversion service some time in the 1990's.

His website is named : Rosetta Calendar [click to visit it] 

It now gives the conversion of dates for the Gregorian, Julian and the Hebrew calendars online by just a click. For example, you could enter the date of the Urantia Book that I gave above (9th Jan AD 7) in the Julian calendar and click the convert button to find whether it was indeed a Sunday. Simultaneously you could also get the corresponding dates in the other calendars as well. Isn't it great ?

Now use this facility to check some more statements such as these from the Urantia Book:

In January of this year, A.D. 21, on a rainy Sunday morning, Jesus took unceremonious leave of his family, only explaining that he was going over to Tiberias and then on a visit to other cities about the Sea of Galilee. [ the Urantia Book Paper 129, 1.1 ]

Jesus and the two natives from India — Gonod and his son Ganid — left Jerusalem on a Sunday morning, April 26, A.D. 22. [ The Urantia Book, Paper 130, 0.1  ]

Sunday morning, February 24, A.D. 26, Jesus took leave of John the Baptist by the river near Pella, never again to see him in the flesh. [ The Urantia Book, Paper 137, 2.1 ]

My dear reader, there are too many such examples which were humanly impossible at the time the Urantia Book's manuscript was written and given to mankind for publication. 

Such humanly impossible things and knowledge that are contained in the Urantia Book, with extreme consistency and grace make the book totally different from all those humanly created books that we have! Some thing that makes the right thinking humans pause a moment to give attention to what it says !

As for me, I have no doubt that this book was authored for us by invisible celestial beings as the authors themselves introduce themselves. And that is very very important for me. Because, that information logically compels me to believe in the existence of invisible intelligent beings. They are a reality. If they are real, then God is real. And if God is real, my faith in God is with a real foundation!

And if that is so, the truths that are revealed through the Urantia Book cannot be discarded. I have to read carefully what these celestial personalities have to tell me !

So I read and study that. I find it a great guidance, indeed !

I wish all in this world were given those guidance ! And it is not that difficult.

Provided that they are willing to listen to those truths and guidance!

Provided that they have a desire to know !  

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