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Dear Men and Women of Earth! Would You Like to Hear the Story How We Designed You Originally?

[*A Letter to All Humans]

Dear Children of Earth!

Many of you might be wondering about how at all you came into existence in the planet earth that you are living now. Perhaps many of you do not have time to think about such things. Perhaps many of you are so pre-occupied with your daily chores of living that you are least concerned. 

Perhaps many among you are happy to imagine that you are great great grandson and grand daughters of Adam and Eve whom God crafted out from the soil and brought into life magically by his divine breadth as told in some of your sacred books. But let me make this clear to you now. This story is a mix of some facts with more imaginations by some of your ancestors who were not so intellectually mature to understand God. When you calculate the times from the historical events provided in your Bible, you may be forced to think that Adam and Eve were created only some 6000 years ago. But now it is becoming difficult for you to digest it because your scientists now tell you that human beings were formed on earth millions of years ago. Are you not getting confused? Incidentally, Adam and Eve were real and they lived on this earth some 38000 years ago. But they were not the first humans of earth. 

A few of you think that you are evolutionary ancestors from some single cell living organisms that got developed by some automatic, random accident of the past. That was the theory of evolution as postulated by some of your modern day scientists that you now know as the Darwin's theory. But dear children, I would like to tell you some thing very clearly. You are not children of some natural accidents or some random events that had taken place in the remote past.

You are all made for some purpose by us with the approvals of the Supreme Designer of the Universe whom many of you might call as Almighty God. I am one among the many involved with the creation of the first human on earth and therefore I know what I speak. I know with your current nature, you have decided to leave this page without reading ahead as you have decided this writing as some work of some insane human. 

But wait, read on to get the clear picture. I assure you, you will know many things. Do not be under the impression that all of your own fellows too are as ignorant as you. Of course, this page is typed out for you by a human being. But it is being provided on our behalf from the information that we had provided a couple of decades ago to all humans beings. 

You are all children of God, because you have been designed and given life to live and prosper on your material planet that you call as earth by none other than the Almighty God, whom we prefer to call as our Universal Father God.

Just like you, we are also children of the same God. At present, we are a bit superior to you in our knowledge and capabilities and perhaps life. We do not have material bodies like you, but surely we have some other kind of bodies about which it is difficult for you to understand now. But we are individual personalities like you. All of us were created long ago by our superiors in accordance with the plans of Almighty God. Normally we do not face death as you know about that word. That way, you may consider us as immortals. We are just one kind of immortals among the several kinds that exist in this universe. 

But we are not gods. All immortals are not gods, but a few who are very near to Almighty God are surely divine and for all practical purposes may be considered as God Himself by those below them. Because, their thoughts and actions are perfect and would be the same as that of God Almighty. God Almighty is surely the Father of the Universe because from him originated all others, either directly or indirectly. God Almighty is also the source of all energies in the Universe. 

You can call us Life Carriers [ജീവ വാഹകര്‍, जीव वाहक ]. 

As the name indicates, we are the designers and carriers of material life in the universe. We are in innumerable numbers throughout this universe. We are the ones who design the material living beings that you know as living beings such as those micro organisms, plants, animals including you, humans. 

We only act on behalf of God or the authorized divine head responsible for material creation. For material creation and administration, the vast universe is divided in to convenient smaller units of space that we call as a local universe region. But the designs that we adopt are based on some life design patterns provided to us by our superior divine authorities. 

Incidentally, your local universe is one among millions of such regions that now exist in the whole universe. But mind you, your local universe too is too vast and incomprehensible for you human beings. 

Your local universe consists of a good majority space of what you now know as the Milky Way galaxy with millions of material creations such as stars, planets and other space bodies. They are all made out of non-material energy. The fundamental unit that makes up your matter is what we would like to introduce to you as an Ultimaton which is much smaller than the electron that you know now. About 100 ultimatons make up one electron. Some of your scientists have understood the possibility of this and are in search of proving its existence by calling it as 'the God's particle'. Will they believe in God when they prove it beyond doubt? 

Your local universe is one of the latest such universes because it is still getting developed of material creations and thus not yet fully finished. Yet your universe-we want you you to identify it by the name, Nebadon- has more than 3.8 million planetary worlds just like your earth. In due course of time this would reach as high as 100 million. 

In all these worlds  people like you are already living, most of them are much more advanced than you.  

For administrative simplicity all these worlds are grouped in to various systems of worlds. Each system of worlds has a maximum of 1000 worlds. 

Your system has now around 619 such worlds. Your earth is number 606. There are many other planets which are in the advanced state of life creation. Life Carriers like me are now working in those planets for establishing either primitive life or trying to create advanced species from the primitive ones. 

