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What Happens After Death ? The Question that Intrigues Millions and the Answers !

For the past couple of days, my own mind keep insisting me to write a blog on this question, what happens after death, in simple terms that I understood from the vast revealed knowledge that I gained from my favorite book of life guidance.

Of my own, I was thinking of writing about some contemporary issues. But somehow I was not allowed to do so by my own inner mind. So, there was no escape. But, to prepare me for the writing, it so occurred that I should do a bit research in the world wide web to see whether people are interested to know about this or not.

So, on the Google search box, I began typing: What h....... and to my surprise, Google completed the rest as, what happens after death? 

What a surprise ? Do you know the number of results that Google search returned ? Just see for yourself by clicking the linked question above.

So millions are asking this question and perhaps thousands are answering the question according to their own wisdom and interpretations.

Out of curiosity, I began reading some of the prominent questions and the answers that the Google search provided.

The first was this: This was the page of an independent spiritual organization named: Spiritual Science Research Foundation founded by an Indian psychologist who later became an independent student of Indian spirituality and turned himself as a Saint imparting spiritual knowledge based on Hindu scriptures and teachings laced with his own modern interpretations. The website of this organization tackled this question in the very beginning itself : Where do we go after death ?  

It was indeed an interesting reading, though most of the things that they had covered in it were already known to me. What is commendable is the manner in which the old Hindu concepts have been reformulated in a manner that is a bit scientific. No doubt, it enlightens the inquisitive readers to a great extent and contains many truths. It would have satisfied me too, had I not known what I knew now.

The modern spiritual Guru of India and the proponent of the Art of Living, Shri Shri Ravishankar also addressed this question more or less in a simpler manner to his disciples and followers. It can be read in the web site of the Art of Living movement here: What happens after death ?

Then comes the detailed explanation of the question as given by a Christian independent organization based on the Bible. This can be read here: The Mystery of Death !   It is indeed a very detailed writing and there are truths contained in this too. But indeed different from what the Hindu saints teach from their traditional spiritual knowledge! This is what had been known to me and taught to me since my childhood, but I knew there is some thing lacking in this too.

Then there are scores of faiths and interpretations that are promulgated by the proponents and scholars of various other religions that are essentially permutations and combinations of similar ideas that originate in the minds of humans.

But these concepts fundamentally accept the existence of a Universal Creator or God behind all things that we see and understand. That way, God is the central theme in all these religions and spiritual concepts.

But we cannot simply ignore the ideas of the rationalists and the atheists in this context when they ask disturbing questions with scientific logic. These are the people who refuse to believe in the existence of God and forcing their minds to accept the theory of random evolution. The idea of the evolution of human beings by random chance of events is another theory which attracts many so-called intelligent humans. For them, nothing happens after death. The matter in the living body cease to exist for ever and nothing survives after death. The intelligent personality of the human being who moved around prominently for some time with money, power and doing things good and bad was gone for ever! It is simply immaterial whether he or she lived in some mansions here or  innumerable memorials got constructed while living or afterwards! In this world today we also have varying theories based on this concept as well.

Now in short, what are our concepts and ideas about what happens after death? Some say our 'satvic' or spiritual essence either gets recycled in a cycle of re-incarnations and eventually gets 'dissolved' in the universal spiritual energy source, that is God. And that is our final attainment. In between we might also live in various negative and positive realms as per our 'karma' or acts that are good or bad. Yet some others say that we all will resurrect after some time and be judged for our good and bad acts. The good ones would enter the nice place of God called heaven and the bad ones would go to hell to be tormented for ever with the opponent of God, called Satan. 

Then the intelligent atheist ridicules the above beliefs of the spiritualists and the followers of the religions and believes in a total end of life after death. For him, what survives and gets recycled are the atoms of the human bodies!

But none of the above concepts, perhaps, contain the perfect truth. If we are indeed created by a Creator God, then we are simply creatures and we may not be able to know more than the Creator. Can a humanoid robot be greater than the scientists and engineers who created it ? Unless the latter so feeds its memory, it cannot have any clue of how it came into existence or what happens after its battery drains out! 

In a similar way, we we are just an accident of nature, then perhaps, we need not even try to find the answer.

But, my dear readers! My favorite book of life guidance gave me the answers to these questions. And the answers that are provided in this book are not human imaginations or logic! It is a revelation of knowledge from the superior sources who are responsible for the creation and administration of all the worlds in our vast universes that we are yet to comprehend and understand.

The book tells us that all what we have theorized using our intelligent brains are partially true. So our theories of evolution, creation, total end after death, re-incarnations or re-births, resurrections, heaven, hell, God, angels, ghosts, Son of God, Satan, cycles of life, dissolution of life energy in God, etc, etc are all true, but only partially. There are things which we can understand, not understand and understand only partially.

