Friday, November 8, 2013

Indian Child Prodigy Kautilya and the Possible Reasons for Such Phenomena Happening !

Many people are surprised by the extraordinary talent of memorizing that a small kid from Haryana,  the North Indian state of India, is endowed with. The media has reported much about his talents in memorizing facts about geography, economic data, etc at a tender age of  just 5 odd years, an age when normal children around the world just start toiling to memorize the alphabets or some nursery rhymes. 

This boy is Kautilya Pandit, son of One Mr Satish Sharma, a resident of Kohand Village of District Karnal in Haryana State of India. His prowess of memorizing and quick recapitulation has amazed the Indian media and he has been in the media glare for a few months now. Amazed by his abilities, the media has named him 'Google Boy Kautilya'. Other showbiz media such as the Amitab Bacchan Show, Kaun Banega Crorepati or KBC had already showcased  him  in a special episode they aired on 14th October 2013. 

Since some contributors have already taken the task of opening a Wikipedia Page about Kautilya, I am sure that more such information about this boy wonder could be obtained from this site.

Already scientists who observe and study human behavior and mind oddities have started their work on this boy. The psychologists are keen to study his abnormal mind capacities and make their own theories and postulates about such 'minds at mischief' as they have been attempting on many such human geniuses for the past many years.

When some thing extra ordinary happens, some of us are bound to be curious to know more. But let me ask you this. Do you get surprised when your child starts talking fluently for the first time? Many of us, including myself, were puzzled when our children used some language phraseology and words that we thought we never taught them or used in front of them! How is that the children learn languages much quicker while that ability seems to slow down in later years? 

Our scientists while researching on these aspects with due stress on the biological aspects of the brain cells, they regrettably forget one essential thing. That is the simple, but strong evidence of an invisible Super Intelligence behind the design of the complex bio physiology that we observe in our bodies and also in all plant and animal lives.

And we also forget the possibility of our invisible Creative Intelligence responsible for our material lives giving us some invisible super material abilities as well that cannot be easily observed through our microscopes.

While we do not recognize God and His acts in our scientific research, we do recognize and believe in God in our other facet of life that we prefer to identify as our spiritual or religious life. Is it not some kind of a hypocrisy? While we are doing research on all kinds, we are pretty divided and confused over our spiritual convictions and ideas while having strong belief in the same at the same time. Is it not a kind of fallacy? 

I am surprised and also felt happy both at the same time, when almost all the top notch space scientists of India associated with the Mangalyaan Mars Exploration Project  went to pray to their gods in various temples for success in the said space program just before their rocket count down started a couple of days ago. At least these space scientists deep in their hearts recognize the need for God's blessings for their success, though they would not officially acknowledge the same in their scientific reports and papers. But again the reason for that, I think, is because they are not sure of God's nature, characteristics and such other things. What they have in this case are only vague concepts that perhaps they got from their family traditions and belief systems. While they advanced in their space exploration knowledge, they hardly made any progress in their knowledge about God!

Now coming back to our child prodigy's capabilities. Some decades ago, many used to wonder about the extraordinary mathematical prowess of Shakuntala Devi who died a few years ago just as we wonder about this boy now. If we carefully examine our world we could see many such persons having such extra ordinary talents that are not the normal case with other human beings. There could be hundreds of other such cases which are not reported.

But it is nothing very surprising if we know some more details of God and some more details (than what we know traditionally from our religions) about the manner in which God functions not only for us in this earth, but also for the innumerable worlds of the Universe or more appropriately the Universes.

And such details of knowledge about God and His Universe Administration cannot be cooked up by our imaginations. Nevertheless, it is possible for us to know more , if only God Himself is kind enough to reveal more about Him to us. God has been revealing Himself to humans in the past as well. But He had revealed Himself only to the extent that our ancestors were capable of understanding. How he had revealed about Him is yet another matter. There are various means and His means are not limited in any manner.

But we humans are also imaginative and creative, having such qualities in limited manner, that we get from our Invisible Creator. For that matter, all of us have been provided with talents and abilities in varying manner that are required for an evolving world like ours to progress slowly in accordance with the unchanging laws that Our Creator has determined and installed.

But the plans of Our Creator for us are not that we simply live and prosper in this world for some time. It is much more than that. If we know all that we are bound to be amazed, more than we get amazed by observing some super abilities of some among our fold just as we do while observing the Google boy Kautilya.

Some of you who are readers of my posts in these internet blog facility now know that I write many blogs in these columns based on the revealed knowledge that is contained in my favorite book of life guidance now.

The knowledge it contains is fabulous and I am a student of that knowledge. For the time being, this revealed knowledge has not become popular or a study material in any formal way, though some such formal institutions are known as being set up in some advanced countries such as the USA.

With the help of that knowledge, I could possibly explain the reasons for the extra ordinary phenomena that we observe in Kautilya and such other prodigies. 

If I attempt to explain that right away, it would be difficult for many to understand it as such, as they lack certain other fundamentals. So I am not attempting such a misadventure here. 

As I have hinted above, there is an urgent need now for de-compartmentalizing knowledge. Our knowledge in Science, Philosophy and Religion work in water tight compartments. We have been working in that manner for quite some time.

That has to go, if we have to progress further. There is a need for integration of concepts and knowledge.

And that is going to happen slowly in the future, but surely it will happen.

Every new generation of ours will be better than the previous ones in some way.

And that is the real way of God's plans and actions!

And they are all with some purpose! 

Some great purpose that would be amazing to know!     

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  1. wonders do happen and the kautilya is the example of such exception


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