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Evolution of Life on Planets: It is not Automatic, but according to the Plans of God !

Readers who are a bit familiar with this site would have known that many of my blogs here are either based on the knowledge or inspirations I gained from the divinely revealed book of knowledge of which I have been a fascinated student for the past few years. While presenting such knowledge in some capsule form for my readers, I do acknowledge the fact that there are only  a minuscule percentage of people in this world as of now whose curiosities  could get ignited for knowing more. 

Today, I would like to present in brief yet another piece of revealed information regarding the general plan of development of an evolutionary planet with life not only plants and animal life, but also intelligent life (similar to we human beings) as revealed in this book known as the Urantia Book.

But it would be beneficial for the readers to have some idea about the book and some fundamental concepts in this context by reading the following blogs:

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God, the First Source and Centre of everything, is Infinite and is beyond our comprehension. During the times of eternity (that was the period when the visible Universes did not exist) only God existed. Since everything and everybody got created later either directly or indirectly by this very same God, it is better for us to designate this First Source as the Universal Father God.

The seat of God is the Central nucleus of the Universes which is identified by the familiar name, Paradise. To know more about it read my blog : 

If we have any characteristics that is some what similar to God, is our personality. In fact, our personality is a gift of God.

During eternity, some more God-like divine beings originated from God, who too are Gods for all practical purposes. Together, they created innumerable divine beings with various capabilities and purposes. Together these divine beings form the personalities who are responsible for the creation and administration of the universes which got created later.Divine beings who are directly originating from God are perfect and are similar to God in many ways while those who are indirectly created may not be so perfect and powerful as God or His immediate divine associates.

There is one conglomerate of a billion  non-evolutionary worlds revolving round the stationary Paradise which also got created during eternal times. Paradise and these billion supreme non evolutionary worlds together form the central universe. These universes are populated by divine beings of various orders.

Space and time as we understand exist beyond the central universe as seven super universes of equal mass and energy. These universes revolve around the central universe.

Each of the seven super universes comprise of millions of non-evolutionary globes and nearly a trillion of evolutionary worlds more or less similar to our earth. 

Evolutionary worlds are the worlds of mortal races such as human beings, while non evolutionary worlds , also called the architectural worlds, are primary abodes of the immortal celestial beings.

The primary administrative and creative unit of a super universe is the local universe. Nearly 1000 local universes make up one super universe. A local universe will have several architectural worlds, stars, galaxies, planets and other celestial objects such as novas and black holes. Planets may be associated and held together as a group by some stars or larger celestial bodies of higher gravitational forces. Some planets that evolve during the process of creation of universe matter may become suitable for material life implantation. Such a planet where intelligent mortal life gets developed is called a mortal world. A local universe on full evolutionary development would have one billion or 100 million mortal worlds.

Our earth belongs to a local universe called Nebadon, which is yet to be developed to it full capacity of mortal worlds. Nebadon in itself is part of the seventh super universe named as Orvonton. Three divine beings together rule a super universe. These divine beings are known as the Ancients of Days. The creative head and divine ruler of a local universe is a divine being in the order of a Michael, a directly originated divine being from the Universal Father God. A Michael carries out his universe creation and its subsequent governance  in accordance with the mandate of the Universal Father God, ably assisted by his divine superiors, associates and divine subordinates. He is immediately supported by the divine power known as the local universe mother spirit and another local universe divine chief executive. 

To know more about our local universe creator and ruler, read this blog:

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Many planets in our local universe are in the process of becoming life sustaining planets of the future. It might take millions of years for our universe to attain its full capacity. 

Material life of plants, animals and humans are designed and created by another subordinate divine beings called the Life Carriers. They do so with the approval of the local universe creator and ruler. 

A local universe is further divided in to lower administrative units, the lowest being a mortal world such as our earth. A mortal world is an evolutionary planet where life had evolved to such an extent that it contains intelligent life similar to human beings. Intelligent life is that life which can reason out the intricacy of life and admire the invisible creator (God) who is responsible for life and adore the creator as a result of that reasoning and admiration.

Every mortal world has a subordinate divine administration of itself. It comprises of many orders of subordinate divine beings reporting to their local head called the Planetary Prince. 

