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The Story of the Evolution of Colored Human Races and the Effect of Varying Contrasts on Earth !

Some time ago I wrote about the history of the origin of human beings on earth. That was an abridged account of the information I got from my favorite book .

If you have not read it you may use this link to find that blog and read it now. [ Click Here!]

Now you know about the Andonites. They were  the first human race on earth who populated earth from just one pair of humans who got evolved by controlled gene mutation from a kind of tree dwelling animals almost a million years ago.

The population of Andonites increased on earth and in later years they spread out in various groups or clans and clan-fighting among them was a common affair.

But the interesting thing is that they were of one race, having perhaps the same blood group.

During the next 500,000 years, the Andonites migrated to various lands many of which were connected together, unlike the continental masses as we know now. The people during this long period developed into many notable cultural groups now identified by our anthropologists by their exploratory research.

These developments occurred during the period what modern scientists identify as the first ice-age [in reality it was the third ice age!]

The primitive men who migrated to the eastern side got mixed with their near-animal cousins residing in the forests. Those where similar to the now identified 'Java men'. Because of this inferior intermixing, much genetic deterioration took place in these peoples.

Those migrating to the north west were not so affected by the inferior inter-breeding. They developed in to the so-called Foxhall peoples, the Heidleberg race, the Eskimos, etc.

Another group that developed in and around the original place where Andon and Fonta originated - the foothills of the north-western highlands of India was the Badonan tribe.

Incidentally, it was this Badonan tribals of North India who were the only descendants of Andon and Fonta, who never practiced human sacrifice as a means of pleasing their primitive gods, out of all the tribal groups that emerged during this period among the Andonites.

About 850,000 years ago, these Badonan tribes engaged long battle extending over 1000 years with their neighboring peoples who were more of animal nature and forced those inferior groups to go south wards to the dense southern jungles.

This long fighting caused a warrior group of Badonan tribes to develop later as the now identified Neanderthal race.

Just about half a million years ago, another important development took place among the same Badonan tribes of India. They were again involved in a great racial battle that raged for over a century. After the battle, only about 100 families survived. But those survived were the most intelligent and desirable humans among the then living descendants of Andon and Fonta.

Among these 100 odd surviving Badonan tribal families of India was the family identified as the Sangik Family. In this family, a couple strangely began to get children who were markedly different in their skin colors. Altogether there were 19 children, boys and girls, but they had six different skin colors, representing the colors of the spectrum of sunlight now we know as VIBGYOR, except the first, namely violet. So the six colors of the children this family had were Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

Truely, these children had some substance in their skin cells that turned to a specific color when exposed to sunlight. Strangely some gene transformation had taken place in the children of the same parents in one family. We may safely assume that these differently colored children had different blood groups as well.

All these six groups of children were intellectually superior to others in the Badonan tribes or other Andonites.

But birds of the same feather flock together! Folks of the same color too flock together ! So, in the subsequent times, six colored races emerged from these colored children of the Sangik family of the Badonan tribe of the North Indian highlands. Their population increased there after and they filled the then known lands on earth together with the descendants of their hairy bodied Andonite forefathers.

Out of the six colored races, the Red, Yellow and the Blue races were superior than the Orange, Green and Indigo races.

Great fighting and intermixing happened in the thousands of years that followed. The orange, green and blue races got almost fully eliminated in the struggles that followed.

The remaining races are a mixture of all these races in varying degrees. Perhaps the least intermixed race would be the yellow race and the red race. Most of the blue genes are absorbed in the present day Europeans. The African races of present day contains most of the Indigo and green races.

The animal origin beings cannot achieve mental, intellectual and spiritual capabilities beyond a certain level through natural evolution over the years. To over come this limitation, the divine creators of the universes normally allow another technique. This technique is known as the biologic uplift. In this method, a superior human race from another superior world is employed to intermix with the native races of the planet concerned.

Adam and Eve of earth were a specimen couple who were natives of another superior world. They had volunteered to be tele-transported to earth using a technique involving de-materialization and materialization. They were brought to a well prepared land (now stand sunk under the Mediterranean sea!) some 38000 years ago. This place was the Garden of Eden No.1. Their skin color was violet and they were indeed superior humans who were nearly 8 feet tall. In their native world, they were practically immortals. They would have remained on earth in the same manner, had they not violated the divine mandate.

