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Would It Be Practically Possible To Live In This World Doing God's Will ? Any Benefits ?

Before answering those questions, let me tell you some fundamentals that my favorite book of divine revelation taught me. Note that some of these fundamentals have been known to human kind for the last hundreds of years or perhaps even thousands of years. But at the same time, I consider it very important that we recapitulate some of the key knowledge pieces once again. Please go through the following and see whether they match with your concepts fully or partially:

1. The material universes as we know today comprising of our planet earth, our solar system, our galaxy and millions of other such galaxies and dark bodies all came into existence at some point of time billions of years ago as physical or perceivable or visible energy and matter due to an act of some intelligent mind which existed beforehand. At that moment of time, space and history as we know today also came into existence. Time before that , which we cannot comprehend is called eternal time.

2. There existed only one pre-existent energy not comprehensible to us, which we may denote as spiritual energy and one infinite mind energy pervading over this spiritual energy forming an infinite Personality and certain intelligent creative actions of this infinite Personality that happened, during the eternal times. About the creative actions that happened during eternal times, we have only vague ideas. The Original Infinite Mind or Personality that has been existing eternally is our Universal Father God, because we all exist in life, intelligence and personality due to Him. From Him all things and personalities came in to existence later.

3. During eternal times, the Universal Father God created other Spiritual Personalities like Him and distributed Himself to them his attributes and powers for various purposes including further creative actions. The first eternal personality formed from the Universal Father may be identified as the Eternal Son and the next one as the Infinite Spirit. These three there after acted independently and jointly to create other spiritual personalities and spiritual materials during eternal times. The original three together is God, the Trinity. There are yet other divine beings originating from the original Trinity, who too could be deemed as God for all practical purposes. But it is a wise decision to keep the concept of the Universal Father God in mind whenever we give our reverence to God in general. 

4. All spiritual energy, spiritual material and spiritual gravity are concentrated at the Centre of the Universes that we perceive now as space, though we may not be able to perceive its existence. The abode of the eternal God and his associative spiritual personalities are predominantly in this region. The Universes around it are growing in space and material as a result of the continued creative actions of the God or His high spiritual associates. The fundamental particle that makes up the fundamental material particle, electron, is the ultimaton, which is formed out a pimordial force drawn from the spiritual energy realm. Spiritual energy is predominant (the major constituent) if we take up all energy, spiritual and physical, together.

5. There are innumerable spiritual personalities who exist from eternity or are created later. All of them are immortal beings, unlike beings who are created in physical material by different techniques including we the human beings, who are mortals ( i.e, those who cease to exist in their physical form after some time). 

6. Personality and life of any living being, divine or otherwise, is a direct gift of the Universal Father God.

7. All living beings have a form or body made of either spiritual matter (spiritual beings) or physical matter (material beings) .It is difficult for beings in physical body to perceive or see beings in spiritual form or body under normal circumstances unless they are provided with some special prerogatives. The reverse is also true. But some of the spiritual entities are capable of making their presence perceivable to physical beings while the physical beings do not have any such powers inherent in them.   

8. Both spiritual and material beings require some form of energy, either spiritual or material, for sustaining their lives.

9. Immortals who deviate from perfection can lose their immortality. Similarly, mortals with personality attributes who aspire for perfection by doing the will of God may attain immortality. All mortal material beings and many immortal beings in the lower orders  can be in the presence of the Universal Father God and 'see' Him only if they attain certain perfection levels.

10. God is not a respecter of persons or individuals; He loves everyone impartially and according to His universal laws.

11. All living beings in physical material form do not have God gifted personality attributes. For examples, plants and animals. They exist for a while for certain limited purposes only. But mortals like human beings have God gifted personality attributes which can survive death under certain conditions. According to the universal laws of God, mortals too can gain immortality and become like one of the spiritual personalities of high power and abilities, provided they live according to certain universal laws of God while they live in mortal form. Otherwise they too will perish as plants and animals.

12. Human beings have an additional God gifted power, in addition to life, intelligence and mind, which ensures personality survival even after physical death. This power is called the Thought Adjuster which is a direct gift of God which is equivalent to a micro mind of God Himself. This power resides within the human mind. This spiritual power is the one that compels man to seek God and develop those qualities that are liked by God.

13. When the human mind accepts the feeble leading of the God gifted mind or the Thought Adjuster and live according to that leading, then we can say that this human being is living according to the will of God. All humans who live according to the will of God are likely to survive death and their personalities would survive the physical death to advance to become immortal spiritual personalities.