Most of the members of these divine administration are invisible to the material eyes of the mortals. However, under certain circumstances, some of these divine beings could be perceived by the mortal vision.

For administrative convenience, a local universe is divided in to 100 constellations. Each constellation is further divided into 1000 planetary systems. Every system can have up to 1000 mortal worlds.

The constellations are ruled by a group of subordinate divine beings called the Most Highs. Most Highs are subordinate to the local universe Creator, but superior to the System Head and the Planetary Princes. While System Heads and Planetary Princes are of the same order of divine beings, Most Highs belong to another order of divine beings.

While the Planetary Princes are resident on the planet concerned ( invisible to the mortals of the planet), the head quarters of the other rulers are established on architectural (non evolutionary) spheres (worlds).

Now let us see some more important information in this context:

While there are innumerable agencies of God which control the non-living aspects of an evolving planet, such as energy, gravitational balances, universe communications, etc, it is the primary responsibility of the celestial administrators and their celestial associates to create a conducive over control over every thing that the intelligent mortal life advances in knowledge and civilization. However, they are not permitted to interfere much in human affairs directly. God wants that evolutionary material beings such as humans develop and progress gaining much living experience  using their own intelligence, cooperation and self earned capabilities.

In all normal mortal worlds, mortals are capable of some direct interaction with some orders of their senior celestial supervisors. especially those lower orders of celestial beings who are only a bit superior to human beings. These celestial beings could assist the humans in gaining knowledge and skills much faster than they would have gained it by their own.

Earth belongs to a System of worlds called the Satania system. This system currently has 619 worlds with intelligent mortal life. Earth is world no 606 of this system. The first world of this system is Anova.

A subordinate divine being (let us identify him by the name by the known name, Lucifer) was the System Head long ago. Another of his order, named Satan, was his administrative assistant. A much junior of their order, known as Caligastia used to be the Planetary Prince of earth. Caligastia's administrative assistant used to be another junior of his order known as Daligastia.

They used to work efficiently for the development and progress of earth and its peoples during the initial thousands of years after the Life Carriers successfully created intelligent humans on earth by the process of controlled evolution. You may read that story in the following blog:

Origin and Development of Human Beings on Earth-Have You Ever Heard This ?

Things would have proceeded well on earth as planned by the Universal Administration of God. However, unfortunately things went haphazard for earth and a few others like earth. You may read about it in the following blog:

The immediate effect of this rebellion that happened in the lower echelons of the Universe Administration was that earth and such other affected worlds (worlds where the celestial rulers rebelled against the universe administration of God) got quarantined (they were isolated from the universe communication and energy channels) The effect was that the concerned rebel divine beings lost much of their powers. In later years, the main leaders of the rebellion, Lucifer et al, got detained and removed from their respective authorities. In the case of earth, the Planetary Prince, Caligastia and his followers, too are removed from their authorities. However, they are still free to move around on earth and do some nefarious activities, though their powers are much limited. They are likely to get higher punishment according to the procedures of the universe laws in the future.

Had our earth proceeded according to the plans of God, by this time our earth would have achieved a much advanced human civilization. But the aftermaths of the celestial rebellion has created much confusion among us. Especially with regard to our understanding of God!

We as a class, are miserably failing to recognize and work according to the universal laws of God. When the universe laws are violated, we face consequences accordingly. We make some progress and then our progress moves backward. We are not able to maintain any consistency.

The rebellion has made our world, a world of challenges and great opportunities for spiritual progress. Remember, material progress is not something much to be appreciated. Material progress, though good, is not essential for spiritual progress. Spiritual progress is the one that ensures human beings to advance from the status of mortals to that of immortals. 

The status change from mortal to immortal is what God expects human beings to achieve during their life time as a mortal. If they overcome greed, selfishness, hatred, violence and such other evolutionary animal tendencies from their mind and polish it with love, fraternity, cooperation, honesty and such other desirable qualities they are bound to become god-loving personalities. A god-loving personality is bound to become immortal even when they face mortal death.

How that is done is explained in detail in the Urantia Book.

And knowing that enhances confidence. Confidence in the reality of God and to live according to the plans of God.

Is it not something wonderful ?

Think about it !


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