Friday, November 14, 2014

Primitive Human Society and the Modern Society: Should We Seek and Stick to Our Past?

Some time ago I wrote the adapted history of the first humans who got in to existence on earth in BC 991474. 

That was a piece of history hitherto unknown to modern humans. Fortunately, it got revealed to us by the efforts of some of our celestial supervisors (difficult to believe, is n't it?)  and is now in the public domain in the form of my favorite book of life guidance, the Urantia Book.

In today's blog, I would like to tell you about some of the early factors that paved the way for development of civilization in the primitive society. It is not my invention. It is the facts and conclusions deduced by our unseen divine supervisors.

The descendants of the first pair of humans-Andon and Fonta-soon multiplied on earth to form the first human race whom we now should call as the Andonites. 

The primitive Andonite human society developed in to four major divisions of primitive organizations essentially dealing with livelihood (industry), law and order (regulative governance), worship (primitive religions) and power (military). These divisions developed as a result of the primitive human learning in the use of fire, animals, slaves and property. 

The first invention or discovery ever made by human beings was fire. 

In fact, fire was the first human discovery ever made and it was by none other than the first man on earth whom we call now as Andon. Andon and his twin sister turned wife, got curious with the sparkling that got produced when flint stones were struck together and later got an inflammable bird's nest to kindle fire from their spark producing flint stones. They learnt how to preserve their fire by keen and curious experimentation.

The discovery and the art of producing and preserving fire forever separated man from their animal cousins. Fire helped humans to stay on ground rather than living on trees, because fire scared the wild animals and humans soon realized it.

Andon, the discoverer of fire, did not treat it as an object for worship. But his later generations began to treat the flame as ghosts and gods. Early myths of fire as originating from the gods developed as humans observed the natural phenomena of lightning and caused the early humans to resort to fire worship. Fire worship later led to the custom of walking through fire.

Fire myth continued as a great bonding force among humans and remnants of that persist even in the modern society of humans.

Fire caused ancient humans to taste cooked food and later develop the culture of cooking. Cooked food caused humans to save internal energy needed for digestion and provided the early man the strength for social culture.

Learning the art of domestication of animals reduced the efforts required for securing food by the early humans. This also helped them to have time for social activities.

Dog was the first animal to be domesticated by humans and it happened accidentally when a wild dog following a primitive hunter followed him and became a member of his household.

When the primitive humans were hunters, they were relatively kind and considerate to their women. But after the domestication of animals, many primitive human tribes began to treat their women shamefully bad. 

Earthly man's brutal treatment of women was perhaps one of the darkest events of history in human progress. Women became the first objects of slavery adopted by primitive humans. Later it progressed to the practice of enslavement of other tribes who lost in the primitive tribal warfare.

Primitive hunters never enslaved other humans. They either adopted or killed their captives. But when the primitive man learnt the techniques of animal domestication and the art of farming, slavery progressed.

Slavery became an indispensable link in the human history of civilization and progress.

Slavery compelled the backward type of humans to work and provide the necessities and leisure for those of their fellows who were superior in mind and body.

Slavery also caused humans to invent systems of government.

Slavery was oppressive, but this oppression forced man to learn more on production and industry.

In the modern world, social slavery has almost declined. But over ambition and other factors are enslaving more and more modern people to industrial servitude of their own choice.

Slavery and domestication of animals have declined in the modern era. But modern humans are going back to seek wealth and power from the elemental store house of earth through fire!

Primitive society was essentially communal. But modern man is seeking the development of private property and wealth. 

But it is important to remember this. None of the social orders of progress as happening within the human society are sacred or divine. They are the outcome of the thoughts and acts of humans beings. The social orders that humans have developed so far through experimentation and by their own thoughts may not be right always. 

But it would definitely be better when people change and seek better solutions when they find better alternatives to some of their older cultures and systems.

It is not a recommended thing to experiment and revert back to the discarded practices and cultures of the ancestors under the false impression that old is gold. 

Divine mandate for humans is to go forward and not backward.

It is not a wise thing to stop human progress and the dynamism of human thoughts.

Human beings would do a much better thing by adopting better and better progressive ideas!

[Idea Courtesy: the Urantia Book] 

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