But remember this. All planets are not suitable for material biological life. Even in your own solar system, out of the several planets, your earth is the one with life now. 

Dear Children of earth! Your problem is that you cannot see us. But living beings like me are present in your world watching you progress slowly, generation after generation. We are listening to your arguments and your theories about God. We are also enthusiastically observing the way some of you are discovering some of the  universal laws of God as your laws of nature or laws of your science. 

We feel happy when you make advancements in your material life and your material discoveries. We don't interfere in your life or works. That is the mandate for us from our superiors. We were permitted to make suitable modifications in the genetic codes of your animal predecessors till such time the first humans with intelligence got developed. It is difficult for you to watch our ancient acts now. But some of your scientists are capable of studying fossils and develop their theories using their intelligence that we had so painstakingly developed for you, humans.

When we establish intelligent life in any planet which evolved out of cosmic actions (there are others who are in control of those events) we call it an evolutionary world. We call it evolution because, the developments take place slowly according to your standard of time measurement. It happens in thousands of generations of your time. But since we are immortals it is not a big issue for us. 

Perhaps some of your scientists know how to change the character of special purpose single cell living organisms which you call as bacteria in your laboratories. They know that bacteria with special capabilities develop after several generations of bacterial colonies evolve under varying conditions in the laboratory. We consider your progress in a similar way. If our Universal Father God permitted us, we could have fastened your development or designed you in a different manner. Not that God prevents us from doing such things everywhere, all the time. We have certain liberties in the creation of material life which we may use occasionally. 

But nonetheless, we are none to question God's wisdom. We are children of God who simply work according to His will, even when He had given us a free will. And remember this, He had given that free will to every of his creation, even for you, humans as well. Our Universe Father does not like His children to be like programmable robots that some of your engineers are trying to create. 

So, we do work according to the instructions and approvals that we receive from our superiors. You too by this time know how organizations work for achieving large tasks. In a similar way, we also work. Team work is often a desirable universe phenomena. God wants that every individual to be a helping hand to every other! God does not approve selfishness, greed and the desire for controlling others!

It is perhaps difficult for you to understand our work. First you cannot see us. You cannot visualize us because we exist in a different energy realm. But because we exist that way, it is possible for us design biological molecules including their nuclei and the genetic codes. But remember this too. You humans also have difficulties to understand the works that your own fellows are doing. For example, many of you do not know how your own computer systems work. If you are master of one field, you may be zero in many other fields. But collectively you could achieve many things. Collective work and continuous progress is what God wants from every one. Laziness is not approved by God, but rest and recreation is allowed for all, for you as well as us.

Our work is also not very different from yours. We also work collectively for achieving some common goals. Of course, we have some abilities and capacities superior to you. But all those who have greater abilities and capacities have greater responsibilities as well. 

Our first team was sent to your earth some 600 million years ago. The purpose of that team was to assess the conditions of your evolving planet for initiating some primary form of life.

Just as you use local materials for building your homes and other things, we too are at liberty to select our own base materials to design the biological systems of life that are suitable for that particular planet. 

For your world, earth, our team selected the Sodium Chloride pattern of life system because of its abundant availability. The life protoplasm that we had selected for earth can only function in a suitably made salt solution. We designed and created the first living cell living in the salt solution of the vast waters of ancient earth. Even now, all protoplasm of all living cells contain the very same saline solution.

After the preliminary inspection visit, our team returned to earth some 550 million years ago to design and plant the first unicellular life in the briny waters of earth available at that time. We did it with the help of other divine associates who help us in many different ways.

And by 500 million years ago, primitive marine vegetable life was well established on your earth by us. We initiated the process for transition of vegetable life to primitive animal life some 450 million years ago by making suitable modifications in some selected cell genetics of some marine plants. Both marine vegetation and marine animal life became well established by 400 million years ago.

We kept observing these lives for millions of years and making certain changes occasionally for the evolution (controlled evolution under our superintendence) of new species in phases of millions of years. All this was being carried out according to the physical environmental changes that had been taking place on earth.

Slowly progressing like this we had finally developed the first humans from some advanced type of tree dwelling animals some 10 million years ago on your earth. They were your original human ancestors. From them, you have multiplied and progressed in large numbers establishing your civilizations and cultures on earth. We have been watching your progress with much interest.

We had given much more detailed information about these for those of you who are interested. In fact we had given all these information almost a century ago at a time when the majority of you were not in a position to understand all these. Your average scientific knowledge were in a very preliminary level at that time. But that was the time when your civilization entered the era of science and technology in a big way. Many of the scientific discoveries as you know now took place at that time.

