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Some Self Test Questions to Check Your Maturity Status !

Now-a-days it is not difficult to find many tools to check one's intelligence quotient (IQ) and similar other personality traits. These are developed by those who study human psychology in a formal manner and do research on that topic.

Let me admit this thing first. I am not one with any formal training in psychology or human personality research. But I do have some ideas about those based on my self explorations and studies out of mere curiosity. That has been further augmented by my inquisitive reading and self study of the book about which I have written many times earlier.

All humans are alike in many features and are also dissimilar  in several other features. But each one of us have a unique personality that emerges out of our similarities and dissimilarities and perhaps many other qualities that are not normally comprehended. In other words, our personality is the reflective resultant of our inherent and acquired qualities.

Every human being, during his life time earns some experiential inputs which might add up to modify his or her  inherent personality. Similarly as humans progress in civilization, modifications and improvements do happen in the individuals of a generation. In general, every generation of human beings face an average improvement in overall personality. The overall personality of a human being is the sum total of his or her inherent physical, mental and spiritual abilities augmented by his or her experiences in these three fields.

The first thing needed in human development is the material development or biological development. Physical and mental abilities are included in this. The next part is the spiritual development which is essentially some thing which is connected with higher mind abilities. However, physiological or biological development  and spiritual developments do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. Biological maturity and spiritual maturity develop separately in us. While biological maturity gets almost gets fully completed, spiritual maturity may or may not be completed in a lifetime on earth!

But if we have to designate a person fully mature, both biological and spiritual maturity need to be considered together. So, by the word maturity, I mean both biological and spiritual aspects of human development taken together. Physical aspects again involves the development of the human body and normal intellect or brain function. Spiritual aspects involves the development of the super intellectual faculties that enable a person to comprehend certain truths that are not easily discerned by simple logic or reasoning.

While biological maturity is synonymous with body development and easily recognizable, that is not the case with spiritual development of the mind. Again, I would request my readers not to confuse with the words biological and spiritual. To make things a bit more clear, you may consider biological development as those involved with the physical growth of the body including that of the brain for making a person live and do his or her normal human activities of physical work, normal communication, courtship and intelligence for doing normal human activities. On the other hand, spiritual development is that which enable a person to comprehend extra ordinary truths such as philosophical truths and divine truths. These are truths which are not normally discernible by the ordinary faculties of physical mind and intellect.

For example, if I say that it is dark here, a biologically mature person might understand it as he or she perceives darkness from light or black from white. One whose intellect is more advanced might understand it in the manner which science has made him to understand as the presence or absence of certain wavelengths of visible light. But a person having spiritual development would be able to attribute more meanings to the same word which is difficult to understand by those who are only biologically mature. 

For living a good and a worthy life both material and spiritual capacities are required in some desirable degrees. A wonderful society would emerge when the individuals of the society are fully matured, both biologically and spiritually.

The problems of this world as we experience today are because of the fact that we humans are in varying degrees of maturity. As we are not all in the same level of maturity, it is difficult for one person to understand the other fully. As a result communication gaps do develop between individuals and among groups. These communication gaps generate conflicts which otherwise could have been avoided had all were matured fully.

It would be interesting to know about our maturity levels comprising of both biological and spiritual development aspects. 

Here are some questions that I have formulated to test your material and spiritual development status or in other words, your maturity status. It is a self test that any one can attempt by spending a few minutes.

Here is how you do it.

There are 25 statements given below. All statements are to be examined by you as per your knowledge and conviction.

If you find the statement agreeable to you, you give it  4 marks. If you are unable to decide it as true or false, or not agreeable give it 0 marks. Then total out your marks. There are twenty five statements and if you have agreed to all, then you would get 25x4 = 100 marks. If you do not agree with any of these, you would get 25x0=0 marks. If you agree with some and disagree with some, then you get your total marks some thing between 0 and 100. 

So here are the statements:

1.  I consider my self physically normal.
2.  I like learning and I can read, write and speak at least one language reasonably well.
3.  I have some special skills and talents because God loves me more than others.
4.  I do face problems in life, yet this life is interesting and there are many opportunities.
5.  If I get power and money, it is okay if I use those for my own benefits and pleasures.
6.  I do some work and earn money for a comfortable living.
7.  I earn enough money and I am capable of making more.
8.  There is no use for working hard and making money if I am not able to enjoy its privileges.
9.  It is better to get some jackpot than working to make money.
10. If some one hurts me, it would pain me, but I would prefer pardoning than taking revenge.
11. I enjoy rest, humor and games; but I don't like to spend time only in these.
12. If I can afford, I will spend my time enjoying rest, games, adventure and such other things.
13. I believe in God and I do think about God often.
14. I think that I am a child of God and all around me are also children of the same God.
15. God is the creator of all, so God should be like a loving father to me and others.
16. If there are bad people, it is my duty to destroy them.
17. Violence is no solution for controlling violence.
18. This world could be better if the rich people distribute their money to the poor.
19. This world would be better if people have good reasoning and understanding capabilities.
20. It is a good thing if I respect those who are elders.
21. Intelligent and clever people would be able to solve all the problems of this world.
22. I don't find any reason to believe in the existence of an invisible God. 
23. I find reasons to believe in God and a possibility of our life continuing even after death.
24. There is some truth in all religions; but none of them may be perfectly right. 
25. Spiritual development involves learning of some special rituals and practices. 

Now to find out your development score you have to do this.

First find out the total score by finding out the number of  statements in the above that are agreeable to you. Suppose that it is 20. That means you have scored a total of  20x4 + 5x0 = 80 Marks.

Then find out how many green statements that are agreeable to you and find the green score. Suppose that you are agreeing to 8 green statements. Then your green score is 8x4 = 32. The maximum green score possible is 10x4=40.

Once you have the green score, you need to have your blue score next. If your total score is 80 and green score is 32, your blue score is 80-32 = 48. The maximum blue score you can have is 100-40=60. You can have both 0 or negative blue scores.

Now with the above scores it is possible to interpret your maturity level. Remember again that maturity here means your comprehensive maturity comprising of both physical and spiritual maturity aspects.

To find out that I suggest you click the link below to open another blog. Go to the blog bottom end. There you will have the interpretations.

Maturity Score Interpretation !

How did you find this test ? Would you like to make your opinion known to others by making it public through the comment facility below ?

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