14. Advancing spiritual personalities such as those human beings who have survived physical death are called the ascending sons of God, unlike those spiritual personalities who have a different kind of origin. The ascending sons of God progress towards perfection through varying levels of universe experiences. When they attain perfection, they would be in the direct presence of God where they are likely to be assigned high responsibilities in the worlds that are under the process of creation or evolutionary progress. During this process of progress in intelligence and mind capacity, they may exist in various forms, while their basic personality remaining intact.

The above are some essential information to be understood. 

Now comes the question of doing the will of God while we live our lives on earth. We may live in any physical condition, rich, poor, privileged, underprivileged, short lived, long lived, with high abilities or with lower abilities, facing problems always or leading a good life always, etc., etc. 

Whatever be the case, we are likely to perish as plants and animals unless we live according to the will of God. We do not require any one's help to know the will of God now as the will of God is perceivable by  us from the Thought Adjuster that is already within our mind.

Now to understand the leading of the Thought Adjuster that is within us, our own mind should not get elated by self importance called our own ego. I think this is a situation we can know our self if we are a bit attentive to our own inner consciousness. 

All human beings are likely to face this difficulty. The moment their own abilities make them elated in mind, they fail to recognize the feeble voice of the God given mind residing deep in their own minds. That causes the danger of not living according to the will of God, while their own mind might justify otherwise.

If this is so, would it be practically possible to live according to the will of God? I think it is possible. Only thing here is that one has to make some conscious efforts not to allow the self importance that develops within the mind to envelop the whole mind subduing even the Thought Adjuster.

Doing the will of God, does not mean that we can live without any errors in our own judgement while we live. Errors do happen in human life, because God has not made us as perfect beings. We humans are imperfect beings in the process of advancement towards perfection. But committing errors always and willfully with no regard to the guidance of the Thought Adjuster is some thing that is regarded as disobeying the will of God.

Those humans who are guided by the will of God exhibit certain qualities.

They are too willing to seek the true God. Their inner self would not accept just any one or any thing as the Universal Father God. For them God is much beyond any human being that they know, however superior they might appear to be. They keep loving and worshiping that God in their mind always and submit to Him for his guidance always.

They also recognize that other human beings are also the children of God and they too have the God given power of the Thought Adjusters residing in their minds. So they love their fellow beings unconditionally.

So, enmity, envy, hatred and selfishness have no place in their minds. While they pray to God, they pray for the well being of all and not  for only their selfish needs. They would never try to exploit underprivileged human beings. They would use their abilities to be of some use to others. In other words, those who are living according to the will of God are willing to serve others.

Material and physical well being, though important, are not the priority for such humans. They seek to develop themselves to attain spiritual progress so that they could be in the presence of God some time.

They know that those who do not do the will of God are going to perish for ever, even when some of them may appear as very successful or powerful humans on earth. So they do not have any anger towards such people, but only sympathies. They understand the meaning of what Jesus taught some 2000 years ago: If one gains the whole world, what good it for him, when he is losing his life ?

Those who live according to the will of God would not like to live as lazy or foolish beings. They know pretty well that their God given abilities are to be used wisely for the benefit of their world in some way or the other.

Those who are doing the will of God realize what is the true will of God. They will not create situations where those who do not do the will of God become more and more successful in perpetuating their deeds.

They will not force their ideas on others, even while they are willing to give good advice and possible help to those who seek it. They realize pretty well that each and every human being has a God given free will intelligence to adopt right or wrong  or good or bad.

They would not encourage others to praise them and adore them for whatever good qualities or capabilities they posses, because they know that they are humble humans like all others and only God is to be adored and worshiped. But at the same time they understand the mature way of honoring , respecting and loving others.

They will never use their abilities and powers for the purpose of their own pleasure or satisfaction. Neither those who work for them are their slaves, nor for whom they work are their gods. They will never ever exploit the weak nor they would be sycophants for personal gains. 

They are not zealots to deny any material pleasures, but they know how to indulge in those wisely so that they seldom create any harm to either themselves or to others. 

They know how to use their God given intelligence and wisdom. They would never close their minds to any new idea or knowledge, because that they know is important for progress. In other words, they are broadminded. They are open to criticisms, but would not argue endlessly to push their ideas on others. 

They know religion is essentially a personal experience of knowing God and developing in spiritual growth. While recognizing all religions as some man made arrangements for realizing the love of God they appreciate all religions and faiths but would not allow the errors of those religions and faiths to disturb their personal spiritual convictions. They are perpetual seekers of God. 

My dear reader, do you think it very difficult to live according to the will of God ?

Doesn't  your inner mind accept the possibility of the benefits I mentioned ?

Is your intellect refusing to accept what I wrote or try to convince you as rubbish ?

It is wholly up to you decide.

Best wishes.  

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