Because, what we are trying to find out is about God and His wisdom which are both infinite and we, his creatures are essentially finite and with limits of knowledge, wisdom and life unless otherwise decided by our Creator.

To tell you in brief, let me tell you some truths that had been revealed to me through the book which , I categorically stress this, are not from any human source. These are corrective information inputs from the agencies of God, given now to put human thoughts in the right track!

The information is vast and it is difficult to describe all in a small blog like this one. But the following is the gist of the truth you should know in the context of the title of this blog:

1. Our world and the life forms that we see in our worlds, including we humans, have originated through a process of evolution. But it was not an accidental evolution. It is a purposeful evolution caused and controlled by an intelligent and invisible universe administration created and controlled by the the First Source and Center of every thing, that we may call as God.

2. There are trillions of similar or dissimilar worlds where intelligent life exist in this universe.

3. There are evolutionary spheres such as our earth which are abodes of evolutionary creatures like we human beings and non-evolutionary created worlds which are essentially administrative headquarter worlds of the universe administration. The latter worlds are also in the order of billions and are much bigger and marvelous as compared to the evolutionary worlds. These created worlds (non-evolutionary) may be called the heavenly worlds and they are all different as their functions are different.

4. There are several orders of  intelligent material beings similar or dissimilar to human beings who are created by the process of controlled evolution. All evolutionary material beings like human beings exist in their native world of evolutionary origin only once. Their material existence comes to an end after some time called their mortal life. The mortal life span varies from 25 years to 500 years in various evolutionary worlds on the average, if we measure it in our unit of time.

5. Plants and animals have life and are provided for some useful purpose in the various worlds. But they do not develop an intelligent personality. Whereas all orders of humans have a unique personality which is a special gift of God. Personality of humans can survive material death, if God so desires.

6. Human beings who have advanced in material evolutionary progress to some desirable levels are provided with a special and unique power fragment of God which resides within the intelligent mind of such humans. This fragment of God is capable of helping all humans to take the right decisions in life in accordance with the wish of God, provided their own mind is willing to listen to such an advice. This is because God has decreed to provide all humans a mind that is essentially free-willed. All humans are essentially capable of self decision making regardless of any influences. Whether they use this power, too is their own choice.

7. Just as there are human beings of different kinds, there are various orders of intelligent personalities who are created by God in super material realms for the purpose of creation and administration of the vast universes and the worlds. There are also supreme orders of personalities who are not created by God as such but are eventuated from God. Some of these personalities might function as delegated authorities of God and they are for all practical purposes may be deemed as God. They are all divine beings. But the degree of divinity may be different and varying.

8.The whole of the worlds in the universe are spheres and are in constant motion. The only unique abode that is not exactly a sphere and not moving is the center of the whole universe. This too is a world which is perhaps larger than all the other worlds put together and is the abode of God and his various divine associates. All material and non material phenomena including those associated with life are linked to this center and are supervised or controlled from here.

9.As the distances between the various worlds are too great to the order of too many light years, it is impossible for any material being to travel from one world to the other in his life time. Only, non material beings of the celestial orders are capable of inter planetary travel among the various galaxies. There are various orders of celestial beings who can travel at speeds several times greater than the speed of light as they are non-material beings.

10. God, the First Source and Centre, never moves out from his abode. There is no need for Him to do that as He is the only one who knows all His creatures and creations, both living and non-living, wholly and perfectly.

11. God loves all His creatures and creations and He has a purpose for every thing. But He acts on the basis of His universal laws and does not cause any partiality by changing His laws arbitrarily. But at the same time He has delegated many of His powers to His various divine associates for the purpose of universe creation and administration.

12. God has created or caused the creation of both perfect and imperfect beings and there is a divinely wise purpose for all His acts.

13. Evolutionary mortals just as human beings are created for a divine purpose. All are valuable creatures for God. The essential purpose of human beings as willed by God for every mortal being is to progress in life from imperfection to perfection while gaining evolutionary experience. They are required to choose good from the bad by self choice and by actual experience unlike many perfectly created divine beings who are intrinsically good and perfect.

14. All intellectual personalities, immortal divine beings of the highest orders and the mortal human beings of the lowest orders are all sons of God and are for carrying out some purpose in the affairs of the worlds.

15. All mortal beings who are aspiring for perfection to be like God and are willing to make their choices according to the will of God are bound to acquire immortality after their death in their evolutionary material world and are bound reach the presence of God in some future time and transform to the status of a divine being of evolutionary progress and experience. The personality of such human beings are preserved and they take up re-births and life translations many times during their onward progress through the various non-evolutionary worlds to the final abode of God, the First Source. The re-births and life translations are essentially required for enabling inter-world travel of great distances. During the course of this progress, such human beings progress in knowledge, intelligence, mind capacity and other such powers. They also get opportunities to understand the life and working of both material and non material beings in other worlds.

