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How Do Our Minds Work? Can Our Neuroscientists Explain the Mechanism of Our Minds?

Even though we may consider the present era as the age of science and technology, there are so many mysteries in our world that are yet incomprehensible to even the scientists.

One of the greatest mysteries that keep our scientists wondering is the mechanism of the human mind. Mind mechanism is still an unsolved mystery even when we have our neurosciences pretty well advanced in unfolding much of the anatomy and functions of the brain and the nervous system.

Scientists have been researching to learn and understand more about the mysteries of the brain for quite some time. They have found many interesting things about our brain functioning. These are some scientific observations on the functional mechanisms of the brains of human beings, based on several scientific experiments done by several scientists and doctors.

Those of the readers who are not very clear about the human anatomy and physiology, it is a good idea to refresh their basic concepts using this mayoclinic slideshow. 

'Understanding Human Behaviour'- written by Late Prof James V McConnell was one of the best books that I had read long ago which explained the brain functions and human behavior aspects in a lucid manner. 

As is the case with all sciences and technologies, there have been a knowledge explosion in the field of neurosciences as well happening for the past several decades. Yet, our understanding about the mechanism of the mind and how exactly it works is very limited.

This difficulty, in my opinion, is due to the limitation of our scientists and present day sciences to transcend beyond the material phenomena. In other words, our sciences and scientific methods are incapable of devising methods of experimentation or in making scientific observations on non material phenomena. Therefore, there is a big reluctance by our present day science to accept non-material realities.

I am not denying the fact that many of the highly intelligent scientific thinkers of the present day are more and more compelled to believe in the existence of the huge invisible and unrecognized energy in the whole of the universe. Perhaps that has led them to initiate the most expensive scientific explorations in human history in the recent past searching for what the media prefer to call as the 'god's particles'. The conclusions are reportedly positive. 

Thus, the existence of the invisible source of energy from which all material energy forms (matter, light, heat, electromagnetic radiations, etc) originate is becoming a more and more acceptable fact.

Our scientists have not yet officially named this huge source of invisible and unrecognized energy source of the universe. But many of them began to call it as the dark energy and dark matter.

But dark energy and dark matter are not going to be the end of our explorations. 

When my book of life guidance (yes, the Urantia Book-Click Here for more information!), written by real intelligent personalities who exist in the original realm of matter and energy, is abundant with much revealed information about the realities of the invisible and unrecognized realms of life, why should I rely or wait for any grass root explorations of the present day sciences?

I would have waited had I not known the limitations of science and the scientists in this context. That is because, matter is derived from some thing else and we humans are made of matter. Therefore, we can not go backward to cross the boundaries of our material limits!

At that point comes the scientific tool of theories and postulates. My book is a great source for scientists to do their researches for some more time!

Now coming back to the issue of the mind mechanism. As our scientists keep exploring the hardware of the brain, the neurons and their functions in micro and macro levels to unfold the mysteries, I explored the revealed knowledge of my book of life guidance. Fortunately, I found answers about the mind mechanism of human beings that could satisfy the curiosity of my own mind.

Let me tell you in brief what the super human authors of my favorite book tell about the mechanism of the mind. It is very elaborate, but I would try making it brief:

To understand the functions of the mind, the first and foremost requirement is to know about the massive energy realm that exist above our material energy realm and some understanding about the reality of God and His universe administration.

In the beginning, even before matter and material space existed, there existed only one reality. And that reality contained the source of everything that we now know- as energy, matter and mind in their original form in the sole and unique existence that we may call by any name as the First Source, Universal Father God, etc. 

This eternal energy, matter and mind could be given the nomenclature as the spiritual energy, spiritual matter and spiritual mind. The sole eternal spiritual mind of the Universal Father working over the spiritual matter and energy caused the creation of the subordinate spiritual personalities and their combined acts later created the spiritual worlds and innumerable spiritual personalities.

