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Ellanora: The Story of the Woman who Valiantly Resisted Lucifer !

Would you like to read and know about a valiant female who lived in a distant planet, not belonging to our solar system. We have been told about her achievement by some one who knew about it precisely. She is introduced to us as the lady named Ellanora who became the leader of the people of this planet called Panoptia.

I can imagine how your mind might have reacted to the above. I know, it is difficult for us, human beings of earth to imagine some one like us living in some distant planet because we do not have the so-called scientific evidence.

Well, if I say that this is just a fairy tale, perhaps you might continue reading. Now that option I leave it to you. You are at full liberty to judge it the way you like.

Ellanora was successful in making the people of her planet not to become followers of a deceitful celestial ruler named Lucifer and his celestial aids.

The name Lucifer is known to us human beings. He is also known in other names here as Satan, Anti-Christ, etc. But in this narration, I would like to treat them as separate personalities as per the latest information available to us.

Lucifer has been a brilliant celestial personality. He belongs to the order of celestials called the Lanonandek Sons of God. His order was created by the Creators of the Universe, perhaps millions of years ago, to function as efficient celestial administrators and rulers of the numerous groups of material worlds inhabited by intelligent lower order life forms called mortals similar to the human beings of earth.

Even though he is a super intelligent son of God with higher qualities and abilities than mortals and many other orders of spirit beings , he was  required to undergo various levels of experience and training before he could be entrusted with higher responsibilities of ruler ship.

Being very brilliant and dynamic, he was getting more and more impatient to assume higher responsibilities commensurate with his abilities. So finally that was accomplished. Some thousands  of years ago, he took charge as the sovereign ruler of a system of planets which included earth too.

His system of worlds had about 600 odd spheres, all in various levels and stages of material life development and homes to various kinds of mortal life similar to the men and women of earth. In the future course of time more and more planets elsewhere in this part of the universe are  also destined to be attached to his system of planets to make his system to its maximum designated strength of 1000. All these planets are physically suited for material life which evolved under the guidance of other orders of celestials in accordance with the universal laws of God.

When Lucifer became the ruler of the system, he had many juniors of his order to assist him. Satan was his trusted assistant, also a brilliant celestial son of God, similar to Lucifer but a little less experienced.

Lucifer ruled from his headquarters named Jerusem. Jerusem in fact was a cluster of specially designed globes much larger than earth and with its own superior life forms and activities.

Individual worlds in his system like earth have been entrusted with administratively efficient juniors of his order. The one in charge of earth is named Caligastia. This lower level son of God, who is invisible to human beings came to earth some 200,000 thousand years ago when primitive humans fairly established their activities on earth, being made to evolve from lower material life forms.

Lucifer had a fair amount of freedom to rule his system. But on certain issues he was subordinate to his superiors who ruled from the head quarters of various constellations, the latter being an administrative unit consisting of 100 systems. The rulers of the constellations are known as the Most Highs. The Most Highs in turn functioned under the Local Universe Sovereigns. The local universe to which earth belonged is named Nebadon. The Creator and Sovereign of Nebadon is a  Son of God originating from the Universal Father God, the First Source and Centre of all and everything in the whole of the universes. Nebadon is a relatively younger universe which contains now only about 3.8 million worlds similar to earth though ultimately, perhaps in another few million years time,  it is destined to hold another 6.2 million worlds.

Lucifer is no more our system sovereign. Neither is Caligastia presently our celestial ruler of earth.

They were removed from their coveted positions due to their over ambition. They conspired a type of rebellion some thousands of years ago  to become whole sole rulers without any kind of superintendence. Even though they were quite brilliant and super intelligent, over ambition and selfishness caused their superior minds to ignore certain fundamental truths.

They forgot that God is the provider of those essential things without which they cannot sustain their functions forever.

They forgot that they had superiors because of certain higher wisdom of God which is not yet understood by them.

They forgot that there is a superior wisdom of God prevailing in the way the universes are being organized and administered.

Just as there are many orders of life like many orders of celestials and the various types of mortals who are much below them in ability and intelligence, there also existed superior personalities. They failed to recognize this fact.

They devised false notions and tried to propagate it to all under their supervision and jurisdiction.

In the history of the universe this is recorded as the Lucifer Rebellion against the will of God.

Though the head of the system rebelled, just only 37 worlds in his system of 619 worlds became supportive to the rebellion.

Our earth was unfortunately one among this 37.

Ellanora's Panoptia could have been the 38th. But she was a determined mortal to lead her whole planet away from the rebellion sponsored by a high authority.

Through her, Ellanora became dear to the higher celestial authorities who function in the universes to prevail the will of God in all worlds.

Panoptians too got a special status in the universe. They have become eligible to advance their lives beyond the mortal existence. The Panoptians who are dead long ago are all living now in the system headquarters worlds with special duties assigned to them.

One of their duties now is to look after the prison world of the system head quarters where the ex system sovereign, Lucifer and his supportive associates, are detained awaiting final judgement on their fate from the higher authorities.

Incidentally, their supporter and celestial ruler of earth, Caligastia and his supporters, though not in the seat of power, are not yet imprisoned. They are moving freely on earth, invisible to human eyes, planning their nefarious activities and making those willing human beings pawns in their hands to work against God.

Even without much power, they are too egoistic and willing to accept extermination orders rather than repent and accept God's mercy and pardon.

Ellanora and her fellow mortals of planet Panoptia were not brilliant immortal beings like Lucifer, Satan and their celestial supporters. Yet they did not come under the influence of the latter and became known in the history of the entire universes !

They were not known to us earlier.

But their valiant story has been told to us.

Just in case we learn some thing useful from that !

[Adapted from my favorite book of universe history having super mortal origin]

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