We are happy that some of your present day scientists have verified most of these by their own independent scientific studies, more or less accurately. 

But acquisition of knowledge is not a very interesting thing for many of you humans who are still in the primitive levels of existence. As designers of your biologic bodies, we know your handicaps leading to development of such non-uniform capabilities among different individuals. Animal tendencies are mechanisms that we had provided for survival of the species. Food, procreation, self defense, and survival of the fittest are some of those initial animal instincts which are essential for material life to survive and progress. 

At the same time you are also provided with some thought faculties for knowledge, creativity, curiosity, god awareness, communication, intuition, etc. Remember, these qualities were not provided to your animal cousins. These are the things that make you different from your animal ancestors. These are the qualities that make you human. The more you enhance these, the more you are human! But that migration from animal to human has to be done by your own efforts. That is the desire of God. Each one of you have enough capacity to accomplish that. But the choice is yours only!

Since you have been designed by making step by step changes in your biological cells and physiology from the original single cell plant and the later animal, you do have some characteristics of all these in your bodies. But your brains as now evolved by our efforts are really much more efficient than your super computers. It has both inbuilt programs as well as external reception systems. When all these work together, every human being gets a unique personality. 

And that unique personality by body and mind is a creation of God (yes, we and others like us might have worked for God in accordance with His plans to make it possible). Therefore every one of you is a child of God. But God has innumerable kinds of children with varying abilities for various purposes.

And remember, you are not alone on earth. Our Universal Father God is infinite and yet He cares for all of His creations, high and low. He has definite purposes for every one. It is not very difficult to understand it if you devote a bit time thinking about and requesting God to give guidance in your life. The Almighty Father God has incredible systems by which He knows the thoughts of all His creations! He has also an incredible system by which the whole of the universe is maintained and administered!

Dear men, women of earth. You are our little cousins. You are destined for bigger tasks in the future if you live according to the plans of God. You are also destined to meet us and all your senior cousins some time in the future. You would also learn more about the estates of your Heavenly Father in due course.

Your bodies would get destroyed after a few years of life on this earth. Because, you cannot travel to distant worlds which are located and separated by several light years with your material bodies. For that you need a body that is not material, similar to our bodies which exist in another energy realm. In due course, you will get one of that kind. Perhaps many bodies suiting to your requirements from time to time! One day in the distant future, many of you might also be in the infinite presence of our Universe Father!

For all those among you, who have learnt to live like real human beings and not like your animal cousins, there exist a potential chance for surviving your material death. There are invisible personalities around you who observe your life carefully whether you, under the given circumstances, used your God-given faculties properly to live like a child of God or not. If so, you have a glorious immortal future. That I assure you on behalf of our superiors.

But remember this too. Doing your so-called religious rituals may not help you. God is not concerned with your religion or its rituals. He is concerned with how you used your God given abilities and capacities wisely to serve others, according to your abilities and capacities. When you discard your negative animal tendencies willfully, you are becoming a desirable human child of God. That way you become eligible to become an eventual universe citizen. When you master over your negative animal qualities, you would naturally know God and know how to live according to the will of God. Otherwise, I am sorry to tell you, your life would only be worthy to be considered as that of the animals and plants, suitable only for a short material life in this earth! God does not like such a situation. He does not like to lose any of His children. But when His children willfully opt self destruction, He is perhaps helpless by His own universal laws.

It is foolish to think that you can fool God by doing all kinds of undesirable acts and thoughts always and get His pardon by repenting every now and then. Such an arrangement may be good for some of your ignorant leaders for their own short term gains or satisfying their egos by dominating others. Remember, it is neither good for them nor for all those ignorantly follow them.

God Almighty is indeed the Almighty and He does not need your money, sacrifices or material offerings. He knows the thoughts of all men and women and therefore understands who is good at heart. He knows who really loves Him by heart. And all among you who love God inherently know the ways of living just fully according to the will of God. Such among you would use their God given faculties of wisdom to live a purposeful life according to the will of God. Most importantly, they would learn and know how to discard their egos, their greed and their desire to control others. They learn and realize the true meaning and importance of service!

My children, do not be misguided to live a limited purpose life of an animal. Live a purposeful life of a human, a real human. And all real humans are precious for God, our Universal Father.

I hope, you could make sense of what I am saying.

I wish all of you to do the best in this life for taking advanced and challenging assignments of life in the distant future.

Hope, I would be able to meet you personally then.

God Bless you all.

Yours sincerely,

[A Life Carrier]
Domiciled on Earth

*An Imaginative Call Based on the Facts Revealed in TUB

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