Monday, November 4, 2013

Would It Be Possible To Carry Two Litres of Milk In A One Litre Jug ?

Any one with a bit of common sense would immediately answer this question. They know it is a big No. But let me ask that question a bit differently.

There are two jugs out there which are looking alike from the outside. Would they both carry the same quantity of milk? Some of you might say, yes. Some may say, no. Yet some others might say, it is difficult to say unless you check those critically. In this case, all these answers have a chance of proving to be the right one.

In the case of such physical measurements, we seem to be quite sure or we are capable of arriving at the right answer without much difficulty.

Anyway, we are sure that no one litre jug can hold two litres of any liquid. That is simply not possible! That is what science has taught us.

But what about the physical capacities of two persons of equal body dimensions doing the same work with equal efficiency?

Let me put that question clarified a bit more. Suppose that there are 10 boys of equal body weight, age and heights. They are all equally trained in a sports academy. If they were to participate in a 100 m dash, could we safely assume that all would finish at the same time? Perhaps not.

That is because, every person is different in some manner, however equal they may appear outwardly. Every one of us has an inherent capacity for physical, intellectual and mental activities.

By training and practice we can achieve the maximum of our inherent capacity. Just as a farmer tries many tricks to fill his bag with more and more grains ! Once the bag has reached its maximum capacity, any more trial of force filling the bag would result in a rupture of the bag.

There are some bosses and superiors who try to get the maximum work from their subordinates by various tricks of coercing. They might succeed to some extent. But beyond a limit they would certainly fail. Such coercive techniques are bound to cause some of their employees breaking down eventually causing irreparable damages to their organizations. Some organizations do break up much before their normal life span due to this. Some humans also live in much stress and stain breaking down much ahead of their useful lives due to this.

What is important to be remembered in this is this:

Inherent capacities can never be exceeded; a pint can never hold a quart ! 

This is a universal truth that wise men of earth have understood well by experience and observations.

I had a senior colleague who used to argue that it was possible for every human being to do any work provided they were willing to work hard and undergo the necessary training. But it was difficult for me to agree to this view point fully.

If it were so, then the universal truth statement above would not be true! I personally feel that the wise men of earth would not have come to this conclusion if it were the other way round. My own experience and observation validate it.

I do not know whether you agree with me or not. There are chances that many may agree while many may disagree. It all depends upon your understanding capacity. I cannot force my concepts on to your mind, unless you have some capacity margins. Again one should be willing to open the mind sack of theirs!

My favorite book of life guidance re-iterates this truth. Not only it does so, it further adds this:

The spirit concept cannot be mechanically forced into the material memory mold. 

Quite true. It is not possible for many people to understand certain spiritual truths. Because inherently they lack the capacity  for that.

It is not impossible to expand spiritual understanding capacity of humans beyond the inherent mind capacity they have. But they definitely can utilize the inherent capacity fully if they are willing.

Are you getting impatient because your child is not able to understand that science and mathematics just as the other children even after all those coaching and tutoring? Are you getting frustrated by it ?

Remember, the universal truth that I mentioned above.

But also remember that we human beings are inherently designed with varying physical, intellectual and spiritual capacities. While we all can attain our inherent capacities by proper use and desire to use such capacities, we cannot possibly extent those beyond what existed originally in us.

Every generation of humans have a constant average capacity with regard to our abilities.

With every generation, this average is bound to improve, unless we do some utter foolish acts collectively.

We are progressing slowly by enhancing our inherent capacities.

But do not expect that all in one generation to gain similar capacities. That is expecting the impossible.

A rubber band can be stretched to some length by force. But if you exceed the force, it would not stretch further, but definitely break!

But God's plans are perfect and wise. We are all made individually different for performing great things collectively.

When we realize that and act accordingly, instead of keeping us individually not under great duress, we are bound to gain wonderful results collectively. And that would make us individually surprised!

I keep observing several of my fellows all around who keep themselves under great stress and strain which is not at all necessary. But they would not realize. They are all busy trying the impossible than doing the possible! 

Hope, I am not forcing you to stretch out to a breakdown! 

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