Then began the process of creation of the material universes containing physical matter, physical energies and living beings in the physical energy realm by the coordinated acts of several subordinate spiritual personalities delegated with mind power by the Universal Father God, working in accordance with certain universal laws given to them by the First Source.

Time and space as recognizable to material living beings began when the creative act of physical energy and matter began under the mind supervision and control of innumerable spiritual beings. Thus, the formation of the material universe as we now know is as a result of both intelligent minds (of spiritual personalities) and also in accordance with certain predetermined universal laws of the First Source.

As an analogy to make this thing more clear, I would give an example. Suppose that you have some explosive chemical mixture that you want to use to make a blast to disintegrate the rock. You make the chemical mixture and go for blasting it in accordance with the knowledge that you have. Here your mind processes and applies some chemical laws, some experience and finally act to make the blast. Once the blast takes place, there are few things that are not in your control and there are several things that are in your control. Thus your mind acts and coordinates all these to get the desired results!

The universal laws are fully under the control of the First Source who made those laws. The mind source is also with the First Source. But in the case of the mind, the First Source has distributed it applying certain laws made by Him for that delegation.

Thus both mind and matter are originating from the First Source, but distributed under differing rules and laws. The mind has certain degrees of freedom to act in accordance with the rules of delegation and its capacity and freedom vary in different living personalities.

The neurons are the hardware for intelligence in living beings. In higher animals, the intelligence and the degrees of freedom to act independently is more as compared to the lower level life forms. In higher animals and in humans the intelligence process center is the complex neurotic biologic hardware called the brain.

While animals have a brain with some intelligence and independent mind functions essential for their living, humans are provided with brains that have not only capabilities for independent living, but also some other special mind capacities. The latter mind abilities and capacities differentiate humans from animals!

The human brain has both internal and external capacities for mind functioning. However, these capacities differ from person to person in accordance with their natural development of the brain and also with genetic factors of development. There are in fact several factors that determine the mind capabilities of each and every human being. Over and above there are several factors that determine certain personality traits of humans that determine the manner in which the mind capabilities are employed by the individuals.

The human brain has most of the intelligence and mind capacity for sustaining life just as it is with the inferior animals. These mind capacities are built in and are essential for sustaining material life.

But over and above, the human brain has certain other mind enhancing capacity as compared to the animals. The human brain has the capacity to be receptive to not only material energy communications but also to certain spiritual energy communication circuits of the universe. We know that the human brain responds and processes vision, sound, smell, pressure, taste, etc which are all material electromagnetic, chemical, gravitational, electrical or similar other signals. But it also has the capacity to receive spiritual energy signals without we ever directly getting conscious of it.

In other words, all fully developed human brain hardware can receive and accommodate an independent mind fraction directly emanating from the First Source or the Universal Father God. This mind fraction that resides within an able bodied human brain is called the Thought Adjuster (TA). It is a mysterious monitor of the human mind independent of the human individual's own material mind getting developed within the brain . Hence, the TA may also be called a Mystery Monitor. It is a spiritual entity and not a material energy or system. But it definitely needs the biologic human brain for its function. It would not be active if the human brain is defective or inferior.

The TA is the one which gives all well developed humans the ability to know what is good and what is bad. The TA is spiritual and is directly from God. Material investigations cannot determine its presence because it is not anything composed of any physical energy or material. 

But every human knows its presence within him or her to some extent. It is this presence that produces the guilt consciousness when humans do such things that they are not supposed to do. TA is the divine part or the godly part of humans that is mysteriously residing within the human brains and its presence makes the human mind potentially divine, but not necessarily divine! A human being whose self mind fall in line with the leading of the spiritual mind that is within him or her becomes aligned to God and is bound to become a good person. The more such persons on earth, the more earth becomes a divinely preferred place!

These TAs being from the spiritual realms of the Universe, could transact with external spiritual beings independently without the human material mind being aware of it. However, some individuals may develop some capabilities to know and get a glimpse of such transactions of the spiritual mind fraction that resides within them. What some human mind researchers recognize as clairvoyance or extra sensory perception (ESP) could be to some extent due to this phenomena. 

