Thursday, May 10, 2012

Are Ghosts Real ?

Human beings, regardless of the region, country, race, language or religion do really have some kind of fear or curiosity to know about the existence of some kind of invisible beings moving around in this world doing many discreet acts that some humans here and there have been witnessing at times for centuries.

In general they are called ghosts. The term ghost in English is used to represent a kind of vague imagination or outline of an imagery of someone who is not visible directly but whose presence is otherwise experienced. All languages have a term to represent this phenomena. [For example, പിശാച് = Pishaash , ഭൂതം = Bhootham , സാത്താന്‍ = Saathan, യക്ഷി = Yakshi, രക്ഷസ്സ്= Rakshass, കുട്ടിച്ചാത്തന്‍ = Kuttichaattan, പ്രേതം= Pretham , മറുത= Marutha, Jinn = ജിന്‍ etc., in Malayalam language]

Hence, logically it could be concluded that there is some substance in the human concept of a ghost which is not scientifically proven yet. Neo-scientists of the past decades preferred to consider ghosts as a mere imagination of the fear filled mind of human beings.

But in the recent years, there are some scientists who spend much of their time and efforts to track down some ghosts and to establish some contact with those entities. The national geographic channel and the discovery channels occasionally enlighten us about the progress of such research works. There are even registered societies now who are in the field of this research. [See the website of the Ghost Research Society   as a typical example. There are hundreds of such websites in existence now, some trying to prove the existence of ghosts, some trying to disprove and some unbiased and just curious to investigate the facts !]

I have personally not come across any ghosts or their acts in my life. But I have heard of people known to me talking about their experiences. By analysing the various reports and histories that are recorded and available, I prefer to believe that ghosts are not merely an imagination of immature minds.

I was curious to know more about this subject and the actual facts behind this phenomena that has been haunting the human beings for ages.

To my great relief, this subject is also covered in detail in my favorite guide book which gave me the confidence to live like a matured human being leaving apart the anxieties and worries of life that I had for many years earlier. I also know that millions of human beings are in a state similar to the one that I had some years ago.

One of the purpose of my writing blogs here is to aid those few people who are willing to spend a few minutes reading my experiences to transform their lives to a better one by overcoming their anxieties and worries of life and live their life fully useful to them as well as  to others around them.

Now coming back to the question of ghosts. Are they real ? We need to know the facts. The what-why-who regarding ghosts in the most matter of fact manner. Now the facts I am going to summarize below are based on the information that I gathered from my favorite guide book of revealed knowledge.

Ghosts are in fact real. They exist and live on this earth. But they are not the loitering souls of the dead people. On the contrary, they are real invisible living beings who came into existence some thousands of years ago and are intelligent living personalities with some abilities much more than human beings.

The total number of these beings on earth is limited. In total there are 51,984 of these now living on this earth. Out of these 50,000 are much senior in age than the rest. The seniors came into existence nearly 200,000 years ago and the latter during the time of Adam and Eve, some 38,000 years ago.

They are normally not visible to human beings, but humans with some special sensory faculties of brain activated are able to visualize their presence. They are capable of travel at speeds near to light and do not eat or drink for energy. They are capable of taking energy directly from the universe energy sources that are available on earth. They are capable of making their presence felt to humans, but normally they avoid such a situation.

Though they do not die and are with a much higher intelligence and capabilities than human beings, they are not gods or even spiritual beings such as angels.

They are intelligent living being midway between human beings and spirit beings generally known as angels. Hence, an appropriate nomenclature to designate these special living beings of earth is Midway creatures or simply Midwayers.

The Midwayers are capable of causing effects of movement and changes on materials, but do not attempt such things under normal circumstances.

In a way the Midwayers of earth are the permanent citizens of earth and are the ones who are ensuring the over control of God's administration on the material realm of earth. They are subordinate to higher supervisory agents of the God's administration generally coming under the angelic orders.

Unfortunately, the majority of the Midwayers of earth have participated in a kind of rebellion against the Universal Rule of God and had worked to isolate earth from God some thousands of years ago and were successful in isolating earth from God by their nefarious activities. To do this they used their powers to project themselves appear as gods to innocent human beings.

As of today, their powers have been much curtailed. The smaller group of Midwayers comprising of 10,992 individuals have now established their line of administrative control with the Universal Administration of God to some extent. This group is now called the United Midwayers and they in a way work to fail the nefarious activities of the larger rebellious group. The rebellious group are in a way direction less now, as their top leaders in higher levels of existence are all rendered powerless to continue with their rebellion.

As of today, the larger rebel midwayer group keep doing their gimmicks of diverting human beings from the will of God, by helping out those humans who wish to adhere to such things that make them depart from God. On the other hand, the smaller group tries to help those humans who wish to adhere to goodness that God wants to perpetuate.

But it is to be noted that the Midwayers of both groups do not interfere with human activities under normal circumstances. However, human beings of lower mind capacities and those who have willingly submitted their mind to act against God's will come under the game plans of the larger rebel group in one way or the other.

Those of you who want to know more about my favourite guide book may visit my website dedicated to it. This website would also give the links to read the book online, if you so desire.

Recently, an Indian reader of this site informed me of the plans he and his friends to make a film on the Midwayers based on Urantia Book-my guide book of revealed knowledge.

I earnestly hope that their efforts would help more people to know of the facts that they should know.

[Those of the readers here who are of a higher intellectual level are likely to laugh at me for selecting a topic like this not suited for educated people. They are the scientifically oriented minds who wish to see things rationally. But at the same time the world is so large and innumerable incidences of the unexplainable varieties keep happening which make many people plunge into superstitions and constant fears. There are a good number of people who draw the gullible people to the realm of magics and other such things where the 'invisible powers' are 'used' for getting various kinds of temporary 'benefits'. Though such powers exist, there is absolutely no need to be scared of these as they are not empowered now to do any harm to normal people. At the same time it is not wise to seek any of those rebellious invisible powers for temporary benefits of any kind]

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  1. Interesting Info. Thanks for posting!

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