Saturday, October 19, 2013

News and Media : Perpetuating Pessimism in the Guise of Creating Corrective Awareness !

Of late I am losing my interest in watching the News TV channels and reading the Print Media. I do not know the situation in other countries. But in this great nation of so-called pacifists, veggies and 'Ahimsawaadis' (proponents of non-violence) violence, cruelty and hatred are getting undue importance in the news media in recent years. 

It is a time of making material business benefits from even those activities that used to be considered semi-divine in some years ago. Yes, I am talking about journalism, teaching, preaching, healing and the like. 

Creating awareness about the evils of the society for possible eradication of such things in future may be a good idea. To that extent, propagating news about evil happenings might be tolerable.

But any thing in excess is bad and poisonous. Anything without applying the wise balance of mind is destructive.

'Breaking News' in red has become a continuous feature in the Indian TV channels that I am not able to differentiate the 'break' or the 'news'. And in reality, these neo news editors of these countless channels are breaking the heads of the viewers with these gimmicks which has lost its ingenuity. 

Most of the media men and women associated with the so-called national news channels seem to  loiter around the metros only with their cameras and microphones to look for road accidents and such human mishaps and disasters to be beamed to the millions of Indian households with such absurd impunity. 

They have now made the unfortunate sorrows of humans beings as a means of making money. They break the pathetic human agonies in to millisecond clips and beam it 24x7 with those ad-clips that run in to hours!

What kind of a media journalism is this ?

They have to be practical and cost effective, they might say. They give what the public want to see and listen. They go by the viewership statistics. News about bad things and evil incidences are what thrills the Indian viewers, they argue ! 

That reminds me of another story. Decades ago, a south Indian community in a central Indian city made repeated appeals to the railway ministry for linking their city with their south Indian home state with the convenience of a direct express train service. But the railway babus repeatedly rejected their genuine plea on the ground that their records showed no passenger demand on this route.How could that happen when there was no direct train service ? From where these babus could have got the relevant data of passenger load ?

So, when the TV fellows keep showing the those head breaking news of nonsense always, there is no escape for the viewers. The viewership would be cent percent on news highlighting the evil character of the Indian society. 

If feature films depicting evil stories are going to influence the minds of the majority people, especially the children,  as told by some of the wise social activists and psychologists, then the evil news propagation day and night would do more harm than that. 

Why do these media men and women flock around some peculiar characters associated with politics, cinema and sports and try to make them celebrities ? Are they getting some indirect benefits for glamorizing such men and women? Media plays to make some people celebrities and celebrities add to media popularity. It is a double benefit game. Only the common people are be-fooled in this game!

Media is called the fourth estate (read estate of power!) in a democracy. Yes, they are the ones who make and break deals. They are the ones who think that they are above all. They can break and make governments. Is it not something great ? 

But in the process they seem to forget their duties and responsibilities to the society. Just as the people who form the courts, the people who are the eyes and ears of the society also have to work with some self imposed ethics and codes of conduct. If not they are bound to perish some day together with the society they belong.

Why are they not projecting the good things from their society ? Why don't they project those good things with prominence ? Human achievements are much more desirable to be projected than human disappointments and troubles. The former propagates positive energy and helps in positive progress. The latter is negative energy that destroys!

Let us hope that our media men and women come out of their biasing influences and learn to do their duties and responsibilities the way it should be ! 

Let me conclude this by quoting an admonition to mankind from the superhuman authors of my favorite book of life guidance:

"As you view the world, remember that the black patches of evil which you see are shown against a white background of ultimate good. You do not view merely white patches of good which show up miserably against a black background of evil.

When there is so much good truth to publish and proclaim, why should men dwell so much upon the evil in the world just because it appears to be a fact? The beauties of the spiritual values of truth are more pleasurable and uplifting than  the phenomenon of evil." 

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