Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The God Within Me .... and You !

Most of the species in the animal kingdom have many similarities. If you have a mind with some aptitude in creativity and if you ever divert your power of thinking to analyze the beauty and complexity of the designs that make up the living bodies of animals and humans, you will get stuck awesomely at the supreme intelligence that has designed it all in this way.
Each and everything what we see, living and non-living, both reveal a marvelous beauty of intelligent design. So awesome that it is beyond our comprehension. Our thought therefore comes to a naught. We leave it there. Why waste our thought energy?
Have you ever wondered  about this? What is the essential difference between the humans like us and those on the other side of the animal kingdom that we call animals?
Difference ? Oh! yes. Animals do not think. They do not have intelligence, some of you might say. Are you sure? Nope!
Okay, I have noticed one marked difference. All of us humans have something to do with an entity we do not really comprehend and we call that God.
Ninety-nine percent humans publicly or privately worship God and all of them have a religion which is centered about their concepts of God. They love, fight, kill and save for their God, all at the same time, even when they are not sure of who this God really is.
And those we call animals do not show this trait of God admiration or worship. Forget those elephants, monkeys, goats and cows trained to do some outwardly acts of worship!
God awareness is innate in humans whereas in animals it is not.
If it is so, have you ever thought of the 'why' of it?
I know that you do not have time to think about such things!
Because the thinking ability is perhaps the least that you want to use, that is inherent in your body design!
Anyway, let me tell you my finding. There is a 'power' that is independent of your body and intelligence that is superimposed in your mind.
That 'power' is in all human beings. And that is a gift from our supreme designer that created us some time in the past.
Perhaps this small 'power' superimposed within us is a part of the Supreme Power that caused in the creation of everything in some remote past!
Many of us have been taught or told about it. We know that we have something of that kind within us- though our ideas and concepts differ on this.
I know it is God within me. I know that this same God is within each and every one of you.
This God within me compels me to be loving, merciful, just and perfect. This God compels me to love all because of the same power from the same source that is in them.
The God within me is perfect just as it derives that quality from the original source! The same power within all the human kind likewise compels all to be perfect.
Oh, my God! What is this perfection? I have to listen carefully to the God that is within me.
If all becomes perfect like God as compelled by the Godly power that is in the human minds, then this world will become the visible dwelling place of God.
Oh, that is called heaven!
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  1. Jim aka: bulldog from truthbook.comMay 19, 2012 at 11:09 PM

    Well done Rajan. Thank you for all that you do.


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