16. Mortal material beings acquire immortality as the divine beings by a fusion of the power of God that resides in the individual and the the individual's own personality essence. But such a fusion is possible only when the individual's own personality is aligned with the God-fraction that resides in his mind. If these two factors are not aligned, the human personality cease to exist and the God-fraction that lived in his or her mind returns back to God with some life experience. The experienced God-fraction that returned to God may be resend to reside in another human being in another world, but normally not in the same world.

17. While a human being lives among his or her kind, a number of divine beings are keenly observing the individuals progress in life. There is the God-fraction that lives in the mind of the individual and a number of invisible divine personalities who are around performing various works with out the individual never realizing. However, some human beings who are more aligned with God may be able to recognize these activities to some extent.

18. It is a fact that there are some lower order divine beings who do not exactly act in the way God wants and they are likely to face divine judgement for misconduct. Such beings of immortal status may loose their freedom and could be quarantined in some non-evolutionary worlds for ever. Such non-evolutionary worlds may not be matching our concepts of the hell, but could be like hell for those divine beings who are confined there.

19. Some divine beings are of the order of the higher Sons of God. Many of them are divine rulers of vast regions of the universe containing millions of worlds. Our earth is part of such a region ruled by such a Son of God who is the Divine Sovereign of this universe region who for all practical purposes is Our God. It is a mandate of God that such sovereign universe rulers attain perfection in administration after they experience at least seven different life forms they had created in their universe regions by incarnating themselves in the lives of their own creatures. The divine sovereign of our universe region had taken up a human form in our world some two thousand years ago which was his last incarnation to attain full sovereignty. Because of this, our world is a special sphere of importance.

20. There is a small number of worlds in our universe region which are quarantined or isolated from the rest of the worlds in the universe. This isolation is because of some misdeeds of a few lower level divine administrators responsible for these worlds. However, they are divine beings of very lower subordinate orders under the sovereign of our universe region. Our earth is one of such worlds which got affected this way. Because of this isolation, we have lost our ability to perceive the presence of the divine beings who are stationed on earth. There are numerous divine beings present on earth now which include both those who have chosen to rebel against the universe administration and those who are with the universe administration.

21. The problems of earth are to a great extent due to the misdeeds of the rebel celestial beings in the past thousands of years. However, as of now these rebels have not much powers to do misdeeds. However, there are numerous confused humans who could perpetuate problems. Incidentally, the name Satan as humans know from various sources is one among the rebel divine beings responsible for the progress and administration of our planet. This divine personality is already quarantined. However, there are many of his associates now on earth who are not quarantined and would face such a fate some time in the future as decided by the universe administration.

22. Those who had willfully chosen not to follow the God's plans would end up in loosing their god-fraction and their chance to progress to higher worlds of living. They would not proceed to the presence of God retaining their individual personalities. No doubt, their god-fraction would proceed to God without their personality. Thus they would not survive material death as they lived their lives without following God's guidance from the pilot lamp of truth that is directly from God and that resided in their minds. The essence of God's desire, is simple and not so difficult to follow. Those who are desirous of surviving material death and retain their individual personalities should have the desire to know God and to be like Him (that is the desire for perfection and goodness). They should realize that God is the Universe Father of every one and His essential personality characteristics are love and mercy. And all those who aspire to be like God should willfully acquire these characteristics of love and mercy. All other things then follow automatically. Such humans would survive death and live for ever retaining their individual personalities exploring the whole of the universes while one day reaching the very presence of God to be embraced divinity and to attain powers for doing many fold works in the worlds that are yet under creation.

My dear reader! I earnestly hope that you could understood what I presented from the great revelation of knowledge which I gained recently. If the desire to be like God burns in you, you would consider exploring the book that I mentioned yourself.

In that case, you are likely to experience the cessation of all your anxieties and worries about death as you chose to move towards perfection and doing the will of God.

You would understand the reality of life and its purpose. And that would not be anything abstract. You would gain the capability to distinguish between false gurus preaching for their vested worldly gains and those who are selfless humans just living their lives according to the will of God.

You would not be perturbed or affected by the evil forces. Death is no more a dreadful thing. While living is a great opportunity to experience life doing the will of God, death would open the potential for a much advanced living of the future.

Anxieties have no place in your life. Your confidence and faith in God would become real.

But remember, if you are to reach God and if it has to have some meaning, your personality or you yourself should live and proceed to be in the presence of God. Not just the god-fragment in you. The god-fragment in you is after all part of God Himself and it has to fuse with you for you to live for ever as you. Did you get it?

Best wishes !

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