Besides this independent spiritual mind fraction that is residing in most human brains, there exist some other factors that add some influences on the material mind functions of the humans. There exist some universal spiritual communication circuits or spiritual waves to which humans brains respond in varying degrees. They are like the radio or electromagnetic communication waves. Like the electromagnetic waves, the spiritual communication waves are also invisible. But the electromagnetic waves are capable of creating some responses in specially made hardware circuits. Hence, humans can know, measure, create or use them. But spiritual communication waves do not respond to most material things. However, specially developed biologic brains of humans can be responsive to these spiritual energy circuits that pervade the space around us.

There exist a system in the material universe that sends out certain special spiritual waves to facilitate humans in some of their mind abilities with the help of their brains. These spiritual energy lines help people to develop mind abilities for certain things which are unique to humans and not to animals. These special mind abilities of humans greatly enhance his thought processes with regard to the following:

1. The ability for wisdom
2. The desire and ability to worship (God)
3. The desire and ability for justice
4. The desire for knowledge
5. The desire for courage (adventure)
6. The ability for understanding deeper meanings
7. The ability for intuitive and quick perception

These seven abilities and desires of the human mind are special and the animals lack these. Again these mind capacities of humans exist in varying degrees. All humans do not develop the brain capacity for these mind functions equally. These are developed and nurtured due to the existence of certain spiritual energy systems that emanate from certain spiritual sources of the universe.

Just as we have better hardware systems for our computers, our biologic brain systems may also be superior or inferior when compared to each other. Accordingly, their receptive powers to the spiritual circuits would also be different. 

Our human minds function similar to the intelligent minds that exist in the spiritual worlds and all mind mechanisms are patterned in line with the supreme mind of the First Source, but with decreasing capacities. The more a subordinate living being is away from the First Source, the less would be its mind capacity. Human beings are the farthest intelligent beings from the First Source. Hence we, humans of earth, are a type of intelligent beings with the least mind capacities, as compared to all other intelligent beings that exist in the universe. But we are also provided with some mind enhancement potentials that enable us to become like the superior ones when we advance in experience and knowledge. 

All intelligent living beings can also gain some mind enhancing capabilities from the First Source of Mind or from some other subordinate divine sources and enhance their thought processes where by enhancing knowledge and other mind capacities. This is similar to what our own human minds have invented in recent times, called the cloud computing! Human minds are occasionally fed with novel ideas from the superior universal spiritual mind sources! This kind of communications enable humans to progress materially and achieve the highest possible material developments. Once they achieve the highest material development, their minds would eventually become free to transcend material thoughts to engage in thoughts of the more advanced spiritual existence that lay ahead! 

Even when humans are on earth, they have varying capacities of mind that make them unequal with regard to mind capacities.

But such mind superiority of a person alone does not give a man or a woman any special divine preference. A person with superior mind capacity who is fully willing to embrace the divine qualities of worship (love towards God), compassion (considerate of his fellow beings) , justice (impartiality) and creativity (work, knowledge, curiosity, progress) is the one who gains divine preference.

Divine preference does not ensure material gains. But divine preference always ensure a human being to advance indefinitely to become superior intelligent beings similar to those that exist in the spiritual realms of the universe. It is a well known fact known to the scientists now- no matter can cross the material boundaries in material form. Humans can, and are empowered to do that in non material (spiritual) form, provided they prove their worth while living their short material life on earth.

Mind is the tool or the aid with which they achieve it. Mind is the aid that, with the help of the divine TA, would enable some of the humans to transcend beyond the borders of the material realm of the universe. 

Mind is also the tool by which some humans acquire in-destructive and ever progressive personality features that retain their respective identities intact as they keep progressing to higher abilities and responsibilities in the universe. It is a complex process, yet relatively simple to achieve if the individual so desire earnestly.  

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