Their divine mandate was to train the native animal origin human beings of earth and to give proper leadership on earth. They were also required to develop their own progeny and make them another independent and superior race. The violet colored race of their descendants were required to adopt race intermixing by marriage in the later years in a selective manner when their own population became in the order of a million. It had to be followed in a systematic manner and not in a hurry. The original Adamic couple were not to engage in any race intermixing activities with the native tribals of earth.

But this divine mandate was broken first by Eve and then by Adam. (This story is depicted in the Bible as the original sin of Eve eating the forbidden apple and Adam following her in the act!)

This unplanned and hasty decision of Eve and Adam caused the original tribals (those residing in and around of the first Eden garden) of earth developing a sudden enmity against them, totally disregarding their superior qualities. The majority tribals became enemies to the small minority group of the Adams and the former forced the latter to flee from their garden.

The Adams lost their divine support systems. Many of their own children were taken back to their native world. But some remained with them. They experienced many tragedies in the subsequent life on earth. They established their second residence on earth on a land in the present day Iraq, called the second Eden.

The biologic upliftment as divinely mandated for earth was disturbed and could not be implemented as planned.

Since the Adams are a totally different species of humans not created in the normal controlled evolutionary route, their blood would not contain any animal factors. So they should be the original Rh negative people on earth. On the other hand, those evolved humans, the Andonites, should have blood factor that is found in some animals such as the Rhesus monkeys. They are obviously the Rh positive types.

Any way, in the centuries that followed, the people of earth got some minor Adamic inheritance. It is roughly estimated that around 2-5 percent of the human population on earth now have Rh negative blood. There is a vast variation of this blood group from continent to continent and place to place ranging from 0.02 % to 15%.

So, as on today, earthly humans are a mix of seven basic races having some specific genetic features, a few of which is characterized by the presence and absence  (in varying degrees) of the pigment called melanin or its derivatives in the skin cells. This pigment is believed to protect people from the harmful effects of the ultra violet (UV) rays from the sun in addition to giving color characteristics to the human bodies. The feature is coded in the genes of the people just as the various blood groups.

Additionally, there are people among us who have the genetic features of the original Andonites characterized by a higher growth of hair in their bodies. Such genetic features are also mixed up.

Again there were some other types of humans with entirely different body features (some with some higher physical and mental abilities) who too had intermixed with the locally evolved human races. My favorite book gives some valuable information on that count too. But what is important to be noted is that all these intermixing had taken place in a non uniform manner. So the physical and mental abilities of people in our world varies greatly. Some of the rarest genetic features appear very rarely. It also causes genetic disorders too in some cases.

So every person in this world is perhaps with a unique genetic structure and therefore different in some characteristics from his or her fellow beings while exhibiting many common features at the same time. 

So the understanding capability of every person is different in this world. If I say something, it may not be understood the manner I wanted by all others around me. And such a situation is a cause for misunderstandings. The chances for misunderstandings rises as the communication exchanges increase between the unequal persons. That leads to conflicts among individuals, groups and nations !

But do not be under the impression that such conflicts in our world would remain for ever. In the distant future most of our descendants would progress towards perfection attaining the best of the genetic qualities that humans could possibly have. At that distant future time conflicts would no more be there as every one understands the other in the same manner. As people would have the highest spiritual capacity as well, the manner in which we understand God and worship God also would become uniform. We would know God properly and would be inclined to live according to the will of God. We would know for sure our destinies even after our physical death. We would never be worried of any thing as we would be almost perfect in our knowledge and wisdom! 

Our world has been designed to move from imperfection to perfection ! 

My book says that God could have made a perfect world of perfect people with no conflicts. Such worlds also exist in this vast universe.

But the personalities of such worlds would perhaps lack the experience of knowing the contrasts! How could you know hot and cold or light and darkness if there is no temperature difference or if there is no light or if there is only light?

So worlds of contrasts are essential for certain kinds of experiences. And experience enhances knowledge and wisdom!

And our experiences might even provide valuable inputs to even those who are not involved with our experiences but are mere observers!

Are you getting the logic?

If not, there is nothing to be worried. 

Perhaps you lack the right genetics as of now to understand these